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  2. Damn, now i feel like poop again. That was short lived....
  3. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    Check the feed from the house. The service box at the garage may be a larger service than what is provided from the house. That is, if it is run from the house. For example, I have a 100 amp box in the garage (for future expansion) but it's fed from a 60 or so breaker in the house.
  4. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    There is a service box out in the shop. I need to check what is out there as well.
  5. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    What service to the garage? 240? 120? How many amps?
  6. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    I need to check into this to see if natural gas is available. Right now we just have electric out at the house.
  7. Yes! I kept my win streak going 1 more year in chump! Until this, I thought it was going to end after 6 years! I am sooo relieved. I thought my team lost a step. Now, I realize that was just defeatist thoughts. You have renewed my vigor and desire for this crazy sport! I am a winner!
  8. I was wondering if I had been seeing things after the long drive home last night.
  9. I see some posts got deleted..... PM me if you are interested in what was posted last night
  10. It's more fun when people find the hidden joke but I can't wait. If you sell stints in your RX7 you could be EERTS rent-a-car ...
  11. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    Maybe we can come out for a weekend and put up some insulation and install a heater or 2. If you have heat, you will work on the car. If you don't, you wont..... Insulation is easy to put up(as long as you don't mind being on a ladder).
  12. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    As I was saying with the texts, reznor is what you will end up buying. Just get the right thing for the job the first time. Don't spend money on a bandaid. What utilities do you have available?
  13. As far as i'm aware, there was a grand total of 1 bad decision in the kink with WRL this spring. Maybe 2 total cars as a biproduct? Boy, how things get blown waaaay out of proportion in rumorville.
  14. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    That may be all that tech wants to know - or it may not.
  15. The other series had zero issues. The kink is merely bending the steering wheel once, not, ‘cross the track, brake, hard left, gas, brake, hard right, gas.’ most things happen with braking and turns, not bends. Your mileage may very.
  16. No, it's not. That's how Felix described them in his notes. I am a rotard.
  17. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    then the engine isn't coming apart... I'll pull a valve cover and you can check the casting numbers
  18. I’m looking for some help. I started live streaming over a year ago. I started with an Optrix case with a wide angle lens and an iphone6 and this last race at PIRC I used a proshot case with a zoom lens and an iPhone 7. If the sun is shining the slightest bit with my current set up, the video outside of the car is washed out. Screenshot from Pitt below. The iPhone 6/optrix setup was better, but we saw the same washout issue at Daytona (and I have since updated my phone). Anyone have a setup with an iPhone 7 that works better than this? Would I be better off to mount this directly to the dash? If so what mount/case setups have you used that have worked well? What other options do I have? I’m assuming there are a few people that will recommend the cerevo/gopro/mifi setup, but is it really worth the $700 + $50 monthly cell service? Can I use my mobile hotspot on my iPhone with the cerevo/gopro? It’s great that our family and friends back home can watch the races if they can’t make the trip, but I received a lot of feedback of people tuning in and not being able to see anything. Thanks, Matt
  19. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    Nope this isn't a big deal. I am looking for something to keep me warm while I'm in there this winter.
  20. The kink...not with this series. It was sketchy enough with people making stupid decisions in the other series this spring...It would be absolute chaos in chump. People cant handle the bend without problems, let alone the actual kink. There always seems to be idiots that show up and try to win the race in the first few laps. I was more shocked at people consistently causing problems as the day progressed. Unfortunately it comes with the territory, with basically anyone being able to sign up and drive, and IMO chump not punishing teams/drivers strictly enough.
  21. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    As Huggy said use at your own risk! I had one two of these in my garage for less then a year. After a long day (8-10hrs) the head unit on one ignited, luckily I was able to get it outside and shut off before anything serious happened. I have used the torpedo and upright kerosene heaters(don't believe the pictures on the box of the uprights being used in the house, I would never do it). You have to use ventilation, so it will warm your area up but you always have that nice cold air coming in. If I use them with no ventilation after 4+ hours I will get a bad headache. Ron
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