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  1. You mean to suggest that I'd get Paid to stroke it?!?!!? (Like a sucker I've been doing it for free.)
  2. He's back again today. His taste is improving this setup sells for $1199 -------------------------------- Hello stormerhobbies, My name is tXXXXXXX or better known as tXXXXXX XXXXXX on YouTube this is my first video. I make electronic and rc car videos. it would mean a lot to me if you could give me the NEW-Traxxas-X-MAXX-8S-4WD-Brushless-RTR-Truck-BLUE-w-6700MAH-4S-BATTS-amp-CHARGE i will review it and recommend it to my fans.i will leave my youtube link and the product link. Youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/(edited) Thank you. TXXXXXX
  3. This happens to us a few times a month. I got this one a few minutes ago. Hello stormerhobbies, My name is TXXXXXX or better known as TXXXXXX XXXXXX on YouTube this is my first video. I make electronic and rc car videos. it would mean a lot to me if you could give me the Traxxas 2993 EZ-PEAK LIVE Charger with (2) 6700mAh 14.8v 4S Batteries for X-MAXX. I will make a review on the product and recommend it to my fans! Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/(edited by Bob)................... Thank You, TXXXXXX -------------------------------------- So, here we go. This person claims to make "Electronic and RC car videos". Then says this will be his first. The item he wants me to give him is $300. He has no fans, has not produced a single video and already says he will recommend it (what if it sucks? way to be objective.). He says he's better known as TXXXXX XXXXXX on youtube. I poked all over youtube in various ways, he's not done one single thing. Let me say that again... Not one single thing, and has not even bothered to post an icon picture on his empty youtube channel. He actually dropped his note to us through eBay. Of which he's been a member for 2 days, no feedback, never bought, never sold, no listings. I wonder if people like this just assume that nobody ever follows up, or looks.
  4. lol... those initial "fails" were largely because of me believing Johns "schpeel". Get a junkyard engine, run that crap, it's all anybody does. Come on out, WHOO-HOO!!! After 3-4 massive fails, you figure out that Junkyard "line" is crapola. followed by bad injectors. since then, not awful. I'm very happy with what we've done.
  5. And THAT is why you have a cooler full of ice in the car for your "cool shirt"!
  6. It actually sold for $5,000. Only guy to make an "I'm on my way with cash in hand" offer. He's an unrelated to 'road racing' guy. He's gonna daily it... *whew*. Would have been a beastly car in the WRL or the LDRL.
  7. Nope, your man had a "wife" situation. lol... Been there. Cool dude, I talked to him on the phone a few times.
  8. Nice! I fell in love with mine, fun car.
  9. what year? I believe the new ones are huge. I weighed mine (below) with half a tank of gas at #1850.
  10. Sold my insight last week, the world is safe again. (I did love that car though)
  11. My problem is my auto immune system is broken. I'm not immune to crappy auto stuff.
  12. Silverstone *COUGH* .... I've noticed Alonso has had flawless performance from this Kawasaki engine. Somebody get this thing to the Honda engineer. Yes, I said engineer, singular. There is NO WAY there is more than one person working on the Honda engine program.