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  1. That will be fun for 2 laps. I'd suggest getting a lexan windshield. I do think it was mentioned earlier that windowless cars will be looked at on a case by case bases. You might also want to add a rear bumper, just a suggestion.
  2. No..not in the Street Stock classes. Some tracks don't allow f-bodys to run anymore so lots of the Chebby guys run those. The only draw back I see for chumps is they never came with a stick option, so you'd have to take the hit on the 4 or 5 speed. Parts are cheap and plentiful.
  3. I've never raced one but it is a G-body, basically the same thing as a F-body. Plenty of circle track SS's out there. If you can make it run well turning left you can do the same turning right.
  4. Here's one for all of you old school #3 guys. $500 Monte SS
  5. I cannot imagine they would hammer you for trimming it down. If we had a different color car they'd all be cut out and applied separately, placed in the same order in the desired location.
  6. looks good, now cover up your engine man, it's raining.
  7. we use adapters/spacers on our car. It allows us to run Corvette 17x9.5 rims they have a bunch of backspace. I think ours are 1.5 or 1.75", No problems, make sure they are hub-centric You don't want all the stress on your lug nuts.
  8. I wouldn't be able to see out the glass...lol maybe that's better?
  9. Hawks for our car are like $70 a set if I remember correctly.
  10. can't see what it says... and FWIW I don't really care as long as it keeps costs down. If somebody wants to pay 100% of my race costs they can cover the entire car. Hopefully that won't impact taller drivers....
  11. so the ONLY those six decals need to be on the car? Not really sure why we need the windshield banner, some teams like to promote their local speed shop or what have you.
  12. True that...(on both counts).. or people leaning all over them. One session in the seat at a Chumps race equals about 2 years at the drag strip...
  13. The key is TAKE CARE OF IT... I've seen too many drag cars that have rear and side glass that look like somebody spilled a milk shake on them after one season. I guess since the Chump car doesn't get used as much it wouldn't be as bad. Since our rear window is sooooo large we'll have to use 3/16" I'd suspect.
  14. SCRATCH resistant... not regular lexan.
  15. cool and I meant NASA...typo