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  1. Nate, just remember nothing comes free. If you multiply the ratio, you multiply the effort.
  2. Since when has power steering, whether hydraulic or e-assist, EVER been points adders? Pretty sure that's been open since the days of our founder, the big C (has he fled to switzerland yet?) Also, your post is misleading - doing an exact replica of my setup is incredibly cheap (Much cheaper than adding a power steering rack + pump + cooler + hoses + pump mount, etc back into my car after I realized I needed it) As I posted in the other thread: "Not a single lie - I paid about $50 for the complete column and motor at Wally's U-pull it in Oshkosh WI, I bought the controller on ebay for about $75, and made my own bracketry to mount it. " If you want more info on how to do this, PM me. This does not change your steering ratio - the motor/gearbox is 1:1. Also warning - the motor gets hot and shuts down and you have to power cycle it, a lot. We had that issue at laguna seca, after about 45 minutes it starts to get crabby.
  3. Not a single lie - I paid about $50 for the complete column and motor at Wally's U-pull it in Oshkosh WI, I bought the controller on ebay for about $75, and made my own bracketry to mount it.
  4. That's likely a dual row angular contact ball bearing. They handle side loads reasonably well (not as well as tapered rollers) with low drag/good efficiency. Not the best for racing, but they can last if prepared correctly.
  5. SKF!
  6. Wait, so i'm confused. Is there practice on friday and/or saturday? The track looks like it has a track day scheduled for saturday.
  7. Wish I could have had the clean weekend I had at my home track instead of Laguna Seca, but i'll live
  8. What a weekend! I couldn't have ever imagined that it would have gone this well. My car has been a challenge to say the least, and it's good to get some reinforcement that perhaps i'm finally figuring it out. I owe a sincere thanks to Mike and Andrea Chisek, Phil McKinney, Paulie Bill and Doc, and all the corner workers and other track and chumpcar staff. You guys are really reviving this series and I once again feel the excitement and positivity that I haven't felt since it all started in 2010. The livecast is very fun and engaging and it allows me to share what I do with friends, family and coworkers. The flood of emails, text messages and facebook posts/messages from people (who I didn't even know were paying attention) is awesome. The rules and enforcement is really starting to make sense thanks to Mike C. The car is great, but I was lucky to have very fast, consistent and conservative drivers behind me that helped keep things together. Also thanks to Colin's parents and girlfriend for traveling all the way out to help. You definitely cannot run a race weekend alone. I'm registered for laguna in December, and I'll be doing some inspections on the car in the next few weeks to see if I can make Buttonwillow happen. Thanks to those who believed in me and supported me when I couldn't seem to finish a race.
  9. Thanks gents. It has not been easy but feels good!
  10. Right. And if I have to jam steel wool in the exhaust, so be it
  11. I don't care about power. My exhaust routing has very limited space (due to keeping it far, far away from the fuel cell, and a floor pan modified for seat positioning) and I already added a bottle style resonator and it didn't make as much difference as i had hoped. And the race is coming up, time is short, typical laundry list of things to do to get ready, blah blah blah. I won't be wasting a weekend entry fee, this is why I ask these questions and why i'll be armed with a few backup plans. But unfortunately my exhaust, as routed under the car, won't be changing before the race. Guessing chump won't be super fond of a muffler mounted outside the body of the car?
  12. Didn't like my thread, Bill? Well okay then. Looking forward to this! Anyone bringing a welder in case I have to add a laguna tip? Still a bit concerned. I have a spinny muffler and added a resonator but it didn't seem to do anything On that note, will the sound station be operating on friday so I can get a volume check on my car?
  13. Awesome, what a great deal!