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  1. Just tell them you are not paying the fee. Just like when I had a mortgage and they say it is a $50 renewal fee - not paying it. Setting up a line of credit - not paying the fee. Printing out a statement - not paying the fee. They say ok.
  2. I'm in! Not with my team but another. I am so looking forward to seeing this track.
  3. Way back when... you used to be able to add a 2 gallon surge tank but people were plumbing them to just add capacity. That was when the surge volume was reduced to 0.5 gallons. Yes I have a 2 gallon surge tank on the shelf and they are available SFI rated.
  4. Well by that definition I can have a "largely" stock engine in the stock location... a stroker kit should be free right? Not.
  5. I think they also do custom window nets if are trying to fit an odd shape or have a windshield with big rake.
  6. Sure is unfair that Civics get to add 2 gallons to their 11 stock while our Mustang can also only add 2 gallons to our 15.4 stock. Definitely not proportional. Anyway, also no to modifying a stock tank, it is not allowed.
  7. I don't know, millions of cars have been crash tested on public roads and if stock sliders were an issue it would have changed. Anyway, good for you for going the extra mile for safety. As a side note I do feel safe with our stock sliders.
  8. If the belts are properly adjusted how does a seat pull out of the sliders?
  9. Problem solved for two regions, you central guys just go do the one in the west.
  10. Are the tension rods putting the control arm bushing into a bind? Same question as others are saying above, something must be binding.
  11. Umm, not to be pedantic or anything but those would both be odd numbers. 13&6, 12&7, 9&8, 14&5, all good for big and small capacity.
  12. Go to your bank and get a money order in Canadian funds. Or do the conversion for US equivalent and send that much in US funds via cheque or money order.
  13. For us the more race hours the better to justify the long tow distances. Double 7's and sprint races are not attractive to us.
  14. I saw the 2400 hp engine, not sure it would fit in the Fiero though.