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  1. Only 3 sets? I would have bought all 20 sets at that price. fixed!
  2. I wouldn't resent it...Mopar for life team all did the school 5 years ago- look at what it did for them....
  3. I guess that we were due to bump this post. Space still available for both schools in 2017. Probably the best modification you can do to your team to improve finishing results in 2017. The school offered as door prizes at the Championship, 4 entries to CMP event and Wheelhouse Racing won this. This team will not be a backmarker in 2017- do you want to be that team? sign up via email- just let me know. ASE April 22/23 CMP May 5/6/7
  4. On sale , while stock lasts- HANS Sport II - medium or large- FIA homologated, brand new- $575 CDN + taxes. Limited stocks- by email only!
  5. I just placed and order for 80 wheels- (20 sets) of flow formed wheels. Lightweight , suitable for Chumpcar and 245/40r15 tires. I ONLY have this dimension- 15x8, 4x100, ET28 , satin black. I will have pictures and exact weight later this week. I am selling them for $110 CDN each + tax for presale. Once they arrive in stock in may, they will be $125 each. email if you have any questions or if you want to reserve a set,
  6. The RS4s have arrived at Perry Performance. 225/45r15 in stock. 245/40r15 arriving this week,
  7. Perry Performance sell the Racing Radio kits. You can buy cheaper, but in the end you will get frustrated with lack of range and clarity. For those who have tried several kits, the real deal is what you want. You can call me or email for details.
  8. you cannot have a do it yourself refill on any bottle rated FIA. FIA homologation rules do not allow that. If Chump rules do not require FIA standards- I am pretty sure they don't- you do not have to get your bottle re-certified every 2 years.
  9. I thought the wear was abnormal compared to the Rs3s- but that could just be Calabogie....
  10. As long as they continue to call the tire RT615, it remains a RT615. Its so old in design and has under achieved its whole existence.Why would we expect the + to be better. As far as RS4s are concerned, they come from a long line of ever improving tires so we expect good things. Maxxis, well all they had going for them was the big size- now others have it , with better compounds. In the end , different tires work for different team goals. I have seen teams use up to 3 sets of stickers on drive wheels for one weekend to be competitive om RE71s- the obvious fastest tire but no longevity. Others like cheap hard tires that last several race weekends- but cannot expect to be competitive for the podium. In the end- good money will bet on the RS4...again.
  11. Tyler- you gonna use skinny tires?
  12. The Enduros are Profi IIs as well , but with the better roller adjusters and quick grab adjustments. They feature the same level of safety, the enduros are just super easy to adjust.
  13. If you want to win in endurance racing , like Mopar said- its the little things that add up. The Schroth Enduros are worth the money and I even have sprint racers that find it worth while. Speed is one thing but being able to properly tighten the waist belt for each driver/stint is critical.
  14. Having spoken with directors of AMp this week, I can confirm that there is no CC date at AMP in August. That being said, unless there is some serious momentum from the series and teams from Ontario and Quebec to make the trip, it may never happen. To make a successful debut in the Maritimes, there has to be a show of support from Ont/Que teams willing to travel and for these teams to be motivated, a plan needs to come from the series encouraging them to do it, 15-20 teams total is all it would take to have fun at AMP. 10 teams from Ont, 5 from Que and 5 from AMp is a start. More would jump aboard if they saw the interest. This event would have to be a bare minimum cost event. I know the track is doing their part with dirt cheap rental. The entry cost needs to reflect that, trophies can be omitted. So if we ever plan to go there, the example has to come from the top.
  15. hmmmm new use for nomex underwear?