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  1. Crewed for the 240 this weekend. He added a roof scoop and drilled holes in the top of his back window. Drivers claimed to feel positive effects with more airflow and slightly cooler interior temps.
  2. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    We, being us zipped together?
  3. Yeh, WTF? I went online to vote on the new by-laws like a good little disciple and when I tried to access my membership number from the smartphone application.... guess what, there wasn't anything there.................... the app is there.... but it is f***ing empty..... NADA, NOTHING Ya'll kick me out but didn't notify me?
  4. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    My ex wife is from Horseheads. But she is more like the opposite end of the equine.....
  5. I might have to show up for that one...
  6. Hurricane Irma

    If you prep for it.... it won't come....
  7. Sending positive waves.... in spite of that fuk Morriearity.... 😎
  8. Vegas 2017 - October or December?

    Them cheap rooms is kinda high.....
  9. Sweet..... with any luck I won't burn down the house..... This house actually has two panels inside and two outside...... shut them all off?
  10. I don't pull the panel for anything..... hell, I barely want to open the door. 😁
  11. I'm good, but thanks for the offer. Looks like the worst of this will be West of us. Our power source is East of here.