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    I attended an event this past weekend organized by the local Porsche club in collaboration with Riley Motorsports and Porsche of Hickory, It was a fund-raising event to benefit The Crossnore School, a residential facility for NC children whose families are unable - due to poverty, addiction, abuse, etc. - to care for them. (For an introduction to Crossnore, visit : https://youtu.be/MsaIs-EQcGw) As part of the event, we were given tours of the Riley Motorsports facility. And non other than Bill Riley himself gave the tours!! We even got to meet the REAL Mr. Riley - his dad Bob! If you've listened to the Dinner with Racers podcast you'll recall Bill comes across as very down to earth. And he is exactly like that in person. He gave a tour of the shop taking us everywhere and showing us everything and then just gave us permission to look around and talk with the mechanics working on the cars they were prepping for LeMans.. Unbelievable the way he just opened up the whole shop for us. The stuff they do on site with carbon fibre is unbelievable. After the tour I got to talk with him a bit about Chumpcar. We reminisced about the early Chumpcar days and him bringing "that Damn Riley Probe" to Roebling Road Raceway and embarrassing all of us racing neophites.. Surprisingly ,he still has the Probe and said hell be at the VIR 24, So be forwarned. With the 2X rules and free stuff there's no telling what he may be bringing to the track!! All I can say is we're very fortunate to have someone like Bill on our BOD. A great guy who truly "gets it" at all levels of racing.
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    Good effort, here's my comments ... I agree that the clips are short, but that's what a promo video is all about. It's a blip advertisement designed to peak interest. Promo is 1 min to 2 min max, length is right on. Good stuff! Opening. Love the guitar. Not sure what the message is with RUST. The message with Duct Tape is unclear. It's been discussed multiple times that our "low cost or crap can race cars" aren't as low cost nor as crappy as they used to be. This is the first conversation I have to have with any new prospective Chumpcar racer / team. They've all heard the $500 car and they have the impression we drive cars with gaping rust holes that won't make it down the street much less 14 - 24 hours. I don't think many teams today would start with a rusty bucket of bolts. While we've got some dents, our car has no rust. I think this comes down to image and how we want to portray the series. The duct tape I kind of get for an emergency repair, however tech is not going to pass duct tape as a primary fastener for anything that affects safety - so don't portray our series as a bunch of yahoo's assembling their cars with duct tape - there is another series for that. If you want to talk about duct tape, show a clip of a team doing a NASCAR bear bond style repair with some duct tape and plastic. The message here is this is a no joke endurance race, in this series teams pull together to do what it takes to keep their car together and on the track, period. I'd rather see the series portrayed like our tagline "Real Racing. Real Tracks. Real Cheap Cars!" IMHO the last part should probably be "Real, Cheap Cars" because we've long since past the point of "Real Cheap" 'round here. Back on point. CCWS is real, wheel to wheel racing on the most epic tracks in America. The cars are "cheap" because the series is designed around cars that can be purchased for a reasonable amount of cash. You don't need a M3, Supra, Corvette, etc. you buy a car from the VPI list, add the mandatory safety stuff and come racing. Promo videos should be about racing, professional / bucket list tracks, the "phoenix" effect - saving an old car from the scrapper and turning it into a really fun and competitive race car. Toss in a bit of strategy - teams have boards in their pits on how they are planning their driver strategy, fuel windows, etc. - get some video clips (maybe a short heat of the moment team comment) about fuel or driver strategy and put some of that in. What is the purpose of the multiple uses of a big X across the video. Looks like the rookie "X" that SCCA requires for novice drivers. Get rid of it. Love the "winners never give up" - that's the Chumpcar spirit. Front crash and audio that says "he hit me in the same spot last year" - BAD, dump it. It's one thing to portray the realities of racing (3 wide, rubbing, incidental contact, or driver exceeding his skills and spinning out or even a light crash), but it's quite another to give the impression that crashing into each other is a regular and accepted part of CCWS endurance racing. Either overdub the audio or pull the segment. The "it's my first chumpcar win" is perfect, that's the clench message at the end. Put in the effort to build a reliable car, develop it, drive the snot out of it and you (the targeted audience) too could win! Might add the "Real Racing" piece of the tagline to the closing and maybe something like "Be There" or "Will you be there?" Ryan
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    If we get rid of the 5 minute rule, the cost of racing will increase. Teams that check oil because "what the heck, we have time" will stop checking and will blow motors. Safety will go down. I LOVE that I can futz with the belts as much as I want because the 5 minute rule is there - it helps ensure that my two kids will have a father at the end of the weekend (unlike the pros, none of us are supporting our families by taking risks out on the race track). The 5 minute stops are one of the things that makes Chump "accessible" to new teams. Most new teams (truly new, not "round twos") don't get their stops done in 5 minutes when they first start. In fact, the bottom 50% of the field doesn't do 5 minute stops (sometimes because they can't, other times because they just don't want to be bothered). The teams that routinely get their stops done in 2 to 3 minutes (the people who are proposing the elimination of the 5 minute rule) are in NO DANGER of getting beat by the cars that are struggling to get done in the 5 minutes, so changing the rule would merely increase the already large gap that they have over the bottom part of the field. Why would you want to do something that urges new teams to not join, and increases the gap between the "fast" and the "not fast"? That will just drive down the car counts, which of course will drive up the cost of racing (less entrants means higher fees). It will also make the racing less exciting (if there are very few cars to pass, the "fast" will become the "bored" and then leave the series too). So I get it, the pit stops would be more exciting without a minimum time specified for those top-tier teams that can get them done fast. If the 5-minute rule is making the racing boring or makes it seem too amateur, you really should look to go to a semi-pro or pro series. You will probably be at the back part of the field, but you will get the extra thrill that you want. Chumpcar is kind of like Little League (and I don't say that disparagingly) - invariably some people will outgrow it and move on. We will root for you in whatever series you pursue and brag that we remember racing with you back before you had your Rolex from Daytona.
