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  1. Done 6 races. We are on our 2nd set of race pads, 3rd radiator, 3rd transmission, 2nd engine... But yeah I get your point
  2. Other consumables to think about is stuff like radiator, alternator, wheel bearings, transmission
  3. Hi, How many cars are usually needed for a race to not be a loss? Obviously it differs from track to track but is this number official? For instance the race at Harris Hill in Texas only has 11 cars. Doesn't sound like a lot. Will they cancel races if they make a loss?
  4. Hi, I recently installed a bunch of temp and oil pressure senders in my car. Normal VDO, sunpro and autometer stuff. The ohm values seems to be off a bit, is this expected? For instance the oil pressure sender is 260ohm at 0 psi, should be 240 ohm. The temp senders are also a few percent off. I don't think it matters but curious, are you supposed to calibrate them? (Running MS so that is easy to do).
  5. And if the beer is not finished and thrown into your pit neighbors car 5 seconds after checkered flag you are penalized a lap for each second
  6. 10 extra penalty laps unless you have a cool racing suit with high transfat sponsors.
  7. Thanks! It's not mine, but when I become a billionaire from all my future chumpcar victories I will get one.
  8. Hi Do you think it's possible to make these seats look like new?
  9. Hi, Non-OE driveshafts are 50pts. Is the drive shaft still O.E even if I have to do some modifications to it? That would be cutting out a dust cover, shorten it a little bit.
  10. Awesome! For $2000 I got a cage done wrong after a long time. Our car is probably $3-4k more costly than it should have been. But it is our first build and I didn't know anything about cars when we started, but you learn along the way. Building a car is probably $5k - $15k depending on how fast you want to go and how much you can do your self. Also remember that you need spares and maybe also upgrades. Racing is typically $200-$400 per hour. That includes everything except food, snacks, hookers, hotels, beers, bribes. A big portion of that cost is racing fee and "cost of car". Your car is worthless and might not last more than 10 races, so need to factor in that into your cost.
  11. thanks! I just realized that I have warmup enrichment disabled anyways. Car has started fine year round in Texas. Have no plans on racing in Alaska shortly.
  12. Hi, For various reasons it's much easier for me to feed the oil temp into Megasquirt instead of water temp. Megasquirt uses the water temp for initial enrichment during cold start, I don't think it's being used for anything else. Besides being slower is there any other disadvantage with using oil temp instead of water temp? Could this causes issues if a non-thermostat oil cooler is being used? I monitor water temp as well but Megasquirt doesn't know about it.
  13. The book doesn't mention turbo charger or E36. I think it's wrong.
  14. Haha.. I will drive around the block a few times and make the neighbors happy. Nothing makes more friends then revving a chumpcar with a glaspack muffler. At least the kids thinks you are cool.
  15. Hmm...I don't know. I am just doing what the machine shop is telling me. The machine shop is supposed to have a "race engine" builder, but that can mean everything. Who knows, maybe the "domestic truck engine" builder built my Japanese samurai masterpiece. Is building it loose having a lot of clearance or the opposite?