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  1. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    I'm just going to start using "the go thingy". 😁
  2. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Someone should so that we can get a bit of a limit in the rules. 😀 I think there should at least be a rule limiting width to no wider than the car and maybe limit to single element and how high a wing can be.
  3. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    I always like a rear end message... wait never mind. Id go the route of wing and add splitter to the air dam. A diffuser is cool , but not sure it does much without going the full flat bottom route. Flat bottom is effective but creates some heat problems and is a maintenance pain in the butt. (Have extra stuff to take a part to work on anything Just sneak it into Will's shop it'll get aero' up before he even notices it's not his car.
  4. Cadillac CTS for a chumpcar?

    Independent rear suspension would be one big difference.
  5. Airflow inside the car... a teach me thread....

    Do you have holes in the hood? If using from the cowl make sure it's not some where that a fuel leak would end up with vapor in the cockpit
  6. The formula scales on power to weight. May be hard for you to believe but it isn't really broken and the rule is so much better than before it's hard to explain. And if you have a dead horse that needs a beating, drag it out and call it fuel capacity.
  7. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    ^whoa. using points for reliability mods. Nice. Good luck, have fun.
  8. Airflow inside the car... a teach me thread....

    We use Naca ducts in front corners of the window openings
  9. Could be,. But I think you'd see teams building to what ever point levels that are set for the classes. Why not, probably cheaper than building to the top levels. I also think what what we have now works fine. Overall win is the big deal, class wins are a fun secondary game that's going on for those that are interested. I think sustaining the series depends on stable rules, and keeping speed creep under control as much as possible. Someday EC may need to evolve into a class that is for "prochumps". Teams that are so experienced and good that they are always on the podium or winning. Some of us that only run 3 or 4 races a year and don't get track time outside of our races will likely never reach that level. Just spit balling in a good bench racing conversation. I don't think our leadership is interested in making classes more complicated or important
  10. Get his others as well. I especially enjoyed the next 3.
  11. 2018 Schedule

    I don't know actual numbers, but I believe it's about $$. As in a north of 50k loss. COTA appearently charges all the money
  12. So there will be sweet spots/cars that work best no matter what. I guess that's ok. Heres a rsndom thought I had the other day. What if classes were based on experience level of the team. A novice class, a sportsman class, and an expert class. A novice team can't have Tomo or Randy P drive for them. I haven't fleshed out if this could work or not but it seemed interesting .
  13. @wvumtnbkr said this in another thread, and it's stuck in my head as a nail on the head sort of statement. "I spent real thousands of dollars on a swap to end up at the same place in the race that I was at 2 or 3 years ago." Our team is in something of the same situation. We swapped motors over the winter "2.2 EcoTech in our Miata. It actually moved us up the pecking order some but surely not to the very top. We were a 1.6 so hopelessly slow before. The point being we got faster for a pretty good chunk of dollars but a bunch of others got faster too. Speed creep is the nature of the beast, as teams learn how to be better. Better in the shop, better behind the wheel, and so on. I really think it's vital to the series the rules stay stable and don't change in a manner that helps teams go faster. Whats your team done, and hows it affected your finishing position?
  14. Probably the best thing for this thread , before it gains full xxxxshow status is to return to the original question with a simple answer. Yes there are cars that can race other series.
  15. Yep. Agree Setting the rev limiter lower saves engines transmissions and Differentials too. And is free with the ecu rule.