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  1. My car only has the spinny muffler, I think I need to add another one.
  2. Guess it's time to buy one!
  3. Yes sir.
  4. I've never been to Laguna Seca and I'm new to the area but looking forward to the race. Who's Going? Some of my current questions: 1. Do we have to register separately for the practice day on friday? 2. I assume exhaust volume will be strictly enforced, any tips for me on that? 3. The supps say no power available in the pits or paddock. I assume i'll definitely need to bring a generator? Very excited!
  5. I don't think anyone would argue that getting a DSM to last a whole race isn't a challenge; it has many more moving parts than your average tunaslapper. That being said, if you are fairly mechanically saavy (and learn the few basic tricks to making a dsm last - NOT rocket science) you can make it last and if it does last it's more or less guaranteed to be on the podium.
  6. This is slightly off topic, but whereabouts in AZ are you? I recently moved to Yuma from WI/MN. Might need some drivers for my car this fall in the races around here (92 turbo awd DSM)
  7. Wish I could come to this, but I'll have to spare you guys the wrath of the ECRIPSE Last fall I had a great battle with Team Misfire in the civic, that was a ton of fun!
  8. I'll be registering for this race (the new date) Thanks for keeping the western region alive!
  9. Firebird == Wild Horse Pass. I know where there's a GM test track that would be super convenient for me
  10. Gotcha, haven't been to either yet so wasn't aware of those issues. I've heard rumblings about a new track or two in the area, what do you know about those?
  11. Have we ever explored racing at Wild Horse Pass or AMP?
  12. Those surge tanks have O-ring bosses, so i'd think you could retain that sealing mechanism on it, might have to hit it with a chamfer bit afterwards.
  13. I'd stop messing around with in-tank stuff, you're only robbing yourself capacity. What you're describing could be achieved very effectively by a normal external surge tank. If you want to discuss more, shoot me a PM.
  14. FYI - if anyone is looking for a 3-door in-tank collector box, I have one from Fuel Safe that worked wonderfully for us. I'll give you a good deal over buying a new one, PM me.