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    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Lack of power? Fuel usage? Heck, like Huggy said, I don't even want to run a splitter because my drivers keep tearing it off!
  2. Torque Wreches

    Ok. Sounds like a decent option. Just buy a cheaper one, if it fails buy another. Any my comments on the longevity of the HF wrench? the master craft only lasted us 2 years...
  3. Torque Wreches

    I was thinking that, I may just take it back and see what they say.
  4. Any suggestions for a new torque wrench? The Mastercraft (Canadian Tire) one we use seems to be failing. Sometimes it wont click. Then after using the ratchet (turning backwards) or slightly adjusting the torque setting it seems to "reset" and will click again like normal. It was in the $120 range at Canadian tire. I'd rather spend a bit more money for a better tool, but don't really want to get into the $500 plus range. Im having trouble finding one that is "mid-range". Any suggestions?
  5. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Well.... the management read the forums, so I guess technically that would be you?
  6. AWD Mazdaspeed 6

    As a team that races a 626 with a 2.5 L V6, our car is fast enough to keep up with most teams. The Mazdaspeed will be WAY faster than that. Build it and come out and race, but it will be in EC or will be prohibitively too many points that you may as well be EC.
  7. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    There has got to be a better way to say that....
  8. This. if you think about a new team joining a series (any series) with no racing experience, they would look at all the guys running accusumps, big rads, diff coolers, etc and may be scared away as it is even further from being a "buy, gut, cage, race" type series. Starting my team a few years ago I certainly would have fallen into that trap.
  9. Road America fall race

    Its not a pretend 16. As far as the car is concerned, its a 16. For teams that don't live near tracks that allow you to do 14, 16 or 24 it allows for some additional variation. People still go to 14 hour races even though if they break, or run out of tires, or need to do maintenance on the car they will not win the race. If you need to shift that work "to the next day" well you are done for the race. Be thankful that you have an opportunity for a 60 min penalty and can still run to the end of the race.
  10. Weight is free (not even cheap, its FREE) speed. Don't disincentive people to make their cars light.
  11. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Correct! Realistically though, 255 hp out of the 2004 is plenty of power to keep up with the crowd. Don't forget, if you are aiming for Daytona, its 14 hours of racing that you have to finish! The turbo power is tempting... but will it make it to the end (and how many pitstops are you going to need to get through 14 hours??)?? If it were me as a starting team I would get a 255 hp version, gut it to within an inch of its life to reduce weight, upgrade brakes, shocks and springs within the allowable for zero points, put a big ass wing and livery on it to make it look like a World Challenge car and go racing. Decide where you want to spend money/points later once you know the car a little bit better.
  12. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    You really want to go straight to EC eh?? Make: Cadillac Model: CTS Year: 2003 MPV: 530 Car Weight: 3211 Original HP: 220 New HP: 400 Points Added to VPi: 8267 --->NEW VPI: 8797
  13. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    You think you could get a CTS down to 2200 lbs?? I think that might be a bit ambitious! Though, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear as raced weight between 2700-2800 lbs.
  14. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Exactly yeah! I think they would be fairly similar in terms of performance. Maybe I should sell my current car and go get on of these to build.... anyone interested in a Mazda 626?
  15. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    All the more reason to do it! One of these racing a Lincoln LS on track would be awesome. I love bad donkey sedans.