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  1. Pretty much every manufacturer is interested in those 48v eBoosters. We built a Mustang here with one, since it doesn't have a way to produce 48 volts we made it a plug in hybrid with Nissan Leaf battery packs and a charger in the trunk, charge the batteries and you get about 200 hits on the eBooster. With the eBooster to eliminate lag we put a much larger turbo on the car and it is wicked fast.
  2. Just buy remans from Rockauto, that is what most of us do.
  3. The ones I have seen used a relay. Don't forget the difference between the J607 and J1349 correction factor. Most race engine builders still use the old J607 factor since it gives a bigger number they can show to the customer.
  4. Been there done that, easy to do with MS, works great for sprint racing.
  5. A Ram mount is an adjustable system that uses rubber coated balls and socket design, you could rig up all kinds of mounting options but the Ram system is pretty clean and reasonably priced. It allows you to reposition the blower wherever the driver wants the air blowing . https://www.amazon.com/RAM-B-101U-C-1-Inch-Diameter-Double-Socket/dp/B003DWMYYM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1505769778&sr=8-5&keywords=long+ram+mount You can see the setup in this video.
  6. If your FC is like my FB when you take out the HVAC equipment there is a big flange under the windshield on the passenger side that goes up to the cowl area, it lets you draw air from a high pressure area that is at least filtered for the big chunks by the grill openings in the cowl. Run a hose from this flange to a blower mounted to a RAM mount so the drivers can move the fan around as needed to blow coolish air on them. Stole the idea from Huggins, who I believe acquired the IP for this design when he absorbed drivers from Ronald’s, they probably stole it from someone else but that is as far back as I have seen it.
  7. Tablets with lap timer

    Pretty much the same as others, except we changed from Harry’s to RaceChrono. The display is nice and simple and the predictive box changes from red to green if you are up on your best lap. The biggest problem that we have had is keeping the power cable plugged in, in the end I got a really short power cable and JB welded it to the tablet.
  8. For anyone who questions what kind of fun driveshaft vibrations can bring you.
  9. Brake cooling and upgrades

    If he is used to and happy with Hawk Blue I can’t imagine being too grippy would be a problem with pretty much any other pad
  10. Brake cooling and upgrades

    For good or bad the series is moving in the opposite direction. If I was building a new car right now, any car, it wouldn't have a single piece of OEM hardware in the braking system. If I ever get motivated to work on it again my car will end up without a single piece of OEM brake hardware, I have all the parts designed and my Wilwood hookup is moving and wants help cleaning out his basement…..
  11. Battery hold down and containers

    All metal for the parts that actually secure the battery, m8-5/16 minimum fastener size, 2 inch backup washers if installed through sheetmetal. Keep it simple but sturdy. Some cars are marginal even if you use the stock location, I know our car used cheesy ¼ inch J bolts and wing nuts and we did have a battery flying around the engine compartment at one of our first races.
  12. Transport fuel mileage

    Here you go, read as much as you want... https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/programs/environment-etv-menu-eng-2939.html All of the super truck concepts use extensive aero with the trailer almost completely sealed to the tractor. Improved fuel efficiency in heavy duty trucks is an area of massive development these days, we are heavily involved obviously with more efficient solutions for the turbos but also other devices that are at least sort of related. Hybrid trucks are going to be a big thing in the near future.
  13. Mercedes, outclassed from the get go?

    They were pitted next to us, beautiful car. I don't know anything about Daimler engines but the one in this car looked pretty trick, it had a really nice stainless header and either Webers or ITB throttle bodies.
  14. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Call the hats wheel spacers, pay your 5 points and call it a day. They truly are spacing out the wheels.
  15. Brake cooling and upgrades

    I use DTC30 rear pads which are probably way better than the HP+, the DTC60/30 combination is a very popular setup that a lot of people have had success with. Another thing I like to do is machine off all of the parking brake hardware and install a ½ NPT plug in the hole, probably doesn't really improve performance but it is one less thing to fail, and it makes changing pads way easier.