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  1. So, stay away from the inside?
  2. Who cares, they look awesome.
  3. Thanks. I just ordered those. I thought they had to be official chumpcar stuff like the number plates.
  4. Can someone send me a link to these door lights? I still can't find them.
  5. Not that silly, the rules are really long and very confusing. This is especially true if you are new. Lexan in stock location of glass is free, correct?
  6. In years past I know at the Chumpionship events sponsors gave out some great products. In 2016 I don't think this happened. I also know that places many of the companies sponsoring chump car give discounts to chumps. Cometic gasket is / was a Great sponsor, and helped teams out quite a bit.
  7. Where can I get the side number panel lights (if we still need them?) one of mine was damaged last year and is not functioning.
  8. Apparently everyone loves orange windshield banners.
  9. I ran a rental Nissan Versa at VIR full the day before the Chumpionship this year. The brake pads were smoked, and the rotors warped.
  10. I gave it a whack with a 2 lb. Maybe you did too.
  11. I once mended @enginerd's E30 by hitting the ECU with a hammer. It appeared that I mended it, but it was really a lose ground.
  12. I am used to 1.6 - 1.8 liter engines, so I just start drooling when I think about 4.5L of JDM Power. The Infinity is a big car too though. What does it weigh? 2600#ish?