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  1. average Joe's is out for Atl. See you all at Daytona
  2. OK, thanks. We could use one more driver if anyone is thinking of making a last minute effort for Atlanta..
  3. Btw, any of you guys that are local, if you ever want to stop by, you're always welcome. I'm right on the spring hill/ brooksville border by nature coast high school. Also, if you ever want to get some seat time, I can always use another driver for each event
  4. If you're interested in racing a Miata with a Acura V6 at either Daytona or Sebring or both give me a call or text at 352-200-0371
  5. Last call . The history on this car/ team is: The car was raced at AMP in October-2015 . Did it as a fun run to sort out the car and have fun. Raced at New year's Sebring race . Was working our way through the pack , when we had a front subframe failure 7 hours into the race.. The subframe is part of the kit to install the v6. Since then, the company has provided a new beefed up subframe. Starting the Atlanta race, the car will have a torsen dif for better traction, 225/45/15 rears tires in place of the 205's. So it should be a great contender!
  6. We have a seat open as well in the V6 Miata At Daytona
  7. Lol No I believe there were two other silver Miata. One of them was pretty darn quick