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  1. the drivers head light looks off a little, you might want to adjust it.
  2. sounds like fun, might have to try the speedway... it's about 3.5 hours away for us.
  3. How was it? we are thinking about bringing our car up there for a few laps.
  4. well Chump doesn't run at NJMP anymore soooooooooooo......
  5. Even when you leave it in D (3rd) it isn't great. We did a race shift kit...basically MVB the 5 speed is MUCH better. Our 305 will run w/ any 5.7
  6. That would depend on the trans, the 4 speed OD auto that cam in these F-bodys was HORRIBLE it was never in the right gear.
  7. 305 power baby! That is a Hudson Hornet, it's pretty cool. Has the big flat six and 2 crabs... it's actually faded red. ad it wasn't the slowest thing on the track.
  8. ??? I always use a drill on BB Mopars...like the 650HP unit that's getting ready to be dropped in this.
  9. ? maybe the ones that watch too much TV racing...or motorcycle riders... .
  10. raced in the "citrus" league. after fixing an oil issue car ran great, well it ran good w/ the oil leak, just a tad smokey.
  11. downshifting is different than using your trans to slow the car down. That's what brakes are for. Theses aren't full race transmissions like those used in "Pro" series racing. those can handle the abuse. A factory unit isn't designed for that. Jamming your trans into a lower gear at a high rate of speed is not smart on any level. Slow the car down, downshift.
  12. Missing shifts, down shifting instead of using your brakes and power shifting on the way up are 3 good ways to ruin a transmission.
  13. yes indeed... but I bet if you were GENIUS enough you could hide them inside the exhaust and nobody would know
  14. well 1st you start with one of these... electronic supercharger then you add one of these to the exhaust turbo exhaust tip then you ae all set to DOMINATE
  15. this is what my understanding is. Upgrade the turbo, take the hit. Add a turbo to non-turbo car (or supercharger) 100 points.