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  1. The 3800 works really nice. Simple .
  2. Mine are all 4in letters. seem to work fine @ 100ft.
  3. Love the track sticker idea. Also the Daytona vision thing is real. We remove all of the upper stuff to see further up the track, limited by the mirror and upper cross bar. In fact I have to remember to remove the wink mirror.
  4. Please post up some links and save our asses. Include how high the jump was. Thanks,MM
  5. Chump, Please correct the value of sheet/roll plastic to reflect actual cost and to differentiate it from lexan. The actual cost of rolled plastic about about $1.50 per square foot or less. The cost of lexan is about 8-10$ /sqft. The roll plastic makes body work easy and cost effective. Valuing it at equal to or less then Plywood make it more in line with actual cost. Thankyou. MM I emailed this to the Petition address. listed . If some one would put it together cleaner, that may help. if it is good as is please write a note in support. Thanks,MM
  6. About once a year we get the same question RE spacers, adapters. Offset is offset. Look around for wheel adapter failure. I have never seen one .
  7. The RVA company clearly has very little time working with cars and car racers. Look at some racing pictures and see how big the graphics have to be to be useful.
  8. Tire rack sells Hawk. Ours are about 140 or less .DTC60 or Blue.
  9. Bob, my book specifically says to not use relays in race cars . Relays are not vibration ,heat, etc tolerant. Use a BA switch for anything that has to run. As far as the used engine, if you are comfortable cleaning up and looking at the bearings, go through it. Clean it up, change the oil pump and see how it runs. My limit is the thrust bearing. If the TB is junk or looks hot , get another engine. Using an auto trans engine is usually a better choice also due to the lack of overevving and more common oil changes. If not get another. That engine is the result of non synthetic oil not being changed. Gunk city.
  10. Windshield , wind screen, front glass., The Gt cars have a removable front windshield for access to the dash goodies,master cylinders etc. They also cover the low mounted MCs with tire crap. But are easy to service.
  11. Depends on if the screen comes off and whats in front of the pedals. Top mounts suck if you cant get to them . The TA/GT cars moved to bottom mount for CG optimization.
  12. If you are on stock springs, by all means cut the fronts 1.5 coils. You can also cut the rears a little and remove the rubber ducky thing under it. It gets much better.
  13. Very little weight moves , less than 25# per axle. @ 2 in of change. The rear roll center moves up and the roll couple line changes , Rolling onto the outer rear tire more, reducing understeer. but also reducing inside rear tire load. Keep the car as low as you can . Double check the alignment values, add rear spring rate 600 spring = about 350 wheel. I thought that my car was good on 500 rears and 450 fronts.
  14. Still, how do we get the roll plastic at a reasonable value, IE, not at the lexan value?
  15. Is it loose? or is the rubber moved? Please post a pick. Thanks,MM Soory about the font. not on my usual keypad.