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  1. I am genuinely excited by this build every time I stop in this thread. When do you think it will first hit the track?
  2. It was the ONLY car that passed me that day IIRC. Its a rocket ship. Good luck with sale!
  3. I was running your car, and passed this car in the final turn going into the front straight. Post the video of the results. Cars should not be judged by their drivers.
  4. This Maxima is a ROCKET! Probably capable of 2:45 easy at Road America. GLWS
  5. Any driver found to be under 275# including safety gear will be penalized 1 seconds for each #.
  6. I have never towed with a class a, so that is interesting to know.
  7. I could see a class A RV being a PITA. I'm not sure I would want anything larger than my class C.
  8. I was following the race for the first ~6.5 hours, but switched solely to the Laguna race after the #90 retired. It looked like an incredibly close battle between the #723 and #90 up to that point. Is the #723 the former Tubby Butterman car?
  9. That's pretty funny. I don't think there is a single German manufactured part on my car. I can see why its different for a BMW though.
  10. You really love you some Road America. It seems like you have been to damn near every race Chump has held at the track. I am apparently the minority that would much rather run Autobahn or Gingerman.
  11. Having run with and without the kink, I don't mind running the chump layout at all. That's just my $.02 though.
  12. I was at the event in question, and it was covered clearly several times in the drivers meeting that contact was unquestionably not allowed. If contact was made, you would be in the pits or on the trailer afterwards. As you can see from the image of the race start, these events are far from demo derby cars.