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  1. Removed all the stickers on the Drivers side (jeeeesh) and ordered some stopping fast stuff. nice work, that car looks awful "cheaty"
  2. Those are cool cars... always liked them. the baddest one I've seen had a twin turbo's Magnum 360 in it. I'd try a magnum and 5 speed or a HO 4.7 and 5 speed. You'd have more power than a turbo 4 and a much broader power band.
  3. that's why we have this as a spare.... step 1 cut out old roll cage, step 2 remove roof step 3 weld roll cage in step 4 re-weld roof. Our cage cost over $3000....
  4. Shoot we're taking ours to LeMons in May with the freshened up 305, it will DOMINATE. drag car, unless you are talking about the last pix, what appears to be a bar is actually the arm rest.
  5. Yeah I guess they do. This one was beyond belief. When I was stripping the interior I kept hitting piles of ashes. I mean they were everywhere. They guy never emptied the ash trays and everybody he drove around must have smoked too. Shame because the carpets and seats were in really good shape, but nobody wants to buy stuff that stinks like that. They all went in the dumpster. I did keep all the interior plastic. Its pretty much complete and in good shape. I should probably start putting online to get some cash for the race car. We could use a new set of tires.
  6. could be.... I'd have to get the red light thingy for the front. One of guys is an astro-engineer, I'm sure he could build some kind of K.I.T. thing for the dash.
  7. We have this beauty waiting outback... Just in case we ball up our beautiful Trans-Am... This is the 88 Formula WS-6 car we robbed the 5 speed, 9 bolt, and some suspension from...note is looks mych better in the pix. It has some rust and the int smells like an ashtray and beer bong having sex.
  8. most likely he thought he was going to build a bitchin' drag car.
  9. I'd bet if you walked up with $800 cash he'd sell. It's been listed and re-listed a few times.
  10. Is this Chump enough? https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/6040779458.html
  11. FWIW you'd think this was destroyed... but it looks like this now.
  12. I'd think the stock one would be zero. If/when we do Daytona we might use a cover from a 91 as it is more aerodynamic. I'd guess the other 2 would be at least 10 points. I'd e-mail and ask...or just show up and see.
  13. That... get on the Moog website and have at it.
  14. looks like Gen II f-bodys (the best deal going) is 150, Gen III is 200, Gen IV (93-97) 350, 98+ 600 and yes the 2002 Cadi is more than any 2002 BMW.
  15. Not sure about the Cadi or BMW but I do believe the F-body's got jacked 50. BUT "parts" went down.