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    Good racing. My father and I did our whole race, so each of us drove 50%. I would hate to see anyone dis-invite Randy. He is the ultimate good-guy. I showed that the MR2 was too fast over a year ago. Before the VPI adjustment. Chumpcar didn't listen. I showed it again to Mike and he listened politely and interested but it did not change. It's his show to run. I also had to petition to NB miata down from 700 points. Now it's 450. The swap rules are still BROKEN. But I respect Troy's engineering. Don't blame him, fix the rules. @Doc please don't deny that@Bill Strong is staff and an insider. Bill's done a great job with the media, but there should be more impartiality.
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    Not necessarily. I see the meeting going like this- ___________________________________________________________________________ Bill: Let's hollow out bolts to make them lighter. MR2 team #2: I assume the fastener was designed correctly for the application and should not be weakened or it could cause reliability issues. If the manufacture thought they could use a smaller bolt to save weight they probably would have. Bill: But if we make our cars less reliable than stock, we can request a point reduction of 150 points based on us making the car unreliable. All MR2 teams: GREAT IDEA BILL!!!! Agenda for next meeting- How to lighten hubs with 1/8" drill bit. ____________________________________________________________________________
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    Sounds like it's time to drop the 5SFE back in and show the world what good teamwork, driving and development are capable of! Watching Randy drive the MR2 and GWR cars in the same conditions within maybe 30 minutes was eye opening. In GWRs car he simply couldn't get away from traffic enough to put in a decent time. In the MR2 he could turn low 30's in dense traffic because it would just walk away from everything. It's not about singling out the person who built the car... Cudos, it's within today's rules, it's super fast and looks awesome! But to infer that this car is the only one developing to the edge of what's possible and legal is a bit insulting. There are many teams that test, have checklists and do everything they can to gain a legal advantage within the rules. If one car is an outlier it is an outlier and it must be dealt with. It's not a personal attack, it's simply common sense.
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    I wish this thread was more about the awesome racing at AMP than MR2s.
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    I hate to change the subject but how awesome was it to see Elon get Ella back from the ashes and back on track. Nice Job!!! That car should be named Christine.
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    Let's put this 27th place trophy business to bed. At the time he asked the question why, unlike other class-based racing series, doesn't each class get trophies for 1, 2, and 3? The overwhelming forum response was, "this is single class racing". OK the single class overall win is what's important to most competitors perhaps even the majority, but that point is confused when in the rules say there are classes and only the 1st in class gets a trophy. "Those are just participation awards" - fine but you can't say this is single class racing, a pure "single-class" experience would award overall win only. Or if the classes are legitimate wins that are honoured as such, then it's not unreasonable that there should be 1, 2, and 3 trophies. Nowhere does it officially say that the classes are simply participation awards. @KSRDwas simply for asking for a reasonable explanation. The answer was given and he has accepted it even though it doesn't align to the regional racing that his team also competes. Furthermore he continues to support, compete, and bring new racers to our series campaigning 2 cars in ~8 races this season ... how many of us have done the same?
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    I asked my wife if we could go to Oregon for our anniversary next year. She immediately asked what race was there...and then said no.
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    I happen to know that the driver who did fast lap in the Ecotec Miata was also the driver who did the fast lap in the GWR car at the Glen this year. That same driver also did fast lap for the GWR car at AMP. I would also like to point out that said driver is not racing for free and does not get a discount. Did a pro driver drive the Biohazard car at the Glen or at Pitt? I remember Biohazard laying down a 2:00 flat at Pitt a few years ago, which was three seconds faster than the infamous 400sx. I'd also like to point out that the GWR car and the Ecotech Miata cannot go 2 hours on fuel at full pace, so any extra race pace the Biohazard car has is just pure pace. Although this is technically under 2016 rules, here is a video for the Eastern Chumpionship last year: The same driver that has been mentioned multiple times in this post is driving the car in this video. Notice how much of a run he gets coming out of the last corner, and how much distance the Biohazard car puts on him on the front straight alone. What you see there is not better strategy, better racecraft, or better car setup. That is just power. Also take note how much time the driver of Biohazard is giving up in corners and in traffic. As soon as you put a pro driver in the Biohazard car, the difference in pace is laughable. One last point I'd like to make is that the "pro" driver who often drives the GWR car is not technically a pro. He is rated as a silver driver by the FIA, which technically makes him an amateur. He also does not make his living driving race cars. He is just a very good driver that does everything he can to get more seat time and improve his racecraft. Isn't that what all of us are trying to do?
