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    It would be nice if there were a single number I had to focus on, but it doesn't work that way. The reality is that each track has it's own price and there are varying costs for staff and travel. -Track prices range from $6,000 per day to $60,000 per day. -Some tracks charge a "turn key" price, while others only charge for the track. -All events require (and are included in turn key prices) corner workers, an ambulance, a fire truck and tow truck. -Staffing levels are determined by the event attendance. I have 24 people working Daytona but only 8 at Autobahn. -Increased staffing leads to increased travel costs (they have to sleep and eat). -A few tracks have limits on the number of cars allowed on track (AMP, Laguna Seca and Mid Ohio). -The only constants are my insurance and the trophies. -Events also need to make enough money to cover corporate expenses as well (website hosting, accounting, office supplies, etc). With all of the variables that go into our expenses, and the attendance forecasting we have to do over 12 months in advance, it's possible for us to lose money with 60 cars at one track and make money with 25 cars at another track. We can lower the minimum number of cars required to break even, but that means we raise the entry fee for the event. While I would love to see all events in the black, mostly what matters is that for the year, the club is in the black. When I say I need 20 cars to make this happen, part of that statement is just ensuring that the teams have enough other cars to race against. 12 cars is a track day, not a race. The other part is calculating how much of a loss am I willing to take to host the event. So this is why sometimes I may say I need 20 cars to make it happen and other times you may hear 35. If we just sell out every event though, we'll be ok. Hope this answers your question.
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    If you don't crack a beer within 5 seconds of the checkered flag you are penalized a lap for each second wasted
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    I always help racers as much as possible period. My last race was at Autobahn and the team I was running with ( @enginerd premium dudes) won. The second place team was running an Integra and they needed parts between Saturday and Sunday. I gave them our best parts I had in the trailer without question. They finished 2nd place their 1st event and were pumped and probably hooked on the series. They sent me a care packed of new OE parts to replace the ones I gave them and some really good beer. The same event, we are winning then race and blow a bake line. I pit and tell the pit crew the pedal went to the floor. BAR jumped to action and helped us get back on track in minutes and win the race. They finished on the podium too that day. To me thats what what this is about. i have borrowed tools form @Hi_Im_Will when we knew we were in for a good battle and he has been happy to help. @Bill Strong once offered us a trans jack to help us change a trans without us asking. I love the chump spirit and the thought that I will kick your arse on track but if you are having an issue I will be the first one to lend a hand. Chump is a great place to race.
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    Practice is 8:30am to 10:30am Saturday morning. Free to test (included with your entry). Cap is at 90 cars, same as Road Atlanta. Why? 90 is barely manageable. You guys are a handful. At 100+ the trouble begins. 90 gives you a lot of cars to race against, but after some early attrition, there is plenty of racing room and I can see you screwing up easier. You do prefer a clean race don't you?
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    I always secretly knew Bill was a commie.
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    What a weekend! I couldn't have ever imagined that it would have gone this well. My car has been a challenge to say the least, and it's good to get some reinforcement that perhaps i'm finally figuring it out. I owe a sincere thanks to Mike and Andrea Chisek, Phil McKinney, Paulie Bill and Doc, and all the corner workers and other track and chumpcar staff. You guys are really reviving this series and I once again feel the excitement and positivity that I haven't felt since it all started in 2010. The livecast is very fun and engaging and it allows me to share what I do with friends, family and coworkers. The flood of emails, text messages and facebook posts/messages from people (who I didn't even know were paying attention) is awesome. The rules and enforcement is really starting to make sense thanks to Mike C. The car is great, but I was lucky to have very fast, consistent and conservative drivers behind me that helped keep things together. Also thanks to Colin's parents and girlfriend for traveling all the way out to help. You definitely cannot run a race weekend alone. I'm registered for laguna in December, and I'll be doing some inspections on the car in the next few weeks to see if I can make Buttonwillow happen. Thanks to those who believed in me and supported me when I couldn't seem to finish a race.
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    This is the new world of racing. All the candy asses have to get home before the street lights come on. Can't we just harden up and do something that isn't easy to do?
