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    If it's heat cycling and shaving that you're interested in, I can beat Phil's prices! You see, we use a proprietary heat cycling and shaving technique where (without giving away too much info about how it's done), the tires are run on a track for 1.5-2 hour periods of time, separated by brief 5 minute cooldown periods. During each cooldown period the tire tread is checked, and if appropriate thickness has been removed, the tire is pulled from the car and replaced. The shaved and heat cycled tire is then dismounted and is ready to ship. What does this premium service cost you? Nothing! We will service the tire free of charge and sell to you for the original list price. Let me know what tires you want, and I will make sure they are serviced during our June 2-4 tire servicing weekend at the Autobahn facility outside Chicago.
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    The Bill of Rights, Amendment II: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Seems pretty clear to me. And I bet it seems pretty clear to you as well. Do we agree it says the same thing? Chances are no. People have argued this all the way up to the US Supreme Court. Even after a ruling they are still arguing it! Why do I mention the 2nd amendment in a race car forum? The reason is that both the 2nd amendment and ChumpCar rule 3.2.3. both suffer from a difference in interpretation. I would argue that our founding fathers put a great deal of effort into clearly spelling out their thoughts on gun rights in 1791. Over the past 250 years though, the English language has changed somewhat and we now argue their intent. It's a pity we can't ask them directly. On the other hand, in the case of our doorbar rule, the authors are still here and we can ask for clarification. By the number of responses on here and the few emails I received about this, the wording is not clear. I opened up the rulebook and read the section on cages all the way through. I read it like I always have, like someone who was part of it's thought process and enforcement. Made sense to me. Then I slowed down and read it again and again. This time pretending I knew nothing of our rules. Like I was a new car builder. This time I saw what some of you have seen. It was at this point that I clearly understood the glaring omission of a single important word that changes the meaning of the sentence entirely. Unbroken. It is important to note that there are two issues in discussion here. 1) Phil/ChumpCar is not following their own rulebook and they are making up arbitrary decisions at the track, and 2) What does the ChumpCar rule on X-bars say? To the first point, Phil and the techs that work under him for ChumpCar do not arbitrarily make up rulings as they go. The rulings they will issue at Daytona in two weeks will be the same rulings they gave out at VIR last year and Pittsburgh the year before. I have spoken with all our techs and impressed upon them the importance of not only applying our rules as they are written, but applying them as they are written all the time. We had large problems with consistency at tech in years past, but Phil as Chief of tech has worked to train all our techs in what our rulebook says and to apply it all the time. This is not to say they can't miss things, because they do sometimes, but I find they catch more than they miss. To that end, Phil and Dan have been failing broken X-bar designs for years. I know because I have had numerous people come to me and ask me to overrule them (I won't). Their interpretation of our X-bar rule has been consistent. As for point 2, what does our doorbar rule say? ChumpCar rule 3.2.3. reads: Two driver-side door bars (labeled “7”) that will prevent cockpit intrusion. NASCAR-style or Xdesign is acceptable. At issue here is what constitutes a doorbar? If you can clearly define a doorbar then we all can count how many we have. Many here, and yes that includes other sanctioning bodies, view the X-design as 2 bars. After all, if you were to write an "X" on a sheet of paper, your pencil makes 2 lines. ChumpCar's interpretation of the "X" design however has always been that it is comprised of a single, unbroken door bar that is braced by two other short bars. This leaves the car 1 bar short of meeting rule 3.2.3. Our at the track solution was to have teams weld in gussets, tacos or a steel plate to their "X" and allow them to race. Other acceptable solutions that retain the "X" shape are to bend 2 bars to meet in the middle (as was shown earlier) or to add a sill bar at the base of the cage. So after five pages of discussion, where are we? ChumpCar's position has not changed. Door bars must be continuous, unbroken bars. What has changed is that you have shown us that something in our rules was not clear. I am currently amending rule 3.2.3. to reflect more clearly how we expect an X-design door bar to be constructed. I'm sure there are other items in the rulebook that may not come across as clear as we intended them to be. When you find those items, bring them to our attention and we can clarify our wording so everyone understands. It is counterproductive to immediately assume that ChumpCar is out to screw people over and start a long argument on the forum. I am rarely on here so you'll get quicker results by emailing me your concerns directly. Should you already have some blurry rules in mind, email me now or bring them up at the board meeting next week. Hopefully we can get everyone to the point where they trust that the ChumpCar Board and staff are here trying to make your experience a pleasant one and not one of grief.
