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  1. long story. Made for TV "reality".
  2. and give Chief a chance to win back some of that money he keeps losing to Kye Kelly.
  3. That's probably one engine, I'd have to move 30 to do that...
  4. How critical is baffling the pan if you use the accusump?
  5. I dunno.... you can never have to many extension cords.
  6. I'm working on it. It's a 12 step program
  7. Been there, done that. Actually had people feel we were wussies for stopping mid race (at the 36) to catch a nap for safety reasons. I suspect those same people would have been singing a different tune if our exhausted driver drove straight through them at the end of a long straight. I'm still a little chapped by that... what are we in 4th grade? A team calling it done, due to safety. Teased. Dumbasses..... Most people were cool about it. I can make that trophy myself and the $1500 purse ain't worth my neck or the car. We just don't have a big enough team for the long races. Seems as others do. But now we know and avoid the long ones.
  8. No kidding. We're building this 350Z... freaking hood is $700.... I got spoiled with all the cheap Honda Love.
  9. Just my observation, I was of the impression the west guys liked odd hour races, like 7 compared to 8. That sort of thing.
  10. ...pfft.... 23 from here. toughen up...:P another 1000 miles puts us at Daytona!
  11. Like I mentioned, I have no idea. Never run with them, don't follow it. just was aware of the one fuel concept.
  12. I suppose with our stint limits could you make back the time if you're car was 5-10 seconds faster a lap? I guess we have Lemons data to look at. I know there are a lot of folks here that play with those folks and would know the particulars. I got no dog in this fight. Chump don't come here no more.