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  1. It's a great idea keep it up
  2. I was on the racing surface last month. It is a huge step up. There was only one puddle on the track after heavy rain the night before and they said it was going to be fixed shortly. Also grass cutting is a maintenance thing and the current management has decent mowing equipment I thought the grass is now being maintained well. I spoke with the track manager he is serious about doing the right things for this track. Up next is curbing/rumble strips. As far as I know this will be the first time this track has ever had real curbing. He is learning about safety barriers and I expect an intelligent decision and direction on that in the future. Except for Fred basically the entire management team has changed and the new team has the resources to make this place as nice as they want it to be. The days of running the place into the ground are over. They are taking a measured approach so it will require some patience but improvements will continue. As far as location - it is rural! Not going to have hotels right around the corner. This is kind of necessary to run 24 hour races and to not require a quiet hour for the local church on Sunday morning.
  3. Using Rotella straight 30w. We started with Rotella 15w40 but later decided the 30w could handle the abuse. Using an external oil cooler in the Saturn for good measure. Also changing oil and filter after every race weekend. Usually cut open the filter to see if the engine is giving up any metal
  4. I was a bit panicked as I frantically read through the email I was concerned Mike was going. I wondered about the club rules but who cares in the end if the product is good I'll keep showing up. Mike has been incredibly responsive to questions at all detail levels (free Nelson Ledges!) which really does help the product for a detail nut like me.
  5. It's been more or less out of commission for 18 months. Track days to be held this coming weekend. We shall soon see
  6. Just throwing ideas out there Doc I'm sure you guys have a lot to juggle. And thanks - I heard you mentioned us but so far I have not been able to find it in the video. We knew going to WGI we were not likely to hit the top 10 due to race format and popularity of the track. I was a bit disappointed to only be fourth in A class but still respectable I guess considering there were 25 cars in the class. These 7 hour "sprints" lol are not a good test of endurance racing teams IMO but it's what they offer and in the end we chose to go there for the experience.
  7. In the old MyLaps I had no problem downloading the individual lap times and putting them into a spreadsheet. I tried this recently and cannot figure out a way to do this efficiently. I can download race results easy enough (there is an option to download a CSV file but not for laps Any thoughts?
  8. Well if you use the info you give for the few teams that provide it you might get more participation (or maybe give us $25 off the next race if we fill it out). You have seven hours each day and could kill some of the caution flag time discussing team info. At the start of your coverage for this race you (and Paul and Bill) put a lot of emphasis on the cars that did well at this race the prior year. You might look at other cars in the field that won their class or made the podium in other races because that might be interesting also. If you are into stats there has to be some other relevant discussion about cars that do not have the fastest lap times and are still in the top 10. If you had links to team Facebook pages handy you might get some updates to share also assuming you have time to process it.
  9. So I've watched a large portion of the day 1 footage - up to the checkered flag. In the material sent before the race we were given a survey to fill out to provide information about the team. Did you guys have access to that information? I was expecting to learn about the other teams. If so was I the only one that filled it out?
  10. Besides the Death Star might not be fully operational on its racing debut. lol
  11. Chrome? the sun will reflect off it and blind people. U could go plum crazy purple like vintage Mopars. and what about those flashing headlights like some of the high end endurance racing series use?
  12. I'm predicting atomic orange for the color, maybe arctic white
  13. Today I noticed I am missing a wheel and tire and can only assume it parted ways with us at Watkins Glen. It's aluminum factory Saturn wheel 15" with a fairly well used Bridgestone RE71R tire on it and a piece of tape labeling it "right". We were in garage 28 and pit stall 3. I suspect either we accidentally abandoned it or it got inadvertently picked up. Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Many races I have attended start with the cars circulating then pick a car to get the green. In the case of a place like Watkins where they apparently want a pace car, just have the pace car get them started then come back on track and pick up the random car as the "leader" allowing the others to circulate around and close the gap - so worst case is you are at the end of the long line and not almost one lap down. Paying for start position is a good idea but I think the logistics of this will cost us time.