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    Our tire rule is 180TW and up. It's not changing, even if the tire manufacturers are cheating their own standards system.
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    Ya gotta keep them on the car to wear them out. They don't get much wear rolling through the grass without the rest of the car...
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    I am not worried. I am sure @Bill Strong will correct any spelling errors. But I am worried about you not having the common decency to either keep your mouth shut if it's a product you don't like. Or thank them for taking the initiative to help support our hobby. Even if it is a tire you choose not to use.
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    Your thought process is very interesting. First, you make a comment about tire wear on a track you have never been too. Which is pretty bold. Second, implying a tire that you have probably never run is junk. Is also very bold considering they are now a tire sponsor. You do know you don't have to say anything. You know that right?
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    West Coast Problems Too many other cool things to do. We don't get snowed in for half the year and fiddle with our cars because nothing else to do. Dont like to do anything that is difficult. Get butt hurt when someone calls us out for driving skills. In person and internet included. Feel that everyone is cheating because we can't win. CHUMP didn't bring us a participation trophy. Cant afford to race because my income supports 75% of the rest of my liberal state.
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    Hmmm, a lot to think about on this video. 2016 seemed to be the year of competing series 2017 looks to be the year of reconsidering 2018 I will be looking forward to seeing what comes of it Couldn't have asked for better representation to replace Cathy than Bill and Sandi - kudos to all three of them for a job very well done. Our car was built to ChumpCar specs so we want to see it survive in the west. If we changed the fuel cell to larger then we could probably be competitive in Lucky Dog. We were considering an eastern swing this year but we might have to reconsider that plan to show western support for any racing that happens here in any series. The ChumpCar BoD gets a big THANK YOU for any support they throw behind the west.
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    Similar experience here. We had a car hit us twice in the corners within 2 laps trying to pass us in the corner and almost hit us 2 more times during the day then the next day bitch publicly at the drivers meeting that cars that are slow in corners and fast in the straight should just get out of the way in the corners. On this point... at sonoma there was a particularly fast E36, which is completely fine with me btw, and they had some guys who could absolutley wheel! However, they were complained about all weekend for dive bombing and pushing other cars off track. When one of my guys, a very nice ~60yr old Brit, congratulated them on the high finish, he mentioned jokingly the multiple times being pushed off track and the response was "You need to get out of our way, I dont have time for you" and turned around and walked away. Dumbfounded, he told us all about this, shared it with Bill and from what I understand, this team may not be racing with us again. That right there, is how that should be handled. I was very impressed with Bill in that matter and that is what needs to happen to get the point across that this not Pirelli World Challenge and that garbage is not welcome in CC. Both the on and off track attitude.
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    The reason we got started in Chump was the 24 hour race format. Sitting on a small plane flying to Mexico (for work), reading R/T cover to cover, killing time, spotted a LeMons ad, we agreed it would be fun to race 24 hours. After getting back (with real internet) we found Chump and in 6 weeks we built a e30 and were at NL for the 24. We had a blast. Every year the talk always starts with the 24. When you tell people you race cars they say oh like NASCAR, I say no, we race in the rain for 24 hours, day and night. Their response is always the same, eyes open wide, "you what" . That's why I'm a Chump.
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    It is all locked up in my steel-trap mind: 1. Change oil and filter every race. 2. Change trans and diff oil every spring. 3. Re-tighten everything before every race. 4. Inspect pads and rotors every race. 5. Run everything else till it breaks, then replace as needed.
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    I can't stress my suggestion enough to work / volunteer for a race or two before you spend a dime. We assumed Chumpcar was one thing by looking at the website / YouTube / etc. When we went to work a race we realized we were only 50% correct in our assumption. After the second race we worked we realigned our assumptions with reality even more. The chatter you hear from race control is priceless concerning what not to do. Going to and working a race may TOTALLY change the direction that you THOUGHT you were headed in building a certain type of car. We went to our first race, looked at cars in the Paddock, then watched them take to the Track. Our takeaway was, "These cars are pieces of sh!t, but these pieces of sh!t are hauling a$$!"
