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    I have many ideas in this job. Some work out pretty well, others not so much. I misread the passion for the 24 at VIR and thought that a D8 would be just as well received. I was wrong. While there are those out there who would have appreciated a more relaxing D8, the majority of you wanted your 24. I received dozens of emails over the past two weeks all asking me to bring back the 24. No one emailed me about their excitement over a D8. I am an administrator for your club and it is my job to provide events that you want to participate in. You wanted a 24 and now you have have it. However, if attendance at the VIR24 is down significantly next year as a result of the Nelson 24, I'll have to review the concept of two 24's for 2019. Now if you'd like to continue the debate on something else - what about a D8 inside the 24? (not my idea, btw)
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    Wow! What an amazing experience. Thank you all for allowing us to bring my virtually stock, daily driver 1983 VW scirocco out for the weekend. We had pretty amazing crew of 2.5 drivers who had never wheel to wheel raced, 1 mechanic, a girlfriend and a dog. Was for sure a learning experience and we'll definitely be back for more. Thanks again!
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    The rain has stopped. 5 days and 52 inches later. We made it. The river stopped right at the entrance of the community. Now I need to find fuel for the generator.
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    There are some in the community that doesn't want me posting this stuff that we find. They say it makes the community or organization look bad. Some of the comments on facebook prove that some look for things like this to jump on. Which makes me laugh as some of the cars had other series decals on them We want to bring this stuff forward and help those that may not know all the details of building a car understand that there are right ways and wrong ways, even if they are not written up in the CCWS BCCR. It's not an instruction book. I am not part of the Tech Inspection crew. But I am a road racer and car builder. I think I know how to build a car. And do it safely. One thing I will do it to go to a car that has wrecked during a race. I will look at the cage. Look at the seat mounts. Look for things that may have touched the driver. I take pictures and touch as much as I can get away with. I think others should do the same. Look at how the team built the crashed car, see where they did good, or could have done better. Then compare to how you did your car. Always look to improve your car and the safety aspects of the car. It's always nice to know where stuff will go when you are sitting sideways in the car.
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    But the demise of the Blitzmobile will be talked about as its reputation grows in urban legend. Years from now Chump racers will still be talking about "a car" helicoptering building-height off the racing surface, seemingly under it's own power, while illuminated by an ethereal light as thunder crashed in the distance. "It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, it just..." bystanders will claim as their voices trail off into mumbles while they shake their heads in disbelief. I think I was up in the villa having a sandwich when this happened. S.
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    The ChubbyGecko Nissan had it's most successful weekend... ever! So much so we were a little unprepared and our casual approach early on in the race ended up costing us an even better finish. No regrets though! We took the green in 13th on track, then had our 4! penalty laps applied. Bruce started turning super consistent low 1:29s-1:30s in traffic, with a 1:27 flyer thrown in when he got a nice gap. By the time the fastest guys behind had made their way through (dropping us as low as 24th at one point), we had still managed to pass enough cars to move us into 12th by our first pit stop at an hour and a half in. Bruce had reported a lack of airflow to the driver, so we took 4 extra minutes in the pits to add a driver side duct to try to keep us fresher throughout the day. Steve climbed in and off we went. And went. And went. Usually by this point we'd be in the garage with some incredibly bizarre issues, but the car kept turning laps, and respectable ones. Steve was having a blast. His only observations were that the fuel consumption was pretty high (yep) and that the car wasn't quite as good in the right handers compared to the lefts. Steve came in, we fueled and Aaron got in the car and headed out for his first stint. And started getting faster... late in his stint he pipped Bruce's 1:27 team fast lap with a 1:26 of his own. This was about when we realized 1) we had a quick, easy to drive racecar on our hands and 2) it was running reliably enough that we might be able to go the distance. Some strategery seemed to be in order. Aaron dropped back to 95% or so, trying to save a bit of fuel and extend his stint beyond the 1:30 mark. Simply short shifting onto the straight made a huge difference in consumption with almost no affect on laptimes. Torque is a hell of a drug. Bruce was in next for his second stint, and managed 1:28s and a few more 1:27s even in non-attack mode. Steve had some family coming in to spectate, so we shuffled the planned driver order slightly and shove the car owner (me) into the car next, despite the impact we knew it would have on our lap times. I managed to keep the car in one piece with only a two "moments", both of which were me trying a little too hard to keep up with the McParland S2K Simple off and ons from outbraking myself into Turn 1 and later through Turn 