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  1. 2018 Schedule

    So what are the rates for those that are incorrect?
  2. 2018 Schedule

    I don't know about Mid O or VIR but they seem fairly close on Barber for instance. Those listed are per day, not the weekend. And Mid O is listed for a weekday, assume the weekend per day rate is much higher.

    Surprised no one has started a thread for this race. It looks like we will make this race instead of Road America, just couldn't get the gang together for that one. So, we will do this race and finish the year at Barber. Looking forward to a good race, looks like the competition will be pretty tough based on who has signed up already.
  4. 2018 Schedule

    I think it's 50k this year, maybe it's going up to that next year. Of course that's just track rental, all the other costs that go along with it maybe get it to there. Closest thing we do is Daytona at low to mid 30's if I recall. There is a list of track rental fees on some site, pretty interesting.
  5. 2018 Schedule

    Just passing along what the boss told me last week when I was out west. Apparently COTA is going up even more and even if the entry fee was raised and the car count was 100 it just won't work. So, at least to me that sounded final.
  6. 2018 Schedule

    Well we now know for sure what won't be on this schedule - COTA. It's a shame because that is an awesome place to race, I am so glad we went to the 2 races that were held there in spite of the fact we were plagued with issues every day both times. Oh well, life goes on. Suggestion to take it's place: A second race at Barber about the same time of year last year's COTA race was held, make it an Eastern region race.
  7. It was my race track, what were they doing in the middle of it? Really, like I told Bruce when I had to make the dreaded walk down the pits I have done a lot of clean racing in chump through the years with a few bonehead moves along the way but that one was tops on the bonehead list. Luckily it didn't take them out. Looking at video, my spin from it and the time in pits to pull the fender out was a little over a lap it cost us. Without that, it might have been Miata PI chasing us instead of us chasing them at the end. Shows how close this racing can be, one little mistake can be the difference. Congrats to Ben and his team Sunday, they ran a good race, hats off working all night repairing the car from the damage the day before to go out and get the win. It was cool to talk after the race that during that last hour we were both doing the same thing in the cars, looking where each other were at on the track to see if I was gaining any. I didn't have any more talent and the car didn't have any more speed to close the gap. Almost an hour of run time with the same 15 or 20 second difference, awesome stuff. Our team worked well and did what we had to do to keep it close to have a shot at the end both days. The track was a surprise, it was fun and challenging. Would do it again given the chance. I appreciate Perry giving me the opportunity to come out west and run with them. Having the privilege of having run races in the east, central, and west regions has shown the racing is good, competitive, fun, clean for the most part, and the people are great no matter what region it is in with Chumpcar. Keep keepin it real fellow chumpers....
  8. Road America fall race

    One guy is in, if the other isn't we'll pick another of our regular guys up. Awesome fall colors, I am thinking this would be some cool fall colors there as well.
  9. Road America fall race

    Ok, y'all convinced me. Just have to make sure the other 2 guys are open that weekend. I may even try to talk my cousin in to the long haul from CA.
  10. Is this legal?

    Yeah, I thought you guys were far enough along the straight it shouldn't have been an issue. And thanks for the shout out, we all had a great time mixing it up with y'all. The funniest part of the weekend happened after this. One guy missed the pit in after the checkered and he stopped at 15 trying to decide whether to go back against the grain and pull in the pits or take the drive of shame past everybody on the front stretch. You could see him hesitate, then turn back, then stop, then turn back. He was still just sitting when I quit looking.
  11. Road America fall race

    So we are considering this race since we haven't ever been there and we qualify for the central chumpionship. Our other option is AMP a week later which is a lot closer to home, we have been there but it just doesn't have the bucket list appeal like RA. We want to squeeze in one race before ending the year at our home track of Barber. Had hoped to make Sebring, but since we just raced last weekend and too much to do in 3 weeks so that aint happening. Decisions, decisions....
  12. Daytona 2018...

    We will be there but no rental seats.
  13. Official! Buttonwillow now a 8+7 hour enduro

    Whew! Maybe we (Pomona) have a chance now. Really, hate you won't be there, we need all the cars we can get.
  14. I hate that I missed this thread earlier when it was active, but I'll chime in late: 1992 Lexus SC300 (chump car) black 1993 Lexus SC300 manual red 1996 Lexus SC300 auto white 1993 Lexus SC300 auto blue (completed the all American trifecta) 1984 BMW 533i E28 1995 BMW M3 w/ S52 crank and a Garrett turbo which spools about 435 to the wheels 2001 BMW Z3 Roadster 3.0 2004 GMC Z71 1988 GMC 3500 flatbed 1999 Allegro Bus on Ford F53 chassis 2003 Harley Heritage Softail w/ 100 year anniversary black/silver paint 2004 Lexus RX330 They all run except the blue Lexus which is just a parts car and a future LS swap possibly.
  15. 2018 Nation Championship

    Curious when we will find out more about this race, I realize we have a lot of racing left in 2017 but it will be interesting to see who can sign up.