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    After my last post I had decided to stay away from this forum for a while until the Buttonwillow race got closer but someone sent me a link to this post. My thoughts; 1. Good video, good communication. No BS, just the facts. Like it. 2. Chumpcar has a crappy image out west. 3. Huge, massive misconceptions exist among Chump people about the other series. If you haven't raced in them multiple times, you really have no business commenting on them or comparing them to Chump. Perceptions/misconceptions are not fact. Stop with the rolling circus/party/etc references. If that's your honest belief, then a bunch of drunken partyers from LeMons just showed up and beat all your guys a couple months ago. 4. The question people aren't asking is "Why so many teams in the west over the last 8 years have run only one or two Chump races and never returned, yet still race in budget endurance series?" 5. The contact misconception exists and it's a big one. My personal experiences have included Condren opening a driver's meeting at ACS by saying "If you don't like contact, the front gate is over there". We also had the fun experience of a car that heavily blocked running us off track several times. When we complained, the Chump national tech inspector response was that we'd have to deal with it ourselves and went on to school us on how a smaller car can move a bigger car out of the way while on track. I haven't been able to convince my teammates to return since then but I have driven for other people. Also, I can happily supply you the Chump rookie handbook that was in all your supplementals up until sometime last year that pointed out what parts of the car you could legally hit. FWIW, the damage that exists on my cars is mostly Chump inflicted. 6. This crap about no signature/destination tracks in the west is crap. Sears Point and Laguna Seca are a couple hours apart and I can't see how anyone thinks they aren't signature facilities. Buttonwillow is a fun track. Thunderhill 5 mile is a blast. Chuckwalla is fun. The Ridge might be best secret out west, ACS and LVMS to me are just schedule fillers. 7. Outsiders seem to make fun of the Chump rules a fair bit. The Chump forum has endless discussions about rules minutia which doesn't help that perception. You protest each other. Chump people seem over protective about their rules. It sounds like Chump wishes to keep their style of rules to maintain a separate identity which I can understand. You just are going to have to accept that people may make fun of the series over that. 8. A lot of us got treated like crap by John. I held my nose every time I wrote him a check and I can't think of any other person/company I did that with. He could be the most engaging and charming person when he wanted to be and the biggest a-hole if he didn't. That alone burned a lot of bridges. 9. The only people who ever reached out and personally took the time to invite input and invite me to come race with Chump was Cathy and Joey. Since they got canned, I can't recall getting anything but impersonal chirpy PR BS. They know which of us signed up for races. They have our contact info yet never contacted us directly to ask why we don't race Chump anymore. 10. I feel hypocritical even commenting on any of this as I haven't raced Chump is several years but was hoping to do the Butt 24 this year. I still haven't convinced my teammates to come back. However, I'd still like to see them stick around as a viable series. 11. Commenting personal beliefs on a forum really does nothing to fix the problems with Chump west. I see a lot of people guessing about what they think the problems may be but very few suggestions on how to fix them. I wrote a letter to the board with the problems as I see them and suggestions on how to fix them. I was thanked for my input. I urge you to put forth suggestions to the board with facts/personal experiences and leave out the perceptions. This problem is fixable. Car count wasn't always dismal in the west. It took time for things to take a dump and the board wasn't around to see why so they need to be educated. Educate them.
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    Your safety concern is noted. However unwritten interpretation in my opinion is not acceptable. If you insist on gussets let's get it in the rules.
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    Its too late to counter the worst of the speed creep. Just look at the number of things that have reduced points value over the last few years, and a lot of them reduced to zero. We can only hope to hold the line where it is now which will be near impossible in a member run organization w/o a benevolent dictator to say no.. Everyone feels that there is something they "need" for zero points and will stretch the bounds of reality to prove that it is for "safety" or "cost savings" or the "children's sake".
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    My two cents worth is as follow.... 1) if you and your buddy's have extensive knowledge and love of a particular type of car / engine then go for it. You will spend infinite number of hours working on it and talking about it and spending money on it. If you don't love the car / engine then push the easy button and buy a BMW or Miata. 2) go work / volunteer for at least two Chumpcar races. You'll gain much knowledge. Trust me. Do this before you spend a dime on a car or gear. 3) in our experience, a race weekend costs ~$3,000 (entry fee, race fuel, consumables, and if you prorate tires, brakes pads, rotors, etc.) 4) Chumpcar has been the most fun we've ever had in our lives....period.
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    How long ago did this happen? Are you also holding grudges about attitudes / mistakes long gone and against people that don't even work for the company? I don't get The west attitude , with me, when new management rolls into an old place I had problems with, the slate gets mentally wiped.
