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  1. Looks like the silent duck....
  2. Everything. The more speed holes you make, the faster you go.
  3. Hippie is old school, I think the term is now 'gender fluid'.
  4. What about upgraded rockers and valve springs for my engine because sometimes they break? And lighter pistons and con rods so the rotating assembly strains less and will last longer? Free engine/transmission/differential mounts which should reduce potential failure points? Race gearbox to reduce transmission failures? All of these could be easily argued for reliability. Perhaps we need a ChumpCar Prototype category?
  5. Pffftt, they're just a bunch of chumps.
  6. Awesome. So if I propose a rule where anytime @Ron_e and/or Tachophobic Racing is entered into a race weekend that you must pay half of all the other entrants entry fees and 75-80% of the people support it [who wouldn't?], then you are OK with it if the board makes it so? #tyrannyofthemajority So my e30 comes with a stock oil cooler [I picked my car....wisely, I hope!]. If we make oil coolers free, we will revalue the cars/platforms that currently have them stock at 20 points lower, right?
  7. Dang, did you weld two cars together? Don't forgot to mention the nice low frontal area and decent Cd of the 914.
  8. Pics? For science, of course.
  9. This is a BMW, not some American piece of crap. We like to pay twice, three times as much for parts and stuff just as long as it looks FABULOUS!
  10. When he really dies, no one will ever know who/what/when/where/why/how 'cause ain't nobody gonna click on that link.
  11. Another option is to run the extender into the garage via Ethernet cable. Not sexy like wireless but very fast and not susceptible to interference like wireless signals.
  12. No wonder, those are off-road wheels, not really meant for asphalt carving.
  13. "I see" said the blind man. @Dimsun Racing just ignore me.
  14. Nope. The fuel cell is enclosed by a full metal canister AND a separate bulkhead that encloses the fuel cell and canister.