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  1. So I came away good despite leaving my coffee travel mug and a bottle of sunscreen behind in the half-daze after the long night..! What surprises me is not that I leave stuff behind, somehow something is always missing after every race. What I can't get is why I never find any unknown stuff when I unpack at my garage??
  2. Ha, and there I was in the pitlane discussing with my son wondering what engine you had in that car as it certainly didn't sound like a Beemer... Sorry to hear that it was due to the problems!
  3. Ouch! Been there, done that at the 24 hr...
  4. A few random thoughts on this topic: First, we probably only live once, and sometimes you just have to jump in at the deep end of the pool and figure it out as you go. If you try to rationalize things, and really figure out the budgets and really figure out the right way to get started - then there is a significant risk that you never will get started... I'm a bad example as I did pretty much everything wrong. I did not first learn how to drive well. I did not do research about what cars to run. I found out about Chumpcar by chance and somehow managed to talk 3 colleagues into pooling $1k into a "once-in-a-lifetime experience". None of the other guys were even remotely car-guys. None of them had sat foot on any kind of race track even as a spectator, None had done a track day. None of them could wrench on a car. And we decided to start by doing the 24 hr at VIR. I bought an ex-Lemons car with no performance mods but with a very good cage. I admittedly spend a bit more than my share of the budget buying good tires, brake pads and a few other essentials. I did do every single modification with the cheapest, most chumpy solution possible. I bought all used safety gear - my friends all rented. I did find a nice team who invited me to join them for a Lemons race to learn a little bit about how to do things. And then we drove the race car over to VIR to see what would happen... Yes, we grenaded the engine after 19 hours, but until then we had sooo much fun. My 3 colleagues were happy with that one-off experience, but here I am 7 years later still getting to do a race from time to time as budget and available drivers allow. Had I been anywhere rational about how to do it all these experiences and friendships had never happened! So - go for it. Dive in. It's totally worth it, even when you start realizing that you never afforded it in the first place!
  5. I'm reading this thread and I'm a bit troubled by the fact that a lot of the content is about settling the scores between teams who had contact during the race. Are other readers all that interested in those debates? Can't you rather discuss at the event, or by sending each other nasty emails? I'm for sure no subject matter expert, and for this race I was only in the pit lane and not out on the track. But this is a series for amateurs and among the 500 drivers there are going to be good drivers, bad drivers and absolute boneheads. Take that in consideration. There are drivers who prefer not to use their mirrors at all and will pull out in front of you in deliberation or in complete unawareness. There are fast cars who prefer not to use their brakes and will hit you if you veer into their paths. If one doesn't like dents, both mirrors and brakes are good tools to use. (Easy for me to say who never aim for podium positions...) I think we have moved from being clueless scared newbies in a rolling chicane of a car, to being relatively confident and relatively quick and consistent - the thing I have noticed during all these years is that there are a few teams who are VERY quick (Rbank, Simon...thinking of you guys here) who never scared me regardless of how slow I was or which strange lines I decided to take. They'd leave some space, they'd pass when they could do that cleanly and effectively and I'd generally just never notice them much until I checked the results. And there were other teams who would seemingly assume that I knew what I was doing and would blow by me with no margins for error - and somehow those teams were very often active in these forum discussions about who was to blame for contact... Yes, one does learn pretty quickly which cars to stay away from, both when passing and getting passed! Just my two cents. Now back to the blaming again!
  6. Just got home after some 20 hours along the pit lane. Fun as always! A big thank you to all the teams who despite our best efforts to enforce all pitstop rules maintained a very friendly attitude - you made our jobs so much more enjoyable ! @Philippe - yes, during that downpour in the middle of the night I was perfectly happy being in the pitlane and not out on the track. It looked absolutely miserable out there! But when the sun came up this morning conditions were absolutely beautiful instead. So we got it all in 24 hours - just as it should be!
  7. The weather reports for this weekend are perhaps not causing a huge Cool Shirt demand..? I'll bring it to VIR anyway and I'll drop the price to $150 for cooler with one shirt and $199 with two shirts included. PM me if interested!
