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  1. The bestest place to start: Short answer - if it meets the Basic Club & Competition Rules then you could probably run it in the Exempt Class without issue (always best to email your regional director or tech to verify), meaning you are running for fun and getting a butt-load of track time for you and a few friends on the cheap. If enough EC cars show up to the event, then they will have a trophy for the winner of the EC class cars.
  2. Ray you will be fine, you won't know the little tricks that the guys that do it every weekend know, but you'll do better than you think. The RallyX we did in the Lincoln is the only type of time trial stuff I've done, and it was TIGHT and with a Lincoln. I said no way in H-E-double hockey sticks will we be able to get that thing around that course without mowing down everything in sight. I hit TWO cones in 6 runs. I wouldn't necessarily seek out an autoX event, but it seems fun enough I wouldn't thumb my nose at it if I had no other opportunity to get my racing rocks off. To me, it is kind of like a track day, I am generally bored (relaxed?) aside from the fact I'm there to learn. Good opportunity for self improvement.
  3. AIV doesn't capture human effort, determination, or excessive skills/talents (or lack thereof).
  4. We routinely lose 10 seconds a pit stop trying to yell thru our helmets trying to e'splain why it doesn't stick to the roof (We are adding a small magnetic plate to the roof with a sticker.) But that is ride height dependant? That is controllable. (I speak of losing adjustment range from pre- to post- weight reduction)
  5. So far in this thread, my questionable "social drinking skills" are the only thing I have going for me.
  6. Any team found to have started the race without a massive hangover shall be penalized 2 laps. Every hour. Until said condition is corrected. #iamdoingitright (this thread could be fun)
  7. That isn't that far, there is still a fair amount of steel in a F-body
  8. Stock tank under the car you are correct, you do not need the firewall. I was still suggesting it just as a debris barrier if you start ending up with holes in the trunk floor, you don't want sand getting all kicked up in there coming back into the cabin area. Bandit is right though, even with the stock tank in the stock location, if you start swiss-cheesing the trunk floor, tech should require the firewall since you've opened up your barrier between you and the OEM tank location. Your firewall goes in the rear seatback area:
  9. Nah man I have a pacemaker, keep that thing away
  10. Just like everyone else said - go nuts on that thing. Double layers in the front fenders (triple in some spots of the Lincoln...), brackets, tabs, core support, inner 1/4 structure, thin up the B-pillar structure (provided your cage provides ample coverage and you are not giving up any safety or intrusion protection), trunk floors (as long as you have the drivers cabin sealed off), skin it to win it baby. That is the beauty of the full frame car. You start skinning up that stuff on a unibody car and you start saying ehhhhhhhh.
  11. I'd acid dip it if there was a service close by
  12. Nahh same problem LOL Do some googling. Custom tune should fix it. For my GM, my options were: 1. Leave all the excess wiring in the car with the body control module and use a resistor (or the oem key) in the system (unacceptable, plus I already ripped it all out ) 2. Custom tune 3. VATS bypass box wired into the PCM At the time #3 was the cheapest and easiest solution, now that there is no tune rule I might not even need it Edit:
  13. 400 must be the magic number, first time around that is exactly what we had with the Camaro from OEM to race ready. Getting a little more out before Sebring, upwards of 40-45 total if I go with that new LiFePO battery. Definitely a declining scale of work-to-weight ratio... you start at about 100# per hour, then you end up at about 1# per 10 hours... I stopped somewhere in the middle.