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    Since you have an additional lower horizontal door bar your two door bars will pass tech. I hope everyone understands that I will not add points for any additional safety related roll bars. We have a couple of teams that have a full set of 4 reinforced with gussetts door bars and a steel plate with no points I also recommend more than one passenger side door bar and I highly recommend foot bars or loops to protect your feet when they extend past the A pillar roll bar. See you'll at VIR Phil McKinney
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    I drink after I look at my bank balance while building racecar.
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    Any team found to have started the race without a massive hangover shall be penalized 2 laps. Every hour. Until said condition is corrected. #iamdoingitright (this thread could be fun)
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    I wanna see a wall race, St Pete, Long Beach, Belle Isle, etc... I can see the series possibly getting 4 hours of track time at a major event sight. Crack of dawn start or last event of the day kind of thing. Would be great exposure for the series, for better or worse depending on the carnage or lack there of. We'd ( least I would ) be all over a St Pete race, probably would have to limit car counts too for those kind of races.
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    When I am in our car, me being the driver, I get uncomfortable when I am close to running out of fuel. Driver + insufficient fuel = driver uncomfortable Driver + sufficient fuel = driver comfort Sounds reasonable. Can I get more fuel capacity?
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    I posted the above because a few years ago I crashed at VIR around 1 am in the morning. The crash was so bad that I had a brain bleed. Yes. I said I had a brain bleed from hitting the wall coming out of hog pen. What was happening is that it was a very hot weekend. I am managing a race, racing as a driver, and not getting any rest, and most likely not drinking enough. On the back straight after Oak Tree I found myself thinking about work. What I was going to do, and about 3/4 down, I found that I was not paying attention to my driving. I snapped myself out of it but found myself doing it again the next lap. And that's when I crashed. I made some very bad decisions. And I crashed because of them. I discovered a few days later that I had a pretty bad concussion, and that the crash was hard enough to crack my helmet on the cage of my yellow #79 MR2. The crash took me out of the car for about six months. That really sucked. Watch your drivers. Watch their lap times. and compare them to a fresh stint they did at the race start. If they are making a ton of little mistakes, it might be due to what happened with me. Bring them in, and talk with the driver. It's not worth killing a driver, or wrecking into someone or the track equipment if you have heat issues. I have seen it a few times every race, to include last years event. take care and watch each other.
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    If you split the cost between all of the wives it makes racing look reasonable...
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    I'm sorry, but I just can't let this go. It's just too funny given the source. When you're driving that fast MR2 it's dumbass slow drivers. When you're driving the Opel, it's dumbass fast drivers. Can't argue with you as I've been on both sides myself driving slow cars (Saturn) and fast cars (BMW) , just find it funny coming from you.
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    Around $300 in weekend beer expenses should be allocated
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    1 minute penalty per useless post on forums. 1 hour per useless thread started. Am I doing this right?
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    I offered to volunteer at an upcoming race meet and could use some advice from those with experience. I've never been to an auto race and could use a little help to prepare for it. My interest in endurance racing is fairly new; it started in 2015. What I have learned is from reading internet postings and watching streams on the 'net. I know absolutely nobody who does any auto racing and I am hoping that by volunteering at a race I might meet some people who wouldn't mind helping me learn more about racing. Of course this is insane but you guys race chump cars so I figured you would understand people who do crazy things. I am hoping there is some way I will be useful to the race organizers. I am nowhere near as agile as the pit crew members I have seen online. And being short, female and um mature I am hardly an intimidating personality. On the other hand I do have 20+ years experience organizing, hosting, managing and running low-level competitions for the organic form of horsepower and there are some things about putting on sports competitions that should be common to all. And those competitors were operating equipment with very limited braking and steering and it doesn't even stay on the ground all the time. I'm hoping I could at least be useful gofering for race control or staffing some administrative post. So, on to my request for advice. What will help a newcomer prepare for a weekend at a Chumpcar race? I live on a farm and am used to being outdoors in all sorts of weather for significant periods. I live in the same region as the track so have a reasonable idea about the climate. Are there any particular sorts of clothing I should bring? Any special pieces of equipment I should have? I gather that earplugs are useful but anything else? Any particular advice on social customs at the track? So what advice would you give your crazy aunt who has decided to volunteer at a chump car race?
