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  1. Too many... but, like everyone else, I keep adding to my collection....
  2. Dude, you don't even need something that expensive... I've got a laser temp gauge I bought at Harbour Freight for like $10. I've tested it against analog "touch" temp probes... good to within like 1 degree F...
  3. "It's been Honda's and m20 BMWs sweeping the podium recently..." But supposedly a Honda won't go two hours on a tank of fuel... Tire ban list ? (Sarcasm lads!!! Mere sarcasm!!)
  4. Okay guys... Here's a topic I haven't seen before, so I'm gonna ask the question. Our bumper cover is destroyed, so I have to buy a new one. What penalties (if any) are there if I replace the cover with a more aerodynamic one that has, say, a lip, but not a splitter. Also, just for grins, let's say, just for argument's sake, that the "splitter" is part of a new bumper cover and is completely integeral... how do you separate the two items... or do you? Enquiring minds wanna know... Here's some pics of what I'm asking about... Stock Lip Style Evo Style
  5. I personally like the Crow belts. Affordable, durable, and I've never had a problem out of them.
  6. Dammit Man!! I'm tempted to make you a sleazy lowball offer, agreeing to your price, driving out to the BFE alfalfa field, and bringing another orphan project home so I can perpetually cuss at myself for buying another race car...
  7. What engine is that? CA18?
  8. I got out of the car and let someone else drive...
  9. Does kinda look like the car was a bit light on that side... Actually surprised that it locked the right rear like that, as the monster brakes are on the front of the car. Wondering if we don't have enough front roll bar or something...
  10. I'm rather surprised that the chains don't last any longer than they do, but I suppose that, like with hub bearings, racing imparts about 3.5 times the wear on parts as opposed to normal wear and tear. I was looking at cam belts as well when I built the SBC that I just sold, but I just wasn't all that comfortable with that idea. Wondering what would happen if you tried a gear drive (assuming you could find one for the 4.3...)
  11. Hell, that would probably make a good daily driver for someone...
  12. I've posted this car before, and I'm gonna do it one more time before I do something radical with it... 1986 Nissan Pulsar NX, full NASCAR style cage, 12 gallon cell, six 15" wheels and four 13" Basset circle track wheels, all paperwork including log book.Tons of spares including two spare transaxles. Needs carb, fire system, seat and harness to be complete. Been sitting since 2014, will need to have all systems gone through. Take it and race it, started life as mini-stock, could still be used for that. Call me and let's work a deal - 931- six four four-9061... Want to buy an enclosed trailer but Momma says this has to leave first, so I might even give it away if you catch me in the right mood... 😉
  13. Eff it. I know I paid my dues!
  14. Man, I am really sorry we got together during that incident... I thought maybe some flat-spotted tires were all I was gonna get out of it till I saw you coming down the hill. I'd really like to see the video so I can try to decipher what happened. I meant to come talk to you guys but didn't get a chance due to others issues with our team that day. Again, my humble apologies!!