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    Big shout out to Bill Riley one of Chump Cars directors who had a 3rd place finish overall in the Rolex 24hr LMP2 class last weekend. Great job against some teams with far more speed. Solid car and pit work payed off. For you guys that are not familiar with Bill Riley you should check him out. Chump Car organization is really fortunate to have someone with his automotive knowledge involved in our club.
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    Thanks for the input on the window banner. Attached is a mock-up of what I think looks much better (thanks for the input Hi_Im_Will). I also spoke to Mike and he is ok with folks running whatever color they want after I shared with him that we started running a window banner to differentiate our red E30 back in the day from the other 7 red E30's in the race. So we can print them in whatever color you want, and taller than 5" if desired and even throw in a small logo to the left or right if you absolutely have to rep your oven mitt sponsor or whomever you have convinced to help fund your team. All of that custom work for the low low cost of $10 plus shipping.
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    Sorry about that Flying Tigers, that was my car and I was driving. I felt really bad about that. When going up the hill the sun was blinding me badly, I honestly thought I had cleared you when I moved over to the left. Unfortunately, I couldn't see you in my left mirror(blind spot) and I couldn't see you out of the rear because of the sun. It was purely a judgement call on my part based on relative speeds, which I got wrong. I did look for you after, I found your trailer with the Flying Tigers script on it but not your pit. If you're going to be at Daytona I will stop in and personally apologize. Ron Herrick
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    Was the Honda guy the one complaining about being dive-bombed during the driver's meeting? From the camera car's perspective, that's about as conservative as a pass under braking gets. Less divebomb and more water balloon on a parachute with a warning buzzer gently alighting in the general area.
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    I simply pay for everything. So far it's been pretty popular.
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    I want to like this about 100 times. IF THEY CATCH ME, THEY ARE FASTER, I LET THEM GO. Then I try to follow and learn.
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    Personally I love the challenge of this kind of scenario. Pass the more powerful car under braking or in a corner just to have em blow ya away on the straight, aggravating for sure but ya got to dig and dig to gap em where they can't keep up with you. First time they can't catch back up on the straight you know you got em where ya want em and then you can just continue to open up the gap from there. It's certainly not easy, but o so satisfying when you finally can leave em behind ya.
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    Buy a built used chumpcar with spares for 4k. Put 1500 into it. Get personal safety year including a head and back restraint for 1k. Pay entry fee, gas, hotel, food, BEER, for the weekend can be roughly 2k. So yea, budget 10k to get started and depending on your consumables, 1k per race per person.
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    ^^This^^ is why I started doing my own work (or only with people I personally know...). We do EVERYTHING "in-house" except actual engine machine work. One day it hit me - "Why am I paying to get this done? I can screw it up myself for free...."
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    Haha. I think most teams don't keep track of expenses like we do or else they might be surprised themselves. We wanted to be 100% fair to each person on the team so we tracked every single zip-tie that was bought, every drop of gas used for the car or for towing, every pack of gloves from harbor freight, etc. All 384 lines are in a giant spreadsheet for an average of $91 per line. The basic breakdown is: The car + safety + race development + refresh = $15000+/- ~3000 per race x 3.5 = $9,000 Professional Repairs for getting rear-ended = $3500 HPDEs, Towing, Consumables = $2000 Spares, Tools, Alignments, etc = $3000 What's more amazing to me is that we have 4 total line items > $1,000 (the car itself, the cage, one race entry, and the quarter panel repair), and 31 items between $200 and $1,000 (things like a transponder, 3 sets of wheels, tires, race seat, fire suppression, etc). Everything else is sub $200. Man it adds up fast. P.S. Don't let my wife see this page.
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    You're watching two of the quickest E30s in the series. Negligible power difference, but the driver of the camera car has balls though turn 12, where as the driver of the car being chased has no balls, and also can't figure out where the line is because he spent his time on beer and dreaming up mods for the new season instead of practicing on iRacing. Some are slow as dogs, but as with any car, preparation and driving are critically important. The E30 is very capable of running at the front, assuming you put the time and talent into it. The E30s in the video were running 2nd-3rd in an 80 car field when the video was taken, and have several Chumpionship podiums between them. Other e30s sit in a field between races and are still on 30 year old bushings, and they finish farther back.
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    Never underestimate the usefulness of a nice rack.
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for a great first experience. Our car was brand new and untested, we had problems with no clutch on saturday and thanks to (Strictly German auto parts) a new clutch master cylinder went in and we got some much needed seat time. All of our drivers have never raced before. We lost a cylinder or had a serious loss of power early in the race and we decided to fight it out for the rest of the day. We tried to stay clean and get out of the way. I hope we didn't offend anybody to badly as a rolling chicane for most of the race. Our goal was to finish as the attrition rate was seemingly quite high. I believe we finished 43rd and for a group of rookies with a new car we were pretty happy. Special thanks to the team handing out empanadas on saturday, couldn't have happened at a better time. We met some new friends and would like to thank the Mad Hungarian team for hanging out with us for most of the day. We are looking forward to Daytona. Thank you all
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    Dude, very sad to hear about your back ! Don't be a stranger, you can always be a lurker/troll here on the forum ! Stir the pot sometimes,
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    This was the crap Honda tuner wing w/DRS I bought off eBay. Notice how well the DRS system worked. Problem is it needs to work more than once.
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    Jackie Stewart's autobiography contains a lovely gem along these times. He and his teammate are running 2nd and 3rd chasing the lead car around Spa. The lead car drops out with mechanical problems and now the pair are running 1-2. The call comes over the radio for both of them to slow down and conserve their cars. So Jackie relaxes and brakes a touch early here, upshifts a bit sooner here.....and his lap times go down. He was overdriving the car to catch 1st place, and after he calmed down he went faster and took better care of his equipment.
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    This. The e30 is a very capable platform, but isn't hugely powerful - carrying speed through traffic (safely) is critical. It has the ability to run at a very competitive pace, but power won't mask mistakes and has to be driven near the limit the whole time stay in the game. Rule chages also mean a bone stock e30 isn't automatically the podium capable car it once was. People often miss the fact that the m20 car that just blew by your m20 car on the back straight doesn't need the cheaty cam you think they have if they can exit T7 10mph faster than you did.
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    Elon's car got a clean run on the outside & left that guy a country mile on the inside - the black car definitely muff'd up and either drove in to deep or had some other kind of brain-foot-hand disconnect failure. While I agree the black car did not have to yield the position, Elon's car had established himself far enough ahead that 2-wide clean racing should have not been an issue. Black car got pinned to the inside, life sucks learn how to deal with it and not take people out when racing 2 wide.
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    I memorialized our retired 240sx in stained glass.
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    @Team Infiniti spouse math formula = always omit the last zero
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    That would be classed as an atypical corner entry technique for sure. Its all the rage with the drifters these days though to be able to pull off the backwards entry!
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    So, I get it that it is frustrating for the go karts to get around a cruise ship in the esses and then get re-passed on the straights but if our strength is speed and that's where we make up some time then that's not going to change. Having said that, our team will generally brake even earlier than normal to yield the spot to the "mosquitos" that swarm when the next corner comes up IF you are close enough. Your strength is turn on a dime, mine is 155 top speed. There are few that do both (except that Honda). I will and did take a wide turn on 6 and then 7 if there were faster cars coming and if I passed you back on the straight, then it is what it is. I also would brake early at 10a if I didn't pull enough on the straight to get away and I don't mind that. If we get in your way please come tell us, we are learning.
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    Or my personal favorite...
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    Maybe the two teams should race for the name?
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    Exactly - we're 4 years into Chump and have only had a couple rubs. We don't take chances - we stay on track and may give up a few seconds on some laps. As a result, we've had top 20 finishes in 7 of our last 9 races - some top 10. This is Endurance racing, no need to take risks. During the 14 hours @ RA we took over 4,400 corners - why screw up your day by taking a stupid risk on one of them?
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    Again, your intention should not have anything to do with what the rules say. Rules say that is not a stock wing to your car = 10 points. The rules don't care if you just want it on the car so you get pretty pictures. The rules don't care if you want it on there because it will increase corner speed. The rules don't care if it is to deflect space rocks from your rear window. The rules don't care if it will decrease or increase drag.
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    Quick thinking exactly and no EGO. I have been on some teams where the other drivers would never think like that because all they wanted to do was to was to wring that last second out of their "stint" and be the fastest driver on the team and wondered why they never finished well with a fast car. Tried to explain over and over that we are suppose to compete with other teams not ourselves. Racing is truely a team sport.
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    After talking with the Sampson Guys yesterday I am confident they can fix my issues. I overnighted them my Radios yesterday and they are going to reprogram and possibly rewire my base station to get me working before the race this weekend. I will definitely be giving them my radio business from now on and would recommend anyone else do the same. Thanks Sampson!!!!!
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    I think I know what the Premium Dudes are upgrading next:  camshaft or valve train, non-OE: 50 pts per engine
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    Me prepping for Atlanta:
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    Yep, I am. I am not in favor of higher speeds or higher costs associated with higher speeds. This is cheap car racing. I would like to keep it that way.
