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  1. Does anyone have a spare NASCAR to IMSA adapter they would want to sell or loan? One of my rental drivers has a NASCAR helmet kit but we run IMSA in the car.
  2. It seems like the cheapest we could possibly do is around CDN$250/hour including entry and consumables (gas, tires, brakes, oil, some replacement parts, etc). All depends on track, but we use around 6 gal/hour and would almost go through a set of tires in an average double 7/8 weekend.
  3. The SIM card I got from Roam was sent to me in the mail after i ordered it from their website . I then went online to activate and choose/pay for a plan. No idea if the card will arrive in time though. Worst case scenario, you could always prepay for a Rogers roaming plan (just phone them up) Last time I went to the US for work, it was like $80 for 4 days with data and such. Too much for me to justify for a race weekend, but work paid for it and I kept my number and such while down there.
  4. Uhhhh, at 14 miles and 70+ corners... yeah I'd say so! Cool video. So much fun. When I graduated University, a took a job behind a shovel for the summer. Worked my butt off but made good money. Paid off my debt and bought a one way ticket to Frankfurt to rent a Ford Fiesta and drive straight to the 'ring. Gear head mecca. Great memories!
  5. No doubt. That wasn't the best heel-toe and not enough blip. I also didn't blip it hard enough going down to 2nd before 5b either. I can hit it better, but not as consistent as I would like to be. As Mender said too, Mopsort and that corner can be a little "busy" (that's my excuse and Im sticking with it!)
  6. To be honest, videos like that are what confuses me! I don't understand how there is so much time to shift like that. Granted, Im only doing 165-170km/h as opposed to what appears to be somewhere near 190 km/h or so in your video, but here I am going 5 to 3. I personally, I don't feel like there is time to get another shift in there. Or at the very least, and as pertains to this thread, I don't feel like there is enough time to get a safe/not rushed/precise shift in there!
  7. Maybe its just me, but I feel like at full braking power a 5-4-3 would need to be REALLY fast on clutch pedal and shifter. From 5000 rpm in 5th, to do about 4500 in 3rd its fairly rushed as it is to get to 3rd, I cant imagine trying to smoothly get 4th gear in there as well.
  8. that's the part that amazes me!
  9. As anecdotal evidence, I tune in to IndyCar every once in a while, and try to go to the race here in Toronto (when I can squeeze it in with my remaining race car associated brownie points! Admittedly, I typically take the Friday off of work and go for the "fan Friday" when its free - even though I wouldn't mind paying for a ticket). But I have never paid much, if any attention to the Indy 500. Here I am this year watching live streams of practice for gawds sake! In my opinion, Alonso is a great thing for Indy. The more crossover and "throwback" to the old days when guys raced multiple series the better. I'd love to see guys like Button and Alonso squaring off (or even better, teaming up) with guys like the Taylor boys to go run endurance events and such.
  10. Definitely not the best seats around, but shoot.... pretty cheap! Maybe not as a race seat, but even to use as a passenger seat it could be a good deal.
  11. Correct. (FIA or SFI belts though too, right. Without looking at the tag on our belts, Im pretty sure they are SFI)
  12. It should yeah. At the moment, chump does not require an FIA cert for the seat, only that it is a one piece and in good shape. We currently run an expired Momo Daytona.
  13. Have a seat? Here is a decent looking deal if the seat is in ok shape. Not my ad.
  14. Not my car, no idea how the cage is, but if only minimal work is required to upgrade for chump tech... this is a great looking deal.
  15. Oh yeah, I got an email from Mike, but forgot to come post up his reply. First two hours is point by passing and passengers are allowed as long as they are in full gear and using race seat and harness. Then the final two hours is open passing, no passengers.