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  1. Are non petition based amendments/changes being published anywhere? We got the turbo rule out of thin air last year so was wondering if there will be anything similar this time around?
  2. Weighed at CMP with WRL our E36 was #2550, no driver, full of fluids. Only thing missing was the coolsuit box. We weighed it at WGI with the coolsuit and we were right at #2600. We could probably get another 50-100 out of it if we tried a little harder.
  3. Thank you, never examined for differences. We definitely have the Enduros, they are awesome..
  4. Were cheap, but the Schroth enduro (or Profi II) belts were the best investment we made in a long time. We have pull downs, but with the adjuster right at the camlock, and 2" lap belts, they are super easy to tighten. We nailed our 3 minute fuel and driver change pitstops in AER, no doubt in large part to the simplicity and ease of these belts.
  5. Certainly seems unreasonable given the differences between that and the regular SE-r for it to be applied 100 points blindly. I would expect it to be as quick if not quicker than a 'stock' M50 E36 given the initial curb weight difference. Any idea what your race weight is, merely curious?
  6. OK, that is actually really good but in the spirit of offering suggestions, it took me a while to realize that AER doesn't have a date at CMP in September, I figured the hover was over the series name, not month initially so it was actually showing me that LeMons had a race at CMP in September. It would be pretty cool if you could hover over either the date, or series, with one showing you what is in that month, the other showing all the dates for that series. Page is definitely favorited though, thank you!!
  7. What value are you arguing the Spec-V should be out of interest? In real terms, there is at least 60 points worth of differences just looking at what the point values are for strut bar, helical torsen LSD (diff swap) and 6 speed gearbox (gearbox swap) that differentiate the Spec-V from a base SE-r, and that's without accounting for the extra 10hp you get (for what that's worth).
  8. @DEE DEE - They are I believe yes, haven't personally seen them since VIR. I think they are doing some SCCA and other series at the moment, why do you ask.
  9. Totally agree with this.
  10. We ran the Kirkey 71, its a great seat though you will really want to make sure you attach it at the back to the cage. Without that extra attachment the seat has a 'lot' of movement in it.
  11. Its only limited by your imagination.
  12. There's a 24hr race at VIR every year.
  13. Lol at the argument for this to be considered in the database then.
  14. So merely out of curiosity, what do you think said section might weigh?
  15. The car is awesome, great job on your result also.. Really appreciate the link as we are considering a Turbo setup for our BP Escort GT (well its slightly more than considering as we already have most of the parts needed..).