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  1. Honda CRX 88-91 - good chumpcar?

    If you swapped an LS1 into them they would perform identically yes, and they weigh about the same anyway. Besides, if you swapped one for power you would automatically be in EC so any offset in weights that may exist in the calculator aren't really relevant.
  2. Honda CRX 88-91 - good chumpcar?

    Part of the point I was making. If it did, the heaviest one of those in 1992 was around 300lbs heavier than an EX sedan. As it is, the Si gets a special break on weight given it starts about 100lbs or so lighter than an EX sedan, and its curb weight is close to the adjusted curb weight used by the formula. Its weight is more in line with the non D16 models as it was available only as a hatchback.
  3. Honda CRX 88-91 - good chumpcar?

    So is the implication then that a Civic, CRX or DelSol in 1991 weighed the same as each other as long as they had the same engine? Ultimately though, that you have a formula that will spit out a near 400 VPI difference between two cars that ultimately would end up with the same capabilities on a racetrack after you swap engines speaks volumes..
  4. bmw street swap

    BMW are like Lego's. Engine will drop right in, can use the same wiring harness but will need to get the ECU mapped for the 3.0. There are a number of threads on the process on sites like e46fanatics.com (not a fan of the forum generally though)..
  5. Cant argue with much of that, but I think you put too much stock potentially in how freebies may have helped E36's, I can assure you they didn't, we certainly would still be running just fine without any of them. The reality though is that all the freebies hurt our Escort far worse, given the low start value, we simply couldn't add enough stuff to get it to 500 if we wanted to any more. It wont normally run 2 hours either the way we drive it now Truth is though, the freebies just allowed already competitive cars to get even better, and created a bigger gap back to the lower MPV cars with no reasonable way for them to make up the difference. Same data for us as mentioned earlier, a burn rate above 7.5gph and you can't use all the stock tank so 2 hours is not a given at all. A cell would help of course, but also alters the cars balance. I would suggest looking at the data you have provided that E36's aren't really your nemesis, unless of course they are cheating or your driving is off If we ever run Chump again, it will have to be EC, car is now modified beyond a reasonable value due to running in other series.
  6. Considering there are multiple E36 teams (including ours) have stated on these forums that they no longer run Chump for reasons related to the series and/or rules, it seems like Chump must be miserably failing in their attempts to intentionally create rules that favor the platform in order to earn their stack of money Seems that those same favorable rules have also coincided with the decline of the E36 as a truly competitive platform, at least in stock configurations. Despite this, we are supposed to believe it remains the 'Golden standard'. As far as choosing the Fiero, were the fuel rules different back when you chose it such that you could run 2 hours? It appears from your video the Fiero is clearly quite a bit quicker than an E36 (lets assume M50 engine)? About the last car (obviously) I would build for Chumpcar would be an E36. I wish you luck in your greener pastures, I have no doubt you will be successful.
  7. So E36 owners, many of whom (especially M50 owners) have taken their cars to other series where they aren't so vilified, are the ones who made the rules. That makes as much sense as choosing a Fiero to race in a series where running for two hours is advantageous..
  8. As raced weight? Curb weight? Curb weight minus a percentage?
  9. Apparently, but I looked and couldn't see another win in around 2 years+. E36's are obviously dominating the series in the East..
  10. You gotta keep up, don't think an E36 has won around here in the east in a long time.
  11. 1987 RX7 with GM LA1 V6 swap build...

    You'll get it done Rob..
  12. Are Engine Oil Coolers Still Point Add oorrrrrr

    Did you submit a petition for this?
  13. Are non petition based amendments/changes being published anywhere? We got the turbo rule out of thin air last year so was wondering if there will be anything similar this time around?
  14. Free improvements for E36 m50b25?

    Weighed at CMP with WRL our E36 was #2550, no driver, full of fluids. Only thing missing was the coolsuit box. We weighed it at WGI with the coolsuit and we were right at #2600. We could probably get another 50-100 out of it if we tried a little harder.
  15. Cost of being a Chumper

    Thank you, never examined for differences. We definitely have the Enduros, they are awesome..