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  1. Only since day 1. Motor racing was a rich man's sport from the beginning. Once cars became ubiquitous, grass roots series started to pop up. The Indy 500 was never grass roots.
  2. Yes! This Sunday is going to be completely unproductive. This one day where I will watch F1, Indy, and Nascar all in 1 day.
  3. Amazing how intolerant they are of the someone who is different from them (guy in blue shirt). That kind of hypocritical behavior is typical.
  4. I sure hope someone wouldn't try to pass that off as a standard 328. Non-OE crank, Non-OE pistons, non-OE rods, non-OE valve train, etc etc With his whp estimates, that's a 250hp motor. It's an awesome setup, but it's not a zero points motor by any means.
  5. Yeah, I usually fly into Frankfurt. I am headed back later this summer, maybe I can fit it in. I have been to the Mercedes Museum, Porsche Museum, Sinsheim Auto & Tecknik Muesum, etc. All of them were really awesome. https://sinsheim.technik-museum.de/en/
  6. I could have made it happen on a couple trips, but prioritized others things for various reasons. I have seen the Great Wall flying in to Beijing, but haven't been out to it. I did spend several hours exploring the Forbidden City. It's pretty cool to walk around a place so old that was closed off for so long.
  7. In the last 9 years, I have been over to Germany close to 15 times. I always like the idea of getting over to the ring, but never forced it into my schedule.
  8. Yeah, I am all for keeping the engine behind the driver. We don't need spinning parts running past the driver, and we don't need the driver going into a spray of parts and hot fluids if something goes wrong. I am a proponent of taking the 1967 Formula 1 type of car, and adding modern safety to it.
  9. My vote for the background music...
  10. I have been to IMS one time. I was at the 2005 Formula 1 race. I was sitting right in front of the grid, watching the strangeness unfold.
  11. If ChumpCar was poaching videos from around the internet, then I could understand issues. I don't have your contacts and can't claim to know the details, but... A membership driven club making a promotional video using clips filmed and submitted by members should be ok.
  12. He is in a much more reliable Honda today. One designed and built by Americans.
  13. Yep. Here's a website that has info on spraying that paint. http://www.crankshaftcoalition.com/wiki/John_Deere_Blitz_Black_paint
  14. I think some good feedback has been given by several and I won't try to repeat... but there is one thing I would like to mention. Most series show wrecks, contact, etc in their promos because they are specifically marketing to an audience that wants to see excitement (people go to Talledega or "the big one"). Our promos are not for the audience, it is for the participants. Participants don't want to see that their car is going to get wrecked. Our audience (participants) wants to see good passes on track, some variety, camaraderie in the paddock, people overcoming issues to get back out there, etc. Stick to the things we love as participants and you will do fine.