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  1. Understood. Really appreciate it, I'll let you know when things progress to that point. Understood. Really appreciate it, I'll let you know when things progress to that point.
  2. Really good to hear that these are alright tires. 240 for a set is an easier pill to swallow for a first event with rookies.
  3. I suspect the move away from tube frame was safety related.
  4. DPs weren't designed to run a flat floor and diffusers, so the yaw-flip was much less likely.
  5. How much for a set?
  6. Love that 3.0 Duratec
  7. 83. 3.0 makes 205 hp through cats. I haven't checked the formula, so maybe I'll do that, but based on my own weight input, ~185 hp was the sweet spot. More was the huge spike in points added. Fuel capacity could be an issue as well. We'll see after we blow the 12a.
  8. SFI certifications have dates on them. IIRC, window nets are 5 years from stamped date.
  9. I sure would like to run that Duratec 2.5 in the RX7. Too bad the 3.0 is too powerful, they are dirt cheap.
  10. Didn't read this whole thread, but if you are running fans, they should run parallel to existing ducts. That way, you still have some cooling if the fan breaks.
  11. I thought he said Charlotte in another thread.
  12. My mistake, they used to only use dried air.
  13. I thought everyone was named Justin. @mindspin311@Justin9
  14. If it didn't matter, nobody would do it. Formula 1 doesn't use nitrogen...they are only allowed air. That doesn't mean that they don't use the best moisture removal system they can buy. Leaving out the water in air, can you guarantee that air is 100% of the time one consistent makeup? If there is 5% more oxygen In one tire, how much difference do you think it would make? All that said, we are running street tires on modified street cars, so I doubt the differences are going to be that noticeable. As for the steel belt corrosion, I have never seen a tire where the belts were visible through the carcass into the interior of the tire.
  15. The common way is to fill the tires with nitrogen, let them drain, then refill them. The smart way is to get a vacuum pump to get everything out, then fill with nitrogen. You can do it for <$200 if so inclined.