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    Drive your chumpcar to work day.
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    Drive Blow up Visit junkyard Repeat.........
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    I think some good feedback has been given by several and I won't try to repeat... but there is one thing I would like to mention. Most series show wrecks, contact, etc in their promos because they are specifically marketing to an audience that wants to see excitement (people go to Talledega or "the big one"). Our promos are not for the audience, it is for the participants. Participants don't want to see that their car is going to get wrecked. Our audience (participants) wants to see good passes on track, some variety, camaraderie in the paddock, people overcoming issues to get back out there, etc. Stick to the things we love as participants and you will do fine.
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    So, whether it is a renter or an owner, the topic of "what happens when someone wrecks the car" always comes up. Buried deep in the 32 page contract that Lead Sled's lawyers toiled over for many days was this clause about how to properly handle distribution of funds
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    Agree with above, and I'll also add that there are literally THOUSANDS of videos on YouTube shot by teams of exactly what we want to promote - hard, close racing on epic tracks. Want to make it easy? Do a contest where teams submit their best 15-30 second clip (can be longer/shorter) with the carrot being 100 chump bucks for the best. I'm sure most teams would gladly submit video even without the incentive. Also if you're shooting video try to replicate what the guys at Sportscar Magazine have done at Sebring and Daytona in recent years. Static camera looking down the apex of a corner is easy, looks great and shows EXACTLY what our series is all about without needing words. I shot this at Road Atlanta last year with a $8 clip on zoom lens and my Samsung S5. I'm sure with real equipment you could have some truly professional looking stuff pretty easily. Thanks for the hard work and take all this as constructive criticism. We all want to see the series grow and be successful!
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    Yeah, that first ad is well done and would probably drum up interest, but it doesn't exactly communicate the image the new management is going for.
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    Message of the first video, bring your rusted "crap-can" to a world class track and bounce off each other like a indoor kart track?
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    550 miles round trip. But could make a weekend of it have them spray it Friday morning, roll it into the trailer that evening, wine and dine the Mrs. , take in a show and come home the next day. it's as close at it gets for me. Was thinking the $300 special if we show up with the car sanded and masked. from what I've read, that's the hot ticket. The alternative is to talk a local shop owner into something like a $500 situation on a roll it in the booth taped and sanded and save the tow money. But the cheapest thing I've had painted locally was a Subaru 360 and it was $3500 I just don't want to fall into the trap of doing it myself, hanging plastic everywhere, fans, the mess (I've done it)... I think best to toss a local body shop some "booth time" money for a day. that or the make the tow to Macco in Billings Montana. I want this to be a good looking car... at least for the first day. Here's a mockup of the car. wrong model a 370, not a 350, but the idea is sound. I'd be relatively proud to roll this bright yellow non-Honda out of the trailer. It takes 15 laps in penaltys, there is no way that we will make those laps back, but I know that going in, and chose the car because of the "chubby" factor. it makes me happy. Look Fernando, it's NOT a Honda!
