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  1. Really ... you mean I'm building a car that can't winn ? Humph well to that I say turbo and probably a rule change when yall have had enough .... booyaa
  2. Chumpcast live will be main focus and I'll check in on the rest during the day .. don't want to miss Bill Strong broadcasting in his Clyde Torkel Chicken Pitt suit , true to the original and fireproof , should be the classic moment of the season ..
  3. It's not a spectator event so not on VIRz site . Email Mike C
  4. Yeowsa brother that's going to get me to watch ..and just think about the 4th at Daytona on the road corse ,they could call it the firecracker again.....
  5. Naw Bill Two Finger is on hold , no VIR in that bad azz camaro this time around. . Johnny ,heal up brother I'll call ya soon .
  6. Hey Jonny lets bring that camaro up to VIR this August. You Kelly and I could put a day long old school whopping on some chumps .. huh come on we ain't getting any younger ...
  7. Hummm get away with ? What you talkin bout Willis ? The punisher podiumed and went through impound at Daytona before so the Secret Sause was out for all to see .. Now when am I going to get to wheel that Monti ,you know for comparison.
  8. Oooohh come now Johnny you know that I wont be telling on him or you , that ain't the way I play.... bandit I'll tell ya what is in there ain't a secret . What surprises me is no talk of the smack down that the punisher applied in the infield ,buss stop and Nascar one .. yowza murica
  9. Shoot them guy's just saw film of me doing that jiggle thingy off the corner the night I lapped the field at Amelia back in 81 ...dang copycats. ..
  10. What happened was a Supra winning day one and a Honda kickin but on day two . Oh and crank yankers had one hell of a weekend or a weekend of hell , sorry Tyler , that's racing ...
  11. Looks like shrink rap to me , which is plastic ...
  12. Try race hero it's free ..
  13. Rulebook and tech says no gutted out and body skin only cars ... and there ain't nobody that will cut deeper than me ...and I have asked on an individual panel bacis ..... bandit if you got clearance or over hang problems it's your falt, this is chump car,, think man what would Smokey do ?