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  1. Cool Build! Look forward to watching, please keep posting updates. Questions about your build: What are you going to claim the car as? 2004 CTS? That will get you the 3.6 & 6spd for 530 pts? Are you going for an EC build with this car? Im not sure how the hub swap will be points costed? Are the CTSV Brembos within 2x for the brakes? I think I remember GM brakes being pretty cheap. Hopefully theres some good pad compounds outthere for you. WTF is with GM using random wheel bolt patterns on the 1g CTS's... who decided on 5x115, or whatever that silly 6bolt lug pattern is...
  2. Brake cooling and upgrades

    I run the Z rotors on my S13. They can be had in "blank" form for $50. You can def afford that in your 2x budget The rest is just cost of materials for widening the caliper. DO IT
  3. I have a connection down there, give me a few days to follow up. The only down side is it is very far from pretty much everyone. Angier, Chapel Thrill, North Raleigh, etc all 1 hour down there.
  4. Dont get Tyler started...
  5. Purple looks really good! I prefer Rustoleum... Thin it with acetone & add some Japdry But your paint job looks better than mine. Probably has something to do with using primer and sandpaper.
  6. Tyler woulda bought it at VIR in a heartbeat... If it was in raleigh I would buy it in a heartbeat. I bet next e30 team that races the same race as mostmint buys it
  7. Fuel jug hoses

    Wall thickness is 1/2 what I wrote. derp
  8. Fuel jug hoses

    To add to this - I need replacement hose for my Hunsakers that is 1 1/4 ID and 1 3/8 od (1/8 wall thick) - The stuff you find at lowes is 1 1/4 id and 1 1/2 OD (1/4 wall) I think the brand is Klearon by Kuriyama
  9. Tablets with lap timer

    I see you also asked on another forum. http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?p=1067716268 Come to think of it, I dont recall using the reference lap functionality. I have my dash set to PredT, not +/-, so the "reference" lap doesn't matter
  10. Tablets with lap timer

    Hm, Ill have to look. Which AIM do you have?
  11. Put car in 5th/6th gear and roll (forward direction only). After too many times messing up, this is the method I use now.
  12. Do a leakdown.. Compression check will only show you a really bent valve. If you ran the race on the motor, its not really bent, just barely tapped if at all. Leakdown will tell you that for sure. Put a glove over the throttle body and the exhaust tip. If your exhaust doesnt leak, it will balloon the glove if you have an exhaust valve leak. My money-shift saw 9k rpm and still ran normal, but sure enough after a leakdown it showed bent exhaust valves.
  13. Lights

    Seems to me the standard is to write RAW lumens in lighting specs. I would therefore assume thats what the rules were referring to also. I understand your interpretation though. I am all for rules lawyering and reading the rules to the letter and not the intent - thats what racing is. Im just putting it out there. If we are going for Measured Lumens, here comes some bright ass lights all up in everyones eyes. People complain as is- how bad do you think its gonna get if this interpretation becomes "allowed" by default? Who knows - I have emailed tech@chumpcar.com twice in the past month, and got no response either time. I guess do what you want.