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  1. New wheels for us TD Motorsports C1s happy with the initial test fit
  2. Anyone interested in doing an IRacing session this weekend?
  3. We have some minor buttoning up, final brake bleed, corner balance, and alignment left. see you guys in 1 week at registration
  4. Still a little early to confirm but looks like we may need to bring our rain boots
  5. Does anyone know if we are running Pro or club ?
  6. I do not count them as part of 6-8 point ? maybe I have drank too many beers tonight but the front bars, main hoop and rearward down bars are what the 6-8 point consist of. My cage has passed multiple tech inspectors and we have run this style cage in other cars with nothing but compliments from cage designers and tech inspectors. if someone can point out a safety issue with this setup please don't hesitate to point it out as safety is my number one priority with our car
  7. It is complete, the door bars attatch twice to the main hoop and twice to the front down bar along with the two door sill attachments
  8. Doing research building our cage this is a popular design in rally. i have plenty of arm room which we did not with NASCAR bars in the Miata from the previous owner
  9. Confirmed this with a BF engineer today, not the tire for us
  10. Found ANOTHER sub-par repair the previous owner made Used the wrong bolts on the pressure plate to flywheel, looks like we will be getting a new flywheel. One step forward two steps back. We will be ready for Mid Ohio though.
  11. Premature Accelerators are possibly going to need a driver in our 1993 Miata at the 8HR Mid Ohio race on Monday April 24 PM if interested
  12. Replaced a few seals on the new transmission after giving it a cleaning. also new TOB and pilot
  13. My recommendation is to spend as much time now as possible on making the car reliable without using any points. Once you have proven your car is reliable, then look into modifications Also my personal opinion is to make safety the number one priority, we have more money in safety in our car then anything else. PM me with any questions you may have Miata related, there is also a ton of Miata guys on here whom all have been helpful.
  14. Transmission removed then during the process of removing the rear dif we found the dif to subframe mounts were rusted, so the rear subframe was removed as well. time to pick up a new one and then back together
  15. Are you currently building the Miata or is it already done?