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  1. Turn off the bubble machine... the whole ballroom is shifting off to sea....
  2. I was going to say: I know Contact Costs Money, but I do approve of the contact rules for the British "banger" classes -- one is allowed to push *just* enough to get the guy out of the way; anything more than that, tho', is strictly out-of-bounds. (Officially, it's called "following-in", or "fencing".) The hard part is striking [ahem ] the balance between the two. Also: They need to up the Cd on the cars, so the guy in front is disadvantaged; and lose the aero devices (no more "aero push", and no more "someone knocked off a dive plane, so we're out of the race").
  3. There's a well-known-in-the-community filker (someone who writes folks songs with science-fiction and/or fantasy themes) who wrote a song about what happened when the power was knocked out to his county (!) for a week; "our house was designed so we were living at about a 19th-century level of existence, while most-everyone else was living at about a *10th*-century existence...."
  4. One one of those really old (VHS!) racing-crash compilation videos, there is footage of two rally cars running into each other *in the middle of the [CENSORED] desert*. No other cars for miles; visibility to the horizon; *CRUNCH*. And the best part: They did this *in front of a cameraman*....
  5. "How Hard Can It Be" is a Jeremy Clarkson catchphrase. My quote was from Richard Hammond on his first episode after his jet-dragster crash.
  6. For a dirt quarter-mile in the Portland area -- first time in a while I've seen the Street Stocks with two-digit car-counts (unfortunately, they spent most of the night demonstrating that SSs on a 1/4-mile in large numbers is a bad idea); the Dwarfs had a good turnout, but there's That One Guy who's absolutely monstering folks on the straights -- not sure if it's HP, or gearing, or what, but he's a car-length further down the road on both straights; the 4-cylinder class was a little thin, and it didn't help that the one car which didn't look like a refugee from the scrapheap crushed the competition; the IMCA Modifieds weren't much better, and had the same problem as the SSs.
  7. "Oh, how I've missed the awful pang of dread I feel whenever I hear you utter the words 'How Hard Can It Be'...."
  8. Attended the racing at the local dirt oval in Banks -- for the first time in a while, I saw a Street Stock car which *wasn't* a F-Body, or Metric. As best I could tell, it was a B-body Chevy Caprice. (The roofline was the only recognizably original bodywork -- the sides were essentially flat pieces of metal with cutouts for the tires.)
  9. Considering in most European series, there's no passing for the lead except during pit stops; and whoever's leading when the field sorts itself after the last stop typically wins....
  10. Interesting proposal -- a couple of disagreements with it, tho': 1) Stick with 500 as the top level cap; there's really no need to increase it. 2) Frankly, the notion of "overall" and "lesser" wins doesn't thrill me -- I'd as soon see "like racing with like", the way Grand-Am used to have it (if a lower-level car finished 12th "overall", but 1st in its class, it still got 1st-place points). GA did it that way to give the slower cars less incentive to "interfere" with the faster cars; if one was passed by a car outside one's own class, it didn't affect one's point score, so there was no percentage in getting in the way. Not having an "overall" win might have the same effect on CC, and some of the less-well-thought-out battles for "position" which have been declaimed against elsewhere on this Forum. I think that's what The Old Boss had in mind for it in the first place....
  11. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    I see this, and the first thought which passed my mind was: "DAMN IT, CARL!"
  12. So, something like the "Division" system in the game _Car Wars_? The Division number is the amount-times-1,000 one's car can be worth -- so a "Division 10" car could cost no more than $10,000, while a "Division 40" costs a max of $40,000. (it would be legal to bring the Div. 10 to a Div. 40 event, but not the other way around.) That being the case: How granular does one make the "classes"? 50 point breaks? More? Less?