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  1. but you have no idea if it's the rebuild or the oil, right? We have only done one race with a 200k motor in our E36, but it didn't burn any oil on Rotella. I was told by an engineer at redline that 50 was too heavy and would heat the oil.
  2. the whole thing is really just to saying do you take a single or a double apex. people read way too far into it
  3. miata would still go red but not go as wide mid turn if had the mechanical grip to stay in. IMHO
  4. this is a theoretical question. no traffic, consistent surface, ,weather, no camber consistent radius wide turn with a straight leading in and on exit.
  5. Its got that sexy straight cut gear noise, but I'm assuming does not actually have them?
  6. welcome and good luck
  7. I'm using ATF and a plastic scraper. also brake fluid and a razor for some areas. I only use my fingernail on the walls, there is probably a better way
  8. picked up a barn find for another motor. literally had corn sitting on the piston (after I removed the head to get machined)
  9. this topic comes up every year and I still like my idea from last year. you have two rows line up. get your cars there whenever you want. a coin is flipped right before the safety car goes out. this picks an entire row to leave first. no new cars can enter the back of the lines until all cars in the lines made it on track. So now it's luck. but if you get up there earlish worst case you are the middle car on track as a reward.
  10. I hear there's a chance you might get some more T&A in Pittsburgh later this year. keep your calendar open.
  11. easy.. just go to the connection area and msg people who have offers up. youtube footage of you driving or any kind of resume is a plus you'll also find teams that have seats open closer to an event become magically less picky.
  12. 2008 Corvette (summer daily) 2007 VW Eos (apr stg2) gf's daily that I own 2006 Audi A3 (apr stg2) my daily/winter 1992 E36 chumpcar 1992 E36 parts car for chumpcar 1989 E30 with M50 swap track day toy
  13. did we have any pro racers out there this year? usually you hear about a few showing up after the race.