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  1. Hopefully cars will get the 48V boosters and then people can size turbos to run more efficiently in the major power band. The undersized, high-wastegate, variable geometry turbos are nice, but certainly could be better if they didn't have to try and be good at everything.
  2. It's true! We have since stretched the limits of 12V architecture to the breaking point. And previously, I think people wanted a 48V system through the vehicle. That's not going to be the approach. There will be a 48V ecosystem on board for certain types of components, but most of the vehicle, like sensors, solenoids, etc will stay on 12V. Cars will have a 12V and a 48V battery. They will generate in 48V and step it down. That Mercedes engine is a pretty good indicator of where things should be going. Turbo lag? gone. Engine can completely shut off during coasting, rather than just defueling and engine braking. I drove a specially outfitted VW golf that had a 48V drive axle on the rear. You could drive around below 40mph or so under light loads without the engine coming on (remember 48V, not 600V like the Prius).
  3. This is one of the reasons you see manufacturers trying to get all the accessories off the engine. Everything is going to electrically driven accessories (48V is coming hard). That power had to come from somewhere (engine and batteries), but once those accessories can be controlled completely independent of the engine, they can be operated much more efficiently, and also keep the engine happier. example... http://autoweek.com/article/technology/why-mercedes-new-inline-six-matters-even-if-no-one-sure-when-well-see-it
  4. Road America fall race

    I heard Andrew offers "in-race tuning" services
  5. I have yet to run a car with ABS (including 2900# almost 300hp car with 275 wide tires). If I square off a set of tires, its only because a wall or another car is the alternative. People need to not rely on nannies.
  6. Personally, I don't think a car that starts 255hp and then add twin turbos making 400+hp is a good fit for chumpcar. It's just not a good idea to have cars (EC or not) be 40mph faster on a straight in amateur racing. And trust me, even the power hungry guys will have much more fun in a competitively powered 255hp car that runs all day, than a 400hp car that runs for an hour and then dies with no seat time for most of the team. Its more money, more frustration, and less actual fun (racing).
  7. Maximum Entries at Road America

    Was that the one where the freak sleet/snow came in for about 10 minutes? I remember going down to Canada Corner and watching some entertaining scenes.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    Common practice is to throw things in the pool. Things under water typically don't blow away. It looks like my family down there got through with minor inconveniences. Hope you all were so lucky.
  9. I love that you are the one that said this... it means I don't have to slap my forehead and explain why engines are most efficient near WOT. also, I love the engineering video explaining induced drag. All that math that people hate to do growing up is how you figure out how the world works. Wanna know how to make a racecar faster? Learn math. My high school physics class is where the light bulb went off for me and made me want to go into engineering. Finally math was able to be put to work and I could use it to figure out how things worked and how to make them better.
  10. When they called you back to settle at $14k, you should have told the adjuster "that doesn't mean it I will settle for that."
  11. People's vision of long range drones filling the sky is a bit far fetched at this point. There are many challenges. The idea of having a drone augment the work of a rover is closer to a reality. Think of a USB delivery truck with a couple drones on its roof to help distribute packages in a neighborhood faster. As for people flying drones being a problem? Governments and stadiums have started to install these...
  12. Strong teams will always do well. For example, good engineers help to set up the car (lots of suspension adjustments available). The only way to take that out of the equation is for the series to do all setup and draw names for which car you get in. That kinda sucks too because the chosen baseline setup may suit some drivers and not others.
  13. That's the intent, but there is still a correlation of wins based on team. It's not dominance by team, but influence is certainly there. Even the guys in feeder series are bringing good money to buy rides from from better teams.
  14. There's no other suspension mods that can be made (reinforcement, braces, bushings, etc)? That's lap time with much fuel impact. better radiator? another cooler? new oil pan?