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  1. I think a Miata is plenty of car to win.
  2. Yes that seat will work just fine. As far as sliders vs foam, etc. It is all personal preference. I only mount my seats solid to the car because I feel it is the most safe, but that is just my opinion and many people prefer the sliders. With a fixed seat position we have people from 5'6" - 6'4" drive the car with nothing more than a foam seat insert for smaller drivers.
  3. Hi Speedy: If everything goes perfectly we go through about 100 gallons of gas for a 8+8 weekend. For spare parts, if the car is in good shape you should not need more than spare brake pads, maybe 2 front rotors, and maybe 6 total tires. If you get a chance to volunteer for a race, it is probably the best way to really get a feel for what you will need. -Andrew
  4. Thanks for forwarding this on to me Captain.
  5. Tyler is driving with the Premium Dudes' team at this event.
  6. Wrench? I thought you were in charge of beer.
  7. If you are available, we would love to have you on board as crew. We are short people for this event, so you would definitely be a big help.
  8. Sorry to hear that Mike. Will we will still see you at the race? If your not volunteering, there is always a spot for you in our pits.
  9. Road America is always a car eater, its such a high speed track that when things go wrong, they often go REALLY wrong.
  10. Is that legal?
  12. I just wanted to share a cool picture shot by Tim Kruse the other weekend: