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  1. I dunno how about running some races at NJMP and Summit Point would be nice....
  2. no real help here, but this is what we set-up. The 2 outer lights aim slightly outwards.
  3. YES times 10.
  4. I'd like to take credit, but I bought the motor assembled. They are heavily modified Stage VI heads.
  5. Did Chump also mandate something for the roof? or can you have arm straps? Lights/door lights too if it's going to be run at night. Good luck we run both, Chumps is MUCH more competitive with MUCH faster cars. So be mindful of that.
  6. I'll have to check the #'s this is the mill going in the next Chump car.... KIDDING going in my 67 Plymouth.
  7. guilty, think these will flow?
  8. BAM instant "vette" motor brother.
  9. rod bearing failure here. It was running fine sat night, parked it, got in Sunday morning, hit the go button and it sounded like somebody was beating on a fence post with an aluminum bat. I'd guess as long as we kept running it and kept all the metal hot it would have been fine (for a while). probably could have dropped the pan (PITA) hit the journal and cap with a green pad slapped a new bearing in and went out, but it was only a 4 hour race and well, none of us felt like dealing with it.
  10. nope before the new pan we ran an oil cooler and a remote filter. Between the two it added about 1.5 extra quarts to the mix.
  11. FYI they had to de-tune the Charger because it was too fast and the Mustang couldn't get away.
  12. Our 305 had 169k on it when we entered our 1st race. Probably had 50 hours of racing on it when the bearing spun. I think the main factor was lack of oil in the pan. This was at NJMP (LeMons race so not cheater pan) the entire back 2/3rds of the race were in 3rd, and a lot of that was up in the rpms... (5200-5600). When we pulled the motor apart the rest of the engine looked great, the bore was still nice. However one rod cap was done and journal scored. So we used a 305 out of an 88 we have. SBC work fine if you fix the oil system. With oil pans 25 points now that is an easy fix. To the O.P. I'd suggest running it as hard as you want. Depending on number of entries, you are not going to be at 100% much. Our 1st Chump race a few years ago I was watching a toyota or maybe a masda run the pee out of his car, screaming it and then downshifting hard, I was like that isn't going to last long, about an hour later he exploded the block, spun into the grass and the car caught on fire.
  13. humm Wix you say..... We are using a K&N, and we are running the BBC pump.
  14. Just because it is fun to watch...305ci racin'
  15. I have one for a 2 piece rear seal, pass side tube holds one extra qt... already "dipped" if anybody is interested. wouldn't work with our exhaust.