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  2. I may have a set VW Mk 2 or mk 1. Threw much of this crap out .
  3. Having the kids drive and both enjoy themselves is priceless. Family first. I built my double trailer so that My son and I could both run at the same time. Bump drafting with sheeteating grins. What's better. Well, playing chicken into Sebring T17 was good also . ..
  4. Hello! I'm new to Chump and currently putting together a car for next season. I thought it might be a great idea to try and participate this year. Race Experience: I have racing experience - some drag racing some dirt track, but not in Chump or on large road courses. Automotive Experience: Like many of you if it moves on four wheels I can work on it, from changing wheels to rebuilding engines and transmissions. I semi-daily drive a 66 Mustang I've actively restored and an 04 Jetta I've taken to 250k. About Me: 32, grew up in a car family and I'm a team player. I'm easy going and like to have a good time, but do take driving with a tone of seriousness. My primary goal is to learn about some of the in's and out's of Chump and be an asset to whatever team I'm with. Whatever additional role(s) the team needs me to fill I'm happy to help. I'm more than happy to answer any other questions you have, or chat on the phone. I certainly have my own helmet, though I need to pickup a suit yet. Thanks! Scott Miller
  5. I just sent you a PM rather than turn this thread into an rx7 specific tangent
  6. Time to get back on the bicycle Bill ... just get one of those big seats like I have, for the bicycle that is ..
  7. 24-hours

    Referring to 9.9 section of the BCCR you should be fine: 9.9. HEADLIGHTS, TAILLIGHTS AND BRAKE LIGHTS 9.9.1. For Daytime Events: Headlights may remain in or on the vehicle, however all glass must be taped or covered during the event. 9.9.2. For Night-time Events: All cars must be equipped with suitable headlights. Headlights may be OEM or aftermarket. Cars having more than four (4) light sources mounted on the car, whether working or wired for use, will be required to COMPLETELY REMOVE all lights above the count of four (4). CONVENTIONAL BULBS: No single light bulb or light source shall exceed 60W for H3 or H4 bulbs, or 35W for HID bulbs. Bulbs must match the housing and lens that they were originally designed for. No vehicle may have mounted less than two (2) or more than four (4) headlights. A headlight is defined by the number of illuminating bulbs or sources – not by the housing. LED FIXTURES: Cars equipped with LED head- or driving-lights shall be restricted to a maximum of 8,000Lumens. Teams using LED lights MUST have documentation to prove Lumen data. Combined Lighting Sources: cars using a combination of BOTH H3/H4/HID and LED lights shall be limited to a maximum of 4,000 Lumens of LED lighting and no more than two (2) lighting sources using conventional H3, H4 or HID lights. All headlights must be installed such that the base of the driving light lens is NO HIGHER than six inches (6”) above the highest point of the stock front fender and, NO FURTHER BACK than the centerline of the front axle. Headlights must be aimed properly, such that all light is directed at track level. Cars not meeting these requirements, or with improperly aimed, or blinding lights shall be black-flagged and brought-in to add, repair, or adjust lights to meet this requirement. 9.9.3. Taillights: All cars must have a minimum of two (2) operational taillights that remain on at all times whenever headlights are on. Taillights may be OEM or aftermarket. No car shall have more than four (4) taillights. Taillight illumination shall be as bright or brighter than a 1034 or 1157 bulb but shall not be so bright as to overpower/out-light operating brake lights. Multi-filament and combination brake/taillight assemblies are allowed. 9.9.4. Brake Lights: Each car must have at least two (2), but not more than four (4) working brake lights that are easily seen from the rear. 9.9.5. Headlight and taillight assemblies (and all associated hardware) are considered safety items and do not count toward your car’s total points. 9.9.6. All glass and/or plastic taillight and brake light lenses that may be damaged from vehicle contact are to be taped-over with clear packaging or other strong clear tape. Do not use Scotch tape. 9.9.7. Accessory (Theme) Lights: Accessory lights are NOT ADVISED on or inside any wheel assembly (as the lights are often mistaken for sparks). Accessory lights inside the cockpit and driver compartment should be kept to a minimum. If the lighting is determined to be a nuisance to other drivers or race officials, ChumpCar shall have the right to order the lights removed or turned off. No accessory lights are to look like or be mistaken for an emergency vehicle.
