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  1. A 4.0 S197 runs a little over 500 points to start with, I'd guess you'd need to petition for a value (expect to be 600 points or more I'd say) or just build to the safety rules/BCR and run it in EC all you want
  2. Nice! I've got a couple Pi2s floating around, will definitely try this out! Did you run a stock Raspian image or something a little leaner?
  3. @YardsaleCompletely unnecessary and self serving reply, but I'm selling the perfect tuner for your 2002 Mustang in the "Source" section right now ;-)
  4. SCT Livewire tuner for Ford vehicles. This is the "old" LiveWire, NOT the fancy TS model. It is unmarried with three "unlocks" left. Comes with OBD cable, but no mounts or packaging. Bought off ebay, found it works perfectly for older cars but not mine, so I'm passing it on. Includes canned tunes and adjustments for Mustangs 1996-2004 ... It does NOT have canned files for the 05 and up, but it *could* be used to upload email tunes which you can get from multiple online tuners, anywhere from $95 and up. $175 shipped anywhere in the US.
  5. Never tried it, don't know how well it would work in your case. If you'd rather go the custom tune route, you'll want to take it to a tuner shop... the tuners "burn" an unlock cycle (limited to 5 i think before it's a brick and has to be sent to the manufacturer to be unlocked again) with each new ECU so it's unlikely someone will be able to load it for you. OR, pick up a tuning device then buy a custom tune. Custom tunes can be had from places like VMP or Bama for $100-$200, plus you'll gain some ponies.
  6. I have new Indys on my street Mustang in a 275/40-18 at the moment FWIW. Very pleased with their feel and feedback so far. No track time to speak of yet however. There seem to compare very well in the performance per dollar (and even straight up) in any performance tests I've seen.
  7. Add another (stretching, hard) one: I have a data display with an internal battery, it remains powered on during pitstops because it has *a separate power supply* from the main circuit ... How does the marshall know it's not powered by the car, and the power is still on? Intent of the rule is to cut power to fuel and ignition sources *in case of a failure* that could cause sparks and set your ass on fire. Also, 3.14.1 defines the operation, 3.14.2 is for secondary switches, and does not retro to the overall function defined. So yes, OP, you need a main circuit switch to cut the operation of the engine/alternator/ignition/fuel pump. I disagree that it needs to kill every electron in the car but obviously interpretations vary.
  8. Remind me not to run a race you're marshalling ;-) My main switch meets every letter and intent of the rule, every fuel/ignition/computer/pump/fan etc shuts off, kills the motor, and isolates the alternator from the ignition as well as the battery. Not to mention I have additional properly sized circuit breakers at key points in the system... but my brake lights are on an independent fused circuit, and remain functional even if the main switch is off.
  9. At least two, plus a couple full racecar vairs and an original-ish track prepped Corsa turbo. Pretty cool.
  10. Don't believe they're tapered, though I can't say exactly how the original engineers accounted for the side loads... this is the assembly, hub presses in from this face, then the whole unit bolts onto the face of the upright.
  11. Found a rear wheel bearing on its way out on the rear of my 240SX this weekend. It uses a bearing assembly with the flanges and bearings as a unit that bolts onto the upright, and the hub presses in. Shares the same part with non-turbo Z32s, so the fact that the used OEM 300z parts I bolted on 12 years ago are just now failing is pretty encouraging. Any experience with this type? Is one manufacturer of sufficiently superior quality to command a premium price? Judging by Rock Auto prices can range from $30 for an "economy" replacement to over $90 for a Timken branded "Standard Replacement" unit. Or just take a chance on another set of "used" factory units?
  12. Took the car out this weekend for a track day @ Pocono with the Northeast Corvair Club. Rather an awesome group, and they run a very laid back open track format with a time trial in the middle, pretty fun. 14 degrees of banking is rather intimidating the first time you run it (we were running the "South" infield track, uses all of Turn 1 of the triangle)
  13. Yeah, they really are that light.
  14. Maybe the giant air brake they provide on the nose of the car when up? There's a good reason race versions of popup equipped streetcars (C5R anyone?) almost invariably replace them with inset, flush shrouded projectors. My point was mainly that there needs to be flexibility for the many and varied car types out there...
  15. My 240sx popups (plus every NA Miata) take issue with this idea. Just sayin'.