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  1. Thanks for the valuable feedback guys- it was a great school, despite the weather. Plans are already in place for 2018.
  2. sorry- by definition you can't be a designated drinking team if you have other duties as well..... Our DD only drinks on this weekend.... they are focused.
  3. we can help with this problem.
  4. Those are solid incentives. you need a coolshirt at Cota- even in the winter!
  5. I am on a not so secret mission at WGI... and driving is not involved.
  6. The Calabogie date still has room. The advance race course for those Chumps that want to learn race craft is a good school.
  7. we ran one with success a few years ago. will need a proper swap to be competitive now.
  8. Perry Performance in Montreal has all the race gear you could ever need as well as expert advice. Wheels and tires are not a problem either, unless you are looking for 15" , 5114.3.... wide....
  9. yeah no doubt!! I have 40 245/40 in stock... and plenty of beer!
  10. damn these 1st gen CRXs are making me all nostalgic.... almost want to go buy that red one.
  11. I don't want to point any fingers BUT the guy in the truck better get his act together,
  12. Whatever the reason, it is a problem at WGI more than anywhere else. BUT they do have the lodge and that is now my main attraction!
  13. Bryan- Its always a pleasure to have you at the academy! Still plenty of space available at both schools.
  14. All that being said, IK love to drive WGI and I enjoy even more racing there! BUT with their FCY action when a hot dog wrapper is on the track... well I rather be hung over after a great night at the Lodge. Sam is the best barmaid ever and she is worth the hangover. If ever they decide to race more than an hour at a time, I may bring my helmet but for now I am just a designated drinker for out team- watch out!! PS Mike- nothing against Chump- I know its the WGU folks that have their panties in a Nascar bunch.