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  1. what if we call our one the XXIV of Nelson Ledges?
  2. I thought bribing the officials was a lemons things.
  3. those pics look like what you get when you win the race, not what you use to run it.
  4. the more you're on here and at races they more it unfolds. you're not likely to get a serious thread on intros etc. I made a team intro thread and I know others have
  5. this thread is great. Dog is awesome, and I own him some seat time so he better show up at pitt.
  6. I checked the sups, but do you need headlights for Thompson? and just to give this a little more meat, anything I should know about Thompson as a track for a first timer?
  7. I see much worse pass tech. As others said, show Phil if you're unsure.
  8. I've proposed my solution several times, and I'm going to do it again. cars line two in two rows in the pits getting there whenever they want. a coin is flipped at the last minute and one whole row goes out first. once both rows go any cars that are late or want to be at the back can join. early people are still rewarded because you're either first or worst case middle. I should really formally propose this.
  9. just saw this... I think we are all good on shells for now, but thanks for thinking of me.
  10. 520 is about right honestly. I've thought about building one of these, but always assume they would be a 550+ car.
  11. sweet car. what's the points on this?
  12. could run two races at once. 8 hours and a 24 that just doesn't stop. have different prices. cars in the 24 can win in either race just to make it fun. IF not enough people sign up for 24 they are converted down to the double 8.
  13. but you have no idea if it's the rebuild or the oil, right? We have only done one race with a 200k motor in our E36, but it didn't burn any oil on Rotella. I was told by an engineer at redline that 50 was too heavy and would heat the oil.
  14. the whole thing is really just to saying do you take a single or a double apex. people read way too far into it