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  1. We are registered and seriously considering it. Oh yeh, no... sorry... -o- not -a-..... Doh!
  2. I must say, walking around Nelson Ledges paddock at 3 AM during the "Night of 7 Rollovers" will always be a fond memory. I almost think I was embraced by the Ghosts of Events Past.. Either that or having fulltime crew is truly a liberating experience.
  3. I can hold a flashlight like nobody's business. ... in the nearly ten years I have been doing this is I have stood beside a Prelude, a Sentra, a Civic, a Galaxy 500, a RX-8, a Celica, an Integra, ........ more hours on my back on the cold wet ground than I ever got in the seat of the 240SX / 5.0, 5.8.... Strangely enough. ... one marque isn't included on that list....
  4. As long as they aren't previously used....
  5. So, it sounds to me like if anything Hankook decided to increase the wearability of the tire. I'm a little concerned about your impression of the traction drop-off. The RS3s didn't have a traction issue in my opinion. They definitely didn't get as greasy as an Azeni but I could tell when they were getting hot.
  6. Well, let's begin with the popular marketing go to.... Single Class Racing. .. nobody else does it. Except for IMSA, LeMans, LDRL .... who else runs true 24s? LeMons bailed years ago, not sure about Joey, AER... unlikely. I was at Homestead. .. great weather, terrible support from Florida teams... nothing new. John's traveling circus add an hour race is impractical. But, I'm sorry... if you are going to hold a Chumpionship. ... in an Endurance Series. ... it should be a long ass race...
  7. Homestead? Isn't that close to Miami? I think I've been there...
  8. Pay for lap dances all around?
  9. Do ya'll hire rental drivers??? I can flat spot an Azeni in a heartbeat. ... have you seem my rev limiter video?
  10. Woof... that is a tall order...
  11. Round tires are overrated. ...
  12. Hells yeah
  13. Fourth grade was hard, I dropped out. Rode the rails for a few years, saw some things.... did some things I'm not proud of, just to survive. Uhh, the horror. ... got a job thrashing hash, didn't cover much more than self-medication and the flop house but I was still above ground. Age nine through nineteen is but a blur.... my therapist is confident a breakthrough is only years away... But after all of that.... Bob, ........... WUSSY! !!!!!
  14. Pretty much Simon's recipe for success at the 24..... plus, they are decent wheel men. ... nothing special, just decent. ....