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  1. Hi. My name is Chuck. I used to be pretty damn good at SoloII in the 80s. Like trophy good. But that was the time of pleather evening jackets, coke, and a smile. Now it is bifocals and getting lost in a sea of cones. Seriously. I thought I was going to kick ass. Big freaking failure there. It was Ian's first ever car competition. He was getting coached by all my National Champion friends and even family. He even resulted in using up my bandwidth with How To AutoX YouTube videos. We took his SH 2006 Mazda 3 2.3 because we were afraid the Opel would catch fire again. here we are discussing how I was going to kick his ass. He was serious about kicking my ass. I found that funny. The guys running the event had odd on that he would spin and wipe out a thousand cones. None of that happened. He went out and did a solid lap, not hitting any cones. Car under control. My turn. I got this. as I got totally freaking lost, red flagged before I even hit the second turn! I pull in, embarrassed as hell, with him laughing, and okkustom, who was playing DJ, making fun of me getting lost. Then they made me take an instructor. I wanted to die right there. I could see the failure in my daughter's eyes as she just shook her head in disgust. Ian's next run was 5 seconds better. Smooth with a hint of tire squeal. Mine. I missed a gate. another DNF Ian then took another 3 seconds off his time, lots of tire noise. I asked him to go with me, and I made a clean run with him pointing cones out. But I was way off the pace. He goes out and does another good lap, but hits a cone. Blames me. I go out and cut a lot of time off. But still way slower than the boy. Now he goes out and makes a clean solid run, but does not improve his time. I put everything I have into the run. And beat him by 2 seconds. He looks pissed. I was happy. But I am hanging up my cone shoes. It's his turn. I'll work on teaching him tire pressure and smoothness. He has the rest down.
  2. Aimee thought I was going to die at Richmond last weekend. in was 113 degrees on the Richmond Speedway parking lot.
  3. I replace mine every year. and I only use Goodridge hose.
  4. It has been there forever, nothing new.
  5. yes. Troy and I have just switched to a Sweet telescoping column. it removes all of the OE mounts out of the way, which was a hazard to my guys knees. columns are open. but the rack is not.
  6. More details to follow. So please. don't all panic at once. Start in alphabetical order.
  7. Bring your mom.
  8. It was a rule clarification, not a rule change. That looks good but if you want to make one hundred percent certain email Phil.
  9. Updated test session info - 8:00am Test session drivers meeting 8:30am-10:30am Open test session Fees included with your race entry fee. (free)
  10. Entry list updated. added the winner spoils. We normally run the grand course. but are switching it up the Full. and I think because Mike said so?
  11. I have been cardioverted 5 times. it freaking sucks. Since I quit drinking on Jan 2, 2012, I have had ZERO A-Fibs. DR. Pepper FTW!