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  1. hmmmm new use for nomex underwear?
  2. true, but you can drop by anytime and chat and discuss anything and everything Chump with me- just let me know.
  3. There was a time that you sent the most messed up driver first, just for spite, what ever happened with that? I like to think the times that I started for you was because I was the most able to handle my liquor from the night before and operate with little to no sleep. unlike those that are just good at starting races......
  4. Squarespace Trial Squarespace trial accounts are not visible to the public. When you are ready to publish your website, upgrading your trial will make your site active to the world. not that it stops us from getting to the forum......
  5. Sorry- with the lack of support and interest, we will put this off for a year.
  6. Good luck to all the teams that are engaged for this event- 24hours- fricking long way to go- just to finish- let alone podium. Especially good luck to all our Canadian drivers and teams- MIA is fielding 2 McLarens- 1 that has 2 top drivers- although I think they are running the support races- not the 24.
  7. In 1979- not many people- it became 'the thing to do' afterwards, did a few back in the day- kinda hard with a RD400... tires sucked in front and lack of torque to break traction.... when I finally realized that tires were expensive- I stopped burning them.
  8. you will not be disappointed as they do everything blues did, but better and longer.
  9. And you can deal with it like this as well. pretty funny
  10. well if we are going to talk bike movies- I can say that after seeing the circle burn out in Mad Max- I knew that was my calling. I became one of the most ridiculous hooligans that rode a bike in Montreal- soon I found that I was not alone. Mad Max- Z900 Kzs wow.....
  11. The use of a quick release steering hub makes exiting the car- Halo or not , much easier. Halo seats are a must in racing- safety? why skimp.