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  1. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    This is making me question the sum total of "common knowledge" WRT Mustang T5/etc transmissions... the internetz would smite you down if you suggested that anything other than "recommended" ATF should be used, with equally rabid supporters of Mobil1 and Royal Purple taking up arms against each other. I'm currently running Redliune D4 in my 2006 model, and to be honest it shifts like complete poop. Hate it. I'm going to swap the D4 for my 3:1 MTL:MT90 mix that I run in the racecar (in a Nissan transmission that specs gear oil).
  2. Seat Mounts

    In our case, everybody is just slightly uncomfortable, rather than any one person being totally ill fitting ;-) We range from about 5-10 to 6-4... I have the shortest legs in the bunch and get the clutch in with the left leg fully extended... my tallest guy's knees clear the cross bar with about a hands thickness to spare.
  3. Seat Mounts

    Do you *need* the sliders? I use Kirkey side mounts bolted to box steel tubing welded in to level the "floor" mount. As low as you can go without literally lowering the floor of the car.
  4. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    FYI if anyone needs the PDE link: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/full-track-test-tune-afternoon-only-pittsburgh-international-race-compl-pitt-163087 Not sure yet if open track or split sessions between Chump/other cars. I'm sure @DuncanDana is on it for the details but I figured I'd post the link.
  5. Airflow inside the car... a teach me thread....

    Watching... we have identical issues (2 door coupe, no rear openings) and zero fresh air flow. Especially annoying when the unburned fuel in the exhaust infiltrates in the braking zones I'm adding a 3" NACA duct and hose to one of the rear quarter windows but those snap vents have potential!
  6. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Only 3 chains? Pffft, too easy. Hell, they're all on the same end of the engine even!
  7. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    Understood perfectly.
  8. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Missed opportunity there... speaking as a backwoods Pennsytucky lad, good eatin' on one of them. Braised with some garlic and basil.
  9. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    No good, she's definitely a "kid"... She just really likes to be in the middle of the goings on. No worries, we'll make accommodations. WGI is a known, ok, no kids at that race due to NY rules, but was hoping Pitt could stay a bit more family friendly. All good, see you at the track.
  10. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    Damn. My daughter was really looking forward to this too 😟
  11. Brake cooling and upgrades

    I used the commercial version of that on my STi... Girodisc makes them. Not cheap though. Make sure they're retained by the pins though, titanium will slice your rotors into 2 piece versions in a heartbeat.
  12. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Look like these (these happen to be for a Toyota)
  13. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Reeeeaallllyyy.... hmmm. Usually to get the o-rings the dust seals come with but I can see the logic. No springs? What about backing shims? I'm running 2-pc backing shims that have slot on the intermediate plate so there's literally an air pocket insulating the backing plate from the pistons.
  14. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    Interesting, I have friends/teammates in Horseheads... and after following you halfway across NY on my way to Thompson
  15. Thompson 12 Final Results

    Thompson has a gallery of photos from our weekend up... some great shots in there! http://www.thompsonspeedway.com/gallery/events?nid=1132