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    How many tell your wives how much you spend? My wife and I keep our money separate. And she has no interest in my business. But, she knows when I start receiving tons of boxes from Amazon that a race must be coming up.
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    As long as the communication is clear up front it is ok. I have been renter and rentee, and the one thing I want is transparency. Personally, my views are a little different. The money isn't long gone if its budgeted, collected, and not spent. Entry fees, towing, etc is all long gone. If hubs fail every other race, then budgeting for hubs is considered burned. Budget $500 for fuel and only burn $100 before the car failed? There's $400 that can be apportioned back that was not spent. By the same logic you use to not provide refunds, renters can use the same logic to say you have already budgeted for contingencies and would not pay you any additional $$ if the borked/wrecked your car. I have provided refunds to renters (when not obligated in writing), and I have compensated an owner for damaged lights in an off-track excursion (when not obligated in writing).
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    Excited to see what direction the new BOD will take the series. Mike and Andrea have always been top notch. They are one of the main reasons we solely run CC now.
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    @Bill Strong did you budget for replacing my keyboard that I just spit coffee all over? Profit racing......gasping for air while laughing. I think you mean charge more than consumables but what do I know. But seriously add money to the budget for big stuff, drive line component repair and replacement, tow vehicle lays an egg, someone punts you into a wall etc. It also depends on what part of the bell curve you and your team wants to be. Is a good finish, just finishing, is it being fast enough to be in the top 10 with attrition of other fast cars that don't make it to the checker flag, is it "damn we should have won we are going to upgrade 6 things before the next race and all go to racing school? Speed cost money, how fast do you want to go. How do you make a million dollars racing.....start with 2 million....
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    Honda breaking down, hauler breaking down, mosquitos in my yard, I need to buy a lawn mower (Honda?). Nothing regarding how Chump is being run though.
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    What's next...dogs living with cats?? We cant take it any longer from here on all BMW's have to run MR2 front hubs, Honda gas tanks, and 1.6 Miata differentials. Better start bringing more wrenches. 😛
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    We oversell full events to compensate for teams that fail to show up (yep, it happens). We are limited to 45 cars at Laguna Seca, but I sold 50 spots. If you look at the results page, only 45 cars made laps. I've already had one team email me to move their entry from VIR to Sebring. More will drop out before the green flag. What if no one dropped out? Give it 2 laps, we'll be under 90 cars.
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    Well what a great day , either Chuck was off a little bit OR I'm just that good . Yowsa VMSC nicely run event with lots of hot iron , expensive autos , being run hard . Chuck and I have decided to retire from the cone wars and let our kids battle it out from here on .. There were some other chumps there too we had some laughs and beet up on each other . We all agree auto cross is hard on the brain and racetracks beat parking lots. . Is auto x racing , well it has smoking tires , excessive rpm, slamin gears ,and spin outs so it's close . Real Close .
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    I have been cardioverted 5 times. it freaking sucks. Since I quit drinking on Jan 2, 2012, I have had ZERO A-Fibs. DR. Pepper FTW!
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    1 lap penalty per post crying about unfair fuel capacity rules
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    Drivers put on a good show for the weekend. Was my first opportunity to be a corner worker at one of your events. Lots of on track action , all day, both days. Have worked a 3 hour endurance session before, but that did not compare in any way. I was at Turn 4 sunday, saw the VW's both get into the wall exiting 3. Was hard to tell from my perspective if #40 had help, I looked that way and car was just getting sideways, but that was a pretty serious impact. Shame, that car looked to really be moving out there. Did see the blue and orange one exit 3 and shoot cross track. Thinking that the 2 cars must have met wall within feet of each other. Had a few other memorable moments. The red Camaro with a 175-yard drift thru 4 and almost into 5, right in front of #81. Pucker moment for me, can only imagine riding that one out. That Camaro and the Mustang had several laps of tight racing mid-afternoon. Watching the #90 3-wheel thru the corner was kinda neat. Saw that 90 have an off-track between 2 and 3 on Saturday, that looked like wild ride. Thankfully I was not an incident-magnet for the weekend. We had some staff that had to work much harder than I did. Anyway, enjoyed the action you all provided.