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    Man, I always hated showing up late to a party. Sounds like some good ole chump forum drama has been missed, I'll have to go back and read to catch up on the pages I missed. Thanks to everyone who offered congratulations to the Burningham Too team. Driving in the rain with no windshield wiper for almost 2 hours, an intermittent miss in the rain right at the worst time in turns, driving flat out staring directly at the sun coming into 16, blowing a tire on the front left at the bottom of turn 12, oil pressure fluctuations, and dealing with a trans that wouldn't stay in 3rd gear at times are just a few memorable things we had to overcome to get the overall win. Plus we had to get lucky with Troy having issues with his car at the end but a win is a win and we'll take it anyway it comes. Did somebody say Randy Pobst was in that car at times? Seriously, their car is insanely fast, the multiple times we were passed by it the power was not even close, we would just wave when it went by. Congrats on their overall chumpionship win. I want to thank my co-drivers Chris and Casey for the team effort of getting the car ready and then driving it with all the talent we have. Without them, I could not do this. The teamwork we exhibit and team camaraderie we have I wouldn't trade for anyone. Not meant to be a negative toward anyone else, it's just we work and play well together. It is what chump is about. Which leads to my only point to jump into this fray about pro drivers. I really see what both sides are saying here, guys spend money and don't want to get beat by a pro. Others want to put the best driver they can get in the car. I get it. Me and my team are going to drive as hard as we can with the equipment we prepared and if we get beat we get beat. I guess it depends on your team model. I want to run what we put together and have fun doing it. I don't want to give up time to a pro, hell I want every driving minute I can get. I don't even want him to get in my car, I would rather learn it the hard way, figure it out as a team and screw it up like we have multiple times. But that's my model. I don't begrudge anybody doing it differently, have at it, put a pro in there and have him tell you what you need to do, you will benefit quicker and make better changes. Put a pro in there to run faster times, he absolutely should run faster than us hacks. And if your goal is to run it like a business, then that is what you should do. I just personally don't want to, seems to take away from the point of all of this, but that's our decision as a team to do it that way. That was too much rambling, I should cut most of that out but I have a day job to go to in the morning so I'll just leave it. Also, thanks to CTW guys Zack, Phil, etc that showed up to work the race, that had to suck. Thanks to Tiffany for working with the chump broadcast, we missed you in the pits. Always good to see guys like Cone Crushers, we love to give them hell but they give it back to us. Oh, and congrats to all the other chumpionship winners, well deserved. Thanks to all of the Chump staff for working this event, sounds like some tough calls were made. Hopefully we will be ready to go again in December at Barber. Edit: Almost forgot, special shoutout to Eurasian Auto Service in Birmingham for the help with alignment and use of the shop (one of our drivers Casey owns this business). For you guys coming to Barber that need last minute help with the car, give them a shout if you need something.
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    Sorry @Hi_Im_Will if I'm jumping the gun on this, but I feel I have to say something about this "Randy problem". I happened to be crewing for GWR all weekend. I'll let @Hi_Im_Will give the full race report, but an issue we had on Satuday put us out of the running, so Sunday became a test day. The car was a bit down on power all weekend due to an issue with the ECU. That being said, the 1:33.4 was ran by a driver with a FIA Silver rating who drives an Oreca 07 in the IMSA Weathertech series. All of the other drivers' fastest laps were within 2 seconds of the IMSA driver. We also had the opportunity to put Randy Pobst in the car. Immediately after the IMSA driver set a 1:33.5, we sent Randy out with a light fuel load. Randy's best lap was a 1:35.0. In his defence, he only had 20 minutes in the car and he was short shifting it as he did not want to be hard on the car. All of that being said, I do not think Chumpcar has a "Randy problem". I have no issues with pro drivers driving in Chumpcar. I do feel the Biohazard car has an unfair advantage over the rest of the field when it is driven by a pro. In Troy's defense, he has done a great job developing the car over many years. Also, the car seems to have reliabilty issues often and the car is usually not able to go 2 hours on fuel at full pace. However, the extra pit stops can often be made up using a more flexible race strategy. What I do have a problem with is that the swap rules were changed in order to slow down cars like Troy's, but somehow the V6 MR2's came out the other end unscathed. As the lap times showed, all of the other cars seem to be very well balanced against each other. I dont want to see the V6 MR2's banned, but maybe it would be nice to see them not have enough points to have the V6, full aero, coilovers, accusump, and whatever else is done to it.
