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  1. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Another 240sx showed up at VIR with wing and spliter ,we use to run very close times .. I caught them during my stint and we ran together for many laps they definitely had an advantage in the corners but I would walk back by them and pull a few car lengths on the front straight .. Finally schooled him in traffic and walked away .. Talking with them after the race they asked how we had added power and I said we had not changed a thing and were running 4 year old tires .. the next race I saw them all the aero was gone . When you don't have enough horsepower to begin with the drag penalty is to much to overcome .... just another thing to consider ...
  2. Official Sebring Fall 2017

    Allright you guys and gals have a great race weekend ! !!!!! I sure hope one day I'll make it to this great track ..
  3. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    If net includes drive train . Also turning trans ,rear gears , all bearings , shafts ect , all adds up
  4. Hey just found a great place or 3 , slight problem travel time , I'm in New Orleans ..
  5. Transport fuel mileage

    Yeah Yeah I love you too H ....
  6. I mounted a boat blower to a plate on the dash one end held in place and the other hooked to a choke cable to change the direction . Pull the cable points to the driver push and it blows on the windshield ..
  7. Seat Mounts

    Fire resistant foam inserts that is .. nomex covered at least

    Man thought for sure we would be there after qualifying for the championship at VIR , but the boss has a booth at SEMA , and team punisher won't make the show .. dagg .... I so want to wheel AMP ..
  9. Road America fall race

    The R Banks civic has won multiple times and I'd say Road Atlanta is a horsepower track ..
  10. Transport fuel mileage

    03 Dodge 6 speed manuel crew cab duely 5.9 chipped 27ft enclosed Pace American 16+ mpg if kept just under 70 mph. . Yeah been told no way but proven many times by letting teammates fill .. Truck gets 24mpg by its self , it is not a 4 wheel drive ..
  11. We have discussed my dabbling with the dark side ..and yes I'm am in awe at how they ,the BMW, can be driven so badly and nothing the nut behind the wheel does will keep them from coming off the corner ... oh present company and teem excluded ... I question your analysis of a real race car .. naw naw I DISPUTE IT ... and no teams for the Enduro you'll hire that Wyat kid and my stick man Conner is at college. . If ya candy wants to settle for a half a stint 1hr will work I guess ..
  12. Dag Huggy . hook us up with a 2hr enduro , just a stint ya know ..