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    Palmer looks pretty sweet! As a side note, I never quite understood the complaints about some tracks and run off room - two of the most popular SE tracks don't have a ton of run off and are of the biggest turn outs. Sebring and Road Atlanta. Way easy to get in trouble at either place and not have a ton of room in a lot of fast areas. Such an excuse. The ONLY time a driver has room to complain is if there is a mechanical failure with the car. If it is self induced then it isn't the tracks fault.
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    People complain about tracks like the Glen where there's no run off room. It seems a street race would be mayhem on cars and put drivers in danger with zero run off room. The street race concept seems cool on paper, but I think it would be a wreckfest in execution. Heck, CC won't even run the kink at Road America because there are inexperienced drivers on track.
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    I told Mike I'm still going so I can complain for two days about the revised format. He jousted right back back at me. I think we will get along just fine.
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    Really? We keep putting Buttonwillow 24.... Only has happened twice in the five years I've been with ChumpCar. Both when Cathy was RD. Unless we get the car counts up with regional people, no wish list is going to happen except Laguna Seca because that's the only one that makes money. Period. So in thinking about this a bit more, the #1 item on my wish list is bring in more people. There were a lot of good ideas posted in the Red Flag video #13 thread. Many western region folks have volunteered to go to auto events, set up a table/booth, and promote ChumpCar. But we need promotional material and talking points. It would be nice to have a marketing plan but I think some of the experienced teams in the west could wing it on their own. However.... ChumpCar management/staff needs to give a blessing to this. No wait, Mr. Chisek needs to give his blessing to this plan and support it. Many of you commenting no longer race or race infrequently in ChumpCar. Why? Condren? He's gone; it's time to get over him. He has burned all his bridges here. Rules? All series have rules. Understand that the rules apply to us all, not you specifically. It's about handicapping - bringing all the horses down to the wire together. No rule will be approved that only helps one guy or a certain type of car. Note: Lucky Dog's rules have gone from 1 page to 15. Weather? Can't control that except try to get the best schedule possible. That takes work and there's no motivation if car counts stay down. Too much crashing? Everybody has a responsibility to not crash. I think this is better than it was. The more experienced the team, the less crashing. Not enough rules enforcement? Perceived cheating? Rules enforcement and perceived cheating were issues a few years ago. One team in particular but several come-to-Jesus meetings seemed to help (I give Bill Guzenski credit for that). Tow distance? Yeah. I get that. Not as many tracks as the East Coast, so it's a commitment. Cost of living? Longer tows = more time off, more money, more everything. It costs money to race and if the perceived value doesn't deliver, there's no motivation. Schedule, timing? (I like that some of you are suggesting time of year for certain tracks, but it's just not always possible). Buttonwillow, Chuckwalla, Vegas, Thunderhill I think are relatively cheap tracks to rent. It wouldn't take many more cars to make those profitable. But count on hot most times of year for Buttonwillow, Chuckwalla, and Vegas. Thunderhill could get some of you from the PNW to visit. In short... in the West Region, you have to want to race more than anything else, and you have to get a return on that. Car counts MUST come up for ANY race scheduled in the Western Region (except Laguna Seca). What would increase the perceived value for you to come and race with ChumpCar?
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    Okay lets review the wish list of everything I have read/heard over the years. Its POSSIBLE I have twisted things about a bit. 24s, double 7s, 14s, 16s, and maybe a 36 Sonoma, Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Chuckwala, Seca at least 7 times a year, all the thunder hills, the ridge, Vegas roval, Vegas road course, that little track at Vegas, Utah, all those NW tracks that no one from Cali will go to. Oh and lets bring back riverside. The rules to allow me to run the build of my dreams That I win regardless of my skills as a driver or strategy To control the weather so its never cold, never hot, and it better not rain (specially in the NW) NO CONTACT EVER Chumpcar tows vehicles from race to race Not too many cars but enough. None faster then whatever I am in though. NO RACES ON HOLIDAYS. No races when other races are happening CHEAP AND REAL RACING The name JOHN is never used NO CHANGE A threshold of 500. Use whatever unit you want (points, $, slugs, power to weight, etc) Does that sound right?
