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  1. And yet another Excel checklist is born...
  2. 60 I believe is the magic number...
  3. Dang....I've set a new personal procrastination record. Might as well take the rest of the day off...
  4. Don't spoil it for me. Been meaning to binge watch the series for some time. A LONG time...
  5. "I am their leader; Which way did they go?"
  6. It is the most fun you can have with your clothes on...provided they meet the specifications in the Basic Competition Rules. LOL Where are you located? We have a mentor program to ease your descent into madness if you are interested and you will find your fellow competitors to be extremely helpful...on and off the track.
  7. Like they would be foolish enough to do that...I assume they have brains.
  8. Don't be messin with the system now...
  9. Great!!!! Welcome to the asylum!!!! If you would, go to the Forum (it's a separate registration process that's very easy) and tell us about the team so we can get to know you all. There is a section devoted to "Team Biographies". If you listen to the ChumpCast Live! broadcasts from the races we cover we give away a $200 credit to a confirmed new team to ChumpCar during every broadcast.
  11. Uhhhh...been a while. There is a help section that may have the info you need. I honestly can't remember.
  12. Like the idea, or how do you enter it?
  13. Yup. If I'm going to be passed (and I better since it happens a lot), the Linc and the Enterprise were my two favorites. No need to check the mirrors; You knew who it was just by that glorious sound.
  14. Sorry I did not give you proper credit as well in the race recap article. My bad!