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    Update on my R-S4 trial. Ran them for 12 hours this last weekend at The Ridge (Didn't finish Sunday after losing a brake caliper with 2 hours left in the race). I'd say I easily have 50% of the tread left. Haven't done a depth check yet, but will report what I see. After 12 hours on my Direzza's, my tires are always wiped out. First 5 hours were dry runs with us turning laps at the same pace as the leaders. (We finished 6th overall out of 70 cars due to a Power Steering issue that forced an extra pit) All 4 drivers said they couldn't tell much of a descernable difference between these and the Direzza's I've run in the past. The last driver had about 20 minutes of dry then it rained on him for the last 1.5 hours. He said the tires handled well in the dry and had some drop off in the wet, but not more than he would have expected. Never got around to putting my Rival Non-S on to see how they would do since I I was pleased with how these did. Day 2, the first two drivers started out on these tires again and said they didn't feel any difference between day 1 and day 2. Both guys ran 2 hour sessions. Being pleased with the tread wear and not worried about the tires lasting all day, I pushed a little harder and made my 3400 lb mustang follow the miata's through the corners without worrying of the tires. after about 30 minutes of that they started to get a little greasy. Interesting thing I discovered though was if I just took it easy for 1/2 lap or so, the grip came back. With the Direzza's, I had to give them at least 1 lap or more before the grip would come back to them after getting greasy. I talked with the other drivers about it on Saturday evening and then when asking them about it on Sunday, they said they experienced the same thing. 1/4 to 1/2 lap recovery time. Considering these are $30 to $40 less than the Direzza and last it looks like 2x as long with no major difference in lap times from the Direzza, I've found my new tires. Crazy thing is, I bought 6 because I'm used to having to replace my front tires after 12 hours. So it might be a while before I need to buy tires again. Just FYI, I started the pressure at 30 and they made it up to 40 in about an hour and 15 minutes when we had to come in to work on Power Steering. We dropped them down to 37 and the driver said they felt great after that. Hopes this helps you all.
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    You guys entertain me. There is a lot of work involved and I'll need some help. Phone number and/or email address for the track? Site visits? Outside vendors and equipment? But you know what?
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    Something we threw together for your enjoyment:
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    Cars loaded, ready to go ! Been looking forward to running this track for a long, long time now !
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    You may want to read up on this before you make a serious comment based on a humorous meme.... It's a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how Mclaren/Honda, has and is going through what most would call "unrelenting" problems and disasters. It's hard to watch, and even worse as a fan of Fernando and the team. it is speculated that he may double the viewership of this years indy 500 race. He is (I think) the 2nd highest paid driver in all of motorsports and I believe in the top 5 richest all time. In contrast, new to F1 Driver Lance Stroll. Some reports suggest his father Lawrence Stroll is investing $35 million to the team for Lance to drive for them. which makes me wonder... why not just race indy car for 5-6 years with that budget? Be the team owner and driver, etc. F1 is arguably the pinnacle of motorsports development. F1 to Indycar is essentially comparing a $150 million dollar car to a $3 million dollar car. It's fascinating, and I'm glad I'm not paying the bills.
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    If you change the timing chain guides on my 540i, then I will stop mocking the BMW design flaws. Until that point, they are simply "The Ultimate Maintenance Machine". Buying a BMW was the worst car buying mistake I have ever made.
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    I guess everyone is waiting for @Bill Strong to start the "official" thread before posting.
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    If I find anybody is racing a twin clutch DSG in chumpcar I'm petitioning that this not be eligible for automatic discount. I own two cars with DSG and this is an advantage if anything and arguably not an automatic.
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    With the huge volume of video footage we've been capturing this year, we are starting to have a library to create good promo videos with. In addition to the footage, I have purchased some audio/video equipment for Bill and Paul to use in making these videos and podcasts. I'm excited to have them practicing putting these promos together and I think it's great he solicited your feedback here. Know that as Bill and Paul send me concepts, I am looking to approve and market ads that show the close racing, the variety of cars and the energy of the people in attendance at a ChumpCar event. So don't be afraid to wave to the camera and give Bill a sound bite. You might see yourself in our next promo video!
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    ^^ Second this. Close racing/incidental contact looks cool, a smashed car doesn't. Duct tape pit lane repairs are cool, car held together by duct tape, not so much. Emphasize the "Real Racing, Real Tracks, Real Cheap cars" over the rust and crapcan cars. Want to make sure the message is low-cost endurance racing with tons of ingenuity, and definitely NOT demo derby.
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    Took our car to a shop that had a very short lift, backed the rear wheels onto these big spinny things, saw some graphs on a screen, dude kept revving the engine up through the gears, charged a bunch of money, then said we are good now after he played around on a computer a bunch...
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    I had that monkey work on my car for 2 hours, he billed me for 6 and it still runs lean. Not trustworthy. I gave him a sh!tty review on YELP.
