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  1. I think about this build more often then I would like to admit.
  2. What have you spent to keep up?

    $100 Yearly membership to iracing $600 oculus rift + ~$500 in computer upgrades $200 club sport pedals $200 thrustmaster T300 wheel ~$200 a year on go karting Noticed that when there is a scan of the track I am within 2 seconds of my fastest lap in the first 2 laps.
  3. @JamesDev 500 points is the limit before you start taking pentaly laps. After 500 points you are giving a 1 lap pentaly for every 10 points over (rounded to the closest 10). Based on your comment about modification I think you were under the assumption that you were allowed 1000 points. Personally I wouldn't do the CTS. You are taking 3 laps without major modifications, the car will be hard to get under 2400lb, it will struggle to do 2 hour stints, and it will be an expensive vehicle to upkeep. With this said it would be cool as hell. There are a lot of "free" modifications that you can do as wel. Good luck, we all would love to see a car like this out there.
  4. 2018 Schedule

    Any new dates being released?
  5. ^That is totally me, I remember passing you and then catching that CRX in that corner. As for the Arsenic comment. I battled with Arsenic on both Saturday and Sunday for long periods with Christian in the car. Christian comment was that he couldn't keep up in that section we are talking about. Our Aero totally made up for my shitty driving. Also we would gave been up another lap up on Sunday if it wasn't for Wilson's 50% take rate on black flags . The real question is how to we get Arsenic to come to Vegas?!
  6. @Chiefidiot Can the VW not take 9 flat? Just for the record before the crash @Miata PI was flat from the Apex of 6 until the bus stop (after our aero bits got tweaked there was slight lifting exiting 6). But if I remember correctly Das Idiots believes aero doesn't work.
  7. Official Las Vegas Chumpionship 2017

    West coast Chumpionship at Thunderhill would actually make sense. 5 mile course, there are decent hotels, facility is great, it's an amazing track.
  8. Official Las Vegas Chumpionship 2017

    @CGDerian @Bluto @Pee Wee @Slugworks Paul @stupenduzzman Any chance you're signing up? I know some of you were concerned that you didn't qualify but I'm pretty positive that doesn't matter this time around
  9. @Miata PI prefers Home Depot.
  10. Had a great time this weekend. I realized how much I like Buttonwillow Raceway, its just too bad its located in nowhere land. @Miata PI's car drove great this weekend. Ben had made some adjustments to the rear suspension and added some aero bits and it corrected the oversteer issues we were having at Seca. Unfortunately the car was crashed on Phil's Hill mid day Saturday. It spun and hit the flagger station. The driver is okay and willing admits they ran out of talent. Lucky Ben and Wilson were able to fix the car. Big thanks to @kiwiracer for providing the new control arms and steering bits to get the car back. Lots of duct tape, machine screws, various home depot improvised parts, and sledge hammers were used but the car returned to the track Sunday morning (though we did mess up grinding because we were setting up the suspension until the last second). Had some great battles with Arsenic Racing's white Miata. Christian is a hell of a driver, I was making all kinds of mistakes trying to keep him behind me. Over the weekend I think I spent ~90 minutes side by side with him, it was so much fun. Christian had to pit for fuel one of the days (we were on different strategies) and got on our team radio to give me some pointers on my line. Thats some awesome comradely that only happens in Chump. It was also great to see Bob from Das Idiots and Christian battle it out for 3rd on Sunday. Was also lucky enough to drive @Bandit 82's 260z on Saturday. Holy poop is that car fast. We worked on some setup changes and were able to get the car to set the fastest lap of the day. Don't let the crabs fool you! The fabrication and attention to detail is amazing in that car. Its a blast to drive, the difference between it and the Miata are shockingly drastic. It was really eye opening to go from a car with Aero to one without at the same track, on the same day, in similar conditions. Thanks to @IanMoore for pushing me to do that. A bunch of us camped/parked in the same area which was really fun. I believe @FlorahDorah has a picture of ~25-30 of us hanging out, drinking, and sharing stories. Which seems to be something that many think is missing in Chumpcar. I don't think that would have happened without @FlorahDorah's amazing meals and impressive ability to hear cats. It was great to have Roto Plukers and Das Idiots at the track, they are the kingpin of the West Coast. @chisek, @achisek, John, and @aleru and all the track workers I am missing ran a great race. Though none of us recognized John because he lost an impressive amount of weight. You could set a watch to the start of the race, drivers meeting, parc ferme, awards, etc. We were in the race directors office couple times this weekend and thought the results were perfect and that not because we got out of a black flag its because we were explained why we deserved it and all the the calls that I was aware of were constant with the rules. Was also glad to see them recognize @bluto and No Regrats efforts over the weekend to get their MR2 there and deal with issues. With this said I was hoping that @BillStrong was at the race. PS does anyone know why the @'s only work sometimes? This isn't a new issue.
  11. GWR: Guarino-Watson Racing #991

    GWR's Rachel build was/is the best Chumpcar I have ever raced. Tons of grip, shifter is tight, communication system (lights and radio) are thought out. The car is typically set up with some understeer which will keep you out of trouble. The wings and ridiculously large tires work.
  12. Official! Buttonwillow now a 8+7 hour enduro

    Can @Miata PI pit next to you? Makes it easier to borrow your fuel when we enviably forget ours once Wilson shows up.
  13. Official! Buttonwillow now a 8+7 hour enduro

    This morning I heard @Bluto and @LAMR2 finished there engine swap and are trying to come!
  14. Lights

    I have used these as corner lights and was happy with the results. The pattern isn't great but good luck getting a supplier to give you helpful information about finding a better one As for the lumen rule and complains. Its an unenforceable rule and bright lights are a necessary evil for night racing. I too HATE bright lights in my mirror (this is actually the biggest complaint about my commuter car) but not as much as I hate driving with poop lights. The best solution I can come up with is to use autodimming mirrors and playing with visors. Yes, we can all benefit from adjusting our lights but this is crap car racing and its guaranteed that someones lights will get bumped and point right in your eye or someone will install it at the last second with no time to target it or the duct tape holding in all together will fail, etc. Honestly if the lights bother you that much you need to come up with solutions to reduce glare/make it bearable. Remove that stupid wink mirror and replace it with something smaller, use visors designed for night, tint your mirrors, install those silly window/visor banners, etc. Half the time I just end up facing the center mirror upwards and only using my passenger. Rules won't fix this issue.
  15. Official! Buttonwillow now a 8+7 hour enduro

    Rumor on the street I HOD is letting chumps use multiple drivers for $270