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  1. So smart they either have a devoted research clone or have mastered time travel. Out There is barely enough time here to fix up the pieces of loose brake duct before Daytona
  2. Slight delam on our first and only set (2yr old new tire rack clearance), Tires were treated the same as the rest, street use prior to race, they heat cycled out before going bald, with no alignment changes had camber wear and outer edge delam never seen before or since. No clue if our fail was because of old design/compound, old stock or just a lack of R&D, we just don't have resources to keep buying things that do not act as expected on race day.
  3. and edited!
  4. How about tunes are free, can one bring the mixture a little richer to get reduction in oil temp?
  5. Give a inch a mile will be taken, making room for a oil cooler will only garner a header and a sudden willingness to ignore high oil temps. Perhaps a case by case argument from a repeat engine fail 500pt car could get traction but please no pts reduction for 500 pt cars!
  6. Like After a lifetime of being repeatably hit by coil output I would like to take your challenge
  7. Messages not working yet...


    Any way to find and post the several laps you have of rear facing vid where I chase you?



    1. sonofamitch


      We never got our rear camera working and the front facing camera didn't get any of my driving. Our slow guy and front camera provider got all of his though! LOL! 

      The rear camera video I posted in the forums was from last year when the Boom Bang Pow(?) Ford was chasing me.

  8. While your chump "career" has been short, at least you got to check it off your bucket list! Good prices, I almost jumped on a couple items but after internal reflection, most would be redundant, only needed in a year after wearing out what is already in the gear bag. Stay healthy, GLWS
  9. While I do not own a honda eu2000i I have marveled @ their virtual operating silence every time walking past... short of solar power one would be hard pressed getting/finding something quieter, its hard to imagine a generac beating the honda (never seen a iq2000)
  10. Im still looking for our 6 missing laps during the first stint, even seeing lap data(no dropouts) I am going to sit down to every minute of video, so far we get passed one time in the first go pro video clip (20 min?) spare time allowing, only 1:30 to go
  11. Lets just say the driver barely noticed (yes it was making downforce as the cracks only started forming after it was "adjusted" by a guest engineer/driver)
  12. Watch that stuff, our theme V1.0 incorporated a tall ricer wing, the towers fractured and eventually, despite best efforts, flew off never to bee seen again @ CMS race #1
  13. Not getting into the viability of a heater core as a different fluid cooler or why/how this rule exists but a cooler is defined as something that aids cooling, your loop is a cooler, chump has opinion on extra/unnecessary tubes/pipes i.e. see rule on excessive or large diameter lines/fill necks in the fuel section. Not trying to say I have seen it all but our un-oil-cooled stock pan vg30de never saw more than 270 (usually 250 when were not messing with grill opening for our first daytona visit) Yes I know different pan, different engine bay size automatic etc. but we are in a heavier car doing rather similar duty cycle within a couple sec per lap. 15w40 dino rotella t4