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  1. Whats the diff in weight? Im a fan of lowering I sprung weight. We've had good luck with Tirerack wheels also with steel you do have a chance of fixing one with a big Ford tool at the track
  2. Indeed. Brakes are a premium. Road America was the originator of putting turns at the ends of straights.
  3. You left out bubble gum.
  4. You probably got jumped a little hard. Sorry. I think the rule is in place for safety. The stock unmodified tank, in its original location has been crash tested. If you modify it, it's no longer tested. Fuel cells have to be sfi certified, again safety tested
  5. So then if we leave the stock tank in place and weld in a 40 gal addition its cool with you? I'd suggest a letter to tech so you can get an official answer you will likely not care for. Rules lawyering like that is what makes for very long rule books.
  6. What he said. It's going to be a hoot. Get signed up.
  7. ^so you're sayin its not really that bad?
  8. Ok some serious thoughts I, and I think our team, really like the the double race format. It fills the weekend with racing, as stated earlier it gives you a chance to come back from problems on day one, it gives you enough time to chill out between races when you don't break something big on day one. Its just really all around fun. Good amount of competition blended with social fun. We also like the weekends where the lengths are varied, 12+6 for example. I would like to see a 24hour option in each region each year. At least once, we haven't had the chance to do one, we might hate it. The Chumpionships should always be at a minimum a 8+8 park ferme. I have also thought it would be cool to build the season starting with the shorter races and end with 24hr chumpionships.
  9. It would be weird to not use your own rubber..........
  10. We have been using Hawk DTC60 in front and DTC 30 in the rear. I really didn't like the feel of the Raybestos pads, and others on the team didn't care for them either. They weren't as fussy as me but.... The Hawks don't last as long for sure but they work ok. We had no trouble getting 16 hours out of them at Vegas for example. The feel and modulation on them is great. In my opinon any how.
  11. That motor has a really tiny cooling fan, how's that going to work?
  12. Couple thoughts come to mind. The harder the tire, the harder it will be to flat spot. What brakes are you running? Our Miata is reasonably hard to lock up the wheels. That being said, we've done it and flat spotted tires. I think you would like the 225 much better it you had them on 9in wide wheels. I think everyting from turn in to braking would improve. I'm encouraged by the longevity you saw with the RS4 thanks for reporting on them
  13. Seems to me the entry list should be growing very soon for Autobahn. Who's coming? This will be our first time to see the track. It looks like it should be great fun.