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  1. yeah, a cam, some home port work and a good exhaust can go a looong way. Probably best bang for the $ out there.
  2. dam you took my punch line, I was going to say "making some shine"?
  3. Yes but you will have a fast MoFo....
  4. looks like somebody has done a lot of work. Better snatch it up quick...lol
  5. like this one? ugly honda
  6. WOW I'd love to help you out on either, I'll have to check with the Mrs. We have a 84 Trans-Am so I'm guessing it wouldn't be much of a change...
  7. Just saying if people are all jacked up about points and rules and Power vs weight, and swap values, seems like a simple way to keep people honest. Plus the 2017 challenge is only parking lot racing. There seems to be a group of people that are obsessed with swap rules and how they are going to compete now. Fact is certain cars aren't going to be competitive, yet some people still pick them to run. But hey we're just here to have fun.
  8. Perhaps the best way to solve this AND allow swaps is to up the total vehicle cost to $2000 and call it a day. Keep your receipts and go have fun. $ for $ no formulas, no VPI.
  9. I don't know if it is true, but the guy told me the V8 was lighter than the Porsche driveline...I find that hard to believe. I'd think the car would not handle to well without some suspension modifications and those tend to drive up the points quickly.
  10. what is wrong with the stock v6 from a GT w/ a S/C off of a 3.8 Buick? That would seem like a good upgrade. With a pulley change you'd make decent power and wouldn't get hit with the p/w thing or the swap hit. 100 point straight up boost hit....
  11. put a 70's SBC chevy in it. I saw a guy at a car show with one, looked like it belonged back there. said it was an easy swap. If you are going to swap...SWAP it BIG. could you just add a S/C for 100 points?
  12. yup and we went with good stuff. One could have done it cheaper. Next time I will add some extra line for the push lock....there is no re-using the "locked" ends. You have to cut them off.
  13. Our oil cooler was about $25 off of e-bay, The push-lock fittings cost more, as did the lines. I had the oil filter relocation kit from a previous build I never used.
  14. I'd think if you are dumping that much in you'd be fine no matter what you are using. I'll grab as many cases as I can at $1.99/qt. What is causing the excessive oil consumption?
  15. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock... no really whomever is the least hung-over...no just kidding it's the 1st guy out of the bathroom.