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    Dude, some of us only have 2 drivers and we are the team.
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    I have submitted a petition on wheel bearing grease. It's not fair that some teams can afford to spend big dollars on special wheel bearing grease when others are running cheap off the shelf auto parts store brands. It's just not fair that some teams can go 2-3 weekends on a set of bearings and others have to replace every race or during the race. I have suggested to Mike that we test for wheel bearing grease at impound or chump staff stop by trailers and dig thru their cabinets to see what they are running. It should be easy to detect, red grease and your go straight to EC! This would cut down on all the teams running the cheaty high dollar stuff. This of course is in the need to curb speed creep and keep costs in check.
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    Seriously?? If we're so concerned with bumpers as a safety item how about a rule for leaving them stock as they were designed, engineered, and tested to perform to a standard. The only reason for modifying or removing is to reduce weight to gain a performance advantage. Absolutely nothing to do with safety. Drives me nuts when people try using the "safety" excuse for a modification to gain a performance advantage. Rant over.
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    Turns out Biohazard was going so fast it created a magnetic field around the whole track that it erased every memory card and prevented any wireless signals from exiting amp either....sad really
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    Pfft, got one better than that, just need to figure out how to post a pic of it. Anyway Justin, I have a 95 Z28 that has been sitting for 3 years. Used to start it regularly but not so much as of late. Roughly 110.000 on the miles and ran strong when parked. It just drank more fuel than my Miata to drive and it wasn't as comfortable as I remembered it was 15 years ago when I had another one. So I basically just parked it for no other reason than that. Additive in the fuel and the tank was full when parked. Needs a batt and servicing before driving. T-top car, black, grey inners. Tires are stock size with full tread and less than 7k on them, stock 16" wheels from a later model and I have a set of corvette wheels (17"front,18"rears) that came on the car when I purchased it. Too rough a ride so I changed em. It's a auto so unfortunately you'd have source pedals, and a trans. It's by no means perfect. Some stuff has failed from sitting, power windows and ac that I remember. And the drivers top leaks but the seat was covered always. Paint sucks and one minor spot to repair. And it can use a replacement alternator mount as the top bolt on the bracket was over tighten and it was broken when I got it. But it never has ever been a issue for the street. Price mmmmmmmm for you only and no one else $1,000 If I can figure out how to post pics I will take a bunch for ya. I'll work on that. And tinted windows with inner t-top covers !!!!!! LOL Edit, forgot it has headers and crappy glasspacks on it, K&N cold air intake and a Hypertech power programmer too. Kinda loud the way it is.
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    I agree. Some things need rules, other things just need social influence. Not everyone is going to agree with your point of view, but if the team comes to realize that they didn't earn the respect and admiration of their peers with this particular approach, maybe they (and others) won't repeat it. I know that I won't ever congratulate anyone on that team for the win other than Randy, but that is just me. One thing I learned from all of this noise is that Jer and Troy are on the same team - on that basis I won't vote for Troy for any elected position. We don't need one team having two people in positions of influence.
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    I would rather draw for the 150 point reduction in VPI. Why would anyone care what drivers another team uses?
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    I think it's clear that people don't have issues with Pro's driving with us. But it seems people are more asking if Biohazard feels like they deserved it... We know Randy deserved it. To put it this way, I have no intentions of building a car and then sending a pro out to drive half the race and take home the victory. What's the point? Doesn't give me a good feeling. I'm here to drive. Maybe not everyone else is.
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    Clearing giving the MR2 a 150 point deduction is the real issue. The car is clearly fast enough at it's old point level..