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    I am thrilled to hear that tech is working on and being consistent. However it would be even better if they were following the rule book. The rule book contains the language that "an X bar is acceptable". A traditional X bar is one tube that intersects the other. Why say that an X bar is OK if only special variants of an X bar are permitted or X bars require additional support that is not specified by the rule book? I am not commenting on if they should be ok, only that the rule book says to me as a cage builder that X bar is ok and to me that means that the most common and traditional interpretation of what an X bar is, is OK.
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    We have a winner! The picture I posted is actually of a Chrysler Conquest that we just finished stripping for parts last weekend. The actual car we are building is shown below: She is a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion with around 67k miles on her that we picked up in downtown Chicago. The car is originally from Texas, so it mostly rust free. She will be going under the knife this weekend. I have some more info to share on her that I'll post up tomorrow.
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    Well, can't say we didn't see this coming.... Our team was born and raced under Cathy at PIR 3 1/2 years ago. We raced one season with her at Chumpcar, had a blast and we were hooked. Then....something happened, that fired her up, and LDRL was born. I am not privy to what happened, but it left an impression. Cathy is a competitor, very well organized and advertised. Our whole team feels for Bill and Sandi, they put their heart and soul into this. Fantastic hosts, great people to spend precious time with. Too bad for us that both series seem too much to support out here, because both are awesome. You also have to remember that the West coast is the home of the "mother series": 24 hours of Lemons. They routinely fill 180 car fields out here. That is a chunk of racing. They rule the West coast. We sincerely hope that Chumpcar can recover and race out here in force again. It is our preferred series. We enjoy the culture, the rules, the competition and camaraderie. In a dream I had.....you were able to sit down and talk with Cathy to merge the series and everyone raced happy ever after.
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    I'm a little confused about what @turbogrill, heretofore known as 'the OP' or just 'OP', is saying was unacceptable and what Phil is saying is unacceptable. Here's a summary of my interpretation. OP said his X Bars are no longer accepted and their car failed tech due to new rules interpretations. He also backs up the design using the justification that it passed tech before and "some guy who installs cages says it's fine". I did not see any pictorial info on said disputed cage. (Sorry, not trying to call you out, but there is some missing info here for the internet to properly judge you. But don't worry, we'll judge you and all others who judge you without this key information anyway.) Phil said OP's X Bar is not acceptable and needs another horizontal bar or gussets. The internet ignores some missing key details and gets upset because the rules say X Bars are acceptable and gussets aren't required and Phil is using his opinion rather than literally interpreting the rules. @skierman64 shows single bar with two half bars welded to it, but it appears to be passenger side...Unclear if the driver's side is identical. @Z06LOL and @Huggy show off their nicely implemented X Bars to make the rest of us feel bad. A few people have opinions about what is or is not safe. A few people question tech's interpretation of the rules. The way I see it is that there is a very real possibility that the OP's cage is not built per the rules and Phil is literally (rather than subjectively) interpreting the rules. The rules require, at a minimum, two bars on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. I think we can all agree that the @skierman64's x bar does not meet the requirement for the driver's side, but it probably does meet a minimum requirement for the passenger side. Presumably @skierman64's driver side bar uses two bars and meets the rule. @Huggy's and @Z06LOL's bars meet or exceed the requirements on both sides. To summarize my summary...after 4 pages, we still don't know if the OP was correctly or incorrectly assessed by Tech since we still don't know what the OP's X Bar looks like, but we probably did a decent job of clarifying the requirements for door bars.
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    If you get a chance, check out the last 2 hours of the race from the @Huggy BMW ChumpCar LIVE feed. Paul and I had a lot of fun calling the race!!!
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    It sounds a little funny to me too, but people have their own goals. Some people think it's ridiculous to show up to a race and not put 100% into a podium effort, at any cost. Many, not all, of those people look down on the cars/drivers who differ from them. Personally, I am in a different camp. While a podium would put a big smile on my face, it's not the reason I showed up. Getting to be side by side, wheel to wheel, at the limit of the car going around corners is what is so enjoyable. I love being in the moment. The fact that I get to go racing is a big win.
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    Again, I think is one of the major differences between the east and west. In the east you would see pages and pages of 3-4 different threads and videos with people pointing their fingers at THAT car. In the west you may see a few people mention some BMW that might have possibly rubbed someone or other the wrong way... last race, or last year, or maybe it was a few years ago and they still seem to be irritated about it but are loathe to mention it. In races I have been to Bill was black flagging all vehicles involved in contact, things have changed. West region - move on from it and get on with life. Management has changed, fuel rules are not changing, if your marque is overvalued do your homework and send it to Mike, vehicle contact is not part of this racing series - but it does happen just like it does in the other series too.