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    IMO, you should never have to choose to be able to go longer. I completely understand wanting to put bounds on the spend, but spending a few hundred or even $1,000 on a combination of parts to make sure you don't have to constantly be replacing motors should never result in penalty. Yea but I need a bigger radiator now bc I put Heads/Cam/Intake on my car and I cant keep it cool anymore... I need an accusump bc with my wilwoods now under braking/downshifting I am starving my oil... Allowing the freedom of reliability parts will allow teams to upgrade their cars to go faster (see, spend more money). I would be willing to bet you that you could drive a big nasty V8 around the track, bone stock, for days. IF you left it stock and didnt drive it 10/10ths. I see you point entirely, I really do, but there is another side to the story that you cant forget about. Its a slippery slope is the problem...
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    No. I said, "that trans looks jacked!". You're killing my tough guy image man!
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    I don't know if I like the race creds for mentoring.... maybe but idk. I like helping teams because it sucks if you only run for an hour and break. The cars my Dad and I work on still blow up early some times but we try and minimize it. It it is fun helping people IMO and having new teams have a good run and have a good time is good for everyone. I for one will gladly help new teams without race credits, although I wouldn't turn them down.
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    Andrew Johnson Holy Rollers Illinois, USA email: AIVDOCS@gmail.com Racing with ChumpCar since 2010 Local Tracks - Road 'merica, Autobahn, Gingerman Specialty: Drinking beer or margaritas Arguing with teammates Annoying Mike Chisek Mean mugging competitors Forgetting tools, parts, and driving gear at home Borrowing tools from other teams to repair my car posting memes on chump forum Some general endurance racing knowledge
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    For the most part, a mechanically sound engine can run at or near its design limits for extended time as long as it is kept at the correct operating temperature and the oil pressure is at 8.5 to 10 psi per 1000 rpm. In other words, keep it cool and supplied with good oil and don't overrev it and it shouldn't blow up. Downshift revs should be as low as possible. Don't use the engine as a brake. When I watch a video I listen to the engine rpm when the throttle is picked up coming out of the corner; done properly, engine rev matching should have the engine very close to the same rpm. I do my downshifting as late as possible, just before needing to get back on the throttle and that keeps the engine abuse and extra fuel usage to a minimum. The old-school redlining of the engine on every downshift sounds racy but does nothing except put the engine at unnecessary risk.
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    Love it, you will pass us all on the way to pit for fuel again
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    I don't rent to people I don;t know, or at least know well through other teams. So I expect they will do the right thing if they wad up the car, and in cases where that has happened, the guilty party has stepped up every time. Renting to strangers sounds like a bad recipe.
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    I wasn't trying to say I charged extra. The intention was that if the consumables aren't consumed, then money wasn't spent. Think brake pads, tires, fuel. For some teams, especially lightweight cars, consumables aren't a big factor, so doesn't make too much difference. I think back to the 24hr races when fuel was over $4 per gallon, and we were burning 10+ gallons an hour. Pads for a heavy car can be $250+ for a set of fronts. A longer race can be 6-8 tires. In that scenario, there is a good $2k in consumables for that race. If something happened 1/2 way through, then $1k can be refunded back to drivers (depending on tire and brake usage). Someone may get a $150 refund on a $1k rental.
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    And everything, everyone has talked about can go out the window in a flash. You need to be prepared to throw the car in the trash on any given weekend. If ya race long enough as they say............... GL with your endeavors !
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    All the California rules were followed. The board was not allowed to resign en-mass. One person a day resigned, and their replacement was added. Debs made certain to follow the rules of California. They told us how it would be done. And they did it.
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    Honda Breaking down....you're proven to be good at fixing them. Hauler breaking down....you can fix it or tow a weighs nothing Honda with about anything Skeeters in the yard....put up some bat houses. Need to buy a Lawn mower........get a couple goats. Ok now you can worry about Chump stuff.....or not cuz its in good hands.