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  1. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1985-honda-acty-truck-4wd-1st-generation/
  2. Cleaning out my garage/basement, will be at 'bogie (look for the small Sprinter winnebago or text: six one three 217 five nine 77 2nd gen Integra Camber kit & Springs (aftermarket performance springs I forgot the brand but they're green) full box Simpson visor tear offs 5 sections Rollcage padding Big ass plastic battery box (type 31? 34? whichever's bigger) Lrge bell SA 2005 helmet (fueler). Offers
  3. Yeah this is what it's supposed to look like. >what's you hood look like Oddly enough not bad, dent in the underside brace. It was the seem gap on the right hand side as much as the ride that alerted me to the issue.
  4. Top hat of shock shouldn't be in 2 halves. Not sure if hat is weak or 18 month old shock too stiff, new Monroe with same part# is much softer.
  5. Sometimes it pays to use OEM I guess. 2nd Monroe tophat in 1 year on my Volvo.
  6. http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/08/11/motorcycle-plunges-off-cliff-santa-monica-mountains-california-orig-trnd-lab.cnn
  7. Looking to purchase Race car

    1lap #76? It's gone I think
  8. Looking to purchase Race car

    Show up at Calabogie this fall, there will probably be 1 or 2 on sale. Volunteer as a pit marshal while you're there and you'll learn and earn change.
  9. 174 less electrical tape
  10. RV ownership class A

    Um about that tow question.... To be fair 2 of the tows were on the same day ´cause they towed me to a shop in the wrong direction that I didn´t want to deal with (again coach net didn´t blink). But they were all due to a blown piston in the end. Merc engines were supposed to be bullet proof. Yea to the 3,500 to 5k towing.
  11. RV ownership class A

    Coachnet has towed me 3 times (probably 500 miles) in 1 year without balking and they don´t send the junk mail goodsam does.
  12. RV ownership class A

    BTW. Buy cdn, if it was good enough for the hip... http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Prevost/MARATHON/Mirabel/Quebec/5_31910031_20060316112858535/?ms=rv&showcpo=ShowCPO&orup=5_15_19455 it was on bringatrailer with a 30k reserve.
  13. RV ownership class A

    Watch for rated cargo and tow capacity (assuming you're pulling a race trailer) some might be lower than you expect. With cdn$ going up importing from US becomes more attractive but the import process requires a letter from manufacturer confirming no outstanding recalls, impossible to do if they went belly up during the downturn (lots did). Lots of truck shops won't work on the pushers because engine access can be thru the bedroom and they don't want the hassle of staying clean while getting dirty).
  14. Actually I think it's a good thing that it's not a given that the factory cars can finish a 24 event. Otherwise the envelope isn't pushed.
  15. Mopar has special ecu software to protect you from yourself. The fuel starvation is to make the engine last the whole race.