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  1. Ouch! Not a great weekend. Split fuel rail on Friday, blown clutch on Saturday, and bad clutch master on Sunday. All we salvaged was FTW (fastest time of the weekend). That's why I said "just about". How about we look at the next event we ran in 2015: Portland. 12 laps turns a 10th into a win in the Friday 7 hour race despite a flat tire when running second, an extra pitstop to assure my next driver that the nuts on the replacement tire were all tight, two somewhat leisurely driver changes and finally collecting another car with three laps to go. Didn't deserve to win it and I'm happier with our not great but honest 10th place. Castrol last year: 12 laps would move us up from 6th to 1st. That would bring us up to three overall wins in six weekends; that's a 50% win rate - in a Fiero.
  2. This may be the only time I say this: it wouldn't be fair to the BMWs to give me 1 lap for every 15 points below 500. My Fiero in the same trim that it got fast lap of the weekend at Laguna in 2015 and rated at 499 points then is now at 303 points. I'm pretty sure I could win just about any race with a 12 lap lead. I would much rather run against them straight up and beat them fairly.
  3. I think that's usually the suspension set-up ... Fastest is a broken-in (but not worn-out) short block with fresh heads.
  4. My kids got me a fridge magnet:
  5. My Pinto mini-stock just had a straight pipe out the right side; ear-splitting at 7200 rpm. I know because I forgot my ear plugs a couple of times and even a 20 minute sprint race left my ears ringing for a while. It was crisp. I'm pretty sure that contributed to my present hearing loss.
  6. Harley-Davidson riders typically have open exhaust and chant "loud pipes save lives" to justify that, claiming that if someone hears them they won't get run over. I think they just like being obnoxious. Miatas in a race are just like yappy little dogs; they come out of nowhere and nip at your ankles, and when you try to kick at them they just bounce out of the way.
  7. Borrowing from the H-D creed ...
  8. Would have liked to be there, too much going on this year. We'll see about next year though! I was checking Race Monitor, you guys did great!
  9. He's going to jack it up and re-chassis it using a Fiero ... Hmmm, maybe I should do that too; the S10 has a 19 gallon fuel tank.
  10. Someone cross-threaded your spark plugs ...
  11. About the same place it has been since the race last year, up on a hoist with lots of engines and stuff underneath. Haven't had the time this year, seems like every weekend I decide it's time to work on it, something comes up and it gets delayed again. Good to hear you had a clean weekend, I know you've had some bad ones!
  12. Looks like NNM swept the weekend.
  13. Put the M120 in it. But get rid of the biodegradable wiring harness first.