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  1. No regrets from the electrical. That all turned out fine. Except the USB on the inverter doesn't always like charging cellphones.
  2. Thing snuck by me too when I hit a conga line in the down hill esses. It took me like 15 minutes to pass it back. I was lol'ing watching it go. Thing was fast!
  3. What do we need this card for? I never had a physical card before.......
  4. The compressor is not a high volume output and has almost no storage, but I have it tied into a 10 gallon tank that is tied into our completely hand made war wagon. I have 6 double outlets installed on the war wagon, and a deadmans cord between them and the inverter. I also have some real nice castor wheels on the thing etc.
  5. It is a promo for the WRL BIR race. I am doing a ton of racing this year which is split about 60/40 chump WRL.
  6. We use the Optima battery we got from Chumpcar attached to a high output inverter that was about $200 on amazon. This powers an air compressor and all our pits at the races. If there is power in the pits I leave a trickle charger on the battery to get maximum longevity. It works well.
  7. Mike was our main competition in WRL last year and finished 2nd in GP2 points. We won GP2 and overall for season points with our #66 1992 Civic. He knows exactly what it feels like to get beat by a Honda . Holy Rollers will be battling it out with 4CGM a week after Daytona at the WRL race at Road Atlanta.
  8. Don't tempt me! I have a hard time resisting something this sweet. Why does't someone who actually needs a race car snatch this up instead.
  9. I grabbed something like this about 6 weeks ago, I don't need another.
  10. Holy Mother of God..............Yes.
  11. Whenever Honda is an is normally the best option regardless of what you are buying. - Fact
  12. These rust like they are going out of style, but a clean one would be sweeet.