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  1. our team has done just 2 events per year for three years now for those reasons (cost and family). It also gives you tons of time to fix up the car and make changes between races so you can really see the differences and measure improvement at every event. No (less) last minute rush and half-ased work. To get the most bang for your buck, pay more early on by replacing bearings/ ball joints/ etc. so that they don't break during a race. And we also had never raced prior to joining chump, but we had a veteran team nearby to lean on and learn from.
  2. TBH I think any diesel model, regardless of cylinders, should have its own row in that table (on request) since the performance of the diesel 4cyl is probably much different than the petrol 4cyl. The petrol model was likely what the officials were thinking of when they wrote the table. And wvumtnbkr is correct, recheck the table.
  3. Email blast today: Night racing - In case you haven't looked at the schedule yet, there will be a short amount of time we will be racing in the dark. Checkered flag flies at 9pm and sunset is 8:20pm. Bring headlights.
  4. Bummer. Was looking forward to racing with you guys. Does this mean @NigelStu is a free agent for this event? Might have to bump @Crank Yankers Racing off our driver lineup....😜 On on the subject of headlights, we have lights set up to use in the last stint.. "sundown" is at least 30 minutes before the race end iirc. As was pointed out, if raining it will be quite dark. If if you don't have headlights you may have to park it for the last minutes of the 12 hour race, which wouldn't be the end of the world, that's still almost 12 hours of racing! (With 6 more the next day)
  5. You'd be surprised 😜 Thank you and @Racer28173 for setting me straight.
  6. Read a couple articles recently with the gist: "F1 drivers are doing well at Indy 500 because _______" Great drivers and more skilled than Indy series drivers? Great teams? Etc. I think the answer is mostly because of the team, but they keep missing the real reason... it's because driving Indy (compared to any road circuit or short oval) is EASY. So differences between pole times are probably team related. (Certainly takes huge brass balls to trim the aero down and go flat through the corners... and excellent feel for the car to optimally tune it and balance... but the mechanics of it and 'line' are really really simple...) ok flame away because I don't know what I'm talking about...
  7. Alonso starting next to Takuma Sato next Sunday... watch out Alonso!
  8. They ran the kink and that one corner totaled 3 cars (that I know of) of the 45 that ran, and it nearly bit several more (I was watching some of the race from there).
  9. This is the kind of video that would get me interested in racing ChumpCar: -scene opens to a panning shot of daytona at daybreak -fade in the CCWS / RVA logo .... - fade out [new scene] -cars roll out from pit lane in 2-3x speed, shot from pit-out camera (to show variety of cars) -buzzwords flash over the background of cars roll out [real racing] [high bank] [race to win!] [winners] etc. etc. [duct tape] - previous word lingers on screen, roll out footage stops on a particularly beat up car entering the race - resume roll out footage and buzzwords - fade out [new scene] - in car footage showing tire lockups, pass under braking, getting passed on the high banks - other clips as desired - more buzzwords if you like that sort of thing? [new scene] - panning shot of trophies - a few stills of teams celebrating - fade out [new scene] - black background, voiceover: [think you have what it takes??] - fade in CCWS logo and website / contact information
  10. While we're talking Indy500.... drivers seem to exit a corner, then drive down toward the middle / lower part of the track instead of staying near the wall, and at the end of the straight make their way back to the wall for a broad turn. Obviously this is a longer path than staying near the wall through the whole straight. I can think of 4 possible reasons why you would run this line instead of the shorter path line... do any of you know the real reason / reasons why this is the preferred line? Also in formula 1 they do the same thing... drive toward the center of the track on long straights even if it's a longer line.
  11. They didn't seem to think "member submitted stuff" was OK when looking for photos to use a few weeks ago, although I don't understand why.
  12. Thanks for the correction... I guess the only way to do well with a turbo eclipse is to get rid of the turbo!
  13. An Eclipse just got 2nd place in the Saturday race at COTA!! I don't know what a 4g63 is.. but I'm told that simply finishing a race in any turbo eclipse is impressive.
  14. Just finished up the seat insert that I will be using at Autobahn. I need about 1" of lift, 1-1.5" of shift forward at the base, and 2" narrower. Many layers of cardboard built up and taped together. Then used 3M77 to 'upholster' it with pieces of a towel. Then more 3M77 all over, shoved it in a 3mil garbage bag and 'vacuum sealed' with the shop vac. After that it just needed some tidying up (gluing the excess plastic folds flat). Never done this before, but it was nearly free and didn't require a second set of hands. Pretty comfy in the seat as well. Excited to see how it works.