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  1. This car would be like Smokey and Barney's rich cousin from the City... btw, I only paid $100 bucks for my CTS -V calipers from Oreillys.

    No one has started the "Official" thread because Bill won't let us... lol
  3. I ran out of money... i order from Jegs every other week, when payroll hits... I lost the last three weekends from working, plus, I had planned on taking a couple of days off, and all that didn't work out... then the ambulance broke down (still is), i bought another rental house, kid number two had to have tubes and our deductible is $4000.... if I could just figure out how in the hell to use the remote oil filter kit i bought, i guess I'm going to get a generic one because the trans dapt kit for the camaro has the 13/16 threads on everything and no one makes fittings that work with it and AN hose.
  4. So I had a chance to make progress... all my fuel lines are done. I burned out the GM wax from the driveshaft to replace the bearings. Dad came around and helped tighten up all the bulkhead fittings for the brake system, so I'm basically ready to install fluid in everything, just setting up switches and wiring for driver aids, cool suit cooler, air blower, etc...
  5. Hurricane Irma

    So I also a few shingles on my house, race shop is fine. Haven't had power since early on in the storm Sunday and our lines are totally destroyed in our neighborhood and our city only has two line crews so it will be a few days for my house is back up. I have a 800 watt hf generator I alt between the frig and freezer.. it will run all day on a gallon of fuel... Since I had to work the storm, I got two hours of sleep Sunday morning from 3 to 5am, that was it from 7am Sunday through Monday at 9am... it sucked. My left foot is killing me, I think it's just sore, but it hurts to look at, let alone try and walk.
  6. We can't get a steady camera feed to last 14 hours in Sebring but that damn bar in Key West in a Cat 4 has a freakin live web cam.... Bill Strong, you need to find out how these people do it man!
  7. I was sitting here watching the feed thinking, I wonder how long this will last when suddenly all the lights went out in the picture, yet, its still going, battery backup maybe?
  8. Hurricane Irma

    I don't think that would work with my place, it is over 3,000 sq ft and is block and tin roof construction. When we had the floors drilled for the lift, it was one hell of a job I was glad I didn't do. It was built in three sections and so it has basically three different roofs that all tie into each other.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    My community is now in a bad position... where we are we have never really dealt with anything strong than a good TS.. so many folks here are not taking it seriously... We are now in a path where the storm is coming right for us, and the longer it stays on the gulf the worst the impact will be in our area. I will be out in the storm for the duration as County Manager and firefighter. Last year it was pretty wild with what we got... this is the first time i have ever seen anyone in our town board up anything.. . hell, I have never even bother picking up stuff in my yard... I am very concerned that I will lose the metal roof on my shop, there are a few panels that were already loose... I actually tarped the new camaro, which is inside the building... i spent three hours rebuilding carbs for generators this morning, but everything is running now. I would imagine no power in our area for at least 48 hours.... probably longer... To friends in South Florida... good luck...
  10. Hurricane Irma

    I can also report that gas prices in this area were about 2.70 a gallon Tuesday, I didn't notice what it was today. Also, don't bother with WalMart gas stations, they buy gas on the spot market, they do not have contracts, therefore they will be the first to run out, as they have the lowest refill priority.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Speedway Creations is located in Quitman, GA, we are 15 miles west of Valdosta which is the first city in Georgia as you ride up I-75. If people need something in this area, please feel free to let me know. I am the County Manager here, the County IT guy, the County Assistant Fire Chief, and whatever else tends to happen, so if you need a place to park an RV or race car, or just need a connect, feel free to reach out either through the forum or email at justin@justindevane.com, you can text me 229-563-5238 (please text, I don't answer unknown numbers). If push comes to shove, you can even call the County office, 229-263-5561 and tell them you are with ChumpCar and you need Justin. Even if its directions or a bite to eat, whatever. We still have food and gas in this year, but I suspect that tomorrow it will get a little more real around here for people. I know most of all the hotels are full between the state line to Macon and I'm sure its worst past that... So if you are coming from the deep south of FL and can't make it the extra 4/5/6 hours north to AMS or AMP, let me know, I will try to help.
  12. Wanna know when you are in it too deep... the NG flies in and picks up your neighbor.