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  1. And down the rabbit hole he goes...
  2. Very interesting! Keep on doing what you're doing and don't listen to all these player haters.
  3. Bill Strong has already started this and has a procedure in place.. look at page 2: https://chumpcar.com/downloads/2017ChumpCarBCCR.pdf
  4. There is a huge amount which changed from 2016 to 2017... it is several pages shorter... sections have moved... the car points table has been moved to a separate document... etc. etc. Honestly, your time would be better spent reading through the 2017 rules very carefully, 3 times, rather than trying to compare the two documents. [edit] - and to directly answer your actual question, I don't know of any way to show the differences, and I doubt anyone documented all the specific changes.
  5. I think part of that that is because some of them are reading from that document, plus another which was written in pieces going back 2000 years....
  6. Doh! How did I forget about pit stops!?
  7. There's no size restriction on the wings... I think I'll make mine about 15' wide (detachable so that I can fit it on the trailer) and mounted high enough that other wings and raised shark fins don't run into it
  8. If all the cars were the same it would be. You would say "hey, this guy finished on the same lap, even though they had a slower car!!!". But because there is a huge diversity of cars and strategies, it isn't that simple in chumpcar. You could go the other way and say "hey, this team has a smaller fuel tank, and subsequently had to pit 2 extra times, and still finished on the same lap as this other car which ran full 2 hours stints, this team really overperformed!!!"
  9. Talk about barking up the wrong tree...
  10. You will be just fine, welcomed in EC. This is one of the problems that I highlighted with with the exponential formula when they proposed several iterations of it in the fall.. the car you describe is not going to be...(4150 - 500) / 10 = 365 laps better than the benchmark e36 325i. It's probably consistent with some of the 550-600 point cars on the list (5-10 laps better than an e36), so why is it 4150 points? Answer: the formula was only designed to return plausible point values in a range of PWR.. go beyond it and it's just sillyness. So, thankfully you did not look at your VPI and then take your business elsewhere (I was worried that VPIs in the thousands would be a deterrent to newcomers who would be right at home in EC). When did you start planning your build? I think the last time anyone made the mistake of stating a 3 year rule freeze was the 2014 rulebook.. and that was scrapped a year later.
  11. That "over/under performing" chart is silly. I get the premise.. "cars on the top left had good pit stops and drove consistently", but I think it's silly. To improve it and get some useful inferences from it, I think only the top half or so of finishers should be listed... if you include the cars who only ran for 3 hours and finished in 70th place, your info is not as useful, obviously those cars will be bottom right and it will skew everyone else who didn't break to top left even if they didn't run very consistently. Second... two cars who finished on the same lap, but had different fuel strategy (say one is a V8 and pits every 90 minutes, the other runs 2 hours), and the shorter stint car ran faster lap times.. according to this graph the one with 2 hour stints will be listed as more of an "overperformer", even though these cars may both have been raced very efficiently without breaking or taking too long on stops.
  12. That's the clever chump stuff I love! Thanks Phil!
  13. That's what you get when you race a Honda...