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  1. FWIW, my experience (with fumes) was improved once we added a back window in the Camaro, but honestly it wasn't that bad to begin with. I'm interested in it from a perspective of driver comfort, but as long as the cool suit is working correctly, that handles the big chunk of keeping the driver sane.
  2. Cool pit cart

    I'd DD the hell out of that as a grocery getter! And use it as a pit cart. I'll keep an eye on the price, I doubt it will go for under 4k, if it does I might be owning that sucker.
  3. This is Chumpcar homie, we don't use dealership prices looks under 2x to me...
  4. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    7 years of Chump and I don't ever recall squaring up a tire during a race, no ABS Lincoln or Camaro (Camaro was a 22lb + savings off the nose). There was the very first time we switched to Carbotech's and @LEADSLEDLINCOLN "bedded" in the pads on brand new tires - well we wont talk about that since it was technically not "a race" Brake modulation man!
  5. Official Sebring Fall 2017

    Maybe we should come up with an emergency recirc system called "the happy wife happy life emergency water heater", just hook it up to the race car and heat the water to 180° - BAM! Race car just became a necessity
  6. Fair point, honestly, it might have been easier since I already had it mounted external. But, whatever pump you use better be designed to lift. These baby Walbro's aren't really meant to do that. Another issue, that I have zero scientific proof of, is we've experienced performance issues with both the Facets and possibly the Walbro. Is it the heat combined with asking the pump to lift 14"+ on an empty tank? Will heat have an effect on any pump trying to lift externally? I do not know. Having the pump in-tank should make it a best-case scenario. The high pressure pump is gravity fed, so it has a reasonably easy job. Plus, I have a pile of these Walbro's. The one I put in the tank was actually out of the Lincoln, RIP homie <sniff sniff>, I'll keep the old Walbro as a spare. Plus I have another spare. I acquire a lot of crap in this hobby. Amazon Prime + race car = lots of spares
  7. To those with back windows and NACA ducts, does the air being pumped in cause any issues with pressurizing the cabin? I would assume the area of air passing over the car still has a net evacuation effect?
  8. Haayyyy how about that in-tank lift pump! Was contemplating multiple bracketing scenarios... "duh", keep it simple stupid! Welded a nut to the bottom of the stud plate, made a threaded rod bracket, use a jam nut (not that it can actually rotate), hose clamp on the pump body.
  9. Official Sebring Fall 2017

    Wait - you have a generator big enough to run a water heater??? Only water heater mine will run is the coffee maker
  10. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Biggest unknown would be the 3.6 LY7 as a "race" platform, not seeing a lot of info out there for abuse/racing. I suppose it is like anything else - keep extra oil in it and keep it under 250°??? I did find this from here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/v6-3-0-3-2-la3/78914-performance-mods-3-6-ly7.html i have done everything that is available in australia,cai, k&n filter, extractors, high flow cats, performance exhaust, and a custom tune.currenlty 236.3rwhphttp://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/community-lounge-introductions-general-discussion/112762-hello-australia.htmlany one making cams yet?
  11. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Had a little unexpected help this evening. Got to the shop after work, just happened to hear the faintest sound, I must have been on my "eagle ears" game. Huh. Ignored it. I must have been subconsciously intrigued enough to stand still and drink a water for a minute. Heard it again (2400 sq ft shop), the slightest sound of some sort of movement. Is it a dragon fly or bug bouncing off a florescent light? A rodent? Something outside the building brushing against the wall? Nope. 48" Diamond back in the back of the shop. WTFFFFFfffff. Needless to say, this took a few minutes to resolve. Tried a couple of ideas to see if there was any relocation services or some sort of program that needs poisonous snakes for venom or something. Couldn't find anything and I sure as hell could not release him into the neighborhood with kids and pets, etc. So he made his way to the worse possible spot - behind the raw material rack of course. Chased him out with a single shot of .410 #4 shot, then he exposed his head long enough to get him with a shovel. Hated to do it, a very pretty snake, but he was a big boy, there no way we could take any chances. So after getting my nerves calmed the eff down, I managed to get a little work done, but not much. Exhaust complete, misc nut & bolt under car complete, new clutch slave/master ready to go in first thing tomorrow after work, will complete brakes. Decided to keep the car up high on the lift, hopefully out of snake reach It is a week before Sebring, no sweat
  12. That is for sure the best way to hook a car enthusiast and ensure they have a blast at the track - put them over the wall with an extinguisher in their hand!!
  13. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    I'm pretty sure GM/Borg didn't plan on someone dropping it 3x a year either lol. I think the biggest issue was the tranny having gender identity issues straightened out those silly 10mm to some good ol' fractional 3/8-16 threads to match the bellhousing-to-block bolts. Murica. We deal in H.P., not N m/s. You don't gun-drill all of your bolts???