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  1. I swear. that is the profile the yellow 79 car uses. The new car is going to use a slightly different profile which is a secret. But that is what we used. It's a helicopter profile. I chose that profile after researching for a long time. I read a lot and did some playing in flow at certain speeds. I originally got the idea from here in 2011 when I was building the car... The difference in negative lift and drag at 100mph at Road Atlanta was huge vs our old aluminum dual element wing.
  2. damnit. I was trying to go my whole life without wearing yoga pants. link to Amazon page that sells them in 38-fatboy-size fireproof.
  3. I pushed out a fix that got rid of me. but that is funny, about the pic
  4. Why are all these image uploads necessary? It wasn't. I had planned to allow you to upload an image and put it on the card. In testing it never asked for any of that info to upload. and it did not work like I thought. I have since took the option away. But, one day I want to add it back if it works. If you wanted to add a picture of Cartman, that would be awesome. It was just a feature I thought was cool. In real life it was not.
  5. I use - GOE 531 AIRFOIL - Gottingen 531 airfoil (goe531-il) GOE 531 AIRFOIL Gottingen 531 airfoil Max thickness 13.8% at 19.5% chord. Max camber 14.7% at 49.3% chord
  6. I have a MR2 friend, who's wife is a rocket scientist and aerodynamics. She worked on the aero on this car, which was totally designed by a computer, with no wind tunnel work. It shook up the aero design field. So much so, she also worked on the new mustang front end aero. For the record, she is our advisor for the MR2s.
  7. Thanks guys. This is my first time using things like this ie virtual wallet. I was tasked with saving the Club money over the older cards which were costing quite a bit of money. And I accomplished that. But, we had some issues on deployment. And we are still learning. It will get better. And I knew that some would refuse to use it, but that is ok, and totally understandable. The potential good of this tool is big. But we have to find out what works in the real world, and what doesn't. We also need to find out what you guys want and need vs what you hate and don't need. We will get there, and I think it will get better.
  8. I deleted and reinstalled my card, and the process seems easier. I still have a few things to tweak. I wanted you to be able to add your picture to the card like an ID. But for some reason it did not work. will sort that out soon.
  9. Found the hidden william bit. removed and pushed it out. but for some reason it is not coming off. I think I got rid of the image upload screen on install too. I have to do some work at my real job that pays my car payments, so I will come back to this a bit later.
  10. ok. just pushed out a major fix. #1, right now, ignore this. it was not working like we thought it would. It kinda worked in testing. I'll work on this more #2, I have no clue why my name is there. I'll send a support ticket in. #3, The QR code at the bottom worked fine adding the card to my iOS Wallet. Great! <awesome #4. Choosing "Print" at the bottom came up with a messed up page of gibberish. Could be my local computer print options. <saw that with someone else. I was able to print. working on it
  11. I am sending out some tweaks and fixes. some of this never showed up in testing. If I don't respond back... it's because I have moved to mexico...
  12. You may also enter the info into the current driver box. I just enter my first driver.
  13. I will send out an email asking for that info I was going to try and do that tonight, but will send it out tomorrow. I got busy with the new membership card. who knew I need a certificate for iOS devices... I am now an Apple developer. Lets see how fast their stock drops now...
  14. My setups are close to $800 each. It's best to just using a burner smart phone from wall mart. 10GB will do ok.
  15. Holy crap... 55 cars!