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  1. Sounds like a great story @ Grassroots
  2. On a more serious note (is that possible here?), I am honestly not too choked up about driving around town 14 hours before a 14 hour race the more I think about it......
  3. Dunkin' Doughnuts has gated & secured parking
  4. Nooooooooo I might actually try to be an example for the right reason for a change ( Hey David, this is the little voice in your head...... don't get ahead of yourself self pal. We'll see..........)
  5. WWDCD? (What would Delma Cowart do)
  6. Sweet, as long as everything goes normal ( ) then I would definitely like to take the Camaro over, and probably the Sled too. Ugh, free beer. But if I drive the car, that shall keep me proper. Which is for the better because I think I'm up first Saturday morning......
  7. Quit running into peoples front bumper
  8. Personally I can live with my fuel capacity, it was a trade off going into it, but I knew I didn't have to swap anything, which was my main draw to the platform. It isn't my petition, but as a racer, I have points left over which means they WILL get spent on something (cheaty suspension bits, valve train, headers... I'm undecided...) same as most other racers are doing. Same reason why you swapped to a V8, because you could. If fuel was an option, I'd have to seriously reconsider the go-fast bits. Again, one of the biggest complaints out of everyone is speed creep. Take a look at the rules, that is all they encourage... Maybe I should lobby harder against everything that does not directly benefit me... there is that option
  9. Take a breath, I meant the board would determine the MAX fuel that can be purchased PERIOD, not on a per team basis I was throwing out generic guidelines that could help curtail any YUUGEE advantage going to one particular platform
  10. I agree, no bonus laps or anything like that to make these muddy waters even more muddy... No matter what rule is being talked about, straight forward and easy to understand needs to be the key. I'll add my .02 again regarding using TCV points - add some common sense guidelines such as: - you can't use TCV for fuel if it puts you over 500 points - have a max that a team can add (1 gal, 2 ga, 3 gal, whatever) - make the points hit have some teeth (25 or 30 pts per gal) - dare I add no added fuel if you are a swapped platform??? (see?? all of these rules are self serving )
  11. Well not to be captain obvious, but "duh". If the car was cheated up AND you give it more fuel capacity obviously it would be assumed that it would dominate. But is already isn't legal. Again, not asking a rhetorical question, the Mustang you speak of - any idea what the current TCV of it is?
  12. Got tired of a Jap sedan beating up on him every race
  13. Wasn't that the swapped car that was most likely over 500 pts anyways? And what is their current TCV? Not asking a rhetorical question.
  14. I still don't understand this immediate knee-jerk reaction. Until someone puts the numbers together on what V8 cars are competitive VS their current TCV VS race finishing results then it's pure opinion. Speaking purely from the pony car camp, you'd be hard pressed to build anything with a V8 to be competitive with the top 15% of the field and not be in the mid to upper $400 TCV range and that is under 2017 rules, I was right at $500 last year.
  15. Camaro almost ready to roll. Bed in brakes tomorrow AM. Window installed. Going to cut out another spoiler and start a little smaller on the rear blade...