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  1. You coming down to race with Rbank? Come say hello, been meaning to meet you for awhile. Watches look nice. Trophy looks nicer!
  2. I have tons of e30 junk. you want the strut itself? Could bring to VIR if any s.fl teams are coming.
  3. I made a purchase. Now to get it working in the car..
  4. I heard the new k+ are like the starspec 2s i hope it's true. I only have 2 sets for the 24.
  5. Do you have an Internet wide search for the words "se46" and "330i manual for sale"?!?
  6. I have my interior lights and exterior "theme" lights wired to A battery so they stay on even with the kill switch off. That way, the driver can be found in the middle of the field outside hog pen at 3 in the morning if he goes off. Anyone see an issue?
  7. Good luck finding one. I tried really hard and came up empty handed. The ones that do sell have a cult following and fetch a premium
  8. IDK about yall, but i want GERMANY stamped on all of my important bits Edit. W.Germany or Deutschland are also acceptable
  9. that is a politicians boilerplate statement if I have ever seen one.
  10. I am going to miss racing this car... I for one wouldn't mind someone in the SE buying it. I wish you could buy this glen.
  11. Yep. My build thread is dead. Im working on hosting them myself, costs much less than photobuckets ransom, but I will have to do some work to rebuild the flow. This was a huge hit to a ton of online forums with "DIY" threads, as now most of the images are gone. Sad day when this happens every few years.
  12. Thanks for this. Just got a seat for my new build at $200 off!
  13. How much was the dip if you don't mind me asking? did you strip off any undercoat first? That stuff is a pita on bmws
  14. What is worrying me: The California laws are pretty clear. How can we selectively choose to follow some of them and not follow others? Perhaps we are following all of them, even though it seems like not sometimes? I have no complaints, I just don't want Chump to get in any trouble.