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  1. Could be tied to suspension changes... body changes... electronics changes (i.e. ABS)... etc. It is also possible that the people adding values to the table made a mistake. If you think that the value should not change for a given year range or if it should change for some range, gather the evidence and submit to chump officials so that they can correct the values.
  2. Seat Mounts

    Foam seat inserts
  3. Those 3 are king because of the knowledge base, reliability, and ease of building (no need to swap engine / drivetrain / etc.), but there are a lot of cars which have the potential to be faster but it takes more work to build and optimize them (I think the VTEC swap hondas fall into this category).
  4. Yes, you can take a 1.6 miata, replace the parts required to make it just like a 1.8, and then claim that it is actually a 1.8 miata. Same for BMWs and others. New value will be equal to the "new car's" VPI. You can always replace any worn / tired / underperforming component / engine / part / etc. with a factory - spec replacement for zero points. Putting any engine into a car where it was never offered from the factory (this could be Chevrolet LS series engine into e36, or e36 engine into an e30, K series honda into a miata, etc. etc.) will be governed by the PWR-based swapped engine formula.
  5. Resulting WPR ------ Points added 16 --- 50 15 --- 50 14 --- 52 13 --- 73 12 --- 181 11 --- 550 You can interpolate from this or put it into an excel sheet like I did (I just pulled these numbers from the excel spreadsheet that I made to model the calculator). Also, if you didn't know, there is an official tabulated vehicle weight table which is accessed here: https://chumpcar.com/vpi/index.php which is used to calculate the WPR for the swap engine point calculator. Official weight = reputable source curb weight * fudge factor for weight reduction They use a standard weight so that two different teams who build the same car and swap in the same engine will have the same points added to their car value. Note: the formula is a little strange and 'clunky' and as a "numbers guy" it really bugs me. Had I been on the board or had a hand in crafting it, we would have had something more elegant which doesn't "explode" like this one does. That being said... it seems to have done a good job of bringing very slow cars up to speed with the cars which are quick from the factory and the racing has never been as even and competitive as it has been this season.
  6. @Jaynen So, the premise for the swap formula (which should have been written in plain english in the rulebook) is as follows: ChumpCar recognizes that in order for a car to be competitive, it needs at least a decent PWR. No matter how well you drive, or how well a car handles, if you show up with 80 HP in a 2500 lbs car, you will not be on the podium. Therefore, ChumpCar has introduced a swapped engine point calculator which allows every car, no matter the starting HP or starting weight, to reach a WPR of 16:1 through engine swap for just 50 points. If you add more power beyond this, the points will add up (slowly at first, but very quickly as you further improve the WPR). If your car has better than 16:1 in stock form, swapping an engine will probably not be the best choice for your points. The reason why the points jump so rapidly is because of the exponential formula... the message is: "cars that suuuuper fast (well beyond stock e36 / stock sc300 speed) are discouraged... swap in a slightly smaller, more reasonable engine and spend your remaining points on suspension / reliability / aero".
  7. Correct, you have 500 points to make the best race car that you can. No perks to leaving points on the table. With the insight, I think the best way to make it a viable race car would be to pull out and swap every moving part, keeping only the shell. 400+ points should be enough to do that. One of the nice things about this is that there is no incentive to 'underbuild' a car. I really don't want anyone turning laps in a hazardous "moving chicane" of a bone stock vehicle at 150 points saying "don't hate me bro, I'm winning the sub 200 point class!!". @MR2 Biohazard We already see some cars that border on "too slow to be safe", I don't want a whole class of them on the track. I would much prefer those cars look at the fast ones and learn from the race and come back next time with some points spent on wise improvements. Great sense of accomplishment when you make changes to a car and see the lap times drop and I'm sure it feels way better than saying "I wish there was a slow class for me to race in, I can't hang with those guys". Anyway, I'm sure I sound like a broken record... I've written this argument before. I'll try to stop repeating myself. Maybe I should run for a BOD position... I could take a more relaxing "read and ponder" approach to rule suggestions on the forum as opposed to my current "read and try to convince others to see it like I do" approach.
  8. There are many possible reasons why you would want some airflow.... depending on the specific issue(s) he is dealing with, there are different solutions which can be tried. It is also possible that whatever he is trying to solve would be solved more effectively with something other than airflow in the car.... I'm trying to analyze the root cause of the issue (whatever it may be).
  9. And a key question: can you you tell me why it is that you want airflow in the interior of the car?
  10. Remove windshield and lexan
  11. Specifically for tracks which drastically favour one type of car over another. If you show up with a miata to Daytona, working toward a class win pretty much the only 'win' you can hope for!
  12. For those teams, spending the points would have been well worth it!!
  13. 2018 Schedule

    Care to clue me/us in?
  14. Road America fall race

    Officials had to hunt him down... the pilot was standing back among the haulers and we didn't find him until the 2nd time he brought it out to fly around.
  15. Many cars can crossover, but there are so many differences between all the series that an optimal build for one series won't be optimal for another (except maybe LDRL and AER since they both have no rules... but those two are the least attractive of the 4 series if you ask me). RE: Troy - Sure, attracting more cars would be nice. - Making rule changes in the hopes of attracting those cars would not be nice. - It would force all the current ChumpCar cars (who aim to run at the 'pointy end') to make changes to take advantage of the new rules. - It would force ChumpCar to reevaluate the VPI table. - Any rule change pisses off some people... you risk alienating teams and driving them to other series - Ultimately, changing rules to attract a few would be a PITA and may not increase car counts at all. We have a great thing going here... the racing is fantastic... it's still the most economical "real racing" out there... don't screw it up.