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  1. Nah, I don't use them
  2. If you ever get a chance to look at brake pedal pressure during a heel-toe, you will probably understand why one single rev match is the way to go. Couple that with less chances to grab the wrong gear and over rev or not rev match enough and cause a spin, and skip shifting looks pretty great. Look at that, I'm finally using some of that stuff I learned in college.
  3. I guess since it was his home GP, he wasn't going to do the "I can't score points, so I will park it with 2 to go."
  4. But Atherton said streaming was the future!
  5. Should be able to if you go directly to YouTube to view it. Click the gear on the video window and adjust speed.
  6. That is one thing people don't realize about Mazda rotaries. They LOVE being run hard, don't really like part throttle, putzing around. I worked on a Pro Mazda that had run 2 seasons of SCCA before going to the Star Mazda series and it still put out the power it needed to.
  7. Okay, I guess I meant that the 22 won't get up to 21.8 once the foam and pumps are installed. Better?
  8. Don't waste your time. With foam and pumps installed, a 22 gallon cell will hold less than 22. You would be better off starting with a 24 gallon cell and blocking it down to 21.8.
  9. Hey, Bowling Green is more than 30 miles from Sebring. I grew up in BG, where do you stay there?
  10. Paging @mindspin311, @riche30, & @dinanm3atl
  11. I used to race karts at the oval just behind this drag strip. That's completely believable.
  12. Lots of championships have been won on spools when other differentials were available. Most of Porsche's major victories have been with a spool. It requires some variation in setup, but you can make it work.
  13. They can have my free springs when they pry them from my cold dead hands.
  14. Makes me wish I still had that 323ci that I picked up for 1k back in 2011.
  15. 03 CL? I tried to convince my wife to let me get one but the 2 doors killed it.