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  1. Road America fall race

    It's something the Porsche club puts together at the highway patrol training facility. It's a big place. It's what started the road race bug for me (that weekend, that video). Seems like a no brainer, 8 seconds in a drag car...OR... 8 hours in a road race car. Pretty good value as these kinds of things go.
  2. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Man... when did you guys get so gullible? The other real problem with that engine shown is there are NO spark plugs. No way that's gonna work. I say machine some spots for spark plugs into that head and it will probably develop more power.
  3. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Probably just needs a bigger turbo.
  4. 2X rule

    unrelated, I just wanted to add that "Bobby J" was my DJ name at the radio station I worked at in the 70's. Your ID name gave me a flashback...
  5. Road America fall race

    I miss that car.
  6. Road America fall race

    None of us ever do. well, just to add my 2 cents, I have a large amount of passes in 12 to 14 second Honda's. Well over 300. Any B-series engines that fits the rules is going to have a hard time making the necessary power to run 13's. And that 13 flat happened on slicks not 180tw tires, (possibly with an LSD, not an open diff) shifting at 8500-9000rpm, I'm gonna all but guarantee that. which means you'll be plopping down the straightaway, short shifting at say 7000-7500 on an 8500rpm tuned engine and about 20-30hp short as well. BUT, as with all things, who knows, maybe the D.A. was 2000 feet below sea level on that day. Power to weight. You can make a pencil sharpener run in the 10's if you can spin it fast enough. also, you're a gallon of fuel short at 10.9 of what a civic gets11.9 (unless that changed in the rules, I haven't been following along lately). I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying you should know what you are up against. Our last (fun drag civic) was putting out 186 to the wheels on a GSR with every bolt on item you could buy and tune for. Here is exactly what an $8000 GSR sounds like at redline on a roadcourse. This was the weekend in 2012 that I gave up on drag racing to go road racing. The appeal of seat time was just to great. This car would run consistent 13-2 to 13.4 and if the air was good like a 13.05@105 shifting at 9200. We eventually put the rods through the block on this very day. That CRX mentioned above may have run a 13 on slicks on a prepared surface banging redline, but you won't be driving it that way in an endurance race on 180tw tires and 10.9 gallons of fuel on a stock tank. That's James Rowen of the Socket Monkeys team in the passenger seat. At this point, in the car, we are 50% of all the Chump and LDRL drivers in the state.... with my son and John being the other 2.
  7. Hurricane Irma

    I've seen about 20-30 various pictures like this. Ya gotta wonder if it would help? Seems plausible.
  8. I initially viewed it as a rolling trailer-trash show. After being on the train a bit I thought, "this is awesome!!" I can get up, walk around, do stuff, read, it was kinda cool. It was like a big rolling RV full of strangers. And some of you are pretty damn strange... My grandpa road it one time for a long distance and paid what I felt was a ridiculously largm amount of money for a sleeping car "thingy-spot". I don't remember the exact number, but I recall hearing the number and saying, "WHAT, are you kidding me?" and I've rented ski lodges and stayed in Trump tower (met the comedian Larry Miller in the lobby). And then saw him later that night at a comedy club. I got to spend a minute with him at the club after his set, which was practice for being on some late night talk show. I got to thank him for the movie "Max Keebles big move". My kids liked the movie and it was a cute kid friendly movie. He appreciated being appreciated for being family friendly (in case that's been keeping any of you up at night).
  9. I had to run to the door of the train and meet him on the platform. It's kind of a whistle-stop, it's fast, 60-90 seconds and they're on their way again. He was standing there like he was gonna board. I had to run down the platform a ways, he was at the wrong car. People trying to load the train are looking at the delivery guy like, "you think that guys getting on the train with those pizzas"?
  10. I heard David Muir mention Montana and million acres down and an quick pic of the 20,000 acre fire. So that was nice.
  11. Fun fact, I was on that train one time and ordered 10 pizzas from the Havre Dominoes to be delivered to the train station when we blew threw there on our way to go Skiing. I was doing the math on when to call, so the pizzas arrived at the train platform about 1 minute before the train/we did. The Train got delayed 10 miles out of Havre for whatever "cows on the tracks" reason. Everybody in the car heard what I was doing, ordering pizzas, pleading with the dude, etc, trying to put this deal together. It became a community effort. I called the Pizza guy every 5 minutes (I finally got the number from the main store that got tired of me calling every 5 minutes from the train) and begged him not to leave, the train was delayed. He stuck around for about 40 minutes on the train platform in Havre and I flipped him a $50 tip. I rolled back into our part of the train like a BOSS carrying a stack of pies! I got a round of applause walking through the car and shared them with the car and some of the crew. I actually ran a peice to the lady that was running the snack bar at the back of the train. She was walking through when I was in the middle of it all and cheekily said to save her a piece. So I did. It's like we all won the lottery that day. Give it a shot. Put a pizza delivery deal together from a moving train with a 60-90 second delivery window.
  12. My brother-in-law works at some building in Havre that fixes train cars. his wife was some kind of dispatch for BN. He keeps an album in his phone of the most amazing train graffiti I've ever seen. That would be a fun part of the job for me. i enjoy train graffiti, but not that impossible to read logo stuff. Show me some art, impress me!!!
  13. We're 165 East of Havre on Highway 2.
  14. The whole state of Montana seems to be on fire. Over 1,000,000 acres burned or burning. ABC news pops up a story about 5,000 acre fire in California, what a slap in the face. Million acres, not a mention. Apparently Montana is invisible. We're in the middle of the most extreme drought on record. I've got trees in my yard turning yellow and dying. Never seen that before. I believe we are at .4" of rain, total since April. It's a desert out here. The grass across from my house crumbles in your hand. They are talking potentially no precipitation for several more months, or until the snow flies... if we get snow. I live in the center of that RED spot on the map below. air quality all throughout the state is questionable.