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  1. Really? They have been talking about it for years
  2. @mender what AFRs are you running at WOT? Have you disabled catalyst protection? ECUs are free now...
  3. I've emailed him a couple times now. He promptly responded.
  4. Okay lets review the wish list of everything I have read/heard over the years. Its POSSIBLE I have twisted things about a bit. 24s, double 7s, 14s, 16s, and maybe a 36 Sonoma, Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Chuckwala, Seca at least 7 times a year, all the thunder hills, the ridge, Vegas roval, Vegas road course, that little track at Vegas, Utah, all those NW tracks that no one from Cali will go to. Oh and lets bring back riverside. The rules to allow me to run the build of my dreams That I win regardless of my skills as a driver or strategy To control the weather so its never cold, never hot, and it better not rain (specially in the NW) NO CONTACT EVER Chumpcar tows vehicles from race to race Not too many cars but enough. None faster then whatever I am in though. NO RACES ON HOLIDAYS. No races when other races are happening CHEAP AND REAL RACING The name JOHN is never used NO CHANGE A threshold of 500. Use whatever unit you want (points, $, slugs, power to weight, etc) Does that sound right?
  5. Man, thats terrible. I always tell my wife that when I retire I want to be a corner worker. Thanks for posting this and challenging us to contribute.
  6. Facebook says everyone is okay. That's all I know
  7. Looks like GWR is out and looking for a new car...
  8. I'm really looking forward to this
  9. I moved back to the west coast. Trying to squeeze in a race before my wife moves out. I am desperate enough for wheel time that I'll race Lemons. I race a lot. I have rented from something like 10 teams. Have been to 18 different tracks and participated in 25+ race weekends. I have been trained to do over the limit vehicle evaluations by multiple car manufacturers where I did engine/chassis controls. I had my SCCA competition license but let it expire because it was too expensive to race in. I use iracing regularly and have my B license. I can provide references and have videos. They can actually be found on my website. https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/ along with additional info. I am looking to spend ~$250 per hour, yes I know that no one actually charges by the hour but this is my rule of thumb. -Jamie james.wolak@gmail.com
  10. Thrustmaster T300. Buy just the servo when the prices go under ~$170, get a stock wheel off ebay for ~$40. It's worth the price over the Logitech G2x. Then buy a set of Elite CSR pedals (~$200) with a forced based brake pedal. I wish I did this right the first time.
  11. Writing a petition is so easy, much easier than arguing on the forums. I submitted one while taking a poop at work a few weeks ago. In case you were wondering the petition was to increase oil cooler points to 30 points .
  12. Paging @Flatinfifth