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  1. Most that we've raced I think are mostly legit. Considering we're all racers..... I'm not always sure mostly legit means the same to everyone most eveyone one seems to be having fun
  2. Only if the BMW teams pay for a wall....
  3. What's next...dogs living with cats?? We cant take it any longer from here on all BMW's have to run MR2 front hubs, Honda gas tanks, and 1.6 Miata differentials. Better start bringing more wrenches. 😛
  4. ^ok start a thread "where the h are the financials". I agree it's important
  5. All of these and what ever else you can fit in. Ignition stuff, plugs wires coil and so on. Tires that are mounted, wheels get bent.
  6. ^^ One could confuse your remarks as being negative but I'm sure it's just sarcasm and your really supporting the efforts of the leadership.
  7. Not if you on a fiscal year ending 6/31
  8. Please don't start the free parts for "comfort" jamboree again. A faster ratio rack is for performance and going faster that's all it's for.
  9. How about everyone west of the Rookies gets a tow "care package ". A case of Red Bull, a case of beef jerky, and 4 extra large trucker bottles. And everyone within 5 hours of Bowling Green is not allowed to sleep the night before the race. 😎
  10. Trying to think of something to complain about.....got nothing....sounds like a cool race.
  11. It is was it is. I'd say time trial is a really good description. It develops truly good car control skills. If endurance racing were as intense everyone would die from heart attack. I've dodged cones for about 25 years and this is my 4th season in Chumpcar. ( my only wheel to wheel experience). They are so different that comparison is fruitless. The challenges in being good are very different. @mender made some good points about practice being practice though. Ask Tomo or Randy P. About it, they're both pretty good at it.
  12. Any team that lives within 2 hours of the track and runs a bagillion practice/tuning laps gets attleast a 5 lap penalty. Oh maybe that's just my jealousy coming through. . Are we we getting closer to the original point of this thread yet?
  13. Anyone that that admits to not having a junk yard motor gets 2 free laps. Anyone that swears they didn't even change oil in the junk yard motor gets a 3 lap penalty.
  14. Run away dead horse, run, run like the wind, they're coming with clubs again.