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  1. Man youze guys a little sawing ,a little brazing ,some jb weld it'll be just fine .. it's only a gas tank y'all act like it's gonna leak ,catch fire or explode or something..
  2. Ross 2004 has it right
  3. Dude don't let dog down show um you can still hang and run wild and wide open just like we use to ....
  4. Ha my man Dave can Handel it ,no prob , you wait and see .. show um Dave ....
  5. Aww heck let her rip tater chip I'll get it back to the track for ya in plenty of time for tha start .. you can hang and bring it Mopar 4 life style ...
  6. I'll be down Thursday yeah it's a Pontiac Trans Am .. I know how you Honda guys are about Acuras ,well at least Bob ...
  7. What are you driving this weekend ? Anyhow I'll see ya there and going to do my best to finally meet ya.. also gona try to get to the grassroots party .. just depends on where I'll be working. ..
  8. If it connects the strut towers I believe it will be + points . If the back stays land on it or not it's still a strut brace ... PHILL ?????
  9. The bar going across in between the rear strut towers is points .. Correct ?
  10. Wow what a race last night ,NASA Midd Atlantic Kart Enduro , at VIR chump car almost swept the podium with our old friends Inaccurate racing finishing in second but God's Last Name Is Not Damnit Racing getting the WIN .. I have to say Conner Franck drove the wheels off our not the fastest Kart to get us the victory going wheel to wheel and side by side with inaccurate for about 18 laps ,quite the show . I started and ran a short first stint and put Conner out for about 45 minutes where he just killed it then my old butt just kinda maintained for a wyle ,then turned him loose til the end .. two hours on a Kart ain't EZ.. but good practice and workout .. see yall next week in Daytona .. talk about variety , but like Kenny Schrader says race um ALL ...
  11. Well the Title count stands at 66 .. it will take me 2 days to type them all and I'm going racing tomorrow here are a few starting with the oldest 29 model A featured in Hot Rod mag Oct 1957 41 ford business coupe 49 fleet line 4 door 50 Buick Special 20800 original miles , her name is Molly 51 dodge wayfarer 52 Buick 54 Ford 57 Chevy 59 Chevy biscayne 4 door X 2 64 ford Galaxie 64 Sunbeam Tiger 65 Plymouth Furry III convertible 65 Rambler Rebel convertible 66 Mustang 66 Dodge Charger 67 Datsun Fairlady 67 camaro 68 camaro 69 Dodge Coronet 69 Chevy trucks X 3 69 nova late model 28 feature wins in 1978 also driven by David Pearson, Jaws , Budy Baker @ Ray Hendrick 70 nova X 2 71 SS elcamino 75 Datsun 280z X 2 77 Chevy Monza more on this one later 78 Chevy chop top rollback 81 Chevy ton w dump body 84 corvette 89 Honda civic 90 miata chump build in progress 93 thunderbird my daily 94 miata 95 miata 99 Cavalier Conners ride 00 suburban wife's ride 03 dodge crewcab dualy racin tow truck , luv that Cummings 6 speed milage ! O7 Malibu everybody's ride And a few more , some of these are rough some pretty good All but a couple R 4 sale .. Dang forgot the trailers and Boats ..
  12. I'm old school and have to talk , sometimes I have to get transfered to THE GUY or gal that KNOWS THE answer.
  13. Do yourself right and CALL RED LINE . Ive only gotten good knowledge and advice from them for years ..
  14. When you take your Springs out put your suspension back together and move it up and down and see when it bottoms out .. if you are racing with your balljoints binding and bottomed out its trying to rip them apart and they will never last .. make sure everything moves freely beyond your ride height .. low is good but too low = problems