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  1. Dirty Side Down will be there. We might even have 4 drivers for this one! Welcome! Excellent choice of first tracks to race at. I'm in Commerce, run my shop out if my home garage. I can likely help out. Shoot me a message with what you need help with, car details, etc.
  2. Or we could just change the whole thing so that the the race goes 'green' at normal start time, but the laps don't start counting until 5 min before the finish, with the 'race-start green' thrown on a random car. 342 laps of driving around followed by a green-white-checkered. Everyone running on track has an equal chance of luck for the win. Oooo, ooo , ooo! If we are trying to cater to millennials, we could just install another race seat in the back of all the car, and let Uber/Lyft drivers do the racing! All current rules apply to the passenger only, uber/lyft drivers can do whatever they want (including leaving he track to go get a cold-brewed coffee or herbal leaf chai tea latte chai) and uber/lyft apps must be used to get picked up. Pick your car carefully..... Can this thread be moved to the BS section now? Er, I mean the 'unChump stuff' section....
  3. First read of original post, reading it as the rules add laps to a teams total, knowing that the car that runs most laps wins....... and then reading the funnier "rules"... #recognizesthingsjumpsonderail-trainoffunnyanyway.... #slowandexcessivelycourteousisboring #thisisn'tcanadacar-sorry,eh
  4. Did you do a proper bed-in on those pads before the race (followed their instructions or buy pre-bedded pads?) Carbotech's are a great pad, but they HAVE to be bedded in properly to have any chance of lasting. That being said, this past weekend was first experience on PFCs. Call me impressed. Minimal wear, decent modulation and release, more brake torque than tire grip. Brainerd is tough on tires. Heavy loads through turns 1/2, carousel and the staging area pavement is like a cheese grater. We toasted the left side on our car and had heavy wear on right side. ZII star-specs, brand new for the weekend - swapped tires front to back after 1st day. Seems you were not the only one with a driver door dent - the Honda had a huge depression there as well by end of the weekend. Saw a few other cars that picked up damage (and saw a chunk of that happen in turn 12 on 1st day, since it was right by our pit).
  5. Any driver found not using ALL of the track and missing apexes and track-out curbing will be penalized 1 second per foot off of apex / track-out curb per offense Distance is to be measured by from edge of track to center-line of inside tire for apex and edge of track to center line of outside tire for track-out. Distance is to be measured at the ideal apex / track-out point. Negative distances (driving over apex or track-out at ideal point) will not be penalized, as long as at least 1 tire has contact to or is directly above the paved racing surface (4-wheels-off is still 4-wheels-off and is cheaty, no cutting the course!) ALL offenses will be recorded by corner workers and penalty time added, no exceptions when passing other cars.
  6. Yes it is And yes it was an awesome all-day battle! Dirty Side Down is sort of new team, but not really Pretty much the Bavarian Mustache Werks, but with a new captain, since it was my Dad that bought the car, Not sure if we could have actually caught and passed #90. Pace was potentially there but the fuel capacity was not... That last stint was a FULL 2 hr stint (OK fine, 1:58...). Longest we had managed was ~1:50 earlier in the day, car barely made it back to the pits! Not that that was going to stop me from trying - figured we'd win or have to pit for gas at the end and hope to stay on the podium. Once RBank was out, I went to strict fuel conservation mode - it was still pretty close on fuel at the end there.
  7. Drivers are to be weighed before and after each stint, in the buff. For each lb under 5 lbs of lost water weight, the team will have 1 penalty lap added. Any driver found to taking a 'PRP' after the initial weigh-in will be penalized 1 penalty lap per minute spent on the throne. Drivers utilizing the PRP strategy BEFORE initial weigh-in will be awarded 1 bonus lap. #amidoigitright?
  8. 520 seems pretty spot on for points. 02+ Maximas have a big chunk of potential with the.255 hp, 6-speed wtih Torsen LSD, big fuel tank, Looks like a sweet ride, I dig the livery. Smart teams looking to get into Chump, or change up cars, should definitely be looking at this. GLWS
  9. You should get "Noob 1" and "Noob 2" placards for the back of the car so everyone else knows when those guys are behind the wheel.
  10. Type 200 and Blue are the same fluid, different dye color (despite the chart showing different wet). IIRC , there was some issue with toxicity of the blue dye or something like that.... ironic. I used to run both since it made it so much easier to do a full flush of the fluid - pump until the color changed. Decent fluid for lighter cars, attractive price point. For those that do frequent brake bleeds, dry boiling point and Compressability are key. Castrol SRF is incredible for response to pedal pressure changes, may be overkill for the fairly soft suspension setups and relatively low-grip tires that are run in Chump. Prospeed RS683 is up there as well for compressability - not to SRF level, but better than Type 200. I have found Motul 600 to be an excellent balance and works well in this type of racing / OTDs / HPDEs Those that like to only touch brakes 1-2 times per year, wet boiling point is most important, but the highest BP that you're cheap-ass budget allows. What I have found is that the fluids with lower wet and larger delta between dry/wet boiling points are more likely to have more compressability (more pedal stroke needed), especially once fluid has been heated and/or it has been in the car longer. Indication that that particular fluid pulls more moisture in or has more air mixed into the formula from the start. This would be why some fluids can keep pedal feeling like a rock for a long time, vs. one that starts to get soft half-way through a race.
  11. offda. and LOL that taking the ferry is about the same travel time.... Over the top is tempting as well. 55mph can suck, but can also help make up time compared to 70mph.
  12. Hum. I don't think I should explain. Instead, I'll keep ya'll in suspense and just say that the only way to know what we will be running is to sign-up and show-up for the race! And/or, come out to Brainerd. I hear I'll be making an appearance up there as well.
  13. I do believe I'll be at this one in the quasi-team new-to-us car...
  14. Some thoughts: -Team captains pick numbers at the drivers meeting, number is your starting grid spot. -Random number generator that gives each team a number before race weekend starts (like when team captain registers at the track, they get a starting grid # to put on the windshield somewhere), number is starting spot. -Random number generator that selects a number somewhere between lowest car # and highest car #. That car number starts P1, next highest car # P2, next highest # P3 and so on, once highest car # is reached, it continues on with car with lowest #. -Work in Qualifying somehow (either the day before or morning of). Fastest lap time P1, and so-on. Logistics are a bit more difficult with this one, as it either adds a whole extra day/half-day to the weekend, or delays the start on the 1st day.
  15. For S&G, here are a few laps from this years OLOA. Camera car is my 1.8L Miata... just kidding. E93 M3. Minor exhaust changes, camber plates up front, Michelin Pilot SS, Hawk DTC-70 brakes. The rest of it is all stock, all ~4000+ lbs of it. Pretty amazing what light weight, over-spec'd tires and aero can do for lap times. ~2.5 times the power of the M20 powered machines, but also 1.5-2x the weight of some of the really fast cars that are in the low 1:40 range. Here's hoping Will can rebuild the new car to run 1:40.1s.