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  1. Was there a single nomex sock with them?
  2. Ah... thanks for the clarification... Hence why I asked since the name was different.
  3. is this the same #242 Team Blitzkrieg? If that's the case... not surprised about the aggressiveness.
  4. LOL... i just noticed your profile pic what looks to be Bill Strong
  5. interesting question, i wouldn't mind the variety...but it'll be alot of data collecting over the course of the rotating tour.. data collected won't be applicable for another 3yrs... but the evolving challenge will keep things interesting and competition tight
  6. That has to be the most iconic track and race for north america... when you think 24.... it's Daytona ... and LeMans.... ChumpCar.... fulfill our fantasy... PLEEEEAASSEEEEEEE.
  7. How about a petition for 24hr at Daytona? I'd definitely do that!!
  8. No skin off my nose to run another # for an event. RA... we're pondering.. gathering my troops.
  9. Baloney.... I went down with one other guy.. and 3 drivers.... total of 5 people in our pits. It worked.. exhausting, but it worked.. I presume you were there in May. LOL
  10. I'll use #27 for everytime you show up to compete at any of the events at Mosport/Bogie... or any of the US events we run. how's that for trying to boost participation?
  11. I propose we setup a security baggage check for offenders. repeat offenders will be shamed on that LED pit board. That thing was blindingly bright at 3am... oh wait... maybe it was the yellow light... it's all a blur now
  12. This one looks better to show off to sponsors.
  13. I gotta find me some of that sponsor money... I don't mind being the underdog.. we've done well thus far against some bottomless budget teams... but i get what you're saying
  14. Oh ok.. well.. I'm just saying... if there's 2 24hr events available.. chances are the teams will pick and choose which one to attention... and not both... props who will attend both. We might be crazy enough though....