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  1. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    I will connect oil and waterpump to a relay and make sure they are turned off everytime there is a BMW nearby. Probably squirt some oil at the track at the same time.
  2. This is a gauge port on the FPR, it's after the rail but before the actual regulation. So it's not measuring the return line. Vacuum is connected properly. Pressure should be almost the same all the way up until the actual valve in the FPR right? Maybe the sensor just broke I don't think it's a bad ground because that would should high PSI and not low.
  3. Hi, I have just redone my fuel system ($$$): Hydramat, stainbraided lines, AN fittings, Automotive FPR, nice fuel rail, new pump, new injectors, yada yada. I have one pressure gauge in the rail and one in the FPR (dedicated port). The FPR gauge before the regulation but not inline with the feed, it's a port on the FPR itself. So it's intended to measure pressure before regulation. It's EFI, 1 rail, return system. The thing is that they read very differently: Pump on, engine off: Rail: 40 psi, just before FPR: 20psi Pump on, engine on: Rail 40 psi, just before FPR: 0psi I would think that there are no or just a slight pressure drop between the rail and just before the FPR. Any ideas?
  4. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Maybe have two motors synced at the exact same RPM and have the second motor drive the camshaft and take all the drive train loss Do you drive the magnetic field directly from a GPIO output or do you have a relaly or transistor inbetween?
  5. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Are you telling me I should connect the TPS to a relay that cuts the magnetic field on the alternator during WOT?
  6. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    But the fan is only running if it's needed right?....in go stop traffic not WOT. Same with the AC and alternator?
  7. Hi, How can the gross power be some much higher than the net horsepower? The difference between the Datsun L28 engine is huge: 280zx (net) : 135hp 280z (gross): 170hp How on earth did they manage to squeeze out 35 more horsepower ? It's very hard to get more than 10+ HP on these engines without change a cam. Feed it with nitro during testing? It doesn't have that many emission stuff and besides weight there is a very minor performance degradation. The only think I can think of is running without alternator, AC and fan. But that shouldn't be to much.
  8. AWD Mazdaspeed 6

    Regarding points, even if you end up in EC it's still fun and you can race in many other series with very little modifications.
  9. Shorten driveshaft- do I need to rebalance it?

    Ok, doesn't sound to bad. I will spend the $80 on beers instead of a balancing.
  10. Hi, I am cutting my driveshaft 2". The shop said that I might get away with just cutting it and "static" balance. I guess that means they cut it and make sure everything is perfect without putting it on the balance machine. What do you think? It's a 280zx, single piece shaft. Edit: I am poor (used to be rich before started racing)
  11. So does anyone have an accurate fuel level sender? Ours is like a slot machine once we are below 1/4. It's somewhat accurate after the long stretch at COTA since but in turns or twisty track it's useless when you need it. I guess the only true way of getting an exact fuel level is weighting the tank somehow (not sure how that would work while driving) or calculate how much fuel you have injected.
  12. Interesting, roughly how much does the short shifting affect your laptimes? A second or two on a 2min lap? Less?
  13. Hi, I found a pair of relatively cheap used rims to my DD, rims are a great fit and light weight. Problem is that they are bronze coated and my car is lightly blue. Will not look good at all. Is it possible to repaint/recoat them to something more discrete? Or will it just look like poop. Edit: I know nothing about making cars look good. My skill set is making rusty datsuns survive more than 1 lap at chumpcar races...
  14. 4 hours? Wow! Is a diesel more efficient at WOT as well and why? What is the weight of the car, hp estimate and fuel capacity? So generally what is the best way to conserve fuel? Limit to only 80% throttle or something?
  15. Track repayments for wrecks?

    A team at COTA had to pay a couple of hundred bucks for spilling oil I think. COTA can be very expensive if you screw up. But COTA seems to be insane, they have cameras everywhere and bust your for it. Seems like most normal tracks doesn't care that much.