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  2. I have used my champion 2000watt genny for about 6 years at work, Chump and at home. For the price it's hard to beat. For any inverter style genny you can't take the wattage advertised as the true wattage. It can only supply that in a peak or surge scenario. The running wattage would be down to usually 1600-1800. For high inrush current items like a welder and 2000-ish watt genny will have a hard time keeping up. I usually put my genny 25' away and use a rough duty extension cord to power my war wagon. Even though the genny is quiet it's still somewhat rude to have it right in the pits with you.
  3. Lost a wheel you say? Forget to torque the lug nuts? DAMHIK. We were next to you in the garage... glad to see you had a good time.
  4. I. Love. This. Place. Ok Ben.... Go!
  5. Ugggg...last again. Thanks for hosting again @gr1vlet. At least I had fun!!! Any night but Tuesday and Wednesday works for me...
  6. The Flyin' Hawaiians & 2 White Guys will be signing up for this race next week. We need more people to sign up for this race so it doesn't get cancelled. Remember the early payment deadline is March the 12th. I'd hate to see anyone miss out on their chance to see the Flyin' Hawaiians spank the Miata PI guys. Let the trash talking begin. Rod
  7. .... or trying to do well or just plain finish? I think that takes some work. And beer consumption. Which is definitely work.
  8. Results from the test session. I'd like to run one per week until the race, let me know what dates would work best for you! Thanks to everyone who ran, hopefully we can get more to stay for the race session next time. I'll work on balancing the cars better.
  9. After doing a bit of research on PassKit it's not as creepy as I first thought. I'm also not into being an unpaid beta tester/early adopter so I'll wait until the major bugs get worked out. May be a use for that Wallet app after all.
  10. hi,, For A Driver, The Seat Is Your Office Chair. Make Sure It Fits And Works. There is a lot more to your racing seat than having a comfortable place from which to race. Comfort is definitely required to prevent fatigue, but safety is the major concern. How should you fit into the seat and what kind of seat and seat accessories should you have? Circle Track went to Steve Kirkey from Kirkey Racing Fabrication, Inc. to learn more about seat selection, how to fit one to your body and how they can provide you with the best support and protection. The construction of racing seats can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and seat style. With any seat, the most important consideration is that it is made with strong, durable material to keep the driver well supported and safe. In an effort to cover most of the racers, we looked at a seat—Kirkey’s 36 Series—that is designed for short-track racing from Hobby Stocks up to Late Models, both on dirt and pavement. The 36 Series seat is constructed with 0.125-inch, 5052-grade aluminum and has an aluminum extrusion bead running around the edges to make the seat strong and prevent any sharp spots. The headrest has a reinforced tubular rolled edge and offset aluminum extrusion around the perimeter to increase strength and driver safety.When the cover was designed, the same effort was used to create good support throughout. A half-inch of high-density polyurethane foam is used throughout the entire seat with one-inch extra padding on the left and right rib areas. The seat features an inner-thigh support designed to keep your legs from flopping around from the g-forces created by normal racing and in the event of an accident.
  11. Unlikely Ray, but if a great deal on a seat were to pop up...
  12. First off, I thought after last year - no novices was the rule for this year, that was clearly not the case as there were teams racing in their first ever race. AER and WRL can't compete at this point with ChumpCar - the number of races and geographical points are clearly in Chumps favor. Chump needs to keep a keen eye on other factors however - a lot of people would like to race in cheap, Non-contact races - with cars that look like race cars. The other thing is the name - whenever I tell folks I know what I'm doing, they mention The L word. I then have to tell them that this is real racing, even though a lot of the cars look like crap.
  13. Use a BB Garret.@ 9#. Trim the ECU for retard with a knock sensor. Run some sort of intercooler. Avoid water injection for the Chump races . IMHO. I can get it to work. 16 gal of fuel per 1:50 .
  14. That undercamber is very draggy on Bills's foil. Also , the spoiler is very draggy VS lift when you can use a wing . Always use a wing, not a deck lid spoiler. Flat bottom or slightly cambered can be set for very little drag. While still being able to make some seriuos lift when tipped up .
  15. Eff it. I know I paid my dues!
  16. Ya still got it brotha !! You coming to VIR ?
  17. I was at both races. I'm not confident that the Chump staff will feel right about a detailed analysis, so I will just make two comments (unless Mike C tells me he's ok with more) 1. The trophies in Chump are SO MUCH BETTER. The AER ones look like they are out of a SNL bit that is making fun of racing. From a distance you swear that some kid cut them out of colored cardboard. 2. You can really see the difference that "no novices" makes in AER. In every Chump stint I've ever driven, I encounter at least two cars that seem to be using google maps to get around the track ("turn right after 500 feet"). There was none of that in AER, except on the practice day (and the car happened to be a Chump car....go figure. And it was one that had been at the track the week before so I would have thought he knew the track...)
  18. Man, I am really sorry we got together during that incident... I thought maybe some flat-spotted tires were all I was gonna get out of it till I saw you coming down the hill. I'd really like to see the video so I can try to decipher what happened. I meant to come talk to you guys but didn't get a chance due to others issues with our team that day. Again, my humble apologies!!
  19. So smart they either have a devoted research clone or have mastered time travel. Out There is barely enough time here to fix up the pieces of loose brake duct before Daytona
  20. A couple years ago, I saw one of these on a VW Thing in central FL
  21. Team On Second Thought (141 Miata) made it through the weekend well. This is only the second race we have entered with the car, it started the weekend with a completely new drivetrain to us (things didn't go well in the last race!). Overall the car did great, we had a 15min stop on Saturday to fix a broken exhaust hanger, and had to replace an axle seal Saturday night. In total for the weekend the car was on track for 15 hrs, we completed 320 laps between the two days, consumed approximately 110 gallons of gas. Only 2 of our 5 drivers had ever been on track at Sonoma, so we had a learning curve throughout the weekend. I'm glad that most of the race it stayed semi dry the whole weekend. The 2nd S was a challenge all weekend due to the water, and when it started raining the track turned into a sheet of ice! While our final standings weren't maybe as good as we had hoped, this was a very successful weekend for the car and team. We are looking forward to the next race with Chump. Thanks for putting on the event! It was great to get time in at Sonoma.
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  23. We have the Honda generator pictured below. It's unbelievable how quiet it is. You can't tell if its running at all from like 10 feet away. You'd NEVER notice it running at all in our Pit tent at a typical Chumpcar race. I've started it at the beginning of a race to run my pancake air compressor and it had ran for like four hours for nothing before anyone realized it was running. I've used it for years with zero problems. Turd Ferguson broke the cheesy plastic handle off it though. He fab'd up a much better one out of steel. As a side note, I only burn 100% gasoline in 100% of my gasoline engines. That's probably helped it run trouble free. Ethanol gas is da tool of the Debil and the bane of all my engines, IMHO.
  24. Are you "Big Brother " Bill, or do you just work for him? What's next, DNA samples?
  25. Saw you guys stayed in town for AER the following weekend. How would you compare the 2 series?
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