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  1. 20 miles in medium stop and go traffic, no fan, did ok. Almost forgot about the 2 new tire rub's, remember that first lap Sebring bump?
  2. Tonight Confirmed former iphone was driven over by RR infiniti tire, it is now a smashed but functioning Uphone 90% of wire harness Fuel lines Throttle bracket/cable Alternator/belt 15+ zip ties Turn key to verify basics, crank / no start (not expected yet) Tomorrow Finish wires/test start Radiator P/S return line Replace soggy fuel line Re-config trans lines Test drive
  3. What he said, but me being me, I trust round 2 on the tty bolts. Only because I have gotten away with it, not to mention, you can feel when they "go bad"
  4. Tonight Rear main/flywheel Dropped in hole/ stock motor mounts still broken, chains to frame re-deployed Trans/torque conv P/S Exhaust Oil temp/pressure/water temp gauges Starter Ordered brake pads Criticized tires Stepped on/possibly pushed car over already smashed iphone Tomorrow Alternator Random wires dozen zip ties
  5. As predicted, we have full circle, from "you let the air in" to "fresh"
  6. Tonight Other valve cover, exhaust manifolds,o2 sensors,xfer plugs from bad engine, power steering belt, coilpacks + sub harness and new trans pump seal. Tomorrow Rear main, flywheel, drop in hole.
  7. Definitely check the bearings!
  8. If you feel obligated, pressure clean the innards without dissembling, blow out with air, rotate and coat with wd40 till sure it aint going to rust, file it under the workbench, get a better specimen that has never seen this kind of abuse,it could do the job but its better to not use without some serious intervention. I would slap the pan back on and leave it dirty till needed to save the water damage of storage. Mender and the internet for the coolant question
  9. Borescope borrowed, old style brittle timing chain guides confirmed, engine stand be damned, this has to get done now! Ripping in Whats that? Oh, worse then thought, good thing this didn't go to the track. All back together Happily moving on to valvecover mode, I have a sudden oh no moment, "did I ever go back to adjust and lock down the oil pump chain guide bolts?" (2 Gold 10mm bolts about center) $5 bet with other team mate and 90min later its back together again Tomorrow, second valve cover ,rear main, flywheel and exhaust manifolds.
  10. No JDM here, straight up USDM (not like it matters, same specs) 3000lbs- ish no driver
  11. Glad the updates are welcome, this engine happened at a very inconvenient time with only a month to get it turned around for both repairs and 17 rule updates not to mention, forum slows down when half of everyone gets snowed in Fast yes, ridiculous debatable, remember, heavy, stock suspension and attached to a slushbox. Typically 11th-21st fastest car during any random race. As for Rd Atl in a few weeks, fingers crossed, I am screwing off work to get this done, Infinit's are stupid time consuming to work on
  12. Bought a low mile 4.3 out of a terrible wreck, had to change a cracked valve cover, wait, a single loose valve keeper, pull the other valve cover and account for all of em still in their proper places, best guess is it was dropped/left as debris during assembly.
  13. More seriously, yes the engine was cleaner then thought As opposed to the used up engine All is not well, as it has been mentioned previously, know your engines weak spots, need to borrow a bore-scope as there was a 3 in piece of plastic timing chain guide in the pan, although, as silently as it runs, there exists possibility they have been changed.
  14. Engine was cleaner then expected