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  1. U need a surrogate engine buyer
  2. I didn't have it yet! No idea I was going to acquire one at that time. If it lasts til my next race maybe I'll bring it along might be a bit more expensive there though depending who's asking
  3. BMW M20B25 from a 1989 325i. Engine was removed from the car to be replaced with a Chevy for drag racing. Engine was running prior to removal. It appears to be leaking oil at the back of the pan. Comes with alternator, starter, injectors, engine mount brackets. The head gasket had been replaced once long ago. Odometer in the car was at 174k but no longer working so actual mileage not known. $250 takes it. Radiator available for extra $40 I'm not shipping it so u will have to make the trek to Wadsworth OH to get it. PM me if interested. Edit: head casting 885 used to confirm it is a B25.
  4. Fluid leaks on track (Fuel spray)

    We had this problem with my friend's E30 at PittRace during practice last year. We saw it and were able to bend the tabs in the cap to tighten it back up.
  5. GWR: Guarino-Watson Racing #991

    Sure 7050 with the tach in 4 cylinder mode
  6. Nelson Ledges

    Very late notice, Nelson Ledges will be hosting a TEST day this Saturday 9/2 and next Saturday 9/9 for cars. This is for active, competition licensed drivers only and for both open wheel and closed wheel cars. This is not a HPDE. Limited to 25 cars, $300 at the door. On track by 9 off by 5. Call Fred to reserve spot, 330-977-0111. Additional info: You may also contact Fred by text at that number.
  7. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    If you want the 2017 VIR 24 event shirt you can order one now through end of day tomorrow at https://chumpcar.weebly.com Andrea said in the email the offer closes on Friday 9/1.
  8. Nelson Ledges

    In due time. Expecting some of this to happen before the race but probably not before it sells out for 2018
  9. From the supplemental rules: Lighting: The pit lane has very limited lighting and minimal pit/paddock area lighting. Be advised that ambient lighting may not be sufficient for fueling or mechanical repairs. Therefore teams are advised to consider alternate power and lighting sources.
  10. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    We had some breakage and ran about 16.5 of the 24 hours however we fortunately made it through without a single contact with any cars or barriers. Thanks to anyone we might have cut off who braked or made adjustments to miss us! Tried to keep an close eye on rear view mirror but hard to do it 100% and some teams had really fast closing rates. We had FTD above 22 of the 97 cars that took laps so we knew there were a lot of cars that were faster. The engine failed due to too much clearance between the piston and the bore (almost .010 out of round where the pistons skirts ride). Block, head, pistons, exhaust camshaft, and possibly the crank are all wrecked. On the last lap the trans let go - too early to tell what went wrong there. Either we set up something wrong or its a maintenance item every 5-6 races.
  11. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Thanks for loaning us a few tools it was appreciated! Keep the faith sir.
  12. Agree that is the challenge there! Build a car that can last 24 hours with that displacement. It is a place where few dare to trod. Should be easy lol.
  13. This should be tempting the class trophy chasers to build a D class car and fix it. I am tempted by this challenge.
  14. Class trophies are a great idea they should stay. It is something else to race for. I see people paying attention to where they are in their class. If the race winner is class C then you could hand the class trophy to the first non-podium car in the class. A few more people would get trophies. I also like Will's idea of scaling the trophy counts for high turnout events.
  15. NL24 replaces VIR24?

    If the problem is the tax on the staff I understand why only one 24 hour race. Changing the VIR August event to double 8 is not going to allow us to see if we can support two 24 hour races. Doing anything less than a 24 at Nelson will affect the draw - we have already seen that. And I do not like 7+7 or 8+8 these races are too short to test team and car preparedness.