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    I am cleaning the soda off my key board after this one. Dying laughing at the visual if your car dragging all the easyups down pit road
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    There's no size restriction on the wings... I think I'll make mine about 15' wide (detachable so that I can fit it on the trailer) and mounted high enough that other wings and raised shark fins don't run into it
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    @nissanguy38501 @Doc@Huggy@sonofamitch You guys are starring in it 😂
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    While not technically a Chumpcar, I did use a lot of my Chumpcar paraphernalia to repair my little man's yard kart yesterday. He rolled a bead on the LR on our front yard Tri-Oval. I showed him how to reseat the bead using the ratchet strap around the tire trick.
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    Here's an interesting video a teammate sent me that deals with u-joint angles:
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    lol... C'mon now... when I changed to the 'Ham Sammich' name was about the time I gave up on the whole "discuss stuff too much" ideal. I think I've been a pretty good forum citizen for about 4-5 months now.
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    I still think this is one of the dumbest rules that is in the rule book. Basically, the rule is saying "hey, we would rather you blow up your engine than to come race with us for more races throughout the year". There are teams from other series that laugh at this rule and rightfully so because it is pretty silly. And for those of you on the "well my car came with one, pick a better car" bandwagon..........screw that. An oil cooler is a basic endurance racing necessity. All of our cars had them for 2016, and if we remove them for 2017 we will be just as fast, if not a little faster from not having a few extra pounds in the car for the duration of the race. Yeah the oil temps will be over 300, but hey, who cares, this is big budget racing, rebuild your engine after every event, we know you have time and money for that. Oh, wait, we can now tune our ecu, or run better shocks, or stiffer springs, all of which greatly improve the speed of a car, but an oil cooler.......noooooo, let's not go there.
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    Several years ago, I was sharing a car at a SCCA National Tour auto-x event. I am decent; he is a multi-time national champ. We all went out to dinner and had a good time. I went back to the hotel and went to bed. He went to the strip club, and got only a couple hours sleep. He then proceeded to hand me my ass on the course first thing in the morning. Some people have a gift.
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    You know that whatever you think is going on here is not what is going on here. Mario: Hold on, it's right here.. <hits wrong button> Michael: go back one, you're on Google now. No, that other button. now click.... NO, click the other.... Mario: this one? Michael: No, the red one that says Youtube. Mario: wait, wait, my signal is crap, I've got like one bar. Michael: turn on the wifi. Mario: where's that at? Michael: Slide down the top and then...<Mario interrupts> Mario: WAIT, wait, it's coming in, I got it. <fumbles with the audio> <30 seconds later> Michael: that's it, you wanted to show us a cat rescue a puppy? Mario: Yea, pretty cool huh?!.
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    Well, in that case, I retract my opinion – clearly you were at fault if you hit his rear bumper
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    After a copious amount of research, and countless hours of R&D and the subsequent hours of field testing, we are please to announce that the event stickers can in fact be placed on your helmet. We have now begun the R&D phase to see if they can be place on toolboxes as well. In all seriousness, I appreciate the suggestions, keep em coming.
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    So uhhh, I don't know if it was the driving or what, but the Infiniti was exceptionally hard to pass. Could never really get a run on it down the straights due to the power, and the driver never left room in the twisty bits like the esses and turn 12 (not that I would expect them to). I guess the frustrating part was, most power cars carry decent speed into the corner or leave room inside, and it's easy to leave a little gap and on entry and get a run into the next corner. The infiniti held it's line and PARKED. It took a lot more planning to pass your car than others, and occasionally required a block down the following straight to keep from being re-passed. I had to leave a very large gap on corner entry to get a run on the exit, but if there were other cars around, they'd dive into the gap then park themselves, killing the run anyway. It was frustrating. All that said, I wouldn't have done anything different driving the infiniti. If that's how it corners, that's how it corners. If nothing else it was predictable, and there was no chance of a misunderstanding between drivers. It's frustrating for the passing car, but your drivers were doing the right thing and appeared to be driving safely. You were running good lap times and trying to race - nobody should expect you to throw away your lap to make their pass easier. As I've said before, do your thing, the passing car will figure out a way around, no matter how frustrating or how long it takes.
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    Thanks guys LOL I had nothing to do with it my wife and Zack's girlfriend are the ones behind these little pockets of love
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    If anyone knows the udderly smooth guys, I have their bumper. Found it on the side of 53 headed towards 85.
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    Alright, getting hyper now, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies
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    Seems like saying the word "Radio" in a thread is akin to sending up the bat signal to Sampson... awesome.
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    True story. I drove a bus around South Haven Michigan with 11 people drinking and partying it up in order to secure the lead off spot.