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    Road & Track published a list of the top 10 race tracks in the US. ChumpCar will race at 8 of them in 2018 with 1 other being raced at in 2016 and 2017 (COTA). The only one ChumpCar hasn't raced at is Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Thanks to @chisek and your staff for giving us the opportunity to race at the best tracks around! Now get working on Indy http://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/g13082436/best-race-tracks-in-america/ 1- VIR 2- Sonoma 3- Sebring 4- Daytona 5- Road Atlanta 6- Watkins Glen 7- COTA 8- Road America 9- Indianapolis 10 - Laguna Seca
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    Took a few days to get out (3rd Gear Pulls) race report on here. After a year of heartache and misfortune, we finally finished a race in 2017. (April RA race we had distributor issues, went through about 16 sprak plugs in the weekend. August Gingerman race, we had both front wheels fly off the car at different times of the day.) We were able to drive without any incidents, well any that caused damage. One of our drivers spun in turn 13 mid day and nearly took us out of the race, but he missed the wall by a couple of feet. Towards the end of the day, my stint, the brakes were awful. The rotors were warped and the steering wheel was damn near shaking out of my hands and corner. It was tiring and did not inspire confidence, but it made it through the day. We ended up being able to have a very good pit strategy that allowed us to come in after the first hour on Sunday to do maintenance. We changed; rotors, pads, distributor cap and rotor, changed plugs and topped off the oil all in about 12 minutes. Unfortuntely a someone decided not to put our rain tires on, so my stint in the pooring rain was less than fun at times. I was hydro plaining most of the straight. But, I found a good line and was able to start passing people. Chump Faces was far too fast on Sunday though; they started to stretch the lead by a very large margain. Other fast teams, TWOTH and Blue Shells, started to gain on us as they were faster in the rain. This gave us a scare near the end, but electrical problems by Blue Shells gave us the 2nd overall place. Overall and amazing weekend. Met some of you guys, all great dudes and gals. We are always open to sharing beers and chatting. A teammate was inspired Daniel Ricciardo...
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    I have to say posts like this make me think I am in a time warp or something - I thought I ran RA but maybe I was in Vegas. We had some problems but when we ran we didn't see anything different from any other ChumpCar race meaning we didn't have racing issues while on track with other cars: We saw some probably very experienced drivers and obviously some new drivers, I don't know how this equates to levels of stupidity and being idiots as rather I think it usually relates to levels of experience We didn't have any contact There were plenty of point-bys, some were very emphatic given how fast we approached some cars Some thought they were there to race everyone - 10 seconds ago they could not see me in their mirrors then they were trying to race me through the corners, no big deal as I will just wait for the next straight. I don't think they are an idiot or stupid, they are just slowing us both down, experience will improve that. Driving the first lap like it was the last lap (and every lap in between) is pretty standard, unless if you don't want to win We didn't see anything more or less aggressive than any other race We felt safe out there We recognize that some people will make mistakes and try to plan for it Reading posts like I quoted, and that are often posted after big car count central/eastern races would make me nervous if I were looking to enter the series, even for a western team travelling east. My time warp issue is I didn't see anything different from any other race where we recognize there are all levels of drivers yet seemingly I was at a race with amazing levels of stupidity. Perhaps we are not all at your level? Let me repeat again for emphasis, we didn't have any contact and we didn't see anything overly aggressive. In the first 16 laps my first driver went from 35th to 9th place before the gremlins bit us. Mistakes get made, plan for it, be safe out there.
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    Evidently, we have different goals. Attracting more sponsors and better cars is not what I care about. Attracting more people to get into the sport for the first time and increased field count is what I would want. A car doesn't have to be a joke just because it was built on a shoe string budget by people who wanted to try and get into racing. Bigger sponsors and nicer cars does not automatically equal better racing series.
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    You wanna reduce weight? Fire apparently does a pretty good job of that. Yes, I'm am coping by using humor...
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    We didn't nor ever do wanted to handed a position like that. And I have to agree if the car was still within the acceptable points the series allows then a far lesser penalty should have been imposed, nice slap on the back of the wrist and a firm warning not to let it happen again. Along with a statement from Mike at the awards telling each of us what happened would have been fine on our book.
