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  1. The Glen has acres of runoff compared to what use to be there. Check out some previous photos of the track. I'm glad I learned how to drive there with all the blue rails. Give it another go next year it will make you a better driver.
  2. For those that did not attend NCM this year missed one great event and area. Great track & facilities, Bowling Green has a lot to offer, national car show in town along with major drag races, hotels to fit all budgets, Corvette museum and Corvette factory tours. I'm certain this event will sell out in 2018.
  3. Is there a code for a discount for the cool shirt products that I am not seeing in the sponsors list?
  4. The paint does not crack it's spyder cracks in the fiberglass. Very hard to repair and have it not come back.
  5. Imagine what you must look like to the pit in workers. SNL skit
  6. You can't go wrong buying from Sampson either.
  7. Call Racing radios one of our sponsors. They hooked me up at NCM and went above and well beyond the call of duty.
  8. Tell that to Roger Penske. I had one of the IROC Camaros. Are you familiar with the IROC series?
  9. We used to acid dip the body, that's why I asked.
  10. So the entire body can be removed?
  11. Don't kid yourself not all tracks are as safe as they can be. Some are safer than others. If you race long enough and attend many venues you will see the difference. I'd rather go out of bounds at Sebring than Palmer !
  12. What class is this car in ? Don't see it on the side.
  13. No one seems to mention when the RV breaks down on the road and you need a tow and work done far away from home. $$$$$$$$$
  14. 2018 scca runoffs are at sears point. They rotate every year. Fact !
  15. Bill, I think my brain froze many years ago when I entered this crazy sport and it still hasn't thawed !