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  1. They are lobbying pretty hard for a lower value on the Lada...
  2. Most of my days at the track, or in the garage end like this. Function of team name...Brew Krewe Racing.
  3. I'm not saying we were slow, but he DID have the inside line...
  4. We'd share a garage or a pit stall with you all anyday. Every time we got discouraged we could look over and find some motivation to continue thrashing. Glad you got that finish on Sunday; you all deserved it!!!
  5. They saved our lives Saturday night with some excellent pulled pork sandwiches that were very much appreciated!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
  6. I remembered my friend!!! We will get some made for sure!
  7. I was always told that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. So that's my race recap. Thanks to oh so many of you that stopped by to say hello, offered advice, loaned us parts, put a cold beer in our hands, and the countless other small gestures that make this the best dang series to be a part of. You all make me so DAMN proud to represent you all as we move forward. Special THANKS to Crank Yankers Racing, Chattanoogan Tourenwagon, and No Cents Racing for all your help. I know we were seriously impressed by the facility and the staff like @Matt@NCM. First class in every respect. Thanks to the safety crews (holy moly, that rollback assistant was CUTE in that sun dress!!!), corner workers, and our volunteers for making the race safe for all of us. The ChumpCar staff is, and always will be, awesome to work with and it was great to see virtually all of them there. Andrea was missed by us all. It was great to meet a bunch of you for the first time and I'm working on remembering your names. There are a lot of you I know by sight, but putting your names together with your faces will take some time. Keep working on me and I will improve. Last but not least, It was GREAT to meet my broadcast partner @Paulie for the first time and share some laughs with him and @Bill Strong. Least and last, Congrats on the win in the first Annual ChumpCast Commentators's Cup @Paulie Cheaty bastages...LOL
  8. Don't worry...Bill is just trying some big words out he learned at the track this past weekend.
  9. Not sure how we are going to pull it off with all 3 of us racing...I guess we are going to figure it out on Friday!!! It will probably be more like PeeWee football...You can most likely expect the same level of incompetence you have previousy suffered through!!!
  10. It's officially (there's that word again...) known at the "ChumpCast LIVE! Commentator's Cup.... @Paulie "claims" his car was not ready...Hey @Paulie, tell me the one about Goldilocks and the Three Bears as that is my favorite FAIRY TAIL. Yep, we are running our E30 affectionately known as "Kenny" He is named after a good friend who donated his car to our team. Lately it's been more South Park in "We Killed Kenny". We think we have our gremlins fixed and are raring to go!!! May the BEST CHUMP WIN!!!!
  11. You have no idea how true this is...
  12. my sides hurt from laughing. OH SO TRUE!!!
  13. I do seem to recall you stirring the pot a few times...LOL
  14. Looks like a little dicey there...