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  1. If someone gets their big ass vehicle reclassified as a RV the CDL requirement evaporates.
  2. If someone from my area is going to be there I would love some random, big piston front strut stuff. Top threads not really relevant although I would love a gland nut or 2 (if possible).
  3. Looking for a blown strut cartridge for a mock up project, something with a huge piston shaft I could later buy/repeat Random internet photo of something I think fits a e30
  4. Never miss a shift again, switch to autotragic, take advantage of your new found 75 pts!
  5. Junkyard engines work just fine when they have a clean fuel supply Junkyard engine #3 here (including the one that came in the car pre-build), not bad seeing we have 30,000+ miles in chump
  6. Same here, timer always gets knocked off the roof by exiting driver so we request it on hood, unfortunately hood is non magnetic necessitating a metal plate with "timer here" written on it, screaming through the helmet to explain to the newest pit in guy/girl can be frustrating.
  7. Sorry, no affection for earlies, not to mention those things breed like rabbits if you get 2 of em close together
  8. Same reason I had to get a v8 corvair,. What dad takes his 3rd grade son to school in a 327 mid powered corvair...One of his cooler moments Still have that engine, will freshen/put it in my vair if the 350 ever takes a dump.
  9. A buddy was sloppily prepping a demo derby car and accidentally hacked the security system up bad, he towed it to me (hour drive) to "bypass" it, after explaining the reality of what was going on they went to the local pick and pull and brought me a handful of salvaged components that I used to reconstruct/repair the factory system. Perhaps find a local ford club or tuner to flash it for $100?
  10. Beenthere
  11. 2000 5 speed a/c 2dr silver... tow yard car, jump started on 12 v starter, blasted around for 20 min then ran high idle and got the pack full, good condition, all it seems to need a/c condenser, reattach front bumper, couple tires and a detail. $650 If it follows my typical M.O. Going to DD it, eventually sell Waiting on papers.
  12. Just bought one last week...
  13. Sweet! I have a well known west coast built corv8., oddly/unfortunately it is mothballed because of chump sucking up all my free time.