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  1. Anything that's not a corvette has a 30% lap penalty applied; the reverse corvette tax.
  2. We ran into the problem where we couldn't get enough (any) negative camber into the front wheels b/c we had taken out so much weight. Ultimately we had to get some offset lower a-arm bushings. Don't think you'll run into that problem but just be cognoscente your suspension geometry will change.
  3. Ended up pulling trigger on the falkens. Hopefully 3 sets last us the entire race
  4. BFG was recommended b/c of weight of vehicle (2880lbs) Will 3 sets of the Azenis last a VIR 24 stint? Would get the Falkens over the NT05's as they're equal on price. Toyo doesn't have anything in that size w/ a high enough tread wear rating.
  5. Uggg, went to order our 3 sets of BFgoodrich tires and they're sold out EVERYWHERE. Kind of limited on size; (275/40/17) Anyone have experience with the firehawk indy's?
  6. Lt1's like to eat bearings when they get unhappy. Our shiftlight pops off at 5k RPM. Winding it out more doesn't really benefit anything. Frustrating part is finding a replacement. Every post 1992 small block is a "corvette engine" and the price jacked for it. You can get a higher HP LQ motor for less than most LT1's. (corvettes got the Al heads and 4 bolt mains (300hp), Camaro's got al heads and 2 bolt mains (275hp), everything else was iron heads and 2 bolt mains. (260HP) 95% of the caprice motors on CL are "Corvette engine."
  7. Jim, we're around the corner from you in Cpeake. Are you going to be coming out to the VIR 24? And what squadron are you with?
  8. I'll bring a bunch to VIR.
  9. Random Question - Is there a tire changing machine available for use at VIR?
  10. They're out there. Picked up this '85 for $300 the other week
  11. Badum tsssss. . . And yes. . .
  12. Umm, yes dangerously slow is dangerously slow; I meant slow as in about 10 seconds/lap off the better drivers pace.
  13. We'll be there in the vette. Just so you all know, in our team, we have 2 ringer drivers, 2 good but not professional drivers, and 2 extra slow drivers. We'll be putting some sort of signage on the car to let you know who's behind the wheel. We've also reached out to Chump to get extra instruction prior to the race so we all have the best understanding we can. Finally, if you feel like we're doing something wrong, or have a complaint, please come see any of us so we can address it.
  14. I can't seem to find anyone with the 275/40/17 rivals in stock (are they discontinued?) BFG has them on their website as existing