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  1. When you see me one day feel free to ask about that time I hit a fire hydrant with infiniti shortly before our first race (Homestead #1)
  2. TInkered with one last brake pad, changed 10 lug nuts, installed new grille, ran out of fuel driving it home from work
  3. Thanks, team support for me driving around hours before a race is weak enough.
  4. I know teams don't always have their own guru but never really thought about the topic. Do you ever do this? How many people do?
  5. Excellent, the team would have my head if i was out driving around and couldn't get it back to the pits.
  6. When are we going to see your car?
  7. Say we want to take the car to grassroots party, will we be able to bring it back after 9?
  8. Who and how does this get determined? And Who picked your car and did he know how fast it was going to be vs available fuel?
  9. Oh i KNOW we can go faster *currently reading a book will suggested* Turns out we already do many things mentioned in the early chapters.
  10. Yellow flag is always part of the strategy(pit window allowing) Short of 10k in skip barber we are maxed out.
  11. Do not care, all I know is getting eaten on the straight is not a crime till you realize it was a civic
  12. You did not race some events recently, this is not all about the d class, stupid fast 4cyl (v8 fast) cars are stacked on the podium, giving them more fuel WILL tilt things inappropriately.
  13. How do we attempt a podium shot with 2 extra pit stops?
  14. Is that your future track rat?
  15. Rotated brake pads, mounted tires, test fit rims, 4wheel alignment, added to the punch out list, drove to car show, drove it home.