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  1. Broke My Will
  2. Probably the wisest statement I've ever read...
  3. Except that there is only ever one Champ, the rest of us are still Chumps...
  4. Nah, it ain't that bad. Granted, you can't sleep on the place but it isn't surrounded by concrete.
  5. Put wider tires on it... some aero... .maybe some graphics.... lots of camber... hell, get a catchy background theme song.... "fuelings, nuthin' more than fuelings, trying to forget my fuelings of laps, teardrops rolling down on my face trying to forget my fuelings of laps"
  6. Someday maybe I will be able to modify my car.... legally, that is. Of course.... not like I campaign a Honda..... sheesh....
  7. Money-shift Charities... Honey Baked Hams could be our sponsor...
  8. Hardly National... Commie.
  9. Can we go back to the 2010 E30 rules? Please?
  10. Yeh, but not all of us chose the Angel of Death for our racecar. If y'all believe teams are winning due to a faster ratio steering rack.... go back to AutoX.
  11. Buy an E36. Show up, win, go home.
  12. Depends on the car and the consumables. We use brake pads that last 30 hours and cost $265 per axle. Duralast pads will save you money but you will be out of brakes in 4 hours or less. RWD OR FWD? FWD will chew up front tires on many cars. Too much sliding in a RWD car will chew up rears. How hamfisted are your drivers? Flat spot a tire and it might be trash in the first ten minutes of the event. We try to run the weekend on what we have on the car with spares for the unexpected.