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  1. You're killing me smalls. C5 Vette brakes are the best bang for the buck and work GREAT and are simple. Buy some black 17" steelies for cruizin' around. You building a race car or a Tuesday night cruise-in car? PRIORITIES MAN!!! PRIORITIES!!! Edit: why I say this is - I’m back to full on race mode with the Camaro. Even though I took the build very serious, there were a few things I compromised on since I planned on street driving it. For example I thought it would be cool to leave it a “door slammer”. Well after the door latch failed @ Daytona and cost us about 10 total minutes of track time (+/- 4 laps), doesn’t seem like such a good idea now. And the extra weight I am saving from the b.s. door hardware and add’l door gutting is actually shocking. I’m pissed at myself for leaving such easy low hanging fruit on the table. Race car first, everything else is a distant secondary.
  2. OY! We are up to FOUR big events on the day!!! I hope the streaming is glitch-free, looking forward to that too.
  3. I'm just too innocent... It was like when I was about 11 or 12 and there was the big strike in the MLB - I was crushed to learn that my hero's were all not playing the game that "they loved" because of money. Then when I was in my early 20's and doing really well in racing and coming to the realization that just "being really good" is only a small fraction of the equation of "being a pro". Now I race because I love it, piss on the rest Edit: not to be mis-interpreted - there is massive amounts of talent driving at the pro level
  4. Duh, thanks for the reminder... 8am, perfect timing, I can start with Bloody Mary's while I'm prepping ribs
  5. We’ve been so busy this year, I am looking forward to doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Sunday but putting ribs in the smoker about 10am and “working hard” at watching them while I drink beer and watch the Indy 500 and the World 600. I am not as much of a “race fan” as I used to be, but I’m going to be a total spectator Sunday and not over analyze things, complain about the corporatism, racing for jet fuel, template based cars, over-priced tickets, the death of short track racing, rich guys buying rides… I’m just going to watch some racing.
  6. Nice to see Nascar thinks the rovals are cool now But, it should be pretty entertaining seeing an 800 hp cup car on the Charlotte infield...
  7. Germany is on the bucket list - beer and automotive mecca for sure........ might need like 3-4 weeks to see all the stuff I want to see! Edit: Video is spectacular! The mini van in the last stretch Fantastic!!! Questions: - how much to rent a car for a lap and what selection is generally available? - did you bring your own video gear or was that provided? So it looks like a 10:49 in a 2.0 BMW is the current Chumpcar record
  8. Well, all you have to do is pit with or by some like minded people that run similar cars that are also in the same situation of wanting to ship a car from Daytona to Road America and not wanting to bring a large truck full of tools
  9. "Did you just assume my radiators gender?" Problem solved (just viewed Bob's thread with the math video, good stuff)
  10. So, whether it is a renter or an owner, the topic of "what happens when someone wrecks the car" always comes up. Buried deep in the 32 page contract that Lead Sled's lawyers toiled over for many days was this clause about how to properly handle distribution of funds
  11. Everything is in the South East. The only reason God built Road America in Wisconsin is because there was no room left for any other awesome tracks here Speaking of cut out, sure looks like those fenders were split at the top and massaged to start sloping the nose a couple of degrees downwards doesn't it? Or are the factory cars like that too?
  12. I dunno about those tires lasting 14 hours The radiator? Definitely passes the giggle test, that is not some kustom Cup radiator or anything, it looks to be of the "generic" variety.
  13. We saw your car in the garage area by the Buddy Hendricks guys! Yea I've never been a fan of the rigmarole they go through, but we were thinking the same thing - might be nice to do just for access to track time, and to irritate the SCCA guys with all of the Chumpcar decals on the Camaro Oh!! One of the other Lead Sled proprietors said he talked to one of your guys after the Daytona Chump race about potentially having video of the Lincoln crash??