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    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. Better sign up for a Mosport race then!
  2. I also think that one is pretty funny. But in good forum fashion, @Supercivic , National Chief of Tech / Rules - Phil McKinney -
  3. He must have gone in backwards hitting the right rear corner? Good reason to have a seat brace I would think. And as big of a washer as you can get on the back side/inside of the slider is a good idea too apparently. That is a pretty nice little setup you guys found though. Thanks for sharing.
  4. There is also a company called Midpoint, never used it, just know some people that work there. I have no idea how well it works for individual people as compared to a business to business application. Alternatively, tow that car up here for a race this year, pick up the parts, pay cash, install, race and save all that shipping and exchange hassle.
  5. Trying to follow this thread and I think I understand the issues. But we are installing a surge tank ourselves this year and wouldn't mind some thoughts or comments. Square aluminum tank being fed by the OEM fuel tank and fuel pump with a return line hooked up to the OEM return from the top of the tank. Inline external fuel pump being fed from a hole in the bottom of the surge. The pump will be mounted on the same horizontal level as the tank, so as long as the tank is full, there should be hydraulic head to the pump. Return line from the fuel rail/engine to the top of the surge tank. So I think this solves the issues in this thread (if I understand them correctly). The only worry I have is that we are installing the surge tank (and pump) in the engine bay as there isn't really a good place to put it elsewhere in the car. Any reason this wouldn't work? Will the gas get heated too much on a hot day?
  6. @craz azn was selling a really nice 2002 a while back. He may have an idea for some Ontario based parts.
  7. "A bit front heavy." That right there is a first world problem! Sincerely, All FWD/front engine drivers. (64/36 as raced!) Cool car though. Looking forward to watching the build.
  8. Hahaha! I'm just kidding Carl. No resentment here. Was more laughing that if you read it wrong it almost sounds like "come to the course or else you will be like those Wheelhouse guys"! We are really grateful for the prize and pumped to get back out on track this year!
  9. V6 or I4? I already have my own 626, so not interested in buying... but this can be made to be a really fun car. Has potential to run at the front for sure. GLWS
  10. Uggghh.... look at that dripping paint down the passenger side sill. Gross, likely not something to be proud of.... /S
  11. Wait a minute... Should I resent this post?!! Hahaha. Seriously though, we are REALLY excited to get out there and up our game for this year and can't wait to take this course. We are even bringing two extra drivers so even our backup drivers will be ready to go!
  12. If you two lived across the street would you still both sit I your respective garages chating over the forum with each other?
  13. Incredible indeed. I have used one that picked up footprints from someone's boots!!
  14. 33??!! WTF?!! My wife thinks I'm mental with 4....