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  1. Nothing but help and encouragement in this forum. You may find some scraps of sarchasm here and there.
  2. If you want the best flares possible then use the pre-made lengths and put in U shapes to take up the extra length. Flare quality is marginally different with respect to the price of the tool. The high dollar tools are just easier to use and are faster. They both accomplish the job using the same operation. The more expensive tool will do it many more times before needing replacement.
  3. So dude had a brake failure and crashes and your conclusion is that it was the tool's fault? The tool used to flare the lines, not the possible tool behind the wheel - not knowing whether he did any brake work. Poorly installed brake lines fail too regardless of the flare. This reminds me of Bob installing the high dollar pedals to get a dual master system - and the pedal will still go to the floor on failure.
  4. 13" rotor fits in a 17" wheel so an 11" rotor should fit in a 15" wheel. Any brand, 11" rotors will work for ChumpCar, just have to change them more often, like every 1-2 races. The 13" rotors go 2-3 races. Just ensure the calipers have steel pistons.
  5. Oh, should also mention that swapping from the 99-04 front brakes to Cobra is all bolt on and just put the other rotor on. No other mods are needed.
  6. C4 Corvette is the same as the Cobra caliper and works fine on our 2640 lb Mustang. 13" rotor. We tried the 99-04 Mustang 11" rotors and calipers. The rotors were fine. The calipers were not. The phenolic (plastic) pistons while great for minimizing heat transfer would get brittle after one race and would fall apart when changing pads. Not so good.
  7. A couple other options are to rent a seat to try it out. Also volunteering at a race will give a good education and what it is about.
  8. Alrighty then, sorry to upset you. Yes if there is free rental that is another option. FYI I think most common is 45 degree flare. There is bubble (more Euro) and inverted flares (more North American). AN fittings are 37.5 degrees.
  9. We started out with the 12A as well and cut our teeth with it for four years. 1-2 races per year is not out of the norm, I think most teams are probably 2-5 races per year.
  10. As with anything the cheap ones work but are fidgety. If you are just doing a few for your car then the cheap kit will do, the expensive tool is much easier and faster and worth it if you are working on several cars and will be using it often.
  11. Yes speed costs money. We should also mention that it is an absolute blast.
  12. As per @mhr650 that is the very nature of the ChumpCar and really any rating system. Want to be competitive out of the box? Go nearer the 500 point car. If you don't win you can only point the finger at yourselves as lower quality drivers/team/pit stops. Like tinkering, changing, solving problems, unique solutions, then go nearer the 100/200 point cars. If you don't win you can always blame the car didn't have this/that/other thing and can add/change for the next race. At the end of the day the single largest/easiest thing to improve with any and all teams will be the drivers. However a stock near 500 point car will get you there sooner and easier.
  13. Memory failing, fuel burn for the 12A should be around 7-8 gallons per hour depending on tune. We had a "Sterling" carb that was into the 6 gallon per hour range.
  14. The 12A RX-7 is pretty light so you should get around 30-35 hours out of a set of tires, same for brakes. Fuel burn will be around 9 gallons per hour, the 12A is fine with regular, premium not needed. Entry fees are as per the event. Travel/hauling costs, food and hotel or camping is your choice so you can figure in those. One oil change after the race. Repair anything else that breaks, something is always failing as these are street cars put into severe service. The typical weekend cost is $3500-$5000 depending on travel distance/hotel/camping/number of days, race hours, etc. Then divide that by the number of drivers to get the individual costs. Canadian costs are higher with the high US dollar, I don't know where you are located.