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  1. Just the plant location, and Japan and Korea both have strong high-precision manufacturing industries. Even some of the well-run Chinese plants are top tier now. If it said Pakistan, or Vietnam, or Indonesia, I'd be a bit more worried. If you're trying to Buy American, well...Timken is a US company, but not sure how to find the US manufactured bearings.
  2. Don't cheap out on bearings. They're one of those things where material properties and tolerances are critically important, so only buy the well-known name brands, or you'll be loosing hubs faster than Bill. Good brands: Timken SKF FAG/INA NTN JTEKT/Koyo Usually re-branded good stuff: Motorcraft AC Delco Other OEM branded parts Sometimes re-branded good stuff, sometimes crap (check for one of those first 5 logos on the bearing itself): Moog Centric Beck/Arnley National I would avoid anything else, although somebody might chime in with a tier 1 bearing supplier I missed.
  3. I am actively sending this to people who won't race in the same part of the country as me.
  4. The bill goes to the team at fault. If you hit the ARMCO, expect to shell out $500-$1000.
  5. We always run at least one of our night racing lights, regardless of day/night or weather.
  6. ^^^^Read this thread! Good lights are expensive. Avoid any sort of incandescent, halogen, or cheap (<~$100/lamp) LED. Mount as high as the rules allow, and be sure to provide plenty of power.
  7. Hey! I know that car - he works in my building.
  8. You must hate racing.
  9. Got the 480 on Amazon a few days ago for $209. Old lead acid got crushed in the crash, an extra $50 seemed worthwhile for a 35lb weight reduction. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F9LPL5E/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Just take my old exhaust. Uses the stock mount points, I'll bring it to Gingerman.
  11. Jumped timing when we had the WGI wreck. All 6 exhaust valves hit pistons.
  12. Shooting for the July 30 track day at Waterford Hills for a first shakedown. If Nelson schedules something between then and Gingerman, we'll hit that too.