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  1. Events 2017

    A double 8 with Parc Ferme. Here are the supplementals https://www.dropbox.com/s/282twmsqnezk1yv/Calabogie Chumpionship Supps.pdf?dl=0
  2. Video from Castrol double 12

    Taking the Green with fire through the hood vents... You took the warm up laps a bit too seriously!
  3. Any team gridded before the specified cars to grid time gets their base engine timing retarded. 1 degree per minute early.
  4. Canada Day Mosport

    Thanks for the advice! 1 set for 2 and a half races is impressive! You're getting better longevity and faster cornering with the 8" rims. That probably works out as better in the long run for tire cost per hour vs. my 6". I think I would need better shocks/springs & brakes and some sway control with more traction though??. ($$$$) I'm also wondering how much more rolling resistance there is to 8" vs. 6" Did you notice a difference in acceleration?
  5. Canada Day Mosport

    These are the two front Azenzis RT 615k + after 6.5 hrs. Started the race both at 29 psi. added 5 psi to both for the last 1.5 hrs. the sidewall picture shows the tire often rolled to the outside of the treadwear rating printing and sometimes to the inside (rim side). Tire rack recommended rim width is 5.5 - 7.5 ". We have 6". From some pictures I've seen, we do have considerable body roll.
  6. 2018 Schedule

    Who pays when ARMCO gets wrecked? The event insurance?
  7. Canada Day Mosport

    Yes they were on my wish list.. From what I could make out from pictures, all 5 cars in impound were on RS4's at the May Calabogie race. We would have had to run 195 width RS4's on our 6 inch pizza cutter rims. .. Or buy a set of wheels to fit 225 width or whatever the next size up is in 15" but we're too cheap for that!
  8. Canada Day Mosport

    The #39 Yardsale Racing Blue Sunfire team had a good weekend overall.. There seemed to be a wider variety of makes and models out.. Not just BMW's, Civics, Miatas and Neons. I liked that. The car count was perfect for me.. It was 3 wide in turns a few times but not too crowded and also not much boring lonely nobody in my mirrors time either. Saturday after 35 laps or so the clutch pedal wouldn't go down anymore. We also broke some pedal linkage trying to work it. We fixed the pedal and it seemed to work so back out we went but as the heat built it started locking up again. We verified the problem to be the throw out bearing. So we split the engine and trans and put in a used one. The one that locked up was new in a bag from the same kit as a clutch disc that had the friction material separate from the disc. (Was a $600 "perfection" kit made by Luc). We got it done just in time to enjoy the BBQ knowing it was ready to go for Sunday. Sunday everything worked great. We should have unplugged our speed sensor to help with the pesky 173 km/h governor issue for the last 100m of the straight but we gotta save something to do next time to perpetuate speed creep. We tried the Falken Azenis RT 615K + but whatever they did to them compared to the old 615K's I didn't like. We used the same size, pressure and camber that has worked on our rims at Mosport before but they rolled really bad. Right into the Azenis writing on the sidewall. We added 5 psi and they seemed to be better but lap times went down and the front left was corded after only 6.5 hours.
  9. Canada Day Mosport

    Final results from Chumpcar World series Facebook post Sunday's results
  10. Canada Day Mosport

    This happened as the track was drying. The black asphalt in corner 8 became completely dry but corner 9 where the hit happened was still wet at that time.
  11. 3 hr race?

    Quite surprised there is no official e-mail about this yet. Facebook and carryover conversation onto the forum is inadequate. I think all the teams who paid for a Double 8 Chumpcar race should know that it's not going to be just Chumpcars out there so they can discuss it with their drivers.
  12. 3 hr race?

    I think we should take it easy on Supercivic. He's not complaining.. he's concerned that he'll be in the way and not well oriented to the track. Also there is no chance for a beginners track day on Friday for practice. I remember my first wheel to wheel race with chump at Calabogie in 2013. We had the luxury of a practice day and I was completely lost at times. I remember thinking I was on the line and then start hearing trash in the wheel wells. My advice would be to start the race at the back and like Ron says, follow someone.. Eventually you will learn your car, the braking and turn in points and you will put down faster and faster laps.
  13. 3 hr race?

    It will most likely be the same type of cars and trucks that were out for the CS3 races last year. Yes there was some considerable speed differentials but there were no incidents in the sprint races that were half chump cars and half other series. Tube frame chassis trucks were a fair bit faster than me by the end of the straight but not much different than the fast cars in Chump. Those guys have raced before and are predictable. If it rains then a lot of them just park it and wait for a dry track.
  14. Call or email Wendy. Tell her what number you would like and she will know if its available. She will bring the number backgrounds, numbers and sponsor decals to the race. You'll have to put them on after you register and before tech inspection. What kind of car are you bringing?
  15. Engine rebuild/replace interval

    No gauges.. Just an idiot light. I temp gunned the filter housing once and it was only 108 celcius. Haven't torn down this engine yet but the previous engine showed only some minor scuffing on the other rod bearings.. Like they lost their polish.. No grooves or tracks at all. Mains looked good. #2 rod went on that engine. Have blown up on Motul 10W40 and Redline 15W50.