4. Managed a 1:29 which for me is pretty good. I climbed out with just over 3:45 remaining, so it was going to be up to Steve and Aaron to manage their fuel to get us to the end. And damn if they didn't pull it off, with Steve channeling enough Miata owner mojo to conserve enough cornering speed to do the entire course in 4th and 5th gears with only a 2 or so second loss in times. And he REALLY stretched the fuel, as he pitted on what had to be fumes as I poured 15.5999 (approximately) gallons into our 15.6 gallon tank ;-) Final stint, full conserve mode for Aaron. Once all the pitstops cycled through we were 12th, and on the same lap as the Occam's Racer Miata. Aaron was closing in at 2-3 seconds a lap and @drKorf and the team must have noticed as they turned it up just enough to keep us behind. It started to get dark quickly around that point, and with us on the limit of fuel (if the race went full length) we weren't able to respond. Hindsight being what it is, if we'd known 20 minutes earlier that they were going to shorten the race by 15 minute it would have been ON!!! Overall a great result for us as a team and for me as car builder in particular. All of us as drivers had an AWESOME time on track, each reporting their own personal favorite on-track battles with several other competitiors. There were some especially epic stretches reported with a white BMW, a few more with the Accord and the other Nissan. (we're always terrible about remembering car numbers , sorry) I myself appreciated the several E30s that I played follow the leader with as I experimented with lines to get around the track during my stint, and no worries to the driver of the Rx7 that slid up on me coming out of the bowl, I had room to move but I appreciate the wave. As usual, if anyone has any stories or videos of dicing it up with us on track, we'd love to hear about it! A few things to work on before PittRace but I think we're going to have one hell of a good time!
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    My first Ever chumpcar race. about 7 years ago Rob and Julie introduced mt to the other series and I have had a lot of fun. I dont know if it was just the perfect weather or what. But I had an incredible good time running last weekend. 99.9 % of everyone on track was were awesome. It was really fun to run in a series that people were there to actually RACE. It has me thinking of converting a club car I have to run this series. Thanks all. Willy a+d team 19 acura
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    My face on a normal work day: My face the last day of work before Gingerman:
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    We will have these available @ the next few races for those interested. Sebring, Rd Atl. & Daytona
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    That's when you sign up for a race and you are not sure if all the major systems of the car works properly. You specifically tell everyone on the internet that this is merely a test session for you. Then you lose the race by 19 seconds. At least that's how I have seen it done.
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    No need to bring your personal, er, ah, uhhm, ... endeavours into the discussion.
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    Had a little unexpected help this evening. Got to the shop after work, just happened to hear the faintest sound, I must have been on my "eagle ears" game. Huh. Ignored it. I must have been subconsciously intrigued enough to stand still and drink a water for a minute. Heard it again (2400 sq ft shop), the slightest sound of some sort of movement. Is it a dragon fly or bug bouncing off a florescent light? A rodent? Something outside the building brushing against the wall? Nope. 48" Diamond back in the back of the shop. WTFFFFFfffff. Needless to say, this took a few minutes to resolve. Tried a couple of ideas to see if there was any relocation services or some sort of program that needs poisonous snakes for venom or something. Couldn't find anything and I sure as hell could not release him into the neighborhood with kids and pets, etc. So he made his way to the worse possible spot - behind the raw material rack of course. Chased him out with a single shot of .410 #4 shot, then he exposed his head long enough to get him with a shovel. Hated to do it, a very pretty snake, but he was a big boy, there no way we could take any chances. So after getting my nerves calmed the eff down, I managed to get a little work done, but not much. Exhaust complete, misc nut & bolt under car complete, new clutch slave/master ready to go in first thing tomorrow after work, will complete brakes. Decided to keep the car up high on the lift, hopefully out of snake reach It is a week before Sebring, no sweat
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    Many cars can crossover, but there are so many differences between all the series that an optimal build for one series won't be optimal for another (except maybe LDRL and AER since they both have no rules... but those two are the least attractive of the 4 series if you ask me). RE: Troy - Sure, attracting more cars would be nice. - Making rule changes in the hopes of attracting those cars would not be nice. - It would force all the current ChumpCar cars (who aim to run at the 'pointy end') to make changes to take advantage of the new rules. - It would force ChumpCar to reevaluate the VPI table. - Any rule change pisses off some people... you risk alienating teams and driving them to other series - Ultimately, changing rules to attract a few would be a PITA and may not increase car counts at all. We have a great thing going here... the racing is fantastic... it's still the most economical "real racing" out there... don't screw it up.