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    Crashmanagement 18 from NC to Road America and our family from WI comes out to support us from driving, food, cheering, mechanic's. My mom of 89 yrs was there on pit lane. Even Sunday bundled up in the cooler rain. Thanks Chumpcar and Road America crews for a fun safe weekend.
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    As a "charter member" of a few week old team I figure maybe my two cents could be of help. Having rented a couple rides we finally convinced enough of our fellow autocrossers to join in and cost of entry was one the major reason we were able to do this next season. Being able to buy a car that's close to race ready and still have money left over for consumables and repairs and the rest of our lives was huge. Yes you can get to Road America, Mid-Ohio, Sebring, etc etc (the bucket list tracks) in other series. The attraction to Chumpcar came from the cost of entry and enforcement of reasonable, level headed driving we witnessed when renting rides, and the general camaraderie in the paddock not at all present in other forms of W2W racing. Same goes for the effective dollar per lap cost compared to other places. As an active SCCA member we have chatted with at least one club racer who after hearing about our race at autobahn this spring made the statement "in one weekend you got more seat time than many club racers will all season". And at a cost per person per weekend similar or lower than one of his race weekends. To this point, whoever the new board is needs to maintain all of the great things that is bringing folks like our team into the fold. We never thought we'd EVER go W2W racing in our lifetimes in real race cars. Maybe some track days or go karting but nothing like Road America with 4 different classes for 4+ hours in a weekend. Keep things simple, keep things cheap, no gimmicks. We paid to RACE not run around dancing in each team's pit because we ran wide by ourselves on corner exit (yes that happened at a citrus Gingerman event recently). Whatever Chump is doing it is working. Also, let's keep in mind many are doing this to have fun first, win trophies second, with a team of buddies while incrementally improving their car/driving. The rulebook being so short and simple is another attractive feature not necessarily present in other series. Complicating with a bunch of "me" rules to outlaw or allow things based on one car should be avoided at all costs;see the 2018 SCCA Solo rules for myriad examples of what not to do if you want to keep growing the brand whatever it is called in the future..
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    I say no. Because teams are now requesting certain areas of pit lane. Not just because they have pit friends or garages, but because they are looking at the advantage of the race start. Teams with money can rent a garage at Road America, That also gives them priority pit lanes. As a team owner and racer, I look at how I request my garage, my pitlane, and many other variables when I join a race. By making the start random, it is just that. Random. It takes away that advantage that teams were getting in the past.
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    Besides...I thought we dropped the "M" in the final version???
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    You asked, I answer. This is actually my favorite graph I do for our team each race. Usually I don't do this for other teams (for free). It's a really pretty story of your weekend and shows the team effort. Or in this case: the Randy effort.
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    2 things... 1) It doesn't appear to me that anybody has negative thoughts or actions towards you at all. Your car, on the other hand, is being "picked apart"... Its about the car. Its not about you. 2) Reliability should not play any part in the starting value of the car. It especially shouldn't be considered when the entire car has been redesigned and repowered. If ya add an additional 70hp to a car that started out as a 4 cylinder, stuff is gonna break. My personal feelings are that you are an innovator in the series. Do I think sometimes things are taken too far? Sure. That's what innovators do. You have helped make those that are paying attention faster. However, the speed of the MR2V6 is a bit excessive compared with other teams that have similar work done to their car.
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    I am going to go on record that I am for anything that doesn't slow us down but slows down Bio and GWR. VPI increase for Troy, no pro drivers within 5 miles of the track, whatever rule change it takes to slow down the GWR car which I don't know what it is but I hope somebody thinks of something, oh and black flags for Cone Crushers due to sound filtered specifically for 944 swap engines in every race no matter if they have 2 midas specials on it. And if it comes in to play, DQ's at the end if somebody is randomly too fast to beat us. I am just pissed about the small trophy we won at this one, I want a bigger one next time.