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    I had a similar incident and conversation with that guy. He hit me in the LAST corner of the LAST lap on Saturday. We were the second place car that day. I reported his contact to Phil upon my entrance to pit lane after the race and Phil had a conversation with him, encouraging him to come and apologize to me. He did not make an effort. On Sunday morning I made the effort and walked over ot his pit, looked at his damaged left front corner where he hit me. Mentioned the contact, he laughed at me and said he didn't care. I hope he was banned, what an A-hole!
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    Here is some reviews from some autoxing over the weekend. I know it is not really much data for comparison but as I initially thought the RS4s will need and like a lot of heat. http://www.tracktuned.com/feed/2017/3/19/tire-test-toyo-r888r-and-hankook-rs4
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    Big shout out to Bill Riley one of Chump Cars directors who had a 3rd place finish overall in the Rolex 24hr LMP2 class last weekend. Great job against some teams with far more speed. Solid car and pit work payed off. For you guys that are not familiar with Bill Riley you should check him out. Chump Car organization is really fortunate to have someone with his automotive knowledge involved in our club.
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    The CEO just got off the phone with Buttonwillow. The 24-hour race will be held on the same date as scheduled.
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    Yeah, the forum is boring now. Must mean there's a good set of rules - nothing to complain about.
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    Put a for sale sign on one and you will immediately cut your weight in half.
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    The VR6 is now running in the 914. Plenty of buttoning-up to do, but finally progress! Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/opensourceautosport/
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    I caught 42 teams speeding by more than 5mph on pit road at RA. As a volunteer, I did as I was told and spoke with every team that I caught. The fastest that I caught was 45 MPH with the average being 35. I am certainly not saying that I got them all. I am human and took bathroom breaks, lunch and dinner. I couldn't be out there on both ends of pit road. If you want higher penalties then I suggest you go through the proper channels and petition for such. If you want more cars caught then volunteer yourself and you can cover pit road speeders.
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    Those are the same belts I use and I'm reminded of aspirin. When you go to the store and a bottle aspirin costs $10, it's irritating. When you have a headache, you'll gladly pay $10 per pill. These belts seems like a silly extravagance, but there are zero headaches when you're changing drivers. They tighten AND loosen so easily our driver changes are 45 seconds quicker.
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    I'm very averse to locking threads. There are a few gems in these 9 pages, and if the give-and-take helps CutlassRacer form a better petition for free or reduced points oil coolers that's a good thing. BUT! Fair warning: the board really really really really (I hope that's enough emphasis to make my point) doesn't want to change any rules for a few years, so your petition will need to be ironclad and absolutely fair to every team and car.
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    Tyler and I did this on Saturday - Violet, meet Thelma: Followed by a lot of this at a couple of my favorite local breweries, followed by more deliciousness and home brew at the SSM homestead: Followed by putting all the stuff back on the engine/car on Sunday, followed by forgetting that the C104 plug supplies power to the ECU (and does indeed need to be plugged in, or at least provided power, for the car to start) and therefore, followed by frustration and eventual pushing the car into the trailer so Tyler could take it home. Followed by Monday morning eureka / head-slap moment after taking another look at the wiring diagrams and jogging my memory. One. Freaking. Wire. Apparently, it has been too long since I E30'd.
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    Frying Gizzard Motorsports International LLC currently has a once in a lifetime exciting opportunity for one lucky, extremely talented and deep-pocketed driver who also brings an impressive resume to drive with the finest team in the history of Chumpcar. One Daytona team seat is open for someone to drive the 801 and 802 BMWs (you will be driving both cars). Considering all applications submitted via me private message. National sponsorship, professional driving achievements, attitude, how your girlfriend looks in yoga pants, sense of humor, as well as beer-drinking skills will all be carefully evaluated. Previous Formula One experience a plus. http://insidetrack.blogs.news-journalonline.com/11892/local-frying-gizzards-motorsports-wins-daytona-chumpcar/?tc=ar
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    Keep watching. Once I get my groove on I catch back up to them for a front row view of the action. I wish you could hear my radio communications. I was calling back to my team constantly to tell them how exciting Jamie's and Kevin's battle was. After the race, all three teams squeezed into my trailer to watch the video on the TV. It was standing room only, and we were all cheering and jumping up and down as if we didn't already know the outcome. It really was a wonderful experience.
