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  1. The big cars are the most fun I have ever had road racing . They dont stop well, turn consistent, and you cant see out of them. Yes, very hard to pass but great racing . As far as the segments. Now they run hard for each segment and are truly racing for 400laps. Instead of cruising around trying to miss the wrecks. I like it.
  2. Welcome, Leave the cage , add some nice base plates and a dash bar . Make sure that any muffler on that POS is stainless and not mounted under the fuel filler . The normal cost is about 250$ per hr. Less if you make it the full race, as that means that you still have a running car. !! Dont buy a full days worth of fuel for the first couple of races. Buy about 3 stops worth .. Find a couple of well funded idiots,AKA team mates and go race.
  3. VW Scirocco HP SCCA car TVR with Rover V8, Toyota 1600 Corolla B sedan Chumper Ranger with Chevy power, Nissan brakes
  4. Looks like my TVR. Now I need to get that thing going .. VW, Toyota, Chumper, TVR. when wil it stop?
  5. The L98 has alloy heads and FI. Should only add 80# over the Nissan . Plus the entire engine is behind the axle, stuffed back pretty far. It is 51% rear weight . 22Gals should make 2hr without pain. We can port the things that slow it down . It will be on Microsquirt. Having points may allow an intake change but still want to keep the FI . I can use a Holly to pass air and still use the injectors .
  6. My favorite part; " pull the pin!! " We dont need to see wrecked cars , we dont need to see our stupid hits, Etc. We want to see 125 cars taking the green @ Daytona, or COTA, If you want positive results, grab some segments from the racers and string some together. Is there anyone who would not want some of their vids used?
  7. WE broke 3- ZX300 trans in 3 years.24hrs each MOL . A couple of guys are not easy on them . Synchro s were the initial soft spot, then bearings, finally 5th gear @ Daytona . Sold wimpy Nissan engine/trans, ready to install BA Chevy with 4 spd. Or 3 spd.
  8. Pretty sure they;ll be shifting for Indy.
  9. There is one of the 3 , 7/8 scale Montes, in Plant City. Looks just like any other until you park it next to a stocker.
  10. E 85 chumper..
  11. The soft bushings promote rear steer both ways. You get a tiny bit of toe out with load. Works nice and unloads the front tire at turn in. Just like my inclined leafs. ( 125# ,with track bar) . I'm gunna test with the 3 spd and maybe 308. Put this truck together because it has a nice frame, front end and 19 gal tank. The Mustang wheels fit from the Nissan and the BA Nissan brakes are on it. 200 pts and 19 gal tank where the requirements.
  12. The T5 spins the drive shaft and rear gear pretty fast( hot) . I am trying to slow that stuff down and use a larger/slower pinion gear @ direct drive trans . We have a 410 now .
  13. Maybe we have points to do a carb body on performer, drilling the injector holes and running megasquirt . The L 89 gets us under the swap deal @ 245HP.
  14. I drove a 89 Vette quite a bit on track @ WGI. Maybe 500miles or more. The owner paid my way to instruct. But to be honest I have no idea what I shifted at. Are you saying that it is all done by 5000RPM? I was thinking more like shift @ 5500 and let it run to 6000 when needed.