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    Yeh but, but, but..................... never mind shrugs shoulders and slowly walks away in the fog
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    I got an email this morning that the first $1,300 check was being mailed to me. I can not express how great you guys are! I promise that each of your donations will be used to rebuild Speedway Creations. It looks like Geico will pay me for the Miata I had (I mean, I had full coverage, I don't understand why I had to fight them that much), unfortunately, the scene is still under investigation so I am unable to allow them to remove the car so they will not send me that check until they can, which I plan to use towards a new trailer. I should charge them storage fee! I have been searching CL using Search Tempest for either a Camaro or Firebird within 350 miles of my 31643 zipcode. I would actually prefer a Bird, I think they look better, especially if you use the 98 and up nose. I will probably pickup a 98 and up v6 car since they are dirt cheap and use it for body parts, but I haven't found that $2000 running V8 manual car like I did two years ago.
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    VRG recap, Congratulations to all the Championship podium teams (this includes you too Foxy!) The rain on Saturday helped us. We knew that there were a lot of faster cars then ours in the dry (like 10+) so we were hoping to pad our lap count on Saturday in the wet. Our car could go 4hrs in the rain with rain tires mounted so we only did 2 drivers changes and only had to do 1 refuel for Saturday. As Troy had mentioned earlier we pitted at 3:42 to refuel and swap tires over in preparation for the dry on Sunday. The car was fantastic in the rain and it seemed like everyone else was standing still, the harder it rained the slower everyone else got while we maintained the same pace. Unfortunately, we had 2 issues, first after 4 hours our fog X coating wore away and we had to pit to reapply and then when we did our wheel swap none of our electric wrenches could remove the lug nuts. We estimate we lost a total of 3.5 laps because of these problems. For Sunday we only needed to do 3 stops to most of everyone else's 4. I ran first stint which went well except for the fact that I was lapped almost 4 times by Biohazard, I could out turn and brake them but as soon as the track straightened out they were gone! By hour 14 Biohazard was way out of our reach. We were running 3rd overall and 2nd in the championship, about 1 lap ahead of Foxy and #935. At this point one of my drivers put his nose in a bad spot and ran 2 off coming into T6 which caused him to spin and subsequently hit by Cone Crushers (sorry for that guys, entirely our fault). We had to pit and fix our right front camber and toe. We got it back out and finished the race in 6th overall and 5th in the Championship (until the DQ rearrangement). We were extremely happy to finish so well. As for Foxy, I asked Jason (team capt.) about the sway bar and control arms and he was very forth coming in answering my questions (I know absolutely nothing about BMWs) and didn't try to hide anything. I hope they reconsider racing with Chump, we would love to race against them again. Also, I did mention to Mike that I thought it wasn't in the spirit of Chumpcar to allow a professional driver to drive with a Championship contending team. During any other race event I'm fine with it. Ron Herrick Car owner and builder.
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    Hey man, give me a break, this is what I was driving on. Well, ok, I am one of the slightly slower drivers come to think of it but I'll always have an excuse.
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    Can someone point out the rule to me? None of the above really seem to apply here. 1.3.8 is the closest, but: - Nothing was hidden or concealed, and the part in question was not "illegal" - No rules were violated that I can see? This is the biggest "if" - did they violate - In my opinion the spirit/intent of the rules were not violated - There were no objections to the teams driving safety A lot of people in this thread are saying - you caused it - you get it- you deserved it... etc Damn - that's harsh. I don't want you on my Jury. Are we at a point now in this series were we can afford to piss off good competitors just for a paperwork infraction that they confessed to? I'm not part of the business leadership at chump, but if I was, my stance is - I want their $. Don't piss them off too badly. Sure, slap their hands a bit, tell them to not screw it up again, but don't "make an example" of them and infuriate/humiliate/escalate the situation and send them packing. They raced at least 3 races this year, and likely would have done 4-5 next year, that is $5k in entry fees that chump may/will not see. Also, I spent a lot of time talking with Jer, Bill, Doc, etc this weekend. They are all good dudes, and I enjoyed the company. That said, Please don't take this personally, this is just my general opinion: I think perhaps if you are on the BOD or the Media team, it would be more professional to not take part in the "drama" on the Forums, unless you are acting in an official capacity. Also, There you have it.
