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  1. "Official update just spun a car and got black flagged"
  2. somebody change their team name to "Official team of chumpcar"
  3. it's my official thread, not chumpcar's
  4. first they came for our thread, then they came for our lexan
  5. no LSD kills them for me. Also, what makes them more desirable than an E36?
  6. Did you heat cycle or do any other prep for these tires? What sort of pressures did you run them at?
  7. in their defense, this was probably cut / edited by some other person at drive who wouldn't know some of those details.
  8. thinking about this more, might be good marketing to give out a free race to whatever team makes the best video related to chumpcar in 2017. Document a build, a race, the season, whatever.
  9. well, fingers crossed, just purchased 6 RS$s for my E36 based on research here and around.
  10. B is for build Shmee150 EverydayDriver The Smoking Tire Engineering Explained Regular Car Reviews Jay Leno DannyDC2 MotoManTV Lone Star Drift those are a few of my favorites
  11. chumpcar should reach out to more big youtube people and channels and give them free entry if they make videos.. this is great advertising.
  12. I totally forgot about the oil nut thing. Just ordered a drilled and wired one, thanks for the reminder.
  13. you can play that "it's only $15 pp" on so many items. It's about understanding the point of diminishing returns. How much more insurance do I expect from redline race 40w vs. rotella on a 200k motor worth $400? not much IMHO Now if I just spend thosands on a rebuild that's worth protecting