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    We’ve been so busy this year, I am looking forward to doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Sunday but putting ribs in the smoker about 10am and “working hard” at watching them while I drink beer and watch the Indy 500 and the World 600. I am not as much of a “race fan” as I used to be, but I’m going to be a total spectator Sunday and not over analyze things, complain about the corporatism, racing for jet fuel, template based cars, over-priced tickets, the death of short track racing, rich guys buying rides… I’m just going to watch some racing.
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    That's my favorite rule. You can be in the racecar, but not the pits. LOL
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    As anecdotal evidence, I tune in to IndyCar every once in a while, and try to go to the race here in Toronto (when I can squeeze it in with my remaining race car associated brownie points! Admittedly, I typically take the Friday off of work and go for the "fan Friday" when its free - even though I wouldn't mind paying for a ticket). But I have never paid much, if any attention to the Indy 500. Here I am this year watching live streams of practice for gawds sake! In my opinion, Alonso is a great thing for Indy. The more crossover and "throwback" to the old days when guys raced multiple series the better. I'd love to see guys like Button and Alonso squaring off (or even better, teaming up) with guys like the Taylor boys to go run endurance events and such.
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    Our team is new for this year, with 3 of us having zero wheel to wheel experience. The car was purchased from the auction I work at in July, bone stock. She ran beautifully all of Saturday with only some break fade to deal with. We finished 12th in class and 20th overall. Sunday, our most rookie driver was knocking 15 seconds a lap off his time. He made great improvements, considering he's only driven on track a total of 1 hour before this weekend. With 2 hours remaining, Chris was on his in lap, reported the water temp beginning to spike. It died at pit in, and that was our day with a blown head gasket. Live stream seemed to worked really well from our car the whole event. For just having my phone zip tied to the roll bar it did well. Hope everyone enjoyed that. Awesome event, extremely well run. Loved every minute of it. See you all again soon
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    My wife is an ejukaytur and has to fight against the present popular psychobabble trends that are permeating today's school systems. Oops, I expressed what could be considered an opinion; not a bad thing in itself, but since it is devoid of positive mention of even one of the current movements against traditional precepts it can only be discriminating against those movements and thereby considered hate language. It's surprising that, at the end of four years of hard study and achievement at a university, a person meeting the antiquated requirements of a particular program that is designed to separate the less intellectually endowed from the obviously predisposed privileged classes is awarded a Bachelor's degree rather than a gender neutral, non-relationship indicative, and socially ambiguous acknowledgement of their importance as an equal but politically non-offensive member of modern society.
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    Acceleration at the end of a straight is not worth hardly any time at all. Acceleration at the beginning of the straight is worth a ton!
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    *edit...I'm not good at internetting sometimes.
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    That's what I'm saying. Sorta. I do one shift, right at the end. Put it in the gear you need to drive through the corner (regardless if that is one down or two). Only one heel/toe to get right, less wear/tear on the tranny....what's not to like? Hitting every gear on the way down (while braking) sounds cooler, but doesn't seem to gain anything else (at our level of driving). Explain to me what is better about sequential, other than "that's how I do it already". The OP said he sucks at shifting and is having problems with trans issues...why not try something that might help with both? Even if it's only a chance?
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    I disagree, viewership is viewership and they have to come from somewhere. Maybe some will stick, maybe some won't. Most of us won't contribute to indycar sponsors!?!?!? I shop at Menards to support the brand. And related, I own several of every Honda vehicle made between 1989-1996. (Honda and chevy engines power the Indy cars). I even INTENTIONALLY buy Newmans products at the store. Sometimes at double the price. Why? because I believe in his story and the company and how they funnel down the profits to the kids. It's not a car Fernando built, so when you ask what will his car do?! What the heck kind of question is that? You know it's not the same car, right? This is a reasonably big deal. and Indy is smart to get behind it, and they are. Watch all the news feeds from all over the world. There is big chatter about indycar this year, ONLY because of Fernando! Right or wrong, it is what it is. The fans of motorsport are eager to see this, and I'd say most are incredibly eager to see how it plays out. I've been watching youtube videos from all the practice days, and just finished watching a few hours tonight. I'm pretty excited about it despite the fact that I don't care for Indycar. maybe I'll be a fan before it's over. and that's a win for indycar and it's sponsors.
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    I think the ChumpCast Live reporting is getting better each race. I had some personal network issues that prevented me from watching most of it live but I finally watched the recording of the last 15 minutes of the Sun race , the interviews of the winning teams and the awards ceremony. Paulie is a natural and does a great job. Doc has great insight from a driver/team standpoint. Even Bill Strong is growing on me. His interviews of the winning teams are getting much better. Great little feature he did with the 13 year old kid who was driving. I know it has got to be a huge undertaking. Thanks to all for their efforts.
