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  1. there was a link in an email sent several days ago. My email is not coming up right now - I'll edit this tomorrow with the link you can't find the email
  2. I have a couple Wilwood $100 gift certificates that expire July 31 2017. Remarkably Wilwood does not have parts for my applications so these certificates will be free to a good home. I'll be in the Lodge for dinner on Thursday and at the track all day Friday. First come first served. In case of any ties I might use some Saturn trivia questions.
  3. This might be why I was asking the question about time between 24 hour races
  4. There is action that is not the result of contact right? Real people do spin out in ChumpCar. Waving the green flag or checkered flag is always a good visual also. I would skip the steel, duct tape, rust words and just start with the ChumpCar endurance racing.
  5. OK so any thoughts on when in 2018 we should have this race? I would love to have this in June, July or first part of August. Considering it was 43 degrees and rainy in the first weekend of May here in NE Ohio, I would not advocate having a race here at that time. Would this be an extra race on your schedule or instead of some other race? Also, for you 24 hour race fans, how much time you need between 24 hour events to maintain the car and whatever else needs done? And would you have to choose between this and VIR?
  6. Still working on finding the rebuild interval on the Saturn. Engine internals have been replaced a couple times due to breakage: The first repair was due to being a little low on oil starving the pump in a high G corner - track day fortunately The second repair was due to running a bit too lean on junkyard pistons which basically spit out the top edge of the piston and the first compression ring in small chunks. This cost us a podium spot for sure We had a trans lose a syncro (between races) Both the primary and backup engines have replaced bearing, rings, pistons and of course gaskets. I'm routinely inspecting the oil and filter between races. Transmission fluid gets changed between races as well. Compression checks are going on the list.
  7. Yes the first belt was under the hood with broken pulley parts. We put the short belt on to bypass and ran 30 more minutes. Sadly it spit the belt out after driver change/refuel in turn 1 and we were out of spares. If I had known it was there we might have lobbied for a "debris caution" lol. We were 2nd at the halfway point and RBank had gotten ahead of us but they finished second - as I recall they had a halfshaft go out early in the race. Biohazard was the winner
  8. ^ Great finish. We had third place locked up at that race until hour 12 when the power steering pulley broke. It was plastic and the attrition monster ate us!
  9. ^ LOL but they are not going to have us race on that bumpy surface.
  10. U will need some night vision cameras for the live broadcast anywhere from oak tree through the kink
  11. Contact info is in your email inbox. Repave is imminent. Let's do it this year.
  12. It was a 25:25:25. The year was 2011. ChumpCar did a 14 hour there in 2013
  13. I'm thinking we can get you a cardboard box with a toilet set, a wall of large tires and well maybe we can get some hot chicken noodle soup at the Bistro at 2 AM and 5 AM - at least that's something every few hours
  14. Welcome to ChumpCar. That was our first race
  15. Expecting a full repave later this year. The patching now is foundational work for the repave. Hello @Bill Strong if there is something else that Mike wants besides the better pavement let me know ASAP so I can pass this along to the track management. I don't want the pavement to come in only to find out there is some other safety issue or something that precludes ChumpCar from going there in 2018. Give them time in 2017 to address it. Also while you are hounding figure out a good weekend and we can start getting penciled in. It would be a fantastic way to reintroduce racing to Nelson Ledges with a 24 hour ChumpCar race.