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  1. On serious note, I have heard good things about onshape.com. It is very similar to Solidworks, free for personal use and web based so I assume somewhat platform agnostic. I haven't done any real work on it, just tinkered but seems pretty good.
  2. Using CAD is not very chumpy. Should have to declare it when going through tech and get classed as EC.
  3. You mean something like this: Dang, I did it again.
  4. That's NOT what she said!
  5. Don't forgot to claim 10 points for the wing/splitter...
  6. That is where they keep the spare in case when your chain breaks, damn those I-talians.
  7. So I don't see a line item in the 2017 rules about brake proportioning bias valves. Are these 0 points then or what?
  8. Ahem, check out his [Hi_Im_Will's] signature. I think he knows what to do.
  9. I kinda liked all the cars, I was never lonely out there, always someone to race. BTW, @Evilwheel congrats to you and your team on the Sebring win!
  10. Could also weight the points by length of race. For example, a 16 hour race win is equal to two 8 hour race wins or something like that.
  11. Watch all the Fast & The Furious movies, play Super Mario Kart and American Truck Simulator. Track days are a good option.
  12. Pretty sure it is the ChumpCar forum shed, which is littered with thousands of em.
  13. That is what I was paraphrasing.
  14. Bust the max entries deal, face the wheel?