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  1. Use a BB Garret.@ 9#. Trim the ECU for retard with a knock sensor. Run some sort of intercooler. Avoid water injection for the Chump races . IMHO. I can get it to work. 16 gal of fuel per 1:50 .
  2. That undercamber is very draggy on Bills's foil. Also , the spoiler is very draggy VS lift when you can use a wing . Always use a wing, not a deck lid spoiler. Flat bottom or slightly cambered can be set for very little drag. While still being able to make some seriuos lift when tipped up .
  3. Stuff that helps the car go faster should be points. Stuff that helps the car race all day should not be points. Big rads, oil coolers accucsumps, all should be free IMHo. Springs, shox, bars, headers, should be added pts. Edit check = works.
  4. How can we elect the board ? We need new peeps there.
  5. If the lines are free.. Make a steel line about 10ft long, run around the chassis. Tab it hard to the frame and use the car as a heat sink.
  6. Airplanes work on High aspect ratios and foils. Cars are low er and run more AOA for the most part.
  7. Edit, at track days take rides in Miatas and well driven cars. Many of the The P cars and some of the BMWs will be fast but poorly driven. Simply walk downpit road with helmet and thumb up. You can meet the nicest drivers this way.
  8. Per above. Get some track days with a good group. Chin, BMW club etc. Put in two seats and add a muffler to your Chumper or use a street car. Do your home work for the track. Watch the Spec Miata races , as they are the best drivers anywhere. After that, get "Harrys Lap timer" and figure it out. Do track days with an instructor or the team mate that is the fastest in your car. Swap seats and notes until you get close to the same lines and lap times.
  9. I can dismount at the normal speed but the remount takes a day or so.
  10. Those West coast guys are racing mopeds.
  11. Of course you can also shim the diff to match the trans output shaft angle . Be careful in the straight in angle also. as it is easy to get the engine a little off center and mess up the drive shaft phasing. Why are some BMW shafts set up 15* off phase?
  12. The foil will be 15 X 65 in . Shipped cut in half. I will do a 600# pressure airfoil . Something similar to a 23012. Maybe a little flatter bottom. The "wing kit" will only include the foam cores. The foam cores will need to be epoxied to the 1X2 spar and covered with fiber glass, paper or carbon fiber. I can add a build sheet and recommend a tip plate and strut design. My shop is very busy with good paying race stuff , I will not get a peek at this for another week. I still need 10 orders for any action . I see maybe 4 . Calls get priority . Thanks,MM
  13. The fastest guys goes first most of the time. Turns out that being quick goes hand in hand with keeping your head outofass. Resulting in less contact. In the old days of rental drivers, the first to pay the full cost went first. Other times we just rotate the option and some guys defer to the couple of fast guys.
  14. If he just got it to work, how are 12 peeps in front of him?
  15. The stock disc have sprung centers. The race disc are often solid center.