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  2. If anyone has a seat for rent for Sonoma, I have a guy looking.
  3. Is your house the one with the tan colored garage??
  4. but that's the fast line
  5. Crying.....Lost my big sponsor as they are a no go for 2017, always happens when management changes....Was hoping to spend that money on the chump car repairs. Super 8 was a great partner for many years. And I need to get out the porta power, big hammers and come-along to try to save the ice racer after a crash this weekend. Was really hoping to be working on the chump car instead...But I finally get to try my stud welder, dent puller tool! I think we can all relate, its way better to just have to buy gas than to unload the car and make repairs between races.
  6. Sorry, you must run it over your helmet visor sir (man I love the minimalist approach to that car, it looks angry and ready to do bad things)
  7. That will be fun for 2 laps. I'd suggest getting a lexan windshield. I do think it was mentioned earlier that windowless cars will be looked at on a case by case bases. You might also want to add a rear bumper, just a suggestion.
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  9. I hear you- I am so involved in racing and Chumpcar that my new year resolution is to spend more time with the bikes- at the expense of Chumpcar... sadly....
  10. No..not in the Street Stock classes. Some tracks don't allow f-bodys to run anymore so lots of the Chebby guys run those. The only draw back I see for chumps is they never came with a stick option, so you'd have to take the hit on the 4 or 5 speed. Parts are cheap and plentiful.
  11. This wasn't the time I destroyed the wheel but you can see the hole's effect on the steering wheel. Start at 2:40.
  12. We have a small issue. Any suggestions. Our windshield is.......well lacking.
  13. Aren't the circle track ones mostly tube frame replicas?
  14. Well it was either drop a wheel into the hole or hit the car on the left. The time I did it I wasn't aware of that wheel destroying hole and you can't see it in advance as you're cresting the hill under the bridge, it's is out of sight as the track falls away. The inside there is a great passing opportunity but three wide rarely works well in CCWS and it didn't in my case.
  15. I've never raced one but it is a G-body, basically the same thing as a F-body. Plenty of circle track SS's out there. If you can make it run well turning left you can do the same turning right.
  16. So, stay away from the inside?
  17. I still have damage on my car from that POS running into me twice in the same weekend.
  18. I've also destroyed a wheel there going three wide under the bridge.
  19. All looks no substance. Reminds me if a girl I dated once.
  20. Had a gunmetal blue one in college!!
  21. Reminds me of that black car at Gateway......
  22. Who cares, they look awesome.
  23. Has anyone ever road raced one of those?
  24. I just hope they fill in that pothole on the inside of turn 11 under the bridge. Destroyed one wheel on that thing Friday last year avoiding a spinning car.
  25. Here's one for all of you old school #3 guys. $500 Monte SS
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