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    What a wet, cold weekend that was. Huggins was super quick in the wet on Sat, impressed with the driver in the second stint time frame. Had some good runs with a few but that day is a blur for me, have to see the video to jog my memory. Sunday drove the GT30 in the morning stint until the trans decided it didn't want to race anymore and puked a seal, pain to change on a good day in ideal conditions so we parked it. Was in the 935 for the final stint and had a lot of fun trying to catch Foxy tires team. Gained a lot but not enough, wanted to pass em on the track, not in the pits after the race. Sorry you guys had a DQ, don't give up on the series just yet please. We've all had issues I would like to think at times but usually it works out. Hang in there and concentrate on the good drive you had this weekend. Shout outs to Foxy tires, M Brothers, GWR, Visceral, RPM, Leviathan Motorsports, and Burningham. I had extended runs with all you in the morning and evening Sunday. Great driving from all and a ton of fun. Congrates to Burningham for the WIN and congrates to Biohazard for taking the Chumpionship. Thanks to Chumpcar, Mike and all the staff for as good of a weekend as can be had under the conditions ! Sunrise Sunday morning, T16 was the worst ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like driving into a white wall it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It got taken out by stray wake vortices off of the GWR car that were still spinning around the area from the weekend's race. I'm just glad Will doesn't haul that thing around on an open trailer......
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    What a race! What a Chumpionship! Congrats to Burningham for the overall, to "Troyandy" for the Chumpionship, and Congratulations to all the teams, staff, and volunteers who SURVIVED the horrible conditions! I grew up in rainy Belgium and lived in tropical Florida for 25 years, but the last stint on Saturday was the scariest drive of my life! Our team did well on Saturday, we brought the cars back in one piece high in the top 10. Unfortunately an axle seal gave up, and we lost all the transmission fluid in the GT30. But this is why we bring 2 cars! The 935 had a great battle for the podium all day Sunday with Visceral, and a great pursuit with Foxy (sorry about your DQ)! I still can't believe we ran 8 hours Sunday without a FCY! So much for strategy! I can't wait to do this again in sunny Sebring in December!
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    MR2 has 2.1 more gallons of fuel, rated at 420lbs. heavier, and 14 hp more stock. 1.6 Miata=250pts, can realistically only get to ~174hp with a swap and that makes it 500pts with no other mods available. MR2=200pts. can swap to 210hp and still have 100+pts. to play with..... and don't forget the 2.1 gallons of fuel advantage it has either. I would like to see it valued at 300 pts. That puts it just above a 1.6l miata(250) and just below a 1.8l miata(350), which has a better stock pwr/wt ratio . Just some food for thought....
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    I honestly cannot believe teams care about another teams drivers. That blows my mind. It does speak well of the series that well respected drivers want to race with us. I really don't understand why anyone would be complaining.
  46. 7 points
    Can I use points to buy more gas yet? For the fairness of competition of course
  47. 7 points
    @Evanlevine is understandably upset. To run 16 hours of cold and rain, battling it out for the lead, and achieving the elation of victory only to have it dashed is understandably disappointing, frustrating, and perhaps embarrassing. Not to mention the team is probably angered and vocal about their wasted efforts. Definitely feel for you, your team, and your supporters. Not the way you want your race weekend to turn out. On the other hand, take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of the racing organization. If they go lax on the tech sheets the door opens to making it OK for people to "forget" things. Worse yet what if people neglect to re-tech modified safety gear that compromises racer safety, because it's OK to ask for tech forgiveness later? You owned-up that your submitted tech sheet didn't match the car that you raced, which is cool to admit and an honest mistake. However, that's a breach of a fundamental rule on which the series built on. You may but upset with the results, I certainly would be if I were you, but to blame the series for following through with the penalty for your mistake ... unfortunately that's on you. Hopefully with a little time to come to grips with this incident you and your team will be willing to continue with the series. You're obviously strong competitors with great drivers and a podium capable car.
  48. 7 points
    You're welcome, I think that is always what keeps us wanting to be a part of ChumpCar is the way all teams help one another. From where we were pitted near Brew Krewe, Huggins and E-Racing, everyone worked on other teams cars as much as they worked on their own. Except for the weather, it was a fantastic weekend for RBR.. Congrats to all the racers.
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    The car on "pole" was not an MR2, so we know this didn't happen.
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