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  1. Slowly getting the ecu tune tweaked. Need to pull the ecu and grab a wire so I can log the wideband for fine tuning. Found the fuel line fitting from the top of the cell is sweating pretty badly. I think I have to tighten a fitting from the inside of the tank as it probably sandwiches against the top and outside of the cell. It probably got loose when we took the fuel line off and on. Pulled the bumper so I can clearance the new intercooler better. We should be pretty fast until we break again...
  2. And after spending a pile of money on a dyno tune at a shop that people said to not use. Kinda stuck as so very few AWD dynos around. We went to the track and the car wouldn't run over 4000 rpm. Below 4000 it was like a diesel truck rolling coal from being so rich. Throttle position wasn't set. Speed density was on and I'm not running speed density. And I think it didn't run over 4000 as launch control was on and I don't have a speedo hooked up. Feel very ripped off. I have a expert helping me fix the tune via emails. Friday we might take it to the drag strip to fine tune the new tune. I don't know how it ran at the dyno shop. Unless the guy erased the tune at the end of the day when he tough he was saving it. Or he turned launch control on at the end, either to screw me over or because he didn't realize it would be a problem. The very long list of things to do is only small things now as we got the bumper on, relocated the brake ducts because of the new intercooler and fixed the ducting to the rad/intercooler. Very long list.... Our notes said 1/8 toe out and when we checked we were 1/4 in. Don't know how that happened and now need to check if we have a part wearing, or someone hit something and didn't tell me. 2 weeks till race day.
  3. Gives me DSM chumpcar might have hope after all. First we need to finish a race....4th motor will run in a double 12 in two weeks. Im expecting the trans to grenade. Everything else is mostly new.
  4. Ran on an AWD dyno yesterday to set a tune now that we have a programmable ecu. 189 at wheels which is pretty good I think. That's running 12 psi and we think we can run 14 pretty safe but don't have any idea on fuel consumption now. Tune is set to a little rich and going to keep it at 12psi. I was dreaming last night of removing more weight from my pig but there really isn't much I can do. Dyno shop found timing was 5 degrees more than its supposed to be set at. So I have to figure out how my teammate who sets the timing is off. 5 degrees would add knock I think and we were eating head gaskets. Fingers crossed that we don't blow the 4th motor. I am now expecting to grenade a transmission next. Tonight is redoing the corner balance, alignment after we fix the ride height. Wed is a test day. Then it is only some little things to deal with. I might have time to work on other projects soon.
  5. I charge what we spend. So if we break in the first hour of a 24 we didnt consume tires or fuel. But I started to add a $100 per stint on top of the cost. That covers post race\season repairs and upgrades. I take the total cost of the event. Entry, fuel, tires, fluids, other costs plus the $100 fee. And divide that by the time each driver spent in the car. Im starting to figure that $600 CDN per 2 hours of seat time means I lose only a little bit of my own money. There used to be more cars like civics that ran lower costs but I'm not running a lower cost car so I figure my costs might be higher than average.
  6. I learned that if you are taking your motor apart to deal with a blown head gasket and you pop off 2 bearing caps to look at bearings. Don't assume that since the two you looked at were good that the rest would be or that the crank would be fine. Now I am scrambling to get the crank dealt with as we are supposed to be assembling the motor. And I also learned that you shouldn't order your bearings until your absolutely certain that there is no machine work that's going to happen .... I learned a lot last night
  7. As I delay working on the chump car even more I found out some info on the 2006 mustang gt track car I got. It was a flood car. My friend who knows a little history about the car from the PO filled me in. Its been on the track only once by the previous owner. I was unable to put fuel in as it would only fill one side of the saddle fuel tank. I removed the evap canister last night to find it full of water, So all the emissions stuff is now in the garbage and I need to get some lines and a vent cap. My friend also said the exhaust is new because of the flood also...All I knew was it was a salvage title car but it came with a sponsor...The car was basically free after doing some sponsor displays with it. Sunday is chumpcar team day and we have 6 weeks to assemble and install the motor/trans, get a ecu tune, install a new FMIC intercooler, corner balance the car and try to do a little testing. Its amazing that I had the same tasks and 4 months to do it not that long ago. Time flies when your getting nothing done.
  8. Have you seen how fast squirrels are!
  9. I caught 7 squirrels in a trap over the last two weeks that made a home in my shop. Sadly the only car work I have done is pick up two heads from the machine shop and wait for the engines to get done. I did order parts though
  10. We have blown out a few front hubs. A good bearing, race grease and some brake ducting and I think we can manage it now. We have 3 blown head gaskets though. Everything is at the machine shop for a resurface and we will be running ecm link with the rule change and adding in a FMIC. Other than that, broken shift forks in the trans twice and some of that had to do with the clutch rod under the dash needing some tinkering. Not much weight left to remove but that will come after we get the car back together and not breaking it again. We did polish and do a little porting this time with everything apart. Car is handling good and I looked up how to put in different ball joint to adjust the roll center as that would be the last handling thing with bump steer also to do on suspension but Im not sure it will be withing the rules with what needs to be done.
  11. Lol. After our first race in 2011 the local club president gave us a slow clap for finishing in a eclipse....Apparently, there was also a pool as to when we would break, being that it was a 4g63 turbo awd car...We did finish with only 4th gear, but w finished...
  12. Make sure its the right fluid, there is gl-4 which is often required and people use gl-5. gl-5 eats brass syncros when temps get high. So not all 75-90 gear oils are the same. Try to run a cooling duct to your trans or at least make sure there is airflow to it, ie move the overflow bottle out of the way. Most older trans require gl-4 Buy a magnetic drain plug to help pull material out of the fluid.
  13. We pulled the motor and got reminded that the wire harness is in really bad shape. Pretty much where the connectors meet the harness the wires are partially exposed. I found a harness connector kit for $95 which will leave every wire about 1/2 inch shorter or a new harness for $650. I'm torn which way I should go. But I think new connectors will probably be good enough. Then we dismantled two engines. One we will just be resurfacing the block ( head gasket issues ). It has 40 hours on the bearings and rings, they look good and we cant decide if we should replace them anyways since its apart. The other engine was kicking around and had bad compression, so its off the the machine shop. We found metal shavings all over the back of the block stuck on with grease and it took a while to figure out that it came from a cv boot clamp that let go.. And the most fun all weekend was my teammate bringing over his new miata. We got to tease him lots. The first joke was "You better park that away from my house as my neighbours will tell my wife I had a girl over". I had a 'honk if parts fall off sticker' for the chump car but we put it on the maita when he wasn't looking. Only thing we didn't do this weekend was have a drink while working on the car. I'm not sure why it was alcohol free, probably due to the dreary weather.
  14. If I can get my team motivated to put the motor back together, and get the machinist to return the heads we will be on the dyno also. New ecu change hopefully lets us tune and we stop blowing head gaskets. I put the turbo, o2 and exhaust manifolds in a pile to get someone from my team to do some porting and polishing. Pushed a spare long block into the shop to disassemble so I can send to a machine shop for new bearings and pistons. Im assumming it will need to be bored out a bit. We will have a built spare is the plan.