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  1. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Might be the mechanical spinning of the alt accounting for the 2HP. Dyno definitely shows more than 2 and less then 5 HP.
  2. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    I run cars on the dyno a bit. I ran a VW with a field wire hooked to the fan switch . No charge until you turn the fan and alt on. 2-3HP loss , charging.. It was enough that I made a full Throttle switch that cut the alt for one of the early SCCA cars. Later/now I use 3 batteries and no alternator. 4HP . is a lot on 125. Maybe 1.5 sec per lap @ Sebring. I learned the field wire deal withe ministock . Run non charging for the race and turn the fan and alt on as we roll through tech. The cam rule was it had to draw 17 in vacuum . Charging hard with e fan on dropped the idle to the 1000 and the wild cam made it through tech. Won many of the races .
  3. Pics and direction would help. As long as you have the 40 , you should run fine. The rail is fed before the FPR returns the fuel to the tank. My guess is that you have a gauge in the wrong place. No reason for a gauge at the FPR return line. It should be zero to 4 # as it returns. Maybe the FPR has a vacuum port for corection? ED, Mediocre minds think similar.
  4. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Yes ABS. If I could get all of mine to work, I would run the ABS for sure.
  5. Airflow inside the car... a teach me thread....

    Nice find on the airplane scoop parts. I tried the NACA ducts in the A pillar but found no air. We use a roof scoop that sticks foreward over the glass a little bit. My pilot guy driver bitches about slowing the truck down . But I believe in nice cool fresh air . The added air pressure inside has to reduce the exhaust gas / engine fumes, intrusion. The roof scoop allowed us to not use a cool suit for 3 years. But that was the big scoop .
  6. What have you spent to keep up?

    Built the Ranger with the long term goal of V8 power of some sort. Maybe 5K for the swap to Chevy cheap power , with ECU, exhaust trans , gear change ( stock) . The truck is about 15K total at this point. But the numbers are competitive. 22 gal, 250 HP, big brakes, handles great. Big wing. Whats not to like ?
  7. Tight,= easy to go fast for many drivers.
  8. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    The CTS is full independent and over sprung from the factory . They handle like a 4 dr Vette.
  9. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Talk to Maybe Dan Sycks (SP) . Big money car wont stop for all race. Fact it may be the car in the above picture.
  10. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Some team in the NE tried to race an ex Wold challenge car and the WC brakes were/ are continually problematic. The car is big and heavy , stops poorly. I dont think that they have run well in the AER races. Check the results for AER Glen. My wifes handle swell and goes like hell tho.
  11. SCCA has added Chumpemons , ITEZ rules . Any legal Chumpcar can run. Must pass the SCCA safety rules. They can also run most of the enduros . 90 min etc. The PNW and NE areas of SCCA receive us the best.
  12. Thanks.. I went and boarded the big window. I should be pretty good under 80mph .
  13. Mark, my house is full, but I have parking for one more camper at my house. 11 miles from the Gulf and @ 75 ft alt. About 1/2 hr North of tampa, just west of RT 41 . Spring hill, 34609 call me if you need a spot. Happy to have you as I know you wil bring beer. WE are down to the last 24 of Jai Lai . Plenty of Light tho. Cheaper than water.