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  1. Or even maybe someone to drive a little bit who probably won't screw up too bad? Road america in the fall is one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever seen.
  2. I'm interested but only if we can be TWENTY SEVEEENTH and get a trophy!
  3. Track Toolbox and how to get it there?

    Every time I open your socket drawer I nearly have a brain aneurism.
  4. Road America fall race

    Does anyone need a driver? I'm gonna be really sad to miss this one
  5. Track Toolbox and how to get it there?

    NO way could I load your steel monstrosity onto the trailer myself. I like my stanley rolling plastic tool box. Easy to move, handy and holds almost all my track tools.
  6. Road America fall race

    I don't think the brake comment is true; we have brake rules because of this, and also the tires would be a limiting factor far before that was true. Sure you have time for a cold one between races in the evening, but then you shift that work to the next day, during the race, when something needs addressed. I'd rather do the work in the evening between races and make sure I make it through the day. It's just a better utilization of time. A continuous 16 hour race is one thing, but a pretend 16 with an evening in between just doesn't warrant the parc ferme.
  7. Official Las Vegas Chumpionship 2017

    I'm out, unfortunately. I will be at Laguna in December.
  8. The uncommon friends Z is very fast, and seems well driven.
  9. Road America fall race

    Maybe. My car just doesn't last continuously for 15 hours without some TLC I'd rather beat someone because I ran a quick/consistent race with good stops and strategy, not because their car broke because we didn't allow them to work on it between days. Just me. As I understand it if you 'choose not to participate' that means you choose not to make yourself eligible to win. Not sure why you'd choose that, at least you'd roll the dice.
  10. GWR: Guarino-Watson Racing #991

  11. Road America fall race

    Well there was a chance that my eclipse would make it's triumphant return to the midwest at this race, but alas, i'm a south westerner for a bit longer. Hoping I can make it out to at least hang out at this race! Not a fan of the Parc Ferme either. Just increases DNFs and makes the race less competitive. Better to give everyone a chance to salvage the weekend on at least one of the days.
  12. GWR: Guarino-Watson Racing #991

    I heard this thing spins to 9000 Rippums!?
  13. Vegas 2017 - October or December?

    I recall it being mentioned by some chumpcar official that laguna is the chumpionship, as well.
  14. Vegas 2017 - October or December?

    correct me if i'm wrong - this config does not use any of the oval, right?
  15. Vegas 2017 - October or December?

    Will this be the inside or outside road course?