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  1. I built a frame with steel square stock and some plywood, attached some castors to it, and then mounted the tool box to it. I strap it down to the trailer when driving.
  2. Did you see mine at gingerman? I use castors and not pneumatic tires. I can load it myself if needed, and it probably weighs 700#.
  3. Road America fall race

    I'll sell you a tune.
  4. Transport fuel mileage

    I have no idea what the rear end gear was, but we probably had 7 people with luggage in the van, and a 10-12,000# trailer.
  5. Thanks for posting this build thread, looks like you are doing a great job!
  6. 2018 Schedule

    I'm glad I made it to COTA for the WRL race and crossed it off our list. The cars were incredible at that event, and it was fun showing those M3s, corvettes and 911s the true meaning of VTEC.
  7. Transport fuel mileage

    Holy Rollers and Premium Dudes copy cat rig:
  8. Transport fuel mileage

    In Karting we towed with a 94' Ford Econoline van with 351. I remember it well because I was 15 years old on a learners permit, and it was always hairy driving that rig. Going from Chicago to Jacksonville or Charlotte you would get going 75mph on the bottom of the hill WOT and half way up you would be down to 25-35mph still WOT. I remember watching my dad and Tim Megenbier change the rear differential in a cracker barrel parking lot, having tires constantly blow out during torrential rain and all sorts of shenanigans. A few years later the team made the trip in an excursion with the 7.3 diesel and said it would hold 75mph with the cruise control on. Good luck towing cross country with the Ford 351.............
  9. Seat Mounts

    We have everyone from 5'6" 150# - 6-2" 285# run the same non adjustable setup. The theory is that everyone will be equally uncomfortable.
  10. Awesome, this will be such a sweet ride.
  11. Every time I race a Honda I think about abandoning the platform all together. The problem is that I already have so much junk for them that it would be expensive to jump ship. If you can run an E36, why in the world would you think about running a FWD Honda?
  12. IDK, I think Hondas suck. Why build a Honda if you can run a BMW?
  13. I have seen the SCCA Midwest Counsel not allow cars that have passed tech and raced in other SCCA regions. The reasoning behind them not allowing the cars was because they were "crap cans".
  14. The swap calculator is probably functioning correctly The equation that is used is non linear and probably confusing you. IF[16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd) ) > 0 ] THEN [ 0.032 * (16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd))) ^6] + 50 ELSE + 50
  15. What have you spent to keep up?

    I have switched cars several times, engine platforms a few times, turbo'd cars, lost teammates, gained teammates etc. etc. None of that has really changed my finishing position much.