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  1. We just switched to this harness, in the pull down configuration. Same concept as the one mentioned above. Scroth also has an enduro set that is a little nicer but more $
  2. Looks like your almost ready. Just need one of everything and its good to go. Keep forging ahead, it'll be cool.
  3. Yes, it is all worth the money in fun. The above information all seems pretty good. Also keep in mind that its not always the fastest car that wins or does well in a endurance race. Build for reliability, you get to have far more fun, and finish well. Its always a victory to finish these crazy races. You also have to plan for the big maintenance or repairs. One of the big pieces, engine, trans, diff will break. Its just a matter of when, not if. Maybe you get lucky and you limp to the finish on one that is about to expire and can fix/replace at home between races but plan for it so you can keep having fun.
  4. I don't know about setting you straight. You race so it'll take more counseling than I can do 😎 And really what do I know I'm white knuckling on a 3:00 lap at Road America in a Miata.
  5. Yea I'm not sure I'd go with easy. The drawing of the line might be easy. Driving it at 180 in a current car is probably easy going faster than everyone else that is tryin to go faster than you. Not so easy. I get what what your saying but just not really easy. Sort of like hey it's easy to win chumpraces if you have an e30. Just put gas in and go win. I think you'd tell me... not that easy
  6. If it's a dark and stormy night......
  7. Maybe the Yankers of Crank should bring their car. Sounds like there are some available drivers from a focus team.
  8. Umm I think the Indy 500 was created to show off manufactures latest and greatest developments and to prove their durability and speed. In the early days, what your suggesting would have been a horse and buggy race. And I'm sure there were people shooting the bull over a beer in the early 1900's saying things like "This would be so much better if they'd get rid of those ridiculous contraptions and hook up some horses to the wagon like real men." I think the county fair was for horse and buggy races then, and Chumpcar is for "old school" cars now.
  9. Thanks, we'll prepare accordingly
  10. What's the electricity situation in the pits? Do we need a generator?
  11. It certainly can be, that's for sure. The combination of high speeds and very demanding braking zones can be quite a challenge
  12. That sucks. But at least they wrecked on the non gay real racer big boy part. Did I miss any descriptions of how cool the kink was described by the bend haters. Seriously though I hate hearing about people losing there race car.
  13. Hey you forgot the Miata. Gotta include them, that way the hair stylists and cheerleaders know they can race too.....oh wait we have a Miata.... seriously though. Make the videos about fun, challenge, and not about crashing.
  14. The field is still growing. Up to 8 BMWs. I guess they aren't all gone from the Midwest. That's good.
  15. Oh and more importantly, congrats to all that went and poured their hearts into the race regardless of your specific outcome.