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  1. We talked about it a few months ago but I've had a little problem with my health. Surgery on 4/14 and still not recovered yet. Long road ahead, bud.
  2. Yeah, duh, true! It's a bad ass car. Someone did do a really nice job extending the cage through the firewall and up to the front bumper though. Would love to see the "beefing up" underneath. May have to change our team name to Pot Calling The Kettle Black Racing! Love that American steel!!
  3. Old school. They are touring together. May 26th in Savannah.
  4. I have. Purpose built race car with really nice "motor parts". Wish it were mine!
  5. ..accusump..
  6. Darn, I was going to suggest Ray(Okkustom) until I got to your second to the last sentence......BWAH!!
  7. I'm with Dog. But of course a Chevy never blows up.
  8. We're wanting to do the same thing for Road America in October. May be interested in Watkins Glen....PM me if you get transport info. and I'll run it by my partner.
  9. Sounds like something ol Cuckoo Marlin's boy would do.
  10. Sorry to see the Lincoln crashed. Glad the driver is ok! What happened?
  11. Get em before R Banks does!!
  12. Damn, kinda wishing we would have signed up for this race now. May show up and spectate. Good luck to all! Except Bimmers. With the exception of my south Florida friend. Ha!
  13. Not sure about tents but we've glamped there the last three years and never vacated til Sunday mid morning.
  14. I wrote my racing off too until my accountant Loophole Larry suggested it might start throwing up flags to the IRS If I continued to show a loss every year. I don't need those kind of flags!
  15. And you race a Ford?? Impressed. I wood had guest a bimer.