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    Thanks to Chumpcar for an awesome weekend. We had about as good of weekend as one could expect. Went in hoping for a car that didn't have to go behind the wall and a Top 10 finish if possible. Everyone drove the perfect stint and the pit stops were flawless. I thought the driving of most everyone was clean and courteous. No real issues out on track and Thompson is surprisingly technical and fun. I would say we would go back for sure. I will echo what everyone else said about the test day. We were black flagged multiple times for random reasons. They kept referencing a rule book that they couldn't furnish. Not sure why they felt the need to make up new rules for every time we went out. Maybe Chumpcar can run it next year instead? Also definitely include the test day in the fee or don't advertise it with the race. $200 was still a good deal but it was slightly misleading. Looking forward to Pittrace and Shut Up Racing V3. Also, I thought Dana had one of the best pre-race meetings that I've been to with Chumpcar. The whole event was well run.
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    When they called you back to settle at $14k, you should have told the adjuster "that doesn't mean it I will settle for that."
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    Marine battery boxes with straps need to be banned, they do absolutely zilch when asked to contain 30-60 lbs exposed to high g-load. (learned during demo derbys) We use a heavy plastic wheelchair battery box mounted in a fitted angle iron base welded to the floor with all-thread on the long sides holding another piece of angle to the top. Crash tested!
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    Congratulations to @Hi_Im_Will and the GWR guys on their win on Sunday. You totally deserved it. To put together a new car and win on its first weekend is a unbelievable feat.
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    Final-ish product. The first F-Body in history with lowering springs that won't rip the exhaust off Heading to shop now to weld joints and safety wire hang the exhaust and see how loud this puppy is. To make removal easy, I made the first section after the down pipes with a double deep expansion joint so that can be slipped out, then the rest of the jigsaw puzzle can come out quickly. Also, if I have to add add'l muff's, they will fit right in that section.
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    What in the world, that guy is driving way over his head! Hopefully he got suspended!
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    Wow, that was fun, not ! Just got power back about 40 minutes ago. No house damage, just minor fencing and 5 power poles that went down like domino's when a large Oak fell at the end of the street. Makes ya appreciate what ya got when you do without for a week.
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    I've been slowing building a CTS for WRL/Chumpcar. I picked up a running 2003 with a manual trans for $850 bucks. We took a 2004 on trade that I picked up for $850 that runs but has a 200,000 highway miles. The car is getting the roll cage installed and I'm going starting to refresh the 3.6L this weekend. I'm the service manager at a Cadillac dealer and this has turned in to a after hours shop project, and I'm building what I know. Check out my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Daring-Greatly-Racing-137231636746199/?ref=bookmarks
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    You've made this argument 100 times and received the same response 100 times. CC's view is that making your car last for an endurance race is part of the challenge of endurance racing. That's why they aren't free. Asking the same question with the same argument over and over again isn't going to make them change their answer. Now, is there merit to what you're saying? Of course. Everyone hates fixing their cars. Allowing those items will probably attract some cars that will otherwise skip Chump races. It will also alienate some people that can hardly afford the upfront costs and will view those as "needed" additions that they can't afford. You have to pick a target market and tune your rules to that subset of racers. Obviously your desired market is a bit higher than what ChumpCar has chosen, but they continue to have great success in most of the country with their market. I'm guessing that unless the organization starts failing and losing car counts at its major draw tracks, the rules and target market are going to stay the same.
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    Speedway Creations is located in Quitman, GA, we are 15 miles west of Valdosta which is the first city in Georgia as you ride up I-75. If people need something in this area, please feel free to let me know. I am the County Manager here, the County IT guy, the County Assistant Fire Chief, and whatever else tends to happen, so if you need a place to park an RV or race car, or just need a connect, feel free to reach out either through the forum or email at justin@justindevane.com, you can text me 229-563-5238 (please text, I don't answer unknown numbers). If push comes to shove, you can even call the County office, 229-263-5561 and tell them you are with ChumpCar and you need Justin. Even if its directions or a bite to eat, whatever. We still have food and gas in this year, but I suspect that tomorrow it will get a little more real around here for people. I know most of all the hotels are full between the state line to Macon and I'm sure its worst past that... So if you are coming from the deep south of FL and can't make it the extra 4/5/6 hours north to AMS or AMP, let me know, I will try to help.
