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  1. Here's the schematic we used when we built one, pulling from a 2011 topic. We went from fuel starve above 1/4 tank to getting basically no warning before the car shut off and couldn't make it back to pit. It was that good.
  2. There's seems to be an interesting difference in some of the preferences. I want to go racing as many weekends as possible, and short races are less costly per event VS When I do get to go racing, I want as much seat time as I can possibly get in the weekend.
  3. I remember sitting in the bleachers at Canada corner watching cars slide off the track because of the snow. I'm pretty sure you were at that one.
  4. At one point in time, you either had a manual, or a hydraulic automatic with torque converter. The old systems did what you told them to. I used to run an auto where I manually worked the lever. If you truly are controlling the transmission directly, then you may be ok. The systems now are much more diverse, and they have different traits or reasons they may or may not work. If you are around the design of the more modern control systems, you will hear the word "request" being used. The user "requests" for the vehicle to do something. The vehicle looks at all it's parameters and how it was taught to behave, then it responds... or doesn't I would be very weary of a system that you have not studied how it works and understand it's trade-offs.
  5. I get that hosting 24 hour races can be a challenge. Tracks charge more, and Chumpcar likely has to charge more, and need a good size field to make it work. As mentioned, 24 hour races may not make sense at some tracks (noise restrictions, visibility issues, etc). I am a fan of 24 hour races as a feature that the series can continue to promote. I would think 1 per region would be a decent expectation, more if that region has lots of members requesting and attending them. Should it be the championship race for an endurance series? I think there is some merit to that.
  6. If a shock fits up correctly and has appropriate damping, I don't have an issue with a shock only using 40% of it's stroke. It won't cause an issue. If you have confirmed that your full range of travel will not hit the end stops of the shock, then I don't have alot of of concern.
  7. Memorable weekend... -Andrew helped me out big time with a place to crash -Andrew reprogrammed the car 5 times in the first 10 laps -Andrew drove on a dry track and told me how much slower I was (on a wet track) -I hydroplaned into the tires at International Horseshoe -We could hit 115mph if we had a good draft on the oval I really want to go back to Daytona and drive a car with a little power.
  8. Interesting, why is that? The economics around a D7 vs 24hr aren't really that different, at least it doesn't feel that way (but it's been a while since a 24). Either format gets viewed as: -1 day vacation from work -2 weekend days I have to get a pass from the family (knowing I only see the kids a couple hours each evening on weekdays) -approximately $1200 from the bank account; and while racing is fun, I can always find really useful things to do with the cash Our first couple races were 24s (back in 2010-2011), but I don't think there have even really been any 24s in the Midwest in the last few years. I have done a couple of the ~14 hour 1 day race formats, and that seems to make it a little easier.
  9. If I had the opportunity to run 12 races a year, I might feel the same way. Unfortunately, I am typically more in the 1 to 3 (3 on a good year). With that, I am happy to be there, want as much seat time as I can, and want to just relish the experience and moments I get on track.
  10. Out of curiosity... would you rather podium a 7 hour race or finish 10th on a 24 hour race? Podium vs cost/hr seat time. Edit: maybe look at it a different way... get 1 stint with podium or get 3-4 stints but no podium.
  11. It sounds a little funny to me too, but people have their own goals. Some people think it's ridiculous to show up to a race and not put 100% into a podium effort, at any cost. Many, not all, of those people look down on the cars/drivers who differ from them. Personally, I am in a different camp. While a podium would put a big smile on my face, it's not the reason I showed up. Getting to be side by side, wheel to wheel, at the limit of the car going around corners is what is so enjoyable. I love being in the moment. The fact that I get to go racing is a big win.
  12. It will take a little research if you want to try and estimate its suitability without just trying it. If you have already done this, then ignore my dribbling... Do you know the motion ratio of your shocks and the motion ratios of the ones in question? It's like the springs, rate is only 1 factor, and the motion ratio, stroke, etc all matter quite a bit. You can run a decent estimation scaling the weights you listed once you have the other info. That being said, if you are talking a street version of a shock, I would go in with the assumption that the heavier car shock would be a better fit. It's not likely to overdamp the car.
  13. I'm sure yours is high. All yours? Customers don't count
  14. Yes, telling the tire manufactures to make tires that shred every few laps to generate more pit stops is a problem. We have created racing tracks that are only about 10ft wide.