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  1. How about this one? We want to attract new people and experience is an unfair advantage. Each driver will be penalized 1 second per lap for each event they have entered in the last 12 months.
  2. When my wife and I were dating (2007 ish), I took her to an auto-x because she wanted to see and ride. After riding with me, I asked if she wanted to ride with one of the best auto-xers out there. She of course said yes. I am no slouch, but I sent her on a ride with Mike King in his STS civic. During the run, one of my buddies walked over and said, "you know that's like letting her sleep with a porn star, you can't measure up to that." Sure enough, she got out of the car and said "that was amazing!"
  3. Autocross is a time trial, which is a form of racing. Chumpcar is wheel-to-wheel, which is a form of racing. They are polar opposites, but I enjoy both types of racing.
  4. I went to school with one of the guys who built this. It started racing in Lemons in 2009. It was a V8 rocket (1994 BMW 540i). The rules started to change and that car stated having body panels grafted back on to it. It has changed hands a few times now.
  5. Does it need to be serviced by them or can you have it inspected by a local fire station and get certification?
  6. Within the limits of the rules, its very open. Keep at least 60% of the original body panels Those panels need to be the right shape & self supporting, not held there by fabricated means (or else points added) Doors cannot be removed (can be replaced with same material, equal thickness) No windshield = must have non-vented hood If you remove too much structure and have to reinforce it, then those tubes/reinforcements cost you points.
  7. If its dry, but not cracked, then you should be able to bring it back pretty well. There area few products out there to re-hydrate the leather. Leatherique seems to be one of the good options. After getting the leather back to good supple condition, get it dyed and it will be very nice.
  8. That's awesome. Does this mean a new toterhome for Christmas to support all the racing next year?
  9. My wife stays home with 3 kids, and there is 1 family account, which I manage. As long as my wife and family get everything they need, I can use some for play. She has never discouraged me from going to a race or questioned it. She is usually the one who says I should do more of the things I enjoy. I just have a hard time digging into my wallet. It was much easier justify more races when we were DINKs.
  10. I wasn't trying to say I charged extra. The intention was that if the consumables aren't consumed, then money wasn't spent. Think brake pads, tires, fuel. For some teams, especially lightweight cars, consumables aren't a big factor, so doesn't make too much difference. I think back to the 24hr races when fuel was over $4 per gallon, and we were burning 10+ gallons an hour. Pads for a heavy car can be $250+ for a set of fronts. A longer race can be 6-8 tires. In that scenario, there is a good $2k in consumables for that race. If something happened 1/2 way through, then $1k can be refunded back to drivers (depending on tire and brake usage). Someone may get a $150 refund on a $1k rental.
  11. As long as the communication is clear up front it is ok. I have been renter and rentee, and the one thing I want is transparency. Personally, my views are a little different. The money isn't long gone if its budgeted, collected, and not spent. Entry fees, towing, etc is all long gone. If hubs fail every other race, then budgeting for hubs is considered burned. Budget $500 for fuel and only burn $100 before the car failed? There's $400 that can be apportioned back that was not spent. By the same logic you use to not provide refunds, renters can use the same logic to say you have already budgeted for contingencies and would not pay you any additional $$ if the borked/wrecked your car. I have provided refunds to renters (when not obligated in writing), and I have compensated an owner for damaged lights in an off-track excursion (when not obligated in writing).
  12. When we finally licked our 350 SBC engine issues, it was with a motor where we rebuilt the bottom being particular about checking bearing clearances, and carefully setting oil pump pickup depth. We then would overfill by 1/2 quart. After that, the engine ran very happily for several races with no issues, and yes, even several races at Road America with the big carousel. Edit: Vortec motor, stock pan.
  13. Completely agree that several other factors can make a difference. In the instance with a couple friends, they bled out the Blue and in the RBF 600, and kept going. No pad change, cooling change, no caliper leaks, etc. Don't get me wrong. If something is up for the job, and can do it at a lower price, then I am all for it.
  14. I am kind of surprised you guys have had so much success with that. I have watched multiple people first hand overheat (apparently) and have issues. Once I saw a few friends with pedals to the floor, I was done with it. I went to the RBF 600 and never looked back.