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  1. Edit: Mystery solved. Clearly I have a fundamental misunderstanding in brake master cylinders.. I'll do some reading.
  2. Nor should they be judged solely on straight line speed... (it would take me an hour to find that clip, but the gist [for everyone else] was that they repassed you down the main straight at RA and you got back around them at turn 1 exit, and pulled enough distance through turn 3 that they couldn't repass you in the 3-5 straight and then you gapped them by many seconds through the middle sector of the track.)
  3. This car's best lap time at the race in April was 3:01.230 (3:01.XXX best lap last fall, too). On paper it does seem like a podium capable car (at Road America / Daytona), but it hasn't shown it yet.
  4. For those parking lot courses where the 'track' criss-crosses... how hard is it to navigate the course? Whenever I see a video of it I'm often at a loss for where the next turn is!
  5. Regardless of the rule, cars which are missing body panels are few and far between. The general build quality and appearance has been very nice in recent seasons.
  6. I'm quite sure the 60% rule was to be applied to surface area of body / body panels, not to the weight / thickness of those parts. So for instance... cut off the roof, you're probably fine. Cut off the roof and remove fenders and the trunk lid and you have probably removed more than 40% and would be in violation. And if somehow you are able to take out 50% of the thickness of the body panels with acid (this sounds like madness to me) you would still be fine.
  7. The car in question here is one of the factory turbocharged models if that answers your question...?
  8. Agreed in full. But you have to remember to kill power after a wreck or when there is fire. Our least mechanical team member didn't even know that one should turn off the main power switch in such an event. I had to explain it to him..
  9. Two of the cars wrecked at the same time but I can't speculate on the sequence of events or cause. The third car appeared to be the only one with major damage at the time but again, I don't know the reason for him going off.
  10. .
  11. New car to beat on the west coast!
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I know of at least 3 cars totaled in the kink at the WRL race... one hit so hard they brought out a forklift to pull the concrete barrier back into position. I'm glad we don't run the kink.
  13. Indeed....... I have taken up the policy of "clean, sweep, vacuum, and put away all tools after every 2 days of work". I think it saves time in the long run because I don't lose tools or fasteners. And it's just more pleasant to work in such an environment.