  8. What is the definition of running lights? "Running lights" do NOT appear in the rules. The only Running type lights mentioned are the number panel illumination lights. Our car only has 4 headlights and 2 tail lights, and 2 panel lights. I assume this is still legal.
  9. P.S.: if you happen to have about 25% more fuel capacity than you need, you should read this:
  10. I am glad I came back in to check this thread......ohhh the jokes from team names and having great drivers be a part of your team Anywho back on topic. I have started replacing brake lines after 4 years of owning the car. We have never had one fail, but I found a nice feller in Fort Wayne who makes his own lines. He is pretty awesome and we talk racing every time I visit his shop. He makes them right on site for me to see. His are higher grade quality than what I have on the car. The only reason I have slowly been replacing mine is because I had to work on one during a race and it took me 12 minutes. That folks is a podium right there.
  11. Actually, I have 1 crank (FC) and a bit eccentric (FB). I guess that is why I like hanging out with all these Chumps!
  12. We are heading to the VIR 24 hour race if anyone needs us to bring some trailer tires along with us. Remember to give Sadie a call or even give me a call to get pricing. We can save you some money by us delivering in person. We offer a Chump discount as well.
  13. Today
  14. Very true that a GSL-SE will run with very little in the way of wiring and sensors, if you have a tach signal from one of the coils, and the signal from the air flow meter you are good to go. That said getting rid of all of the SE electronics and going to MS was some of the best money that I ever spent, I even did it when you had to pay 75 points for it . With the stock ECU and air flow meter system you end up hitting a wall of fuel on the top end you just can’t push through and make any power in the high RPM range.
  15. Was wondering about that part
  16. I took my two older kids out for their first autocross a few years back. My son had just gotten his driver's licence on Wednesday and the event was the following Satruday, so he was pretty excited! They used my daughter's '87 LeBaron GT for their runs, and I brought an '81 RX7 ice racer on 15 year-old FF Hankooks. I rode with them on their runs, coaching a lot initially but letting them do their thing on the last runs. Being FWD, the car was predictable and easy to drive so they could concentrate on the driving. Given that my daughter's two years older and it was her car, she went out first and put in a decent run. Next up was my son, who tweaked her time by just under a second. Of course, that didn't sit well with my daughter and the fight was on! My daughter went out and bettered her time by two seconds, beating her brother by a full second; success! Unfortunately it was short-lived as he went out and did the same thing, improving by two seconds and once again putting him out front by a second. This leapfrogging trend continued in the third and final round, with my son edging out my daughter by just under a second to claim victory for the day! It was fun watching them swap times back and forth, both striving to do their best and beat the other. Both went about it with quiet determination and never put a tire wrong, working up their speed in steps. Being the owner, my daughter was just a little nicer to her car and tires and that's where my son had the advantage! My daughter had to leave right away but they had fun runs after, so my son wanted to run the RX7 to see how he stacked up against the old man. He had driven the RX7 around my parents' acreage but hadn't any experience in running a standard hard, so his starts left a bit to be desired but only stalled it once. It was a tight second gear course so once the car was about 30 feet past the starting gate it was into second and drive. The result after three more runs each: his best was a 66.52, mine was a 62.37. The RX7 was a bit untidy for autocross use so I had the advantage of knowing how to force the car in a few places. I didn't get anything for my efforts in the official runs as the other cars in the class had much fresher tires but my times were good enough considering. All in all, a very good day spent with fast cars, squeeling tires and family.
  17. Was hoping for an "old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiasm" ending. Was not disappointed.
  19. Nate, just remember nothing comes free. If you multiply the ratio, you multiply the effort.
  20. Gm 3400 powered now.... 1 crank, 6 rods.
  21. But you don't have cranks Rob! You're eccentric!
  22. To clarify, the team name does not specify WHO's crank is being yanked.
  23. So it sounds like: Change in effort (either adding or eliminating power assist) = no points Change in ratio = 10 points According to that interpretation, adding a steering quickener should be 10 points because of the ratio change. The location of where the ratio change occurs shouldn't make a difference. Just my thoughts.
  24. If you can run on pump gas after all your mods, it's within Chump's spec.
  25. In the machine shop: "Dang it! How many times do I have to tell you to set up the heads level before surfacing them! Now we have to cut the intake side to square things up again so the manifold will seal ..."
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