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    I will continue to post. I understand the issues. I also know that sometimes these issues are best seen by everyone that races with us as fast as we can get it out to them. We have a race almost every week over the next couple of months. The roll over was huge. We don't get many of them, wich I am really glad for, but when we do the faster we can get the "issues" out to the teams, not just the owners, but to all racers, the faster we can get these cars fixed and safer. Facebook is our biggest audience, both with team owners and with race drivers. The roll over was a racing incident. that happens, especially in a top heavy sedan like the Ford is. The biggest concern was the drivers' use of the safety belts, in a loose condition which allowed his head to contact the roll cage. He verbally told race organizers what he did after the rollover. We see something slightly different. The shock of what had happened does funny things to our memory. The battery was secondary as we did not know that story until a bit later when I was able to get inspect the car. I did have 100% approval by the car owner to publish the video. It's my job. I will report what happens. It's also my job to do what it takes to help spread the ways that car builders can make these cars safer. The amount of messages and emails I have that have thanks CCWS for pointing this out is evidence that we are doing things right. There are teams that just did not know that the battery install was wrong, as seen by the others that are using that same battery box.
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    Totally self-serving because I live in the madness that is the east, but to be fair the east complains and shows up to race
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    Move Sorry, couldn't resist. But I see your problems, but I don't have the answer either. Wish I did.
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    220, 221 whatever it takes.
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    I asked on the Facebook post why CC was making the rollover an "Exclusive". I in no way was saying that that incident, battery situation, or the slow to extract the driver shouldn't be brought up. I just thought posting on FB very soon after it happened wasn't the place to do it. This series is growing and we don't want to air slightly dirty laundry in a very public place. I suggest bringing this stuff up in emails and forums posts. "Lessons Learned" emails would be a good start. My company does service alerts that go out to technicians that aren't seen by the general public for factory mess-ups and situations that we need to keep an eye out for on job sites. That might be a better place than Facebook. I know I wouldn't want a very dangerous situation that I was involved in being displayed like that. JMO.
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    Can we pick which eight hours we want to count? 😂🤣
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    It makes me happy that Chump actually listens, I'm so used to organizations putting up a poll and ignoring the results. So cheers to you guys at Chump, thank you!
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    Greetings Everyone! In the words of my favorite Robot TV character, "I'm back!" I got my power back late last night and I'm starting to catch up on my messages. Please be patient and I'll get to any questions as quick as I can. Thanks, Dana
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    Correct! Realistically though, 255 hp out of the 2004 is plenty of power to keep up with the crowd. Don't forget, if you are aiming for Daytona, its 14 hours of racing that you have to finish! The turbo power is tempting... but will it make it to the end (and how many pitstops are you going to need to get through 14 hours??)?? If it were me as a starting team I would get a 255 hp version, gut it to within an inch of its life to reduce weight, upgrade brakes, shocks and springs within the allowable for zero points, put a big ass wing and livery on it to make it look like a World Challenge car and go racing. Decide where you want to spend money/points later once you know the car a little bit better.
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    FYI, Dana Morrison will be running this event. If you send him questions via email right now he won't respond. He lives down near Palm Beach Florida and has no power and internet. For the time being you can email me your questions and I'll make sure they get to Dana.
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    Here is my new crew shopping for a new ride. Let me know if you think this would be a good platform, may have a few safety issues to clear up: https://streamable.com/20pa
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    They copied our aero package!!!! Heavily vented front fender, passenger side exit exhaust: Gooseneck wing, giant central diffuser, nothing behind rear face of tire: Center hood hole with side vents for the radiator: ^^^And even the single vertical windshield wiper was copied. Somebody from BMW Motorsport has been spying on us. I think we deserve royalties.
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    Trick is that you and I would just make it an average car if we drove it. You can't make a rule that doesn't allow fast drivers.
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    If you prep for it.... it won't come....
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    Winning with a Fox doesn't happen by accident. My team used to laugh at my careful consideration of the strategy. Now, if I tell them I am thinking about 2 or three different strategies they say to tell them which one I think is best, they will try to look as if they are carefully considering it for a few minutes, then just agree with whatever I recommend.
