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  1. Wish I could come to this, but I'll have to spare you guys the wrath of the ECRIPSE Last fall I had a great battle with Team Misfire in the civic, that was a ton of fun!
  2. I'll be registering for this race (the new date) Thanks for keeping the western region alive!
  3. Firebird == Wild Horse Pass. I know where there's a GM test track that would be super convenient for me
  4. Gotcha, haven't been to either yet so wasn't aware of those issues. I've heard rumblings about a new track or two in the area, what do you know about those?
  5. Have we ever explored racing at Wild Horse Pass or AMP?
  6. Those surge tanks have O-ring bosses, so i'd think you could retain that sealing mechanism on it, might have to hit it with a chamfer bit afterwards.
  7. I'd stop messing around with in-tank stuff, you're only robbing yourself capacity. What you're describing could be achieved very effectively by a normal external surge tank. If you want to discuss more, shoot me a PM.
  8. FYI - if anyone is looking for a 3-door in-tank collector box, I have one from Fuel Safe that worked wonderfully for us. I'll give you a good deal over buying a new one, PM me.
  9. The weather here from Jan 1 until about a week ago was unbelievably gorgous. (65-75F, sunny, no humidity, no bugs..)
  10. it had to get moved 'For various reasons'
  11. I decided to finally put an SFI/FIA rated fuel cell in my car (had a non-rated Jegs circle track cell which I was probably lucky to even have been allowed to race with) and it turned into a fuel system overhaul. Looking to get that wrapped up and out on the track before it's TOO hot (might be too late!) I'll come find you if so, what's your name?
  12. My reply, what does everyone think? "Robert, Being that the planned race format was an overnight 13-hour... I might be crazy for suggesting but I don't think it would be too bad in June. The average overnight temps look to be in the mid to upper 70s. That would be tolerable since the race will mostly occur at night. I'd obviously be prepared with cool suits, drink provisions, etc. I understand, however, if this would reduce attendance and will still do my best to make it if it were rescheduled for October."
  13. From Robert Mink (Thought other people would like to know this, hopefully i'm not stepping on anyone's toes) "Unfortunately, it looks like June is booked and the only date in May is the first weekend and Memorial Day weekend. How does a trip to Las Vegas in the cool of the fall sound? Around October..."
  14. Thank you Mike! I'm impressed that you took note and decided to do that on my behalf.