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  1. Some Miata's are driven properly ☺
  2. There is a race shop now in the garage that you may want to check out Check out the new race shop in the end of the garages.
  3. I have a new (never used) G Force med / large single layer suit for fueling blue with white stripe for $75 available.
  4. Drive past gate 2 and it is the next left. Actually it's right across from the registration building big open field. You really can'y miss it.
  5. Sorta true. The track has a standard policy that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to compete in any series. The exception is a court order of emancipation from the state or country of the minor provided to New York State for consideration. All this is so a minor can execute contracts in NYS such as waivers/releases of liability and to compromise claims. So unless you have all this at 18 yrs old you don't drive or enter pits. And you really need your own lawyer at your expense, the track does not get involved they just want the legal form on file.
  6. Don't miss out on the Chump special on the Redline oil. I will deliver it to Watkins Glen. The price is cheap, no sales tax or shipping.
  7. Disagree completely. I went to an aer event at the Glen in April and it was a crash fest! Start time was 8:30am, race started 9am 2 hrs later we have a red flag for 2 hrs. I saw only 2 officials in the entire pits, may have been a third. Many yellow flags & crashed cars over 2 days. Friday was pretty much washed out in the morning but someone did manage to go out and crash in the wet 😞. Fuel stops that I observed were dangerous and unobserved by any one of 2 official. Not sure how someone can say driving is better in one group than another, yellows, crashes? I don't know, but from what I saw I'll stay with Chump. It's still the best dollar for dollar and I have seen some excellent driving.
  8. Did the videos change? I did not see cars crashing just front end damage on one
  9. I need to move this out of the shop. Can deliver to Watkins Glen in May 2017.
  10. You can camp anywhere you like. There are some areas you will not set up camp (because of the distance to everything) If you want electric you pay for that.
  11. Quality of driving is what I was thinking.
  12. Yes it was a general statement. My thoughts were on Chump and production classes as I was typing. I should know this as I have driven formula cars & prototypes.
  13. That does not promote road racing. Way to long. Give Bill a break he's new at this. SCCA spends stupid money on these videos and keeps their membership in the dark as to the cost.
  14. Do your family a favor and Don't think of not buying a seat, besides this would not be acceptable in any race organization.
  15. Did you ever see how fast styrofoam burns and the toxic oder it gives off ?