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    I can attest to Andrews statements. E.P.I.C. We are all (CCWS staff and BOD) watching this thread. And learning from it. But yes. There needs to be a way of letting everyone know that we do have new folks in charge, and that the way things are done is different. I will be putting together a survey soon that will ask you guys some basic and not so basic. stay tuned.
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    All my recent Chump races have been filled with epic battles against GWR. PITT - Epic Battle VIR - Epic Battle RA - Epic Battle This is basically the last 14 hours of me racing:
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    ^^^Thanks Mike. It's cool every once in a while to get letters from someone who had a nasty crash and came out of it ok. It's amazing how NHTSA and the IIHS keep progressively raising the bar, making up more drastic tests, in order to get awarded a 5 star rating, or "Top Safety Pick." Google or youtube "IIHS Small Overlap Test" to see some films of the most violent and destructive test modes currently out there.
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    There are insurance issues with this. Like issues that have many many $$$$ before, in between and after them. But we are working on some aspects of this. I made the ads before we officially had all the details of ChumpCast! in place. In fact it is a very fluid subject that seems to change daily. I did not want to publicize a product that just was not ready for consumption. We are close. But once we have it, we will be hitting every form of advertising with it. Spitballing is good. It's what we all do.
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    The lack of car count in the west just blows me away. Like others have mentioned 24hrsOfLemons is King in the west, they have pulled car counts exceeding 200 at Thunderhill yet Chump can't reach 20. That means there are at least 180 protentional cars sitting out of a race. I want to blame the rules because it's something I can understand. It's easy to recognize that LeMons teams may believe that their cars aren't chump legal. When in reality their cars can be run in the EC class. I think the way that the EC class is perceived is the issue. Chumps look down at EC cars, I am guilty of this as well. We already struggle to keep the racing affordable and competitive, and on paper EC class makes that even harder. But if we don't increase car counts in the West chumpcar will cease to exists over there and west costers will be forced to move in other series that don't meet our special "affordable and competitive" rules anyways. What I suggest is that chump makes the EC class more approachable for all the budget endurance racing teams. If a team has a valid tech sticker from another series we should give a 1 race waiver on any slight rule differences (fire suppression/door bars/kill switch location/number panels/whatever) so they can give chump a try. We should give a rookie of the race award out, this covers all the classes (a,b,c,d,ec). Give the top "rookie" a trophy, some chump change, free number plates, and a discount on a fire suppression system. I also suggest renaming Exception Class. My original idea for a name was open class but I think that still might make it seem like it's not a part of chump. Why not just call it E CLASS? I know this seems minor but will make these teams feel like they are one of us instead of an exception. Just read though the wording of rules 2.3 - exception class, it's not welcoming. I also think people just can be bothered to play the game of the rules. I bet half the current EC cars could be in A-D with minor changes that wouldn't impact average lap times. I just think people hate being told what they can and can't do and classes A-D to exactly that. Maybe the website should have some wording like "can't be bothered by our performance rules? Want to run 50 oil coolers? You are still welcomed to race in our E CLASS! Just meet these safety rules and use a 180TW tire" TLDR: Rename EC to E, give 1 race rules waiver to cars with valid tech stickers to other series, create a rookie award, stop look down at the EC class.
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    There are people out there right now building cars for the series to meet these rules. If the rule is written one way it should be good to go. Not enforced in a personal way by different tech inspectors. If a tech inspector has an issue with a rule to the point of not passing a car that meets the rule as written, he needs to get the rules rewritten asap. There is no specific wording as to how an X bar must be constructed in the rules.
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    Just because it passes tech I don't have to like it......... I am one of those people with the strong bias towards Nascar bars. Having raced a car where my hip was touching the door bars......NO THANKS. When sitting in my Civic I stuggle to reach out and touch the driver side door bar, and that makes me feel much more comfortable.
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    The whole race? What happens if you only need 3 tires for awhile... sorry... had to do it...
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    So , are you going to bring anything valid to the discussion or just toss logs on?
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    @Mopar4Life My interpretation: Guys who work for Yokohama sometimes troll forum threads about Maxxis.
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    I was chasing waitresses around the prep table in '86.... I moved a bit quicker in those days...