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  1. So you get two laps added to your total laps done. If you don't last the race because your transmission won't last, does it really matter?
  2. WGI is the bomb. I can't race because I have to work the race. But... I have acquired a winning WGI car and will be doing laps in it on friday to get some video.
  3. Get Schrader and some more NASCAR racers.
  4. Good post. It will be stickied
  5. Here is our new CCWS video outline. the sun is setting. Cars line up on the starting line. the flagger waves the green flag, and the rush is on for turn 1! = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
  6. People will complain that we use pro-drivers and that a car with no paint should never be shown on a non-XXX website.
  7. Transmission cooler and a pump. But, if you have to ask, you might want to ask a shop to help you.
  8. 1991 I am at the 24-hours of Le Mans. Houx Annexe campground, pre-facelift. German guys next to us are starting a campfire. They put logs in and pour motor oil on the logs and throw a match in. Once the black smoke clears and the fire is burning well. They throw a shopping cart on the fire. This is their grill. Once the wheels have finally burnt off, they throw some chicken on the cart. Same guys that brought two coaches, one for people, and one for the booze and home-made schnapps. best party / race EVER!
  9. Yes it is...
  10. The before and after pictures are awesome. I wanted to keep the wheels. But that turbocharged 3,8liter GNX engine should fly!
  11. We can even have a lifetime supply of tires too, and that is just the bridge wall!
  12. So more car launching and crunching scenes? awesome! I think people forget that we are a company and can't just grap shit off the internet to use. There are all sorts of legal issues. As I get our archive stuff with great scenes and wild bomb bursting car crashes then we can really get into some professional shots! Mike and I had a small meeting this past weekend on what we want to see. We will move in that direction soon. I am scouring eBay for a used Goodyear blimp and trying to rent Darlington for a few hours...
  13. More cooling. Heat buildup is huge in endurance racing. It affects some cars more than others. Cooling the oil can help a lot. Also, don't you the transmission to stop or slow the car. Use the brakes. I once got yelled at by Rod Quaife at the London Race Car Show for saying that I did this. Seriously. Yelled at. lol
  14. Every time I brought up Nelson Ledges at COTA, Mike mentioned Bonfire. Now I get it.
  15. Airplanes have internet now. lol. I abuse American Airlines internet on my plane trips doing CCWS work. Of course I would rather be sleeping.