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  1. I like love Ian Strong's Opel GTs 60 or so RWHP and the 15 gallon fuel cell. I get the feeling others do not. Just by looking at all the ducking dents in the body.
  2. I sent this question to the boss
  3. Live in-car RaceCasters! We have a change in applications we would like you to use. If you are using the Cerevo LiveShell 2, your settings stay the same. log into your racecast account and go to settings... . You still input the settings via the Cerevo web app. Teradek VidiU settings stay the same. Now here is where the changes are. If you are using a cell phone type camera, where in the past you were using the Wowza GoCoder, we need you to stop using it. It causes some issues in our broadcast. Over the past few weeks we have been testing the Larix Broadcaster app. It works very well. Please log into your racecast account, and download the app and set it up. Unfortunately it is a manual setup process. But it is easy when you follow the setup instructions. This will help ChumpCast bring you uninterrupted race coverage. Thanks! Bill Strong and Paulie Veltum.
  4. What he said! I did see a sign that kinda pointed at me that I needed to pull over on my way to Sebring. I think it may have been more weight related. I just kept looking straight ahead and driving straight. no issues.
  5. RaceCast race... if you have a camera, please join.
  6. Event has been made - I will be onsite. So please get those cameras installed so that Paulie and I will be able to make fun of your awesome driving!
  7. hmmm. a 1976 Cadillac 500CID 190hp using the 1970 compression (400hp 550tq) in the Opel. It's doable.
  8. I can attest to Andrews statements. E.P.I.C. We are all (CCWS staff and BOD) watching this thread. And learning from it. But yes. There needs to be a way of letting everyone know that we do have new folks in charge, and that the way things are done is different. I will be putting together a survey soon that will ask you guys some basic and not so basic. stay tuned.
  9. I believe straight talk uses the Verizon network and are kicked to lower performing nodes when traffic is high. Most likely this is what happened. The VZW phones operated flawlessly. My sprint phone did not do too well and was relegated to phone to the studio operation during the telecast.
  10. There are insurance issues with this. Like issues that have many many $$$$ before, in between and after them. But we are working on some aspects of this. I made the ads before we officially had all the details of ChumpCast! in place. In fact it is a very fluid subject that seems to change daily. I did not want to publicize a product that just was not ready for consumption. We are close. But once we have it, we will be hitting every form of advertising with it. Spitballing is good. It's what we all do.
  11. Added free pizza and "beverage" party info to original post bottom.
  12. CHUMPCAST LIVE! Cell Phone Users - We have new settings! Attention Chumpcar World Series racers. Going to Daytona or Road America? We need to get you switched off of Wowza GoCoder and get you setup with the Larix Broadcaster app on your smart phones that you have running in your cars. The reason is that the last GoCoder update was buggy as hell and was causing all sorts of bad issues on both sides of the transmission. Larix is sweet, and fast, but does require some manual setup. No autoconfiguration like the gocoder. So the RaceCast crew made up some nice new setup sheets. Setup or sign into your RaceCast account at and go here
  13. I am in the sweet spot... I think of moving back to California or Arizona every now and then... but only for a second... then I remember how many epic tracks I have around me within 12 hours drive.