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  1. I'll be there around 7 I think.
  2. As if there will still be NASCAR fans by 2018... Ya'll know Junior is retiring right???
  3. Or Spring in New York.
  4. Profiling is wrong. .. And how do you know that your radiator might not run a little sweet?
  5. Cheaty Honduh...rabble, rabble, rabble...
  6. But unless you are driving something post 2004 it would appear to be a moot point. 500 dough-lar car yo...
  7. Dance under braking. ... and only under braking. Correct on throttle.
  8. Hopefully nevah.....
  9. I passed Physics II with a 48. But my friends talked me into taking the class so I would bring down the curve.
  10. Cracker Pleez
  11. Our cooler has an external pump. I know a guy that will build ya'll one if interested.
  12. The two part foam is a royal PITA.
  13. Drive Blow up Visit junkyard Repeat.........