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  1. Just when I thought I had reached the end of the interwebz, another reason to stay up until 1am. Thanks a lot.
  2. You guys are too smart for me. The only thing I did was walk across the shop and Gottingen my lexan from the scrap pile to fab my redneck spoiler.
  3. Nahhhh, I am sure that's what Bill is using, I read it on the forum
  4. I know where you can get a heck of a deal on some good racing gear, no excuses!!!
  5. Also handy if you need an immersion chiller if you happen to be home brewing at the track
  6. And PS to any new people reading this thread, $650 is a bargain for everything, I'm sharing this with a few people.
  7. Yea man, bummer to hear!!! But, your long term health is definitely important, I know a few awesome drivers that had to quit racing due to back surgery or whatnot. Hopefully you will still be around at some of the closer races. If you get the itch to be involved and at the track, you could always come out and play crew chief for us. We need some organization and discipline
  8. So what you are saying is, we should be encouraging everyone to run monster wings, especially at Daytona?
  9. How were the lap times before and after
  10. My .02 from what I think might be right (will be doing more track testing later this year to see) coupled from what I've learned from talking to a couple of people in bonafide racing series where big $$ is spent on this stuff is this: Wing = more df than a spoiler but a wing also = more drag. On a "short track" road course, go nuts with a big wing, on a medium to big track, you might want to rethink and track test the theory of "let's put on as big of a wing as possible"... with 175-300 hp being a "normal operating range" for a competitive chumpcar, I think BIG wings are complete overkill at our HP levels when looking at the complete set-up package as a whole. But, this would not be the first time I've been wrong about a road course set-up. I'll be sure to not share my test results, but I guess whatever is on the car for Sept. Sebring will be a giveaway of which produced the net fastest lap times (for our particular set up & car)
  11. HI Phil, thank you for coming on here and suffering through reading all of our ramblings to help clarify the rules... I would like clarification on the re-purposing of an item for an oil cooler: - If we take the 20 point hit for an added oil cooler, it has been generally accepted that this includes the lines and fittings associated with the cooler. - If we re-purpose an existing item (such as the a/c condenser example), will chumpcar tech still assess a marginal value (such as 5 or 10 points) to all of the plumbing involved? I have no dog in the fight either way, I would just like clarification so everyone is on the same page going forward. Thanks!
  12. Lots of things I wanted to edit afterwards. A fixed edit feature would be nice. I was just going to strike through everything I wrote and put read 2017 BCR 4.3.2, but I am not that smart and took the bait originally
  13. Lots of red bull red bull is not on the TCV list - yet
  14. The 2017 rules were trimmed up in the section discussing mod values VS 2016, it was previously discussed the rulebook would be gone through to clean up wording and verbiage, omit redundancy and add clarification. It is the factory OEM pan that came with the car from GM, I added wings to myself in chumpy spirit instead of running out and buying a $400 race pan and passing it off for home-made (pan was fab'd end of 15 or early 16, cant remember), why would I value it any differently than materials per section 4.3.2? 2016 and 2017 rules posted for YOY comparison of wording:
  15. Don't feel bad, I'm dumb enough to have built two, and whats worse the second one was more of a solo build sometimes there just ain't no learn'n