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  1. Anything done with hand tools is free. Anything done by a machine shop needs to be claimed. Using hand tools on an OE heads is free. Machine shop time on OE heads is to be claimed, and is not 100 points unless you go nuts.
  2. I think most times when there has been a DQ there has been an explanation, whether by management or by others on the forum. I could name half a dozen off the top of my head. Not many but it does happen.
  3. I think they should pay for stroker kits for everyone else.
  4. OK enough of that, everybody back on the ALL BMW'S ARE CHEATING bandwagon. They should be increased to 540 points.
  5. Present company excepted I guess.
  6. BMW's have not won for awhile so they must not be cheating anymore. I think they all got together and decided to de-stroke their strokers and take out the limited slip diff's.
  7. Not because of it in particular but all the little things add up to a fast car. Besides gaining actual torque the other single biggest improvement in going from the RX-7 to the Mustang was going from 4.5 to 2.5 turns lock to lock.
  8. So now it is a ChAmpionship and no longer a ChUmpionship? Just curious, not complaining except for the 31 hour tow distance.
  9. It is only a 31 hour tow from Calgary.
  10. When I am in our car, me being the driver, I get uncomfortable when I am close to running out of fuel. Driver + insufficient fuel = driver uncomfortable Driver + sufficient fuel = driver comfort Sounds reasonable. Can I get more fuel capacity?
  11. What is your total run time in the six races?
  12. We usually come with a new set of tires on the car and a used set in case of a flat or flat spot. Brakes should also go the weekend but we also have a spare set on hand. Other spares are usually specific to how reliable they are on your specific type of vehicle.
  13. I think the team numbers are attached to the team captain. E-mail your regional director to get yours changed to your name.
  14. The car appears to already have a place right next to you - solved problem number 2. While Mr. Stormer may be knowledgeable about Honda products I don't know that he has had the best success.
  15. Three 2018 races have ben posted.