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  1. Thanks! let me know! Thanks!
  2. Anyone??.....would rather not trash a brand new set....
  3. Sold...
  4. sorry...I don't think delivery is in the cards.
  5. Brockport NY.....You're only 3 hours away!!
  6. Mazda Miata, 1991, 1.6 , 5 spd Needs a brake line. Car is located in Oshawa. $500 or call (905) 433-1661
  7. I'm attending AISA race school at Calabogie in the spring....I'm using my daily driver and need some 16 tires....slicks, track, street, all season, just need enough meat on them for the weekend. Thanks!!
  8. Some footage of the last 24 hour Mosport Race....1992
  9. We used the stock seat slider bolted to a plate.
  10. Sounds interesting!! We have a 626, Recently crashed but rebuilding over the winter.
  11. I can attest to that!! being right on your tail for a good 15-20 minutes in the Mazda 626. Pretty sure that you had a rear tire locking up in 5A as well. From a new guy's standpoint, I had a blast out there racing with you.
  12. Great pictures of #626...Thanks Mark!!
  13. I have the following available for rent: Pyrotect duck bill helmet - Medium (also have size small cheek pads) SFI-5 NOMEX 1 piece suit - XL Bell Gloves - Medium Leaf Shoes - size 10 Hood + Socks available as well email me at
  14. I agree - I have many friends and family that would gladly come and support our team for a couple of hours, but at a blanket $20 fee for the weekend, it is expensive for a family and it will deter a few. In comparison, the CASC weekends, Canadian Touring and GT sprints run out of CMTP, the admission is very low or free. It's a great way to support friends and family, watch some great racing and still have some money left over to spend at the concession stands. I'm sure there is more Chump logic to this....This is just my quick uniformed opinion.
  15. I'm looking for a suit....Single Layer, Multi Layer (nomex or treated)....I'm 6'1, 225 lbs. Anyone have something they want to get rid of??