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  1. Some day I'm gonna get to tell Tony Stewart but this epic day I had racing his dad on some stupid-fast lawnmowers at Indy. and I can't wait.
  2. It's always been 100% relative. From snowmobiles to RC airplanes, people pay what they can afford. What's affordable to you, might not be affordable to me. If you take your ego out of it (not you, any of us) racing in any form is utterly affordable. If you want to win, that's what costs you. And that's your ego talking. I have my fair share of ego based spending to reflect on (being on TV amplified it many many times over). Any of us could put a car together for virtually any motorsport on the planet. Your level of competitiveness, that's what costs you the money. you can buy a dirt bike on craigslist for $200 and go to the track. You can pick up a new state of the art bike at a dealer for $9000. either way, you're racing. It's not a rich mans sport to race. Racing is cheap. It's a more expensive endeavor if you want to win. Your ego is not your friend. To this day, as a racer, landing Scotts as sponsor is what I would consider a career highlight. I put the whole deal together myself and we drove out to Ohio to sign the contract at Scotts corporate and put on a show. I think this was more impressive (to me) than the McDonalds deal. Any one of those mowers is faster than the fastest race quad you could pick up at Honda or Yamaha. I spent a LOT of money on engines and development. And THAT is what comes with TV and your ego. I had the head of Home Depot on speed dial. At the time, I was talking to the same head dude that Tony Stewart talked to. That deal didn't go through, but it was 7 figures without the decimal point. And it almost went through our PR company inked it all up and they were sooooooo smooth. It would have taken us to full time job-hauler-crew, etc. TV and ego.... TV opened up a TON of doors and made things a LOT easier to get meetings with people. Being the ten time national champions and winning 50% of the televised events didn't hurt either. I set up and had meetings with the marketing heads of Taco Bell, Camps, Hooters, etc. I was nearly responsible for Hooters canceling the ARCA series when they were the main sponsor. Side note, Scotts corporate (not surprisingly) had THEE best lawn and grass I'd ever seen in person. This was Indy 2000. We won it all.. I got to race with Nelson Stewart (Tonys dad). Wiley old dude, he was no slouch.
  3. The Kia was a little to 'girlie' so I picked up a Miata.
  4. hard to say. Fernando has been unbelievably humble and gracious in all his interviews. He hasn't put a foot wrong anywhere. At some point you'd expect a driver to say, "I'm the best there is, I wake up and piss excellence". Nope, he's been VERY calculated, smooth and humble. And I suppose in the big picture, as a driver, you don't win new fans by telling indy fans how easy it is and you expect to kick ass because your a world champion from a different series. He's been super cool with the "I have a lot to learn about driving on an oval, and working with the car and the team, still lots to learn". He's doing everything perfectly, from a make new fans perspective. Hell, we had an all McLaren/Honda *swag* Chirstmas around our house, and that kind of thing adds up. I know I talked to some of the crew for Steve Kinser (back in the day, hell, I don't even know if he's still around) but they told me at a big event it was nothing to sell $50,000+ worth of swag after a race. And that's right there out of the trailer. Truly, if he wants to own even more fans, struggle through the race, not win, but pop it on the podium. Then the fans want to see if the nice new guy can eventually win if he comes back. Also doesn't alienate any indy fans by winning his first time out. Then add in a year of "we will see", to whip the fans into a frenzy and keep Alonso in the motorsport news for something other than a 15th place finish or pictures of the car leaking fluids while dangling from a crane. White shirts never stay white for long.... Mini Alonso in old livery.
  5. in the middle of the second row. A massive Alonso Sandwich.... *EEEEEK*.
  6. I want to stop everything I'm doing and put it all in the dumpster and order one of these.
  7. Just got this in my email. I'm in love!!!!! http://www.factoryfive.com/galleries/type-65-coupe/gen-3-type-65-coupe-r/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Factory Five Racing, Inc.&utm_content=May-June-2017-Shows \
  8. Fernando, up to 4th fastest. Whoohoo! Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/indycar/2017/05/18/fernando-alonso-looking-milliseconds-goes-fourth-fastest-indy/
  9. It's a six pack of beer, a candy bar or a burger... It's okay to let yourself be "manipulated". Keeps things fresh! I don't particularly care about the McRib at all. BUT, when they announce it's back, I get one. Because it's fun and topical. I'm all for keeping the engine behind the driver. Until you spend some time with a drive shaft spinning between your legs with your nutsack riding the back side of ring and pinion, you don't know what you're missing. Rear engine is okay by me (approved by the old Twig and Berries).
  10. Yea, but did you buy an "indydog"?
  11. Here's my entire financial support of Indy. My son and I stopped there in like 1999 or 2000 coming back from a race. We took the tour, road the bus around the track and spent $10 on two "indydog" hot dogs. Not gonna lie, it tasted like the truck stop hotdogs I'm used to. But I was grateful for the experience.
  12. So maybe you and your friends (not watching commercials) is the reason for what you describe? Me? I am an advertisers dream. I see a commercial for something I forgot about like a Cadbury chocolate egg, I'm out the door. I bought Dos Equis recently because I like the commercials. if I want to see more companys making commercials that make me laugh, I need to support them. And if I don't have a real opinion on a product in that category, who cares what it is. I came real close to buying a Kia because I enjoyed the Hamster related commercials. USAC? Let me ask you, I gave a quick look over there. are you suggesting that f1600 and f2000 cars are where Indycar teams should be looking? I can buy a used F2000 car for 1/2 the price of a new pickup. I don't know that I should be in an indy car, based on my ability to swing $30 grand on what is a toy for a lot of us and good time. It's like a snowmobile or a dirtbike.
  13. I was thinking there's probably more garbage, dust and klagg up near the wall.
  14. I disagree, viewership is viewership and they have to come from somewhere. Maybe some will stick, maybe some won't. Most of us won't contribute to indycar sponsors!?!?!? I shop at Menards to support the brand. And related, I own several of every Honda vehicle made between 1989-1996. (Honda and chevy engines power the Indy cars). I even INTENTIONALLY buy Newmans products at the store. Sometimes at double the price. Why? because I believe in his story and the company and how they funnel down the profits to the kids. It's not a car Fernando built, so when you ask what will his car do?! What the heck kind of question is that? You know it's not the same car, right? This is a reasonably big deal. and Indy is smart to get behind it, and they are. Watch all the news feeds from all over the world. There is big chatter about indycar this year, ONLY because of Fernando! Right or wrong, it is what it is. The fans of motorsport are eager to see this, and I'd say most are incredibly eager to see how it plays out. I've been watching youtube videos from all the practice days, and just finished watching a few hours tonight. I'm pretty excited about it despite the fact that I don't care for Indycar. maybe I'll be a fan before it's over. and that's a win for indycar and it's sponsors.
  15. Every so often I get this feeling, "I could do that, these guys are suckers". I dunno, this video may have just burst my bubble. The camera perspective is perfect to imagine yourself in the cockpit. I think I'm good where I am... I'm just trying to get myself acusstomed to indycar before the indy500 in a few weeks.