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  1. Time to get back on the bicycle Bill ... just get one of those big seats like I have, for the bicycle that is ..
  2. look this thread is about getting me elected. There are a multitude of BMW bashing threads on here pick one and go for it . on another topic the campaign slogan in the contest lead is , Ok Ray making chumpcar great Still ..
  3. Gee , now who would ever want to be called a champ ... the complaints would be never ending .. it ain't gona fly ..
  4. We race all year championship can happen whenever ... Chump Car Gets an A for this deal .. Chump Car Gets an A , I wonder ??
  5. Ok my hat is In the ring and has been .. thanks for the overwhelming support.. Crackerjack campaign teem in place ,for those who applied and have not received instructions we are awaiting election rules to plot our drive to victory. You will be needed so stand by .. enter our campaign slogan contest by personal message , click right beside the fund me link .. will be at VIR ,let's talk or just bring cash ....
  6. Well what a great day , either Chuck was off a little bit OR I'm just that good . Yowsa VMSC nicely run event with lots of hot iron , expensive autos , being run hard . Chuck and I have decided to retire from the cone wars and let our kids battle it out from here on .. There were some other chumps there too we had some laughs and beet up on each other . We all agree auto cross is hard on the brain and racetracks beat parking lots. . Is auto x racing , well it has smoking tires , excessive rpm, slamin gears ,and spin outs so it's close . Real Close .
  7. 80 + cars and we are saying the field is to small ? Man I'm gonna have a hard time not being out there with you guys ,first one I've missed in years .. Dagg dog howed this happen to us ? I'll be there working wyle yall get to do what I want to . Enjoy you lucky bas#%&÷=% ...
  8. U a funny man sometimes. .. naw it's feature time ,the last lap , ain't nobody helpin nobody, it's on and somebody's going to loose .. I did get a little practice at 3 this morning driving my favorite firetruck ,so much for catching up on some sleep through. . You guys in the Richmond area come on out join in the fun you might get famous. . Mabe we will be signing Autographs or somethin ..
  9. Well seems like WE need to run the 24 and show thesee guys why this is a good deal.. after winning the sale should be fast also ..
  10. Thanks Dave they don't call me cone blood for nothing .. just got to relax get 3 gates ahead and let it flow .. forget about the camera's ,crowds and the pressure of going up against one of the greats ... yeah we will do OK , just got to think positive , yeah we will do OK ..
  11. Up on the chip trying to scare them cones back , I see ya ..
  12. Look here guys I am about to go up against the Chuck Norris of cone racing , Now I don't want yall to think I'm scared or anything .. but it's getting close and nervous might be a better tearm .. sure hope I haven't let my smart mouth get me and my boy inta a bad deal .. poking the bear probably won't smart .. but it's done now so ive got to suck it up buttercup .. yeah that's it I'll think positive . There ain't no way there going to beet our 1.6 miata .. dagg that didn't work at all ..
  13. Want some small block endurance history look up my buddy fast Phil Currin .. and you did see the I want to drive it part right . I already have the engine and stock manifolds still to much power .. do I go two barrel or just rev limit at 4800 ? What car ? you went big I went small, and I don't want to say anything about your weight but I am way lighter .. then the gas tank size is close ,yours is a little bigger , just a little .. working hard to pay for it all and will let ya know what it is when is .. besides this is your build thread and I'm just your drive..r...