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    Watching this makes ya want to punch the computer screen.
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    You really need to cut a old dizzy down into a pre lube tool as housing casting right above the gear directs oil down passageways above/for the camshaft As for "did that" How about wondering why no oil pressure after a hasty check of the bearings (weekend circle stocker) then discovering the entire oil pump still in the oil drain rig.
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    Good morning fellow Chumps. I wanted to take a moment to chime in on what our guys recommend regarding the decal application process. The material that we use is a high grade 3M product that we use for full vehicle wraps as well. The material obviously has an adhesive backing, as such, we DO NOT recommend using any type of liquid substance on the surface prior to application. I have attached a guide that we have started including in the decal packages we mail out (with a free squeegee as well) that helps folks like myself who are not a skilled vinyl applicator, have the best results installing the decals. We have folks with decades of experience installing vehicle graphics. More than two years ago, we wrapped several city buses here in Richmond. Those things lead a pretty tough life, each day going through a full friction brush wash at the end of the day. Those wraps still look good today and the only graphics that needed replacing we due to collisions, not vinyl failure. Good materials installed properly will hold up for quite some time.
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    Some racing goodness showed up today.
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    Do yourself a favor and make a bulkhead and enclose everything fuel related.
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    Plastic latch series is 5923Kxx e.g. 5923K44 for the female side or 5923K74 for the male side. Metal latch series is 5012Kxx e.g. 5012K83 for the female side or 5012K86 for the male side. You could get them without the shutoff valves for considerably cheaper and possibly less hassle with correct operation. The no-shutoff versions are on the same catalog page, so they should be easy to find.
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    this guy can get you some free HP......works cheap too
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    40years of racing. Every car that I set up or worked with, set fast lap or won a Championship was on the rev limiter for 3-5% of the lap . Spencer speedway 1/2 mile , over revved for about 80 ft each 510ft straight. Track championship Cup car @ Daytona 24 course. 800HP , on the chip for about 500ft under the flagger . 1-2sec faster at 9MPH slower top speed. VW SCCA car, same track , 2:18 , @ 132MPH, on the chip for 400ft . Short story , the fastest lap is often with too short of a gear. (90+% of the time IME.) 4HP go karts went faster over geared . The oil temp is way higher , shitblows up more often, you go faster.
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    Fuel is Special in that it greatly increases the odds of fire! If all stops have to be 5 min are you going to come in for that rub noise or risk it? With no minimum stop there is lilttle time lost in a stop and go to check a tire and/or yank on a fender. Safety will suffer if you deter people from short stops to check mechanical things.
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    That was the first race I did with Chump. Bill's MR2 was there. I figured the MR2 kept having items fall off of it from all of the bumps and track surface.... Then we raced against them at VIR.... Nope, wasn't the track surface!
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    The Car Ramrod team had an awesome time at our Chumpcar debut. We went out around hour four after our cam angle sensor went out. We enjoyed sharing the track with everyone and were extremely impressed with the on track etiquette by all teams and the welcoming attitude of all of the teams, drivers and Chumpcar staff. The bug bit hard and we haven't stopped watching video, reviewing our lap times and pit strategy and plotting the path to the next event. Thanks to all that made Monday possible and we look forward to seeing you all at NCM!
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    Been home a few days and I just now realized I should check this thread. Thanks everyone for putting up with us all weekend, I'm sure having a bunch of newbies running around can be annoying. And thanks to whoever donated the serp belt Sunday Morning, the driver looking around couldn't remember which team it came from. Hopefully the $10 covered the replacement. I have been made aware of the contact that was made on Saturday. The driver in the car never even came in after it happened. I didn't even notice the damage pictured above until driver change. Still waiting to get video from in car (wasn't my camera). Does anyone know who he hit? He claimed racing incedent, but who knows. My sincerest apologies to whoever it was, hopefully no major damage. I can't believe he didn't get black flagged for the contact. Our damage was minimal. I say was, because the same driver decided to park it in the tire wall on Sunday. Hopefully that's the last time that happens. We learned a Ton about the car, and I'm glad we finished our first race. It's official, it's not a rally car anymore, it's a ChumpCar now. We've got a bunch of little things to button up, but we should be ready for CCWS BIR in July. See you all there I Hope. Sorry again if we stepped on any toes. We're learning.
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    somebody change their team name to "Official team of chumpcar"
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    Lucky Monkey Racing caught me trying to get away without braking into turn 11: It can be done, but I don't think it's the fastest way around...