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  1. Sorry about that. I'm not a Honda guy, it's just all I can afford . I would love to build some cool sports cars but I just can't swing it.
  2. Memorable weekend... -Andrew helped me out big time with a place to crash You had a car and I had a hotel room, it worked out perfect -Andrew reprogrammed the car 5 times in the first 10 laps They had some 2 step drag racing tun in the car and everything was screwed up, including the AFR gauge they did not install. -Andrew drove on a dry track and told me how much slower I was (on a wet track) I was just going by the numbers -I hydroplaned into the tires at International Horseshoe I'm sure the brakes we screwed up on that car, everything else was -We could hit 115mph if we had a good draft on the oval I remember struggling to get it to 100MPH I really want to go back to Daytona and drive a car with a little power. I'm hoping that is this weekend for me.
  3. My car is only scheduled for WRL racing this year. I did just put some new numbers on it though.
  4. I should be driving one of the cars. Will you be driving the Punisher Camaro? I don't think I will be to Daytona until 11:00PM on Friday, so I won't have a chance to attend the event at Grassroots.
  5. I'll be back at Daytona this weekend for the first time since we went drove the worlds slowest civic. I really really hope it goes better this time. That car was sooooo bad.
  6. Same for me. @enginerd is the only teammate I have ever had that doesn't really care about finishing position. Everyone else we run with is so competitive that it kind of forces him to try and win. For me, this is all about fun. I have fun competing for a win.
  7. Team Infinity and Holy Rollers have never raced against each other. I just met Ed for the first time at Road Atlanta this year.
  8. I agree. You have to keep this car "maaad 80s JDM Starion style". You need to run the Starion wheels too! This is going to be the coolest car at the track.
  9. I don't like the idea of a team being able to use points for fuel capacity. I also don't like anything related to bonus laps, bribing judges, or themes.
  10. PM me your email and I will send you the full res.
  11. If @enginerd and I were going, we would run an E30. And if we did have a Honda and @enginerd and I were driving, there would be no fast laps......
  12. All my recent Chump races have been filled with epic battles against GWR. PITT - Epic Battle VIR - Epic Battle RA - Epic Battle This is basically the last 14 hours of me racing:
  13. If @Hi_Im_Will could fit 275s on the E30 I think he would be favored over Spartan Racing. With his current pizza cutter setup, good luck. Swapped RX-7 should be the best car if executed properly.