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  1. Yes -- the distinct aroma of failure.... >;)
  2. Well, there *are* series where classes are based on the *drivers* rather than the *cars*.... >;)
  3. Not so fast -- with the upcoming Part 23 rules rewrite, and the dialing-back on requirements for a 3rd-class medical; plus the plethora of Light Sport Aviation acft. out there....
  4. I suggested Chump Air Racing to The Old Boss once. Once....
  5. You illustrate another problem: What one team likes, another doesn't. Willow's quite literally "old-school": it was built in the late '40s or early '50s, and has never been "updated" with gratuitous chicanes or other such. The comments from the Trans-Am West teams about their event at Willow are... illuminating. Another example: PIR -- sometimes ICSCC runs it with the Festival Curves, other times without. Which one would teams prefer? ("I don't take the s***s; I just disturb 'em.")
  6. The way the white Miata gets air, that looks like tire-on-tire contact.
  7. It's been known to happen that a race which isn't anywhere close to B-E gets the can-o-matic -- it also explains why some tracks which people around here demand be on the schedule aren't: If they don't draw, why bother? I don't know about "official", but Math Rarely Lies -- if the math says "20 cars minimum", and fewer than that sign up.... Someone might suggest CC post a figure saying "this event needs this many entries to happen"; get that out in the open, so rumor doesn't fester into "fact".
  8. By "nowhere to put it": My driveway is on about a 6-degree slope; the garage is filed with Other Things; the backyard cannot be accessed from the front by anything bigger than a recycling bin; and on-street parking is a non-starter given the number of families we have here (I'm lucky I can park in my own bloody driveway...). Suburb Life, esp. in the Portland area: Not conducive to Having Stuff. (Maybe I can convince them to go cheap-car endurance racing.... ) The comments re "money shifts" highlight another thing I need to get done when I have money -- get back in practice driving manuals; the last one I drove was a VW Beetle which has to serve as the basis for a Porsche 356 replica, and "that's not gone well".... (My SO is a programmer; she uses me as her "bench test" -- she gives me a program, and in two minutes, I can break it. *Anvils* are not safe around me.) For those wondering, the full list of Stuff I Need To Get Done Before I Am Reasonably Safe To Race: 1) Get my eyesight fixed -- it isn't bad enough that I am Legally Blind in one eye (right side is 20/150 with astigmatism like a football), but there's a mismatch between my nose and ears which makes it impossible to find glasses which fit properly (if you meet me in person, usually I have blisters either on the sides of my nose, or around my ears, because if the glasses fit my nose, the cut off circulation to my ears, and if they fit my ears, they will not stay up on my nose. I've tried tape, but the results are even more disgusting...). And my last experience in Proper Racing, guess what happened the first time I hit the brakes to go into a corner? I don't think anyone wants to be on-track with someone who at any moment could be doing a Mr. Magoo impression. 2) Figure out what's wrong with my stomach -- not a good idea to have a serious stomach cramp when traveling into the Festival Curves. 3) Work on my flexibility -- I spent most of my childhood riding BMX bikes on horse trails; still paying for *that* ride.... (Can you tell I didn't hit the Pick-Six on the Genetics Lottery? ) 4) Take some racing classes, to get [back] to a point where I'm not a total menace to everyone on the track -- yes, birds, too. 5) Acquire racing gear. 6) ... 7) PROFIT! Er, I mean: RACE!
  9. His comments were always kind of fishy -- I think he was being sardinic.
  10. Sad to say, but: Willow's on the wrong side of the San Gabriel mountains. The series which do run there are hard-pressed to get 30 cars to show up.
  11. In addition to my usual problems of "no money" and "no place to put it", there's also my complete and utter ignorance of Acura maintenance and upgrade practices. And I rather doubt Mr. Stormer would be willing to move out here permanently so I could have someone around who knows something about Honda products....