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  1. Remove the bars and adjusters. Replace with spacers on the Billys. Coleman makes a spacer that fits the Bilstein and you can add a tube spacer above the C cclip . This should get you under 500 . Shox and springs are free , The car came with the 1.8, what engine is ion it now/? Send them to me if you want. I can set them up for about 250 /4
  2. You could pretty easy cross them over each other and be stronger . And meet the rule.
  3. Current drivers; 12 Chev van, tow device 12 CTS wife hauler, 87 VW Custom Golf Father/ Son build. Kid left it with me instead of cruisin it in Michigan. wide body, ful race suspension. I use it for tire testing data collection. 92 Miata. Date night car . nice Race cars RTR, 2000 Ford Ranger Chumper Truck 87 VW SCCA HP Production, National contender 74 Toyota Corrolla HP and B Sedan almost done. 72 TVR , ex DD , needs total rebuild today. Soon Parts cars dont count for me .2-3-Bicycles, old cool pit bikes/ cycles another page .
  4. I would much rather race overnight. 8 to 8 for a 12. way better than a 12 hr day race. Rain gets it even better .
  5. I had a 58 C60 Apache with 350 car engine . Made into a ramp truck from a 28 ft horse truck. Hauled 2 Buick Stock cars easy but stopped rather poorly. Used the shop pickup and little trailer for one car races . Truck and trailer rides 1000% better than any ramp truck. Before the 58 Chevy, had the Dynosour, 47 Dodge cab on a 57 Chevy frame Single car ramp truck. Used a 110 volt scaffold winch mounted in the bed and carried 200 ft of cord... Ramp trucks suk if the car wont start. Both trucks just had to make the trip to Spencer Speedway from Rochester,NY 40 miles maybe. The secret service made me move the trucks from along the highway when the President passed. 1982, 83,84 maybe.
  7. The accumulator works better than a baffled or trap door pan, and can make more power by allowing the oil level to be lower. Pics wont load, Ilink to my FB page in a minute. FWIW if you mount it inside the car and you can feel it get hot, you know it works.
  8. Checkper above for binding. Maybe you can swap the steering arms or something that changes the ride height angle of the joint.
  9. Put the stock front bar back on and remove the rear bar. Works better with the Chump tires and keeps you under 500pt.
  10. Yes. the vertical pipe works fine. I used it with my turbo cars and it keeps the oil light out for about 10 secs post shutdown. 3/8in lines works great with no valve at all, just a T near the oil filter. If the oil line is too big you loose too much pressure on hot starts, but the 3/8 seems to work great . It saved many races.. i used to have a link posted here for pics of it . I still have one and could post a couple of pics if you like. 10in of pipe is enough .
  11. I have been on John from the begining about the name. It is what it is. Now we have Chumpcast live tho. Frumpcar would be better. But in reality, real men just want to race.
  12. Under the heat shield they all look the same..
  13. Turn to a T3 Garret , use mobile one and some sort of accusump . Do the usual balance shaft delete. Itl fly.
  14. The early days of stock cars and sportscars, the tires lasted the entire race. Some guys cut holes in the RF fenderwell so that they could see the tire.
  15. The simple fix for the "single" X bar, is a 1 ft horizontal tube under the X.