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  1. Sorry, you must run it over your helmet visor sir (man I love the minimalist approach to that car, it looks angry and ready to do bad things)
  2. I'll add a vote for the clear back ground if possible without adding a ton of expense for RVA since they are doing all the work. Or, if we have the blessings from tech to trim them up a little, it will definitely help the appearance for those of us with contrasting colors. I drive mine around and to car shows. Stickers are cool, stickers and race cars go together like cigars and whiskey, but you gotta "keep it real" man.
  3. Mannnn we are gonna take 1/2" off the sides and shape 'er like a bullet! I dunno if this is true or not either... at race speed, there is seriously not a lot of airflow inside the car, like none actually. So I think it will be ok. I might do some small little a-pillar deflectors too, just to be safe
  4. Hey @LEADSLEDLINCOLN, caught your mirror-driving induced 'moment' @ 23:10 in the above video
  5. That is a good point... I trust the factory GM/Borg-Warner stuff reasonably well, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't check it out to be safe...
  6. We've had clutch "issues" a couple of times now - still TBD if it was a new oil leak that could have been the potential issue at December Sebring, or if it's an actual parts issue, such as weak clamping force. What I have discovered to date is its not that we make too much power, but I am really questioning the durability of cheap import parts. We've had more issues with "stock" parts.... After Sept Sebring I discovered the flywheel was not flat, thus preventing full face engagement of the disk. Nice. So once I get it ripped apart again, I'll assess whether or not we need better parts or not. Key being "better" not "Racey" parts, just something made in America perhaps.
  7. Brake ducting is an open item so there shouldn't be any penalties for that stuff. I do not know if there is a "chumpy limit" regarding in-line fans and/or carbon fiber components being assessed a value... I fab'd up something very similar to what chbright posted in that #1 pic... had some crap galvo sheet laying around so I bent it into a tube, tacked it shut, and started hacking away til it fit then painted it black. Fancy. Camaro is SUPER tight to get ducting to and still be able to go lock-to-lock, like I didn't think it was going to fit, but it does just barely. I had to flatten out the 3" hose into an egg-shape in a section. Personally, I am just as concerned about keeping air flow into the center of the rotor to help keep the hub alive as I am about the brake temps.
  8. Nice video and driving! Also a good reminder to FLOOR IT after you are clear of pit-out, no need to pussyfoot it and give up time for no reason. And super LOL at the Camaro rear axle @ 6:39-6:42
  9. I think Mike just likes watching everyone get all wound up before interjecting... a sick sense of humor I tell ya
  10. Oh yea. Forgot about this new windshield banner too Is that considered "sponsor related" and will be given to us or is that another purchase? I'm going to be up to half my TCV in vinyl
  11. Going off of the crank walk or movement theory, then this makes sense. High RPM's and you suddenly change the load force on the crank from power-on to coast/drag. But it is only on decel and then stabilizes or stays that way at lower driving RPM's/load? I'll be curious to see how this one shakes out for the Jacky Ickx car, this is interesting stuff.
  12. Can someone from Chumpdom confirm if the license plate option will be allowed? It's easy. I'll buy blank from Chumpcar if they sell them, or make my own.
  13. I was thinking rod bolt stretch? But I dunno if/how much that is possible without actually spinning a bearing. To get enough movement in something to have that drastic of a change in o.p., you'd think the issue would resolve itself pretty quickly... But that might be a little over dramatic - like diagnosing indigestion as a heart attack...
  14. Not familiar with those cars - do they use a real gauge or just an idiot gauge that has none, medium and high readings? Try a cheap-o mechanical gauge? Along the lines of what Ed is saying, if you are getting a bigger leak somewhere at speed, what else on those things can "leak"?
  15. That is weird. Stupid question - is the pan baffled? Does it fluctuate at speed? More oil in the pan under slow speeds? More slosh at speed? Pump cavitation at higher speed? What kind of pressure variance are you talking about?