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  1. Must say no
  2. I know someone who has one of these in Indiana I believe. She was looking to build it for ChumpCar as well.....
  3. This is a good topic to dicuss and on that note I just ran NAPA Dot 4 this past weekend and NCM and had no issues. I usually use Castrol SRF, but forgot to bleed the new fluid in for the race. I will be putting my Castrol SRF for the next race at BIR. It is expensive but it's the best brake fluid I have ever used.
  4. I'm half tempted to buy it for the m3 build.
  5. This is a steal for some one who needs a system
  6. We run a 3.73 lsd diff and have had no issues. Sure at COTA it would have been nice in two corners and here at NCM it would've been great in the real slow corner but to me I don't think it is worth the 25 points.
  7. Looking forward to the next time we can all race. Maybe I'll take some more weight out before that happens and tune the car up a little bit. That motor was put in just two weeks before the race and came out of a 114k mile running car. It is a peppy little thing
  8. Well our clutch was slipping and we couldn't hold power anywhere. I'm surprised it took you a couple of laps to even get around us. Imagine if we were able to put full power down and carry it through the corners That would've been a great battle!
  9. But has the viewership went up because of these silly stages? If so then that is the goal of NASCAR........
  10. How could I forget those deliciously baked cookies by Momma Bucksnort!!! I didn't realize how much I missed those at the track.
  11. Good catch, Jimmie was there too!
  12. Refer to the first page of this thread
  13. I was about to say why wouldn't you put a battery box in no matter what the rules say. You know for your own safety
  14. Well we didn't have the weekend we expected. I tested the car a week before the event to make sure the new junkyard motor would hold up and there were no issues at all and dialed in the suspension. When I rolled in to NCM and unloaded the car we noticed that there was an oil leak after the first test session on track. It looked like it was coming from the rear main seal. At the test session the car ran great and we were able to dial in the aero on the car. Saturday morning we went out and started 10th, worked our way up to 6th until an upper coolant hose popped off. I was able to save the engine and we noticed the alternator belt which controls the water pump was very loose. We went out and got another belt along with getting the radiator hose put back on. Ben Dawson went out to get some time in the car after we fixed everything and he came in and complained about stumbling issues in corners where the car would lean out. The high pressure pump was working fine, but the lift pump was screaming and overheated. I went out and got another lift pump from a parts store and plumbed it in. The car would then start up and then die 25 seconds afterwards. We checked a couple of other items and were stumped. After swapping ecus, fixing the TPS, and swapping AFMs we went back to the lift pump that I installed. I apparently plumbed it backwards which fixed our problem. We were ready to race the next day and be in the running. Sunday we went out and started first. It was looking promising until I was yelling at Troy at the pits to go faster and he came in after 10 laps. The clutch was slipping so bad we couldn't hold power. The oil from the rear main was getting too bad on the clutch disc that it was just greasy. At that point we packed up and was able to make it home before it got dark out. Thanks to all the ChumpStaff (Dan, Phil, Dana, Katherine, Mike, and Al) along with all the volunteers who can make this happen. This was my 3rd race weekend out of the past 4 weeks and I am exhausted. Time to regroup and get back after it for BIR.