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    I was out for the 3rd stint in the Accord and had a great time with whoever was driving! We battled maybe for 15 mins and while watching a few lines from your car I was able to knock my personal time down to a 1:27. Good times! Same car/team that was down at VIR last year in Dec? So a quick recap for me and team ZTEK racing - Practice started later than scheduled but Thompson staff was able to move the practice hours back so we all were able to get the full 4 hours. As said before practice was a little crazy but I assume because their were lots of people doing exactly what it was called - practice. I went out and spun opening lap and 2 major slides as we were trying a new setup on the car. After a quick adjustment and tire change, we were down to the lap times we wanted to achieve in a practice setting. Race day - Weather was cool in the morning and perfect to start a race. I believe we started around 18th or 19th place. A few class B cars had issues so by 6 hours in, we were first in class and 4th overall including the EC car leading the race. We as a team was pretty excited that we may podium for the first time. Thompson was good to us last year with a 5th overall in the old race car (Nissan Sentra) that Never Start Racing team now owns. They did well too! About 20 mins after our 3rd driver change, I believe a yellow Miata spun coming out of the bridge turn 5 and collected our car at the same time. Our driver got pulled into the paddock and the car didn't look good! We had some spare parts and said we are going Nascar style! We removed the hood, cut the from bumper off with supports, used a truck and tow straps to "fix" the rad support and core support, sawzall some metal away, zip tie in a used radiator, change alternator, replace driver axle and made sure the car drove and stopped straight. 1 hour and 54 mins later, we are back on track and leading class be by 7 laps!! Our last 2 drivers were able to put together really good stints, even setting fast time of day right before darkness fell over the track! We ended up finishing 18th overall and Class B winner which was a great finish for us since the car had been wrecked earlier that day. So you go from highs to lows to highs again. Isn't what racing is about?! Thanks again to Chump staff for another great weekend and Thompson staff and volunteers! Another great event for all the Chump teams and look forward to being back here next year. Now on to Pitt next month!
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    Traffic jam into the first turn and everyone comes out clean
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    Yeah, the driver at the time had a ultimatum of either hitting someone or going grass. He chose grass and activated the front DRS system. We will always remember you Ben for the most epic arrive and drive story ever! 1. Ask Wife/GF to go shopping, spa whatever in SoCal 2. Fly out to Laguna in the morning 3. Drive 4. Win 5. Drink beer 6. Fly back for late dinner with Wife/GF
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    Marine battery boxes are not up to the task. You'd never see those things in an offshore racing boat either. Ours is constrained at the bottom with angle and a section of channel on top with a section of rubber in compression. I also built a divider between the trunk space and the cabin, in the event of a wreck the battery could be punctured, I do not want to be sharing space with it. Ryan Empty Pockets Racing
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    We really liked it. At the drivers meeting a pit stall was drawn from the hat and that team started P1 and cars were released behind them in order down pit lane. On day 2 it was reversed. Did I mention we liked it? Probably should be another thread started if there a bunch of discussion, there was plenty of good Chumpcar Racing to discuss.
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    Since my car is still nowhere close to being finished, I decided to rent a seat from some guys I met at the Lemons race at Gingerman earlier in the year. They only had two guys and this was their first Chumpcar race, so I thought I could help them out. The car in question is the SlowNerd Volvo 940/960 (I'm still not sure which one). I made sure they were up-to-date on all of the latest rules, built them a sweet GWR-inspired splitter, and towed the car to the track. We unfortunately had problems all weekend including a bad fuel pump, blown front strut, a flat tire, a loosening wheel, and a slipping transmission. We were able to get the car running pretty well for the start of the Sunday race, for which we had pole position thanks to the new grid procedure. I was able to keep the lead for the first two corners, but quickly got swallowed up. At about an hour in the front-left strut failed and we didn't have a replacement, so we eventually decided to park it. Sorry if we got in anyone's way out there! I also managed to jump into a few GWR pit stops including fueling the car at the last stop on Sunday on their way to the win. Speaking of which, congrats to @Hi_Im_Will and Chris for their first Gingerman win! It was a long time coming. I had a blast racing against the plethora of friends and co-workers spread throughout the paddock. Thanks to all of the volunteers and Chump staff for putting on another great event!