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  2. Btw Moving the front shocks out shouldn't be an issue other than minimal points, correct? Metrics have a crappy motion ratio so the shocks barely travel with the stock "coil over" dealio.
  3. Please make the brakes fit under 15 in wheels (and keep it to 4 pistons) you will be fine
  4. 17 inch Snowflakes? Those Year One or something? I know they came out with N90's, the late Monte SS alum wheel, in a 17. Snowflakes are just right on a 'Bird.
  5. Mediocrity is only going to get you to the finish. You should upgrade, everybody else is - with peer pressure and all that. No more speed creep, this is speed leap year.
  6. I think he meant reliabilty, not driver stamina. Even in the 80's a Cup motor was the equivalent of a grenade with the pin pulled.
  7. Well, I did say 15" Hoosiers. Meaning slicks. Would like to try some Blue Streaks just for fun. The 200tw street tires probably grip better but watching old TA vids with them all in a four wheel drift looks fun. The doors will never open on this car, so not really a Tuesday cruise to the ice cream stand dealio... Probably put a passenger seat in it though. I suppose 17 inch Soft 8's would be passable for appearance... We'll see, but if I do go with 15 inch compatible brakes, it won't compromise the performance. Hell, probably get protested...
  8. They can drive 1000 miles without breaking a sweat? Have you ever tried to drive a racecar for two hours, let alone 6+?
  9. Some cars need to adjust rear bias on a per driver basis. On our team we had 140 lb and 280 lb drivers. In the first gen RX-7 the driver sits almost on the rear wheel so the lightest and heaviest drivers had different settings, the two middle drivers used either setting. In our Mustang the driver sits mid way between the wheels so we only have one setting for wet and one for dry.
  10. Sounds like we better come up with something quick, or we will be relegated to backmarker status...
  11. More stuff to break or leak, keep it simple. If you want more rear brake get a different caliper. My2cents
  12. I'm really looking forward to this
  13. Hey gang, I have really enjoyed this thread and decided I should contribute to it. My Mustang project is progressing extremely slowly, but it is still moving forward as evidenced by the roll cage photo. The Roll Car Components kit is going to fit very well. In spite of the slow progress on the car, I did enjoy getting a great shipment of goodies to tide me over until I can get my donkey in gear on the car. More to come... eventually 8-] RR
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  15. Is it any wonder? Passing cleanly is bloody-near impossible. As to the segmented style of racing: Used to be, 500 miles was an endurance test (ever looked at the lap counts for races back in the '60s and '70s?); now they can do double that without breaking a sweat, unless someone screws up.
  16. Well, there's parts, and there's parts -- buying OTC at Autozone is one thing; dumpster-diving at Honda American Race Team is something else.
  17. At the moment, yes. But I'd have more people helping. The car I'm working on that really excites me the most (not the Nissans, to many penalty laps in Chump), is about a year off and still Honda based. THAT car is a completely different approach. I wish I could take a year off work and build it. Stupid work getting in the way. I think my personal situation got exasperated by our former 'fearless leader'. "Bring any piece of crap, junkyard this, junkyard that..." At some point you need to buy some parts to make your life easier.... Had I just built what I thought was right in the first place we'd have had an easier path. I drank the koolaid. The way he kept pushing it as a builder series out of crap really appealed to me. But at some point you can only use so many old-ass and used up parts. and the rules changes absolutely screwed a builder, over and over and over. I'm okay with it now, but as you know, at the time, I was a bit salty about my cars taking huge value hits year after year.
  18. Very car dependant on brakes. Its usually not bad. The track is really nice to tires, even 3 years in the asphalt is really smooth.
  19. one major upgrade will be completed for Laguna in July. Depending on how the budget goes, maybe the next upgrade this year as well...
  20. Are you bringing those upgrades to Vegas this year? We swapped to the Explorer engine - for like better fuel mileage of course .
  21. I think a Miata is plenty of car to win.
  22. ^^ Like to hear that. Talked to someone yesterday who recommended the 275/40/17 BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2's on 17 x 11'.s . Just wish they had less positive offset.
  23. Well, maybe we bought the husky edition...Whichever one it was, I believe it was about $500.
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