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  2. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    This pains me to say but American Iron hates Chump... just not built with the same mindset of the Japs. SC300 is one thing, show me a winning SC400
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  4. A word of warning on the V6 CTS: The engines are not cheap.Anyting that runs is $1300 and up. An engine replacement is about an 18 hour job. A 4.8 or 5.3 swap would be a more practical race car.
  5. Road America fall race

    It's something the Porsche club puts together at the highway patrol training facility. It's a big place. It's what started the road race bug for me (that weekend, that video). Seems like a no brainer, 8 seconds in a drag car...OR... 8 hours in a road race car. Pretty good value as these kinds of things go.
  6. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    At VIR our team lost the splitter due to some lawn mowing excursions (yes multiple, lol), and because the rear wing was still intact it made the front end right sketchy.
  7. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    I thought you meant total inches in width per axle. We are 2650/100 = 26,5" so would be allowed 13.25" per tire.
  8. Greetings everyone! So the 2017 Sebring event is in the books. Oddly enough, no rain! At least not a lot of rain, a few drops here and there, but nothing like what we usually get. Congratulations to all the podium cars, class and overall winners. Speedhive isn't cooperating, but supposedly results can be found here: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1463861 Dana
  9. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Bigger studs is the way to go if you choose to keep going. Can you gain any clearance from the caliper? I have made that work as long as you don't go too thin.
  10. Even more interesting is comparing it to a '95 SC400 with 250 hp at 495 points.
  11. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Oops, was in a hurry to get out the door. Fixed, thanks!
  12. AMP in OCTOBER

    We also have the Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach and will be holding a training on it. https://www.apextrackcoach.com/ You can try one out at the Oct 14 event. We have them in stock now. http://justtrackit.net/apex/ Come on out and get some pre event track time in for your team. Feel free to contact me via private message or via the contact form on our website with any questions.
  13. Brake cooling and upgrades

    V6 Regal for 250 points. Add turbo for 100 points. Why should a Buick get dinged 350 points for a turbo when everything else is only 100 points? Also, why is the 6 cylinder Mustang 50 points less than a V8 Mustang but the F-body V6s are the same points as a V8 F-body? Why the fear?
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  15. We're showing up with only 3 drivers so if for some reason I loose another driver I might be interested in your services. That is of coarse if you don't mind driving a EC car.
  16. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    I'm just going to start using "the go thingy". 😁
  17. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Sidenote: Lots of people say "motor" when referring to "engine". When / why / how did that come about? Things are going to get confusing for those people as cars which have both engines and electric motors or cars with only electric motors become the norm.
  18. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Street cars don't have flat bottoms but still have diffusers to reduce drag. Every bit helps, as long as its done correctly. Try not to change a million things at once. Aero can have some funny interactions, and they get even more difficult to understand when you are varying multiple things between runs. If you're going for max downforce, I'd build the splitter as large you're comfortable running and then keep adjusting the wing until you get the balance you want. It's a lot easier to change the AoA of a wing than resize your splitter. Everyone is going to be running bicycle tires if you divide by 100. Maybe you should go with 10.
  19. Why two gauges? If you have the correct pressure in the rail, who cares what it is at some point internally in the regulator.
  20. Brake cooling and upgrades

    The wording change never clicked with me before. Interesting... even though we all know what they meant
  21. Dang, I didn't even know about the 3-link. I was just referring to the fact that there were a couple different frames, like the Malibu wagon. I also seem to recall reading somewhere some of the Buicks had extra bracing in them and some of the Pontiacs had some aluminum in them where the rest were steel. Something to that effect; could be wrong. Not huge differences and not worth some of the points disparities, but still. You might see if the Olds had any goodies the Chevy didn't. You never know what you might find. If you do the body swap, going to claim it as a Cutlass diesel so you can still use the big tank, right? I think I pm'd you a while back regarding my thoughts on the unicorn out of the bunch. Just sucks you still have to deal with that suspension. Most of my daydreaming at work now is about building a Monza...
  22. AMP in OCTOBER

    If you're interested in getting some track time before race weekend there is a Just Track It event being held at AMP on October 14th. The quality of the field for the Chumpionship is scary... and exciting.
  23. Brake cooling and upgrades

    T-Type=Grand National in a color other than black. aka Sleeper
  24. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Only the Grand National; that one's a Regal with options.
  25. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Gas tank is too small. btw-It used to be 2500 points. Guess I missed that change. Or was that only the GN and not the T-Type?
  26. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Notice that the pictured car is rated at 350 points ...
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