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  1. Wow! That is hella impressive. Any idea if the files are exportable to other CAD platforms? (can you save as a step file?)
  2. It is a silly question because it is covered in the rules. https://chumpcar.com/downloads/2017ChumpCarBCCR.pdf Open it up and type ctrl+f "windows" and you will quickly find the information that you are looking for.
  3. I submitted a petition which divided up the "plastic" category and also added fiberglass and CF to the allowable materials (at a their own pts/sq.ft. rates) about a year and a half ago. It was denied without comment so I don't know what they didn't like about it.
  4. Did some paint work to illustrate: One of these pictures will get publicity for a company called RVA Graphics & Wraps. The other.... ?
  5. Good examples. The number panels all have the ChumpCar logo, why not use the windshield banner to advertise only for RVA Graphics & Wraps? (No mention of ChumpCar). In that case it could be made large enough to read.
  6. Like I said before... Road America is a tough one. The safety and tow crew is excellent, so you can go an entire race without there being a single lap of FCY. Unless you're really soft on the pedal (read, not fast enough to be in the running), you won't do 2 hours at Road America in an e30 without rain or a fuel cell. I don't have any experience with Daytona.. there do seem to be a lot of laps under yellow when I pay attention to race monitor.
  7. While slightly larger than the early tank, it's still only 16.6 gallons and is insufficient for some tracks.
  8. Looks like parts of the website still have links to "2016 schedule" and display "2016" in other places.. such as on this page: https://chumpcar.com/entrantlist.php?eventid=305
  9. Stock tank location is ahead of the differential, fuel cell can only be placed behind it. Fuel CG is probably 3' further back with the cell. Define 'dramatically'.
  10. If it affects how much the car rolls they do [probably]
  11. Here's how you get more sticker space:
  12. Is there a rule against having two windshield banners?
  13. Depends on the track, our e30 is m20 powered and we can't go 2 hours at Road America but at Gingerman we're fine (we haven't been forced to 2 hours at other tracks recently so those two are our only data points). You guys race in the land of CTJ meetings, FCY every 5 laps, and red flag sessions... in races like that.. I bet a stock tank civic could go 2 hours! (and the more cars / mile.. the less you will end up burning... and rain for the Florida races.... lots of factors).