  8. Looks like there will be more need for rustproofing than sunscreen and cool shirts this year...
  9. First race and what to bring... Well, no matter what you bring it's always what you didn't bring that is what you need. Consumables - as said before here - 6 wheels, at least 4 with high quality race tires on. (Less than the best tires and you can chunk them during the first hour!) New race pads front and rear and they will last you several weekends. (Again, if you try to run RockAuto bargain parts you can destroy them very quickly!) Obviously oil and brake fluid. More difficult is settling on what spares to bring - it takes several races to find out what brakes on your car... But some things are just always good to have handy. Ignition parts. Belts. Spare battery. Extra wheel lugnuts. One set of spare cheapo rotors just in case (we've seen a few crack, and it is nice to get them replaced). I always bring extra CV-axles but have never had to use them during a race. Extra hood pin. Radiator hoses, Radiator cap... The list can get long. Take the habit already from the first race to do a pack list, and then add and subtract for each following race. It gets very helpful to have after a few events. PM me if you want me to send a copy of the pack list we use.
  10. Adding pictures of the cooler and the shirt
  11. I have an Ultra Chiller 28Qt Endurance Racing cool shirt system that I can bring to VIR. I added a 12V plug with integrated on/off switch to the cooler so the driver can manage it without having to fiddle with the plug. The shirt is XL and quite stained from liberal use of sunscreen but has only been used a handful of times. My new car had a cool shirt system when I bought it, and having two seems like overkill... $199 for cooler and shirt delivered to VIR Saturday morning. (A team member has a shirt too - guessing size L - and I'm quite sure he would be willing to sell that ($50?) so you can get two shirts with the cooler if you prefer!)
  12. I have a Contour 1080HD action camera complete with a roll cage mount. I have used it for Chump races for quite a few years now, and it works fine. Selling for $50 for camera, battery and roll cage mount. (I'm sure I have the other mounts somewhere too, just not sure I can find them...) All you need is an USB cable and a micro-SD card. I have a few Youtube uploads from it if you are interested to check what the videos look like (PM me for links) I got a brand new Garmin unit as a gift, and it surely has a lot more features including GPS and OBD data so I will start using that one instead. If someone would want that Contour camera, I can bring it down to VIR. (If noone wants it, I guess I will just rig it up as a second camera in our car...)
  13. Sooo, we won't do VIR this year - settled for Mid-Ohio and Pittsburgh due to money and driver shortages, but I will be coming down to do volunteering instead. As it is getting closer, the itch to drive is getting stronger so I thought I should check if there is a team out there who would want an extra driver for a single stint? I do not want to drive for any teams aiming for podium positions - I'm too much of a chicken to want to race for positions. I brake early and will not set any lap records (but my team mate Peter and I did come 2nd in the EC class at Mid-Ohio so I guess I have been getting somewhat quicker over the years..?) Knock on wood, but I have been doing Chump and Lemons for 7 years now - mostly with my own car but a couple of times as a guest driver - and I still haven't been off the tarmac, touched another car or even had a mechanical failure (Well, my first car broke down often during the first 3-4 years, just never when I drove it...) - I guess that just says that I don't really drive at 10/10ths... And I've done a few Chump races and track days at VIR so I do find the way around the track. So, I'd be happy to bring my gear. If you'd be willing to have me in for some 60-90 minutes, shoot me a PM and let me know what car you have and what $$$ you want. And if nothing works out I will still see y'all somewhere in the pit lane next weekend!
  14. Hi NewbernD - after doing Pittsburgh for a few years it is safe to say that weather can be anything but predictable. If you are not lucking out like me who has a team member living in Pittsburgh, I'd suggest that hotels might be a better option than tents... PS - very much welcome, Pittsburgh is a lot of fun! What car will you bring? Any way to recognize you so we can come over to say Hi once you get there?
  15. Well, what can I add? I agree that the letter raised quite a lot of questions, so for sure it would be good for Mike to issue a policy declaration "Chump is going in this direction, Chump is not going in that direction..." I'm forever grateful to CCWS for making me getting out on the racetrack. I'm also grateful to the entire organization- current and past - for making a poor and incompetent 1car 1-2 races/year team still feel welcome despite that we still don't know much about what we are doing. I don't need changes. I don't care much about what goes on behind the scenes. I will hopefully just go to Pittsburgh in October and have as much fun as we had at Mid-Ohio!