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  1. Discharge it first and it's no longer hazardous. It's the first step of the service anyway.
  2. Not enough likes...
  3. For custom work go to Trackside Tim in SC. His seamstress Dixie has been sewing fire suites for longer than many around here have been alive. We got really nice full custom fit suites that were 100% Nomex with custom embroidery for just over $400 each. The fit was perfect and the quality is quite good.
  4. What I did was to weld bolts to the sliders so that I effectively have studs coming from the sliders. Makes it a million times easier to install since you just have to run lock nuts down to install the seat. This should also make it more difficult for the bolts to pull through.
  5. Stock tanks cannot be modified. The rule is stock tank left completely stock or approved fuel cells, also unmodified. No way they want people out there hacking up stock fuel tanks.
  6. Don't tempt me, I have already thought about it. I spend most days designing housings and I could whip something up with any aero I wanted with any logo and part number I wanted. The good news is that the rapid prototype companies in Germany can supply a fully machined casting in 3-5 weeks, the bad news is that the going rate is around $7K for a turbine housing and $3k for a compressor cover.
  7. I did it and it was pretty easy. I cut the top off of the wrecked car to get the cage out, then cut the cage into 2 pieces. On piece was the main hoop and door bars, the other piece was the halo and front down tubes. Welded in new base plates and cleaned up the bottom tubes to fit. While I was at it I moved the cage as far as possible to the drivers side and gained more than a half inch of helmet clearance. I welded in new rear down tubes because I didn't like how they were in the old car. There is the biggest issue, almost everyone has something they would do different if you were to do a cage a second time so it's really tempting to just start over.
  8. I run 9 inch +36 miata wheels, but I use adapters to fit onto the RX7. you can also get 15X10 miata wheels, it's nice to be able to use Miata stuff because there are so many low cost options.
  9. Just had it done, was about $80 plus shipping.
  10. In this case the threads don't do any sealing there is a gasket under the head of the assembly, but they do make NPT helicoils.
  11. That sensor assembly came out of the tank of a Suzuki SV650, I used to race those and still have a bunch of parts laying around. I suspect that almost any modern motorcycle that has a fuel warning light will have a similar sensor. The mount is M18-1.5 the same as an O2 sensor, the threads in the surge tank are -8 or ¾ -16, this leaves plenty of material to drill out the -8 threads and install an M18 helicoil. Of course now I have an M18 helicoil kit with about 15 extra inserts that I doubt I will ever use.
  12. Here is a good one of some fast cars battling and working their way through traffic.
  13. I don't know but is there anything that makes a BMW drain plug unique? My Mazda came standard with magnetic drain plugs on both the trans and diff, could you find an inexpensive OEM magnetic plug from a different car to use?
  14. I am sure that the autocross tire market for “200tw”tires is many times larger than the budget endurance racing market. Even here in our little town of Asheville we get upwards of 100 cars every month for an autocross.
  15. First I would get a ruling from tech, people on the forum try really hard to figure out new ways to cost themselves points. Second if it will really be charged the same as a proper functional splitter I would go ahead and build the splitter and get an actual benefit.