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  2. www.winecountrymotorsports.com Open At 4 Locations Sonoma Raceway | (800) 708-7223 | Sonoma, CA 95476 Near Palm Beach Intl. Raceway | (866) 320-3278 | Jupiter, FL 33458 Sebring Intl. Raceway | (863) 655-7777 | Sebring, FL 33870 Colorado | (800) 251-8917 | Englewood, CO 80112
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  5. As much as a broken toy can be broken... 😉🤣🤣🤣
  6. They broke you, didn't they?
  7. Besides the $180K salary, private jet transportation to and from board meetings and of course the groupies on every appendage... I can't think of anything I would rather do than work for you cork sockets. Please drill me with your questions about your personal agenda items repeatedly in multiple threads, my time is your time. I'm here for you.
  8. Hey bill can we have the data, can we use one of your cameras?
  9. Given the current average proficiency of the usual suspects at the pointy end of the field what do estimate the percentage of the rest of the field that actually gives a ***k about the rules to be? If it's greater than 60 percent I would be surprised.
  10. ohh ohh wanna try humpcar dang it ! i blame porn 7
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    Mike is changing shirts and needs to think about it? Sorry, will not tune in...
  12. Send an e-mail to Mike C.
  13. After we are all done voting, what will The Grouchy Ole Men's Club argue about next?
  14. Seriously a question? Here is how I would handle it: If I knew you I would say, "Hey I was looking at your tech sheet and noticed you haven't claimed your turbo, am I missing somewhere in the rules that it didn't need to be claimed on your engine?" If I didn't know you I would say to one of the tech guys, "Hey I see Dogtired hasn't claimed a turbo on their tech sheet but they have it on their car, does that not need to be claimed on their build?" Then I would expect Mr. Tech to swing by your pit to say, " It doesn't look like you are going to be in impound this race but it has been mentioned that you have an unclaimed turbo on your car, if you do and plan on keeping it then you need to tech again at your next race to claim it because if you don't you will likely get protested and booted out of impound if you make it there." I don't want anyone to leave the series, just follow the rules is all.
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  16. I did not notice at the races I attended if tech sheets were placed on the cars at impound or not - it wasn't at the front of my mind due to not having any reason to suspect any funny stuff from our fellow impound teams (or things were broken beyond track-side repair, so the team had already headed out). That being said, if tech sheets were NOT available at each and every race this year, then it is a rules enforcement issue that the BoD should discuss and come up with a plan on how to ensure this simple rule gets implemented.
  17. Sleep well JD the new name is chumpcar, wait what how come every time I wright chumpcar it comes out chumpcar man this is sick chumpcar chumpcar chumpcar doesn't work every time . Must be something wrong with the forum , well duh .
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  19. Oh lord. No sleeping tonight. What will it be. 8
  20. Tomorrow evening, November 22, 2017
  21. So Ron, say I post my tech sheet publicly (once I locate it) and you find my 510 pt evaluation to be amiss...... are you going to protest my 12th in class / 19th overall finishing position in hopes of a DQ? If you want me to leave the Series, just ask me to...... no reason to be mean about it. There is a madness to my method..... 🤣🤣🤣
  22. Daytona 2018...

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