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  1. Leakdown tests and what they can tell you?

    This just popped up in my inbox - some words from pros in the industry. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/document.asp?DocID=TECH00137&utm_source=201709-2&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201709-2
  2. Hey Ben, I stumbled on this R3v thread (https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=278695&page=3). Do you have any feedback on using this system on Thelma? I just dropped my 55L tank in my car, and for one thing, it's dented pretty bad and I've got a 63L tank sitting right here along with a 318i pump housing.

    1. NigelStu


      The setup I made worked great - never had any issues with fuel and could get just about all the fuel out of the tank.  basically need to do something like that to get any hope of running full 2 hours at bigger tracks (over the 55L tank).   As long as the larger tank is good with no dents or damage to the siphon tube, it is a very good way to go with stock parts (and keeps stock fuel load location).


      That being said, I spent damn near as much as I would have if I had just bought a proper fuel cell.  Surge, AN fittings, AN hose, extra LP pump, new HP pump, surge housing, new tank, etc etc.   If I did it again, i'd go for a cell with internal surge/hydro mat instead to make the install much easier/simpler (with less parts that could go wrong).

    2. MichaelPal


      Thanks! Yea I just finished plumbing  and wiring a 63L tank but have the lift pump on the left side feeding the high pressure pump in the right side. No surge. I'll see how it does at Pittsburgh. I was wary about having three pumps going. Lots of fail modes. Like you said. Fingers crossed! 

  3. Leakdown tests and what they can tell you?

    Its just the car telling its new engine that proper RX-7 operation is to lose compression.... I kid, I kid! 'Merica problems.... 1/2 - yup, leakdown can tell you where you are losing compression. stethoscope (even shade-tree type, aka, extra fuel line or vac hose) in intake, exhaust, dip stick/valve cover and radiator can give you a general idea of what area is the issue. 3 - compression and if it is not a compression related issue (like bearings going) 4 - both are useful, compression is quick and easy to give a general expected bill of health, leak-down for details and confirmation 5 - Bremsen has it. Plus make sure that the piston is at TDC, with the crank straight inline with piston/rod. Make sure whatever tool you are using to turn the crank to set TDC is off before you pressurize anything as the air pressure can (and will) turn the crank if piston is not at TDC. If you buy/borrow a quality tool, the instructions are generally pretty good on the how-to.
  4. That was an epic day. The GF even woke up way too early to drop me off at the airport.
  5. ^That's because they didn't have letters to add 'eh' to the BF board. Love you guys, great driving this weekend. I was able to retell the story of how our teams met at Nelsons back in the day. Oh, and thank you for not finding us at the bar. I wondered what had happened to your splitter on Sunday, then chuckled when i saw this weird hot pink thing out in the grass at exit of 6.
  6. Official Gingerman 2017

