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  1. Please make the brakes fit under 15 in wheels (and keep it to 4 pistons) you will be fine
  2. Should have gotten "that" 5.7 Also, if ours were that terrible I would hack the controller in favor of a button override
  3. Never considered looking as there were fuel stations everywhere that (presumably) were half the price.
  4. This has merit in certain applications, need to research if this is one of those. If so it gets more complicated, gl4 and gl4/5 are 2 different animals,(supposedly reverse compatible) make sure to get gl4 with no mention of 5
  5. As a team running a true 4 speed power sucking non-advantageous slushbox we could not agree more, perhaps word the petition to include "hydraulic torque converter" or something specific to discourage such a thing Splitting hairs to make big advantage is the reason the book keeps getting longer, we can all thank our sneaky self's Sorry DrVolks, not against you but it seems to be a strained definition thing going on.
  6. You really need to cut a old dizzy down into a pre lube tool as housing casting right above the gear directs oil down passageways above/for the camshaft As for "did that" How about wondering why no oil pressure after a hasty check of the bearings (weekend circle stocker) then discovering the entire oil pump still in the oil drain rig.
  7. Cool, initial new price reflects its quality thus rule intent
  8. 50 bucks used is irrelevant if it started out as a high $$ unit, dual pass rads with monster oil coolers generally are not on the economy line, I would inquire to higher powers for a ruling.
  9. Definitely get rid of the front hit!
  10. Been happening since inventing the ignition distributor., In a perfect world, all that is needed would be a pin head size area to xfer the arc but for the dynamic involved its internal rotor/cap interface is engineered as a relatively "wide" area. Move along, nothing to see here
  11. We did this, works fine. 1985 ish f150 if you go there You may want to move fuel a little faster, let the return lines return
  12. As just reported,what do you have more of, time or $$ In other forums visited there has been proper success/write ups with rolled on, thinned rustoleum, lots of wet sanding(in stages IIRC) a nice shiny, durable job is result.