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  1. Gotcha. I wonder how that would work. I've always dreamed of getting an old school bus (powered by a good old 7.3) and making it a "camper" for the Daytona 24.
  2. <26k GVWR? That's how you can drive it without a CDL.
  3. Mender, does #1 include lifting and coasting to save fuel? I'll go! Any car without a fuel cell and a surge tank (regardless of necessity) will be immediately impounded by tech until the offending team installs said items. amidoingitright?
  4. I know of a 13B that was intentionally overreved to 14k. It still runs great AFAIK.
  5. No worries, just trying to help my brother clean up his yard. He was hoping the flood would take the car. He's also still regretting the day that he laughed at the guy that offered him $500 to haul it away right then.
  6. Have any need for a '62 Corvair that may or may not (okay, definitely did) have gotten flooded in Hurricane Matthew?
  7. Define "close by": (That's the place my brother used to work at. Not even sure if they are still open)
  8. Yep, the issue with acid dipping is that it is difficult to control exactly how much material comes off the base metal. In addition, it is next to impossible to get the acid out of every crevice or if you do (by giving it another bath to neutralize the acid), you can't get paint to the newly exposed metal. As an aside, I seem to recall from The Unfair Advantage that they even tried acid dipping the engine blocks to lighten them up.
  9. Yeah, the only one I could find on Autotrader had 200+k miles and they were asking 8500.
  10. Wait, there was a 4 door Legend that came with a 6 speed? I wonder if I could convince the wife that I need one for a baby hauler.
  11. Way to e-ball by showing off the door sill plates.
  12. Hey guys, My uncle has an '87 325es that he is looking to sell. It has 206k on the clock and is mechanically sound. He has had it since '04 and it was his son's car in high school. The clear coat is cracking over the black paint. The red seats are splitting, but the seat covers work well. Dash is cracked as well. It has a little rust under the right tail light, that's it. He likes the car, just has no need for it anymore. If you are interested, shoot me a PM. Car is located in Claudville, VA, which is just north of Mount Airy, NC. Thanks, Jake
  13. Other than the Dr. Pepper, it sounds like you'd get along well with my dad.
  14. Yeah, we noticed that we couldn't make it on one stop anymore. All those cautions were great for our fuel strategy. That said, watching cars get written off really sucked.