    Yes, #723, Dirty Side Down Racing is the former Tubby Car. And the team is the former Bavarian Mustache Werks. Its a solid car, and we know how to use it. While we don't have the ultimate pace of the fastest cars (and won't ever based on points/economy balance), we have decent speed and can make the full 2 hours (unlike majority of the uber-fast lap time potential cars). The balance is almost there; I calculated that ~2 seconds per lap average is what we would have needed to be on same lap as GWR/GMS on Sunday and estimating based on data that getting rid of the push we had would given us 1.5-2 seconds lap time potential (at least at Gingerman). So, both.
  7. Dirty Side Down Racing (#723 E36. Yes, the ex-Tuby car) had an overall very good weekend. It was awesome to catch up with past track friends, and really cool to see such a big turn-out. Major kudos to everyone for generally behaving and keeping things clean, I ran last each day and it was still busy! So much fun! Saturday I disliked the grid procedure, Sunday I loved it. Overall, I understand, appreciate and think the method used was very good. For the record, Bill picked pit-stall 8, we were in 7. I can drive and wrench, but tend to be incredibly unlucky when it comes to numbers being drawn, so I also recommended they simply reverse the field for Sunday (I'm glad they did, otherwise I'm sure Bill's billion-dollar app would have selected pit stall 9 or 10 on Sunday). I wouldn't mind seeing this method used in the future, as it basically gives everyone the same average starting position for the weekend. This was the 2nd race weekend for the team with the new car, and another solid performance. We had 2 veteran drivers from back in the Bavarian Mustache Werks days, and 2 drivers new to the team, one of which has a whopping 10 laps at the track and another who has only seen video. They learned quick and got what they could out of the car, both making solid improvement in lap times for Sunday after some data review. With Brainerd putting an end to the stock Sachs dampers that came on the car, we swapped those out for some upgraded Bilsteins and springs for this weekend. That setup while definitely improving the roll and overall body control, unfortunately also created some massive push. I forgot how understeer can suck fun out of a car (good thing there was all that traffic to keep me entertained!). I think I only counter-steered twice all weekend. Booo to no hooning ability.... Regardless of the handling issues, the team made it work; we were not fastest by any means, but nicely consistent and mostly efficient getting through traffic. Resulted in impound both days, 4th o/a and C-class win on Sat and 3rd overall Sunday. It still amazes me the amount of variance in the types of cars and how speed is achieved. Engineered to the max (Spartan), featherweights (Rbank Civic), V6 POWWWAHHHHH (Ludicrous MR2/GMS RX7), or rocket science (OK, airplane science - GWR). 1:44-1:46 range is nuts. Consistency and solid laps can still result in good position as well. Congrats to everyone. Lots of talent out there this weekend, along with lots of newbies. Everyone did awesome. Lots of fun with some close racing.
  8. Not just the number of black flags for PUY, but also (maybe more-so?) was how they displayed the flags/boards. I thought it they displayed black flag and number for an excessive amount of time at turn 1 station. I saw them start waving the blag flag once for a car that must have just been coming INTO turn 11. a good 10-15 cars saw that flag waving before they finally pointed it at a car. Far too long of time to have things displayed/waved. Sunday I got caught out on how they were displaying since I came up to turn 1 with only the majority of the number board visible, black flag out and no other car around. Apparently, the board said 773 (couldn't see the very bottom edge to clearly tell if it was 773 or 723). As we were car 723, and there were no other cars around, I mistook the number and assumed I was getting called in... Luckily, the drive-through ended up not impacting finish, just a bit of time.
  9. I've also passed cars on the left at Gingerman. And used the "far left" portion of that track in a few spots, granted with less beneficial results.... Who else is hoping for rain????
  10. Gingerman responds very well to aero, but I will stick the art car in your blind spot whenever I can Looking forward to this weekend!
  11. Official Gingerman 2017

    Hit up Arcadia as well. Awesome BBQ and top notch beers. Sweet out-door patio. Very close to Bells.
  12. Official Gingerman 2017

    Its summer in South Haven.... lake, something something, beach, something, tourism, profit. There are a few cabins just north of the track on Air BNB - 150/night for 4 beds. Looks sort of like an out-door dormitory style (individual cabins with kitchen and a large shared bath-house). Weather outlook is pretty good so far, track only charges $10/night for camping. Plus that way you don't have to worry about how many margaritas Red serves you.
  13. Was this caused by the Money Shift or

    ^It is amazing how much stuff gets sucked back through the intake and deposited into other cylinders.
  14. Was this caused by the Money Shift or

    Depends on how long the engine was spinning way too fast and floating valves. All it takes is a kiss between valve and piston to bend a valve head, which can quickly result in a broken valve and then hole in the piston form the valve bouncing around if revs are kept up. Very short over-rev, and likely only 1 valve was hit hard enough, or enough times, to bend it enough to break it off. I wouldn't be surprised if all the other exhaust valves are slightly bent. I had a driver mis-shift a M-50; bent every single exhaust valve. None of them broke, but there were new indentations in all the pistons.