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  1. We will be there! It's a really fun 'momentum track' (that's what some experienced racers called it). It has some medium speed turns leading into straights so the cars that can carry speed will shine). Fuel burn should be comparable to or even less than Gingerman... far less fuel than Road America. The layout is very forgiving to off track events... lots of grass.. guard rails are generally far off track. Oh, and I almost forgot... facilities are great! There's a covered observation deck at start/finish which is about 25 feet high, complete with park benches.. lots of space. Perfect spot for spectating.
  2. 12 + 6 is a fantastic event length for any region! And since you brought it up, do you know what race in the central region is a 12+6?? .... Autobahn Country Club, just outside Chicago. June 2, 3, 4 (test day on the 2nd)(Chicago has fantastic weather in early June) Awesome track, awesome event! Get signed up. I know a lot of teams are probably waiting until after Road America to sign up, but if you sign up in the next 5 days you will get the early registration discount!! This is the only long race in the central region so don't miss it. (and only about 2 hours of headlights needed, so if you don't have lights and were thinking of skipping this event, you still get 10 hours racing plus the 6 hours on Sunday!!)
  3. Will exceptional applicants get a discounted rate?
  4. Please stop using $$$$$$$ everywhere. People will get confused if you keep throwing $$$$$ where it isn't supposed to go. There are parts of the rulebook which are based on $$$$$$ so please don't confuse them with the points adding parts by using $$$$ when it is actually points. Now that I'm done ranting, I will point out that your VPI swap value probably doesn't represent many actual teams. You seem to have used the 1984 Civic / CRX (EW/HF) to calculate post-swap points. Very few (none?) teams run such an old civic/CRX. I'm told that the suspension is junk, the better platform is one of the civics in the '90s which are much heavier (especially with the new swap value rule). If this hypothetical civic that people actually race is a 1992, it starts at 200 points and a swap to 150 HP brings it up to 256 points (far less than the 347 quoted above, due to the curb weight being ~~400 lbs more). This gives tons more points to play with. And since you mentioned it.. bonus laps is an idea that I really hate.. think of the timing and scoring nightmare that would create, both for ChumpCar and for teams in the pits trying to strategize. Also, there should never be an incentive for teams to be hazardous "rolling chicanes" because, 'hey, I can run with 70 HP, 20 seconds off pace and still have a shot at winning if I have a stack of bonus laps in my pocket.'
  5. That's a poor attitude to have! Keep in mind: "When you think that you can't possibly go any faster, you can't ."
  6. If it can reasonably be claimed to simply be part of the roll cage and the tech inspector agrees, it's 0 pts. If it is considered to be part of the roll cage, but is the 5th bar aft of the main hoop, it's +10pts. (max. is 4 bars) If it can't be claimed as part of the roll cage (like, if it attaches to the strut towers and your backstays attach to a different side of the strut tower and the bars don't actually touch each other), it will be a "strut reinforcing bar", valued at +10 pts.
  7. I wouldn't look at Lemons as a benchmark for performance balancing and close racing.... They do pit stops in the paddock FFS, if you have a paddock spot close to pit lane... Huuuge advantage. Lemons is just a completely different ball game.
  8. You would end up with some (read: all who install the new fuel cells) small, light cars doing double stints without refueling. Driver change only.. in and out of pit lane in just 2 minutes. And then all the cars with thirsty engines who were previously complaining about not having enough fuel, would now ask for even more fuel, so that they, too, could double stint. Never ending cycle of "gimme gimme gimme" in racing, eh?
  9. Not legal yet... So, the actual text doesn't say it, but the picture does. Unless things have changed, the cage needs to include parallel backstays, pointing back. So if you add those then your cage will be fine, except you would have 1 too many bars aft of the main hoop (+10 points). 2 parallel + 2 'X' in between is fine and quite common.
  10. I think he was speaking of the platform itself, not of the team building and driving it! So what he's saying is... "if you don't do well, it ain't for lack of potential"
  11. Because it's a 1 day race on a Monday. And we're doing Autobahn and Gingerman this year... we have been doing 2 weekends/year for the BMW and it works well for us. Would love to go to that track, but I understand that it would be hard to turn a profit on a 2 day weekend event.
  12. Was the 7.4 offered in one of the cars on the VPI list (not including high performance /special edition models) https://www.chumpcar.com/downloads/VPI_Table_Dec2016.pdf if it is in a car on the list, you are allowed to run it.
  13. We normally have 8 or so jugs at a race (consequence of two teams sharing a trailer and equipment!). When we get down to 3 or less, someone gets in the van and drives to the nearest station to fill up the empties.
  14. A casual observer may not know how rare a starion is... before this week I would have seen that car and said "oh, a mid 80's somethingorother" Another plus for the starion is the turbo... whenever someone asks about our race car they ask about power... I say "it's rated 169", they start laughing... "my wife's blahblahblah has more power than you're ". With the starion.. .they ask about power, you can say mid-200s, then the person remains interested and thinks it's legit racing. Put a big wing on it for the "looks fast" part, and make sure all the wiring is tidy and interior is painted. Could be a good display car.
  15. Were they baking cookies during the showing / open house?