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  1. Depends what you're looking for. Steelies are great for small diameter (<15"), with very wide widths and funny offsets, but they're heavy. Otherwise, if you're going wide with your wheel, the main limiter will be availability in the size and offset you need. For example, if you want to run 255/40R17, the ideal wheel is a 17x10, and most cars require a very low offset when you go that wide. That restricts your options to lots of money, or XXR, Rota, STR, etc. For a basic 15x8 TRM, kosei, enkei, etc are all fine, and ~125/wheel. Wouldn't use a steelie for something that narrow.
  2. It's on the list.
  3. Grattan is my favorite for track days, and Gingerman is a close second. But for racing, I like something a bit bigger.
  4. 1. I really really want to win WGI 2. Think I might have a chance 3. Its a really fun track 4. Long weekend minimized vacation time required 5. ITS WATKINS GLEN!!!! Autobahn looks like a really cool track, but I'd consider it interchangeable with Gingerman or PIRC. Fun to race, but there's something about the big twisty tracks like Mid-O, WGI, VIR, and Road Atlanta that makes them hard to beat.
  5. Sounds like a party. Can't race, car will be beat from WGI, but maybe I can volunteer at this one. Who do I bug for info?
  6. Same story as Tyler. Will be fabricating exhaust and super secret aero upgrades this weekend.
  7. Tow/Haul mode on my F250 does a pretty damn good job of picking gears around Gingerman and Grattan. Never got warm either, at least not before I ran out of brakes. Got some PFCs on there now, so will have to try again this year and see if I can get the trans hot.
  8. Double night formats? I love night racing (not sure about the rest of the team though). I'd rather have a D8 overnight than a 24. For more normal formats, 8-12 hours is our ideal. Much longer than 12 and it gets hard to keep the car together, and shorter than 8 it gets hard to justify financially, since we need at least 3 renters to make it worthwhile for Chris and I to enter a race. At this point we've really built the car around D8 weekends.
  9. My guess is they were trying to get away with a single piece driveshaft instead of a 2 piece, and needed the extension to keep the critical speed of the shaft down. Or if it is a 2 piece, they were trying to avoid a 3 piece, but I don't think that car is long enough to be in 3pc territory...
  10. 1. That is that squiggly bar on top of the trailing arms. Is that an ARB? 2. Why are your ARB arms so long? 3. World's shortest halfshafts? 4. I think your ability to lower the chassis might be CVJ angle limited, because world's shortest halfshafts 5. What's with the 30" pinion tail/extension housing? 6. Are those bolt-on CVJs at the outboard end, with stubshafts? 7. Those are really funny looking bolt-on CVJs 8. Are those plug-in at the diff side? 9. I still don't get how (or why) they managed to make the shafts so short 10. your rear architecture is bizarre.
  11. That car without the cell already dominates the east, running a TCV of ~460.
  12. Drive faster. We were running solidly in second all day at Road Atlanta with that strategy, failed with the control arm. But extra stop is standard for us. Extra stop or two gives you flexibility to pit on yellows and not worry about fuel, and occasionally the big pit windows allow taking an extra stop compared to everybody else, but loosing fewer laps in the pits due to only pitting on yellow flags.
  13. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/acronym You're being too picky.
  14. Wonderful organizations like ChrissyCheesecake and SSSquid tuning, who thoroughly understand the needs of racers and have a commitment to providing world class Motronic ECU tuning services, aerodynamic design services, Motronic parts, and cheesecakes. You can read more about them at sssquid.com and https://www.facebook.com/Chrissycheesecakegmr/