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  1. The No Gray Matter Racing team had a great time this weekend. Thanks to everyone for making this event happen. We all learned a lot as drivers this weekend, but found driving in the extreme wet on Friday to be particularly illuminating. We spent some time in the garage during the race fixing mechanical problems, but still got plenty of track time and finished 22nd and 23rd. An abbreviated list of issues we had this weekend include: a failing wheel bearing, a blown fuel pump fuse, stuck brake caliper, loose starter wiring (had to push start the car during a few pitstops on Sunday), intermittent comms, and um... we lost a wheel. We got it back, but it was a little embarrassing. Despite all that, we drove the car onto the trailer after the race without anything seriously damaged. This is a first for us, so we are really thrilled that we don't have to rebuild the car again before our next race. We plan to be at Laguna Seca in July. I thought the ChumpCast Live feed was awesome and plan to look into adding a feed from our car for that race. Until then, here are the GoPro highlight from our race:
  2. Earlier today Bill said full course (carousel, no chute) with the 9A chicane.
  3. Seconded. I definitely won't be there if the date is changed. Very likely my team won't either.
  4. Does this mean you are giving out 3 x 3 = 9 sets of tires in total or just 3, one per region?
  5. It was very un-nerving at first, but we got used to it after awhile. The problem was that we had almost nobody to race with and felt out of place. At one point some of the other teams put in their green drivers and we had maybe two cars we could sort of race with. That made a huge difference. As a first time team I would not mind getting my doors blown off, as long as I'm not the only one. I think TCV based classes might make it easier for new teams to get started without having to have a Jamaican bobsled team type of race before figuring out how to compete with the teams that have been doing this for half a decade or more.
  6. We did this at Laguna Seca last July. '91 CRX Si with an exhaust header and springs (sub 300 TCV). Finished 31st, 33 laps back on Friday, ventilated the crankcase on Saturday. We were definitely the slowest car on the track. If the rules gave us 15-30 laps and that encouraged more teams to compete at that PWR, that might be worth considering. However our team looked at the competitors at the rulebook at the time and decided to do a B20 swap. With the proposed rules I think we will be at 502 TCV (402 when we get around to cutting a hole in the hood to fit the stock intake manifold). If the classes were TCV based that would be very interesting and probably more meaningful than the displacement based ones we have now.
